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Investigación y Educación en Enfermería

Cecilia Rohrbach Viadas
History brings together meanings related to earlier periods, being aware of the past as a panorama to reread the present. Madeleine Leininger presented in 1970 an implicit and respectful message to the Nursing Profession when introducing Nursing and Anthropology. Two Worlds to Blend. Implicitly: Nursing you disregard culture. This article shows the absence of the history of anthropology and of nursing within Transcultural Nursing and it includes how education has influenced theoretic, methodological, and comparative approaches giving researchers the responsibility to decide their fundamentals...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Graziele Figueiredo, Márcia Barbieri, Maria Cristina Gabrielloni, Elizete Sampaio Araújo, Angelita José Henrique
OBJECTIVE: To identify the perception of the teenager puerperas regarding the practice of episiotomy. METHODOLOGY: This is a study with qualitative nature developed with 11 teenage puerperas in the Obstetrics Unit of one hospital located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil. RESULTS: Teens knew of the existence of episiotomy, but they unaware the reasons for its realization. Pain, discomfort and burning were negative repercussions presented, but most of them believe that assisted procedure in their delivery showing confidence in the professional who carried it out...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Claudia Patricia Valencia Molina, Gladys Eugenia Canaval Erazo, Teresita María Sevilla Peñuela, Linda Teresa Orcasita Pineda
OBJECTIVES: This work sought to understand sexual debut as a transitional process in the lives of a group of young adults and to interpret the meaning of this transition for them. METHODOLOGY: This was a qualitative research with 18 life stories of students from different socio-economic backgrounds and with diverse sexual orientations. RESULTS: According to the middle-range theory of transitions, sexual debut can be considered a developmental transition...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Débora Milena Farias Queiroz, Maria Helena Costa Amorim, Eliana Zandonade, Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto
OBJECTIVE: To assess the quality of life of children and adolescents with cancer of studies that applied the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory 3.0 Cancer Module. METHODOLOGY: The study was carried out on the basis of data Scopus Web of Science, BIREME, EBSCO host and Psychoinfo of articles in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and published from 1998 to 2013 that used the Pediatric Quality of life Inventory 3.0 Cancer Module. RESULTS: 21 articles were selected, of which 47...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Nadja Cristiane Lappann Bott, Leandro Martins Costa de Araújo, Elbert Eddy Costa, Jacqueline Simone de Almeida Machado
OBJECTIVE: Examine the attitudes of nursing students with the suicidal behavior before and after a training course on the subject. METHODOLOGY: Performed quantitative, cross-sectional study, with 58 nursing students from a public university in Minas Gerais (Brazil) who participated in training on the theme. For data collection were used the Questionnaire of Attitudes Before Suicidal Behavior. The questionnaire was applied just before the start and the end of the training measuring attitudes toward suicidal behavior...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Josiane Aparecida Teixeira de Paula, Osvaldo Costa Moreira, Cristiano Diniz da Silva, Diogo Santos Silva, Paulo Roberto dos Santos Amorim
OBJECTIVE: To identify the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS), and the influence of gender and place of residence for elders served by the Family Health Strategy in the municipality of Coimbra (Minas Gerais state, Brazil). METHODOLOGY: The sample consisted of 435 individuals of both sexes, with mean of age 72 ± 8 years. RESULTS: Women had higher prevalence rates of MS (urban= 40%, rural= 37%) with differences (p<0.05, = 0.168 and 0...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Naira Lígia de Araújo Rodrigues, Luisa Helena de Oliveira Lima, Elaine de Sousa Carvalho, Paula Valentina de Sousa Vera, Karoline de Macêdo Gonçalves Frota, Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes, Edina Araújo Rodrigues Oliveira
OBJECTIVE: Identify risk factors for cardiovascular disease in adolescents. METHODOLOGY: Descriptive cross-sectional study, conducted from May to September 2012, in the public schools of the city of Picos (Piaui State, Brazil). The sample consisted of 320 adolescents 10-19 years. RESULTS: As to gender, 60% were female. With regard to blood pressure values, 15.3% of participants had altered blood pressure values (6.9% with hypertension) and, in relation to nutritional status, 15...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Aline Viana Sampaio, Isabel Comassetto, Ana Cristina Mancussi e Faro, Regina Maria Dos Santos, Fernanda Silva Monteiro
OBJECTIVE: To understand the phenomenon experienced by nursing students in their academic practices in view of death and dying. METHODOLOGY: This was a qualitative study, based on Martin Heidegger' existential phenomenology, undertaken at a public University in Alagoas, Brazil, between August and October 2013. Seven senior students of nursing were interviewed. RESULTS: The phenomenological analysis yielded the following existential themes: Facing death and dying in academic practice; Acknowledging impotence in the face of death; Glimpsing the possibility of solicitude; Interacting with the family in view of the loss; Experiencing spirituality in the face of dying...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Martha Adiela Lopera Betancur
OBJECTIVE: This work sought to describe the care functions of nurses with patients during the dying process. METHODOLOGY: This was a qualitative study with ethnographic approach stemming from the analysis of the culture of nurses; it was conducted in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Theoretical saturation was obtained with 23 interviews. RESULTS: Nurses feel the duty to care for patients throughout the vital cycle through functions defined as: serving, helping, accompanying, offering support, advocating, educating, and representing, which they identify as indispensable...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Patrícia L F Santa Rosa, Luiza A K Hoga, Jéssica Reis-Queiroz
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to explore the reasons why pregnant women do not seek prenatal care (PNC). METHODOLOGY: The ethnographic method was used in a low-income Brazilian community. Ethnographic interviews were performed with 11 postpartum women who did not seek PNC in their last pregnancy. RESULTS: The cultural sub-themes used to express reasons for not seeking PNC included: "I found out I was pregnant too late and did not have enough time to receive PNC," "I did not receive PNC because I had to hide the pregnancy to avoid problems," "I had to address urgent issues and could not seek PNC," "The services are not good and going to the doctor when not ill is only for rich people," and cultural theme: "PNC is not worth pursuing: it is unnecessary and there are too many obstacles to receiving it...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Cícero Tavares Leite, Maria de Fátima Antero Sousa Machado, Roberta Peixoto Vieira, Mirna Neyara Alexandre de Sá Barreto Marinho, Claudete Ferreira de Souza Monteiro
OBJECTIVE: Understand teachers' perception of a school health program and its relationship with health education activities developed at school. METHODOLOGY: Descriptive qualitative study, in which interviews with 10 teachers at a public school in the city of Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil were conducted. Data were analyzed in thematic categories. RESULTS: Teachers perceived the School Health Program as welfare, without integration between teachers and health professionals, and being of no interest to teenagers...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Marília Cléssia Pinheiro, Janieiry Lima de Araújo, Renata Borges de Vasconcelos, Ellany Gurgel Cosme do Nascimento
OBJECTIVE: To understand the needs and health profile of men incarcerated in the Pau dos Ferros Regional Criminal Complex (Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). METHODOLOGY: Quanti-qualitative research conducted with 30 men incarcerated in November 2012. Semi-structured interviews were the primary data collection method. Descriptive statistics and thematic analysis of the speeches were used for data analysis. RESULTS: The participants' health profile, resulting from deficits in living conditions prior to their imprisonment, is heightened by the degrading conditions of their prison stay, and plays a role in their exclusion and lack of care when admitted as prisoners...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Diana Carolina Ruiz Mendoza, María Carolina Morales Borrero
OBJECTIVE: This study sought to contrast the perspectives on the social determination of oral health present in the scientific literature published in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico since 1970 until 2012. METHODOLOGY: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study on the Latin American scientific production published in specialized databases between 1970 and 2012. RESULTS: The social determination of oral health in Latin America is characterized by the conflict among the players when seeking to overcome the limitations and traditional perspectives in health...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Selma Maria Fonseca Viegas, Cláudia Maria de Mattos Penna
OBJECTIVE: To understand the health integrality in the daily work of Family Health Strategy (FHS) and its concept according to the managers in Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil. METHODOLOGY: This is a multiple case study of holistic and qualitative approach based on the Quotidian Comprehensive Sociology. The subjects were workers of the Family Health Strategy teams, the support team and managers in a total of 48. RESULTS: The results show the integrality as a principle of life and right to health and to contemplate it in the quotidian of doings in health, others principles of the Unified Health System may be addressed consecutively...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Patrícia Peres de Oliveira, Walquíria Jesusmara dos Santos, Selma Maria da Fonseca Viegas, Edilene Aparecida Araújo da Silveira, Andrea Bezerra Rodrigues
OBJECTIVES: To know the experience of male users' in the primary health care and to build data based theory that represents this experience. METHODOLOGY: This is a qualitative study, in which was used the reference of Grounded Theory and Symbolic Interactionism, respectively, methodological and theoretical. We interviewed 33 male users of three units of primary health care. RESULTS: After comparative analysis of data was built the data based theory feeling excluded, which includes: living with prejudice; living with the limitations of infra-structure services; reflecting on the health service environment...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Liliana Villa Vélez, María Patricia Arbeláez Montoya
OBJECTIVE: This study sought to determine gender differences in the interpretation of tuberculosis (TB) in a group of patients from the city of Medellín. METHODOLOGY: This was a qualitative study, with the grounded theory method. Twelve semistructured interviews were applied to patients from both genders who were cured of TB. The sample was selected through convenience and for analysis the information was categorized through the Atlas Ti tool. RESULTS: Regarding the symptoms, the most reported is cough, but men manifest expectoration more frequently...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Bruna Dedavid da Rocha, Maria Celeste Landerdahl, Laura Ferreira Cortes, Letícia Becker Vieira, Stela Maris de Mello Padoin
OBJECTIVE: Get to know the nursing undergraduates perception, from a public university in southern Brazil, on the inclusion of the theme violence against women in the curriculum and about that thematic approach during graduation. METHODOLOGY: Descriptive exploratory qualitative research, made with 18 students of Nursing Graduation in Federal de Santa Maria University. Semi-structured interview was made and its data was submitted to thematic analysis. RESULTS: From the undergraduates understanding, the theme integrates the curricular content in a punctual way and a reduced workload...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
María Angélica Arzuaga, Alba Helena Correa, Inna Elida Florez-Torres
OBJECTIVE: This work sought to characterize the scientific production of the degree works in the Master' in Collective Health (MCH) of the Faculty of Nursing at Universidad de Antioquia, during the period from 1996 to 2013. METHODOLOGY: Ours was a descriptive, observational study, based on documentary research and content analysis. The work analyzed the degree works presented in the MCH since 1996 until 2013, reported in the library of the Faculty of Nursing, and the scientific articles published...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
Hugo Spinelli
This text analyzes work within the health field and the differences and similarities with artisanal and industrial work models. In this framework, we consider the object of work, the worker, the work process, relational and organizational aspects, industrial logics, and ways of acquiring knowledge, influence of the general management theory, the role of language, symbolic aspects and enjoyment. The humanizing elements that care work maintains as a type of artisanal work are highlighted, and the costs, not just economic, of reducing care work to industrial logics, with a subsequent depersonalization of the process not just for the worker but also for the user, health teams, health institutions, and social groups are discussed...
2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
María Victoria López López, Beatriz Elena Arias López, Dora Lucía Gaviria Noreña
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2015: Investigación y Educación en Enfermería
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