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Abdulaziz M Alkhulaifi, Nidheesh Chooriyil, Maryam Alkuwari, Abdelnasser N Ghareep, Cornelia Carr
Objectives: Coronary artery anomalies are uncommon, but important cardiac malformations, representing the second commonest cause of death in young athletes. Methods: We utilized computerized tomographic angiography to screen and precisely delineate coronary artery anomalies in patients with minimal cardiac symptoms. Results: During 3.5-year period, we performed 2888 computerized tomographic angiographies. A total of 33 (1.1%; 95% confidence interval = 0...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Anahita S Mostaghim, Hoi Yee Annie Lo, Nancy Khardori
Objective: This study aims to define risk factors as well as their association with microbiology and clinical outcomes in a large US infective endocarditis population. Methods: Hospital records were searched for appropriate infective endocarditis-related ICD codes from 16 July 2007 to 13 August 2015. A total of 363 cases were retrospectively identified that met definite Modified Duke Criteria for infective endocarditis and were analyzed by age group, causative organism, and associated risk factors for use of valvular surgical intervention, 30/90/180-day mortality after admission, and embolic phenomena...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Nazmus Saquib, Juliann Saquib, Abdulrahman Alhadlag, Mohamad Anas Albakour, Bader Aljumah, Mohammed Sughayyir, Ziad Alhomidan, Omar Alminderej, Mohamed Aljaser, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Dhlawiy, Abdulrahman Al-Mazrou
Objective: To examine the association between Quran memorization and health among older men. Methods: This cross-sectional study included older Saudi men (age ≥ 55 years) from Buraidah, Al-Qassim. The neighborhoods were selected randomly (20 out of 96); eligible men from the mosques were recruited. Demographics, lifestyle, and depression were assessed with standardized questionnaires; height, weight, blood pressure, and random blood glucose (glucometer) were measured with standard protocol...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Thomas Mueller, Franz Hinterreiter, Werner Poelz, Meinhard Haltmayer, Benjamin Dieplinger
Objectives: Mortality rates at 10 years are higher in diabetic patients with chronic lower extremity peripheral arterial disease than in non-diabetic peripheral arterial disease patients. We tested the hypothesis that the predictors of mortality differ between diabetic and non-diabetic peripheral arterial disease patients. Methods: We studied 331 consecutive patients who were <75 years of age, symptomatic for peripheral arterial disease, and admitted to a tertiary care hospital...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Hiroshi Takasaki
Objectives: Mechanical diagnosis and therapy is one of the most common approaches for the management of low back pain. In mechanical diagnosis and therapy, a great emphasis is placed on patient education so that patients can manage their problems by themselves. However, there has been no evidence that mechanical diagnosis and therapy actually enhances patient's self-management skills. This study aimed to preliminarily investigate whether self-reported skills of self-management for musculoskeletal problems are enhanced through the course of mechanical diagnosis and therapy...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Jan Egger, Christopher Nimsky, Xiaojun Chen
Objectives: Spinal diseases are very common; for example, the risk of osteoporotic fracture is 40% for White women and 13% for White men in the United States during their lifetime. Hence, the total number of surgical spinal treatments is on the rise with the aging population, and accurate diagnosis is of great importance to avoid complications and a reappearance of the symptoms. Imaging and analysis of a vertebral column is an exhausting task that can lead to wrong interpretations. The overall goal of this contribution is to study a cellular automata-based approach for the segmentation of vertebral bodies between the compacta and surrounding structures yielding to time savings and reducing interpretation errors...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
David C Reardon, John M Thorp
Objectives: Measures of pregnancy associated deaths provide important guidance for public health initiatives. Record linkage studies have significantly improved identification of deaths associated with childbirth but relatively few have also examined deaths associated with pregnancy loss even though higher rates of maternal death have been associated with the latter. Following PRISMA guidelines we undertook a systematic review of record linkage studies examining the relative mortality risks associated with pregnancy loss to develop a narrative synthesis, a meta-analysis, and to identify research opportunities...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Kaitlyn Gundrum, Thomas C Chelimsky, Nan A Norins, Pippa Simpson, Melodee Nugent, Gisela Chelimsky
Objectives: Little is known about the relationship between autonomic dysfunction and sleep disturbances. This study aimed to identify patterns of sleep disturbances and autonomic dysfunction in children. Methods: A retrospective chart review of 14 children who underwent sleep and autonomic testing was performed. Subjects were divided into three groups based on sudomotor Composite Autonomic Severity Score Scale score and postural tachycardia syndrome criteria. Sleep quality, sleep architecture, and number of comorbidities were analyzed...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Turid Nygaard Dager, Ingvild Kjeken, Gunnhild Berdal, Anne-Lene Sand-Svartrud, Ingvild Bø, Anne Dingsør, Siv Grødal Eppeland, Jon Hagfors, Bente Hamnes, Merete Nielsen, Bente Slungaard, Sigrid Hørven Wigers, Mona-Iren Hauge
Objective: To explore the significance of the content of rehabilitation in terms of achieving a personal outcome, and to understand the significance of tailored follow-up interventions for individual efforts to prolong health behaviour change after rehabilitation. Design: Semi-structured interviews with patients who had received an extended rehabilitation programme. All interviews were transcribed verbatim. A thematic analysis was applied. Subjects: A purposeful sample of 18 patients with rheumatic diseases who had attended specialized multidisciplinary rehabilitation with an extended programme consisting of a self-help booklet, structured goal-setting talks and tailored follow-up calls based on motivational interviewing...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Helle M Christensen, Ingrid L Titlestad, Lotte Huniche
Objectives: Non-invasive ventilation treatment for patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is well documented. Communication with patients during treatment is inhibited because of the mask, the noise from the machine and patient distress. Assessing life expectancy and identifying end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease posed difficulties and caused doubts concerning initiation and continuation of non-invasive ventilation as life-sustaining treatment...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Nicole L Graybill, Volkmar Weissig
A systematic review was conducted to categorize the types of cancerous tissues that express orexin receptors and also to examine the effect of in vitro administration of orexin A or B to corresponding cell samples. Comprehensive literature analyses of primary experimental studies were performed. The results of the review included an increased frequency of orexin receptor expression in many colon and prostate cancer tissues and an upward trend of pro-apoptotic activity in these aggressive cell types.
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Ashley R Deschamp, Rebecca S Pettit, Jennifer A Donaldson, James E Slaven, Stephanie D Davis
OBJECTIVES: Previous studies have examined renal safety of once daily intravenous tobramycin in individuals with cystic fibrosis. This has been mainly in combination with ceftazidime in an adolescent or adult population. In this report, we describe our institutional experience of once daily intravenous tobramycin in combination with a variety of second anti-pseudomonal antibiotics in children with cystic fibrosis. METHODS: We present a retrospective review including children with cystic fibrosis, who were admitted for a pulmonary exacerbation from January 2009 to December 2011, and treated using intravenous tobramycin...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Reid Nelson, Cheryl Petersen
OBJECTIVE: This study examined test-retest relative (intraclass correlation coefficient) and absolute (minimum detectable change) reliabilities for heart rate, blood pressure, rate of perceived exertion, and the cerebral oxygen response during both forward and backward treadmill walking in clients with Parkinson disease. In addition, the intensity of exercise based on the individual's heart rate response during forward and backward walking treadmill work was assessed. DESIGN: Test-retest reliability study...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Timothy C Guetterman, Michael D Fetters, Samkeliso Mawocha, Laurie J Legocki, William G Barsan, Roger J Lewis, Donald A Berry, William J Meurer
OBJECTIVES: Clinical trials are complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and frequently do not lead to discoveries that improve the health of patients with disease. Adaptive clinical trials have emerged as a methodology to provide more flexibility in design elements to better answer scientific questions regarding whether new treatments are efficacious. Limited observational data exist that describe the complex process of designing adaptive clinical trials. To address these issues, the Adaptive Designs Accelerating Promising Treatments Into Trials project developed six, tailored, flexible, adaptive, phase-III clinical trials for neurological emergencies, and investigators prospectively monitored and observed the processes...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Jamil Sadeghifar, Shahram Tofighi, Mohamad Roshani, Zahra Toulideh, Seyedramezan Mohsenpour, Mehdi Jafari
OBJECTIVES: To assess the implementation and evaluation phases of strategic plans in selected hospitals. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study of implementation and evaluation of strategic plan in 24 hospitals in 2015, using a questionnaire which consisted of two separate sections for strategic implementation and strategic evaluation. Data were analyzed with SPSS version 18. RESULTS: Nearly one-third of hospitals claimed that they allocate their budget based on priorities and strategic goals...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Seiji Takatsuki, Takehiro Kimura, Kazutaka Sugimoto, Sadaya Misaki, Kazuaki Nakajima, Shin Kashimura, Akira Kunitomi, Yoshinori Katsumata, Takahiko Nishiyama, Nobuhiro Nishiyama, Yoshiyasu Aizawa, Keiichi Fukuda
BACKGROUND: The monitoring of the effects of direct oral anticoagulants may be beneficial during emergencies and adverse events. We aimed to explore direct oral anticoagulant monitoring in "real-world" settings, in which monitoring methods are limited and loading time can be estimated based on only patient reports. METHODS: In 164 patients, plasma anti-Xa activity was assessed using a STA(®)-Liquid Anti-Xa reagent (Diagnostica Stago, Asnieres, France), and prothrombin time was measured using HemosIL(®) RecombiPlasTin 2G (Instrumentation Laboratory, Bedford, MA, USA)...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Ekaterine Ruadze, Nikoloz Chkhartishvili, Otar Chokoshvili, Tengiz Tsertsvadze
INTRODUCTION: The major challenge in the HIV epidemic in Georgia is a high proportion of undiagnosed people living with HIV (estimated 48%) as well as a very high proportion of late presentations for care, with 66% presenting for HIV care with CD4 count <350 and 40% with <200 cells/mm(3), in 2013. The objectives of this study was to evaluate patient engagement in the continuum of HIV care for HIV patients diagnosed in 2013 and, within this cohort, to evaluate factors associated with late diagnosis and attrition from care...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Kristina Garne Holm, Anne Brødsgaard, Gitte Zachariassen, Anthony C Smith, Jane Clemensen
OBJECTIVES: Neonatal homecare delivered during home visits by neonatal nurses is a common method for supporting families of preterm infants following discharge. Telehealth has been introduced for the provision of neonatal homecare, resulting in positive feedback from parents of preterm infants. While the benefits are beginning to be realised, widespread uptake of telehealth has been limited due to a range of logistical challenges. Understanding user requirements is important when planning and developing a clinical telehealth service...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Beth Ann Papas, Nader Shaikh, Katherine Watson, Gina S Sucato
OBJECTIVES: Data suggest that adolescents in the United States receive inadequate contraceptive counseling. This study sought to determine factors affecting pediatricians' discussion of contraception with adolescent patients, with a specific focus on long-acting reversible contraception-implantable contraception and intrauterine devices. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was sent via email to a convenience sample of pediatric residents and pediatric primary care providers in Western Pennsylvania...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
Barbara J Kupferschmid, Barbara Therrien, Pamela J Rowsey
OBJECTIVES: Animals administered lipopolysaccharide exhibit dose-related sickness behaviors (decreased food intake, weight loss, and cognitive changes). While research has demonstrated that spatial learning is impaired following a lipopolysaccharide immune challenge, the results differ depending on the methodology used to evaluate spatial learning. Additionally, few studies have evaluated the effects of low-dose lipopolysaccharide on spatial learning. Therefore, we assessed spatial learning, food intake, and weight changes in adult and aged rats after a low-dose lipopolysaccharide immune challenge in the Morris water maze using two water temperatures...
2017: SAGE Open Medicine
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