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Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research

Linda Ll Benskin
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October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Kwangsoon Kim, Won Woong Kim, Jung Bum Choi, Min Jhi Kim, Cho Rok Lee, Jandee Lee, Sang-Wook Kang, Kee-Hyun Nam, Woong Youn Chung, Jong Ju Jeong
Purpose: Recently, the American Thyroid Association (ATA) dynamic risk stratification (DRS) has been verified to be more valuable than the static anatomical staging system for predicting prognosis in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). The purpose of this retrospective study was to compare the clinical usefulness of DRS, which is based on the response to initial treatment, with that of ATA initial risk stratification in pediatric patients. Methods: A total of 144 pediatric patients underwent thyroid operation from August 1982 to December 2013 at Yonsei University Hospital (Seoul, Korea)...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Jungchan Park, Gyu-Seong Choi, Mi Sook Gwak, Justin Sangwook Ko, Sangbin Han, Bobae Han, Jae Won Joh, Sung Joo Kim, Suk-Koo Lee, Choonhyuck David Kwon, Jongman Kim, Chan Woo Cho, Gaab Soo Kim
Purpose: This study aimed to report intraoperative abortion of adult living donor liver transplantation (LDLT). Methods: From June 1997 to December 2016, 1,179 adult LDLT cases were performed. 15 cases (1.3%) of intraoperative abortions in LDLT were described. Results: Among 15 cases, 5 intraoperative abortions were donor-related, and remaining 10 cases were recipient-related. All donor-related abortions were due to unexpected steatohepatitis...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Eon Chul Han, Yoon-Hye Kwon, Kyu Joo Park, Seung-Yong Jeong, Sung-Bum Kang, Jae Hwan Oh, Seung Chul Heo
Purpose: Although lymph node (LN) metastasis is an important prognostic marker of colorectal cancer (CRC), the effect of LN metastasis on the survival of stage IV CRC is debated yet. Methods: LN status and survivals as well as clinicopathological features of synchronous stage IV CRC patients, operated for 8 years, were analyzed. Patients with hematogenous metastases were included only but those with peritoneal seeding or preoperative adjuvant therapy were not included...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Ki Bum Park, Oh Kyoung Kwon, Wansik Yu
Purpose: This study evaluated midterm changes in body composition after open distal gastrectomy for early gastric cancer. Methods: Data from 138 gastric cancer patients who underwent open distal gastrectomy at Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital between January 2011 and December 2012 were collected and reviewed. Patients with pathological stage I gastric cancer and with no comorbidities at diagnosis were enrolled. Body composition data from segmental multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis were obtained preoperatively and at 1, 2, and 3 years after surgery...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Ki-Tae Hwang, Wonshik Han, Sang Mok Lee, Jaewoo Choi, Jongjin Kim, Jiyoung Rhu, Young A Kim, Dong-Young Noh
Purpose: The prognostic influence of 3-dimensional tumor volume (Tv) on breast cancer compared to conventional 1-dimensional tumor size (T) was investigated. Methods: Analysis was performed on a cohort of 8,996 primary breast cancer patients who were initially diagnosed with TNM stage I-III. Tumor size was defined as the maximum tumor dimension, and Tv was calculated by the equation of (4π × r1 × r2 × r3)/3; r1, r2, and r3 were defined as half of the largest, intermediate, and shortest dimension of the tumor, respectively...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Eun Young Kim, Tae Ho Hong
Purpose: A soft texture of the pancreas is one of the most important predisposing factors for a pancreatic fistula. Thus, in a porcine model, we investigated a method to harden the pancreas locally by directly injecting an artificial material. Methods: During the laparotomy, 51 samples from 17 pigs, including 13 survival models, were randomly divided into 3 groups and either received a direct injection into the pancreas of MHL (1:4 mixture of histoacryl [n-butyl cyanoacrylate] and lipiodol) (group E) or saline (group C) or only received a pinprick into the pancreas without injecting a substance (sham)...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Jung Ryul Oh, Kyung Su Han, Chang Won Hong, Byung Chang Kim, Bun Kim, Sung Chan Park, Min Jung Kim, Sang Jae Lee, Jae Hwan Oh, Changha Shin, Dae Kyung Sohn
Purpose: This study aimed to analyze the learning curves for colorectal surgery fellows in a colonoscopy training program. Methods: Between May 2003 and February 2017, 60 surgical fellows joined our 1-year colonoscopy training program as trainees and performed 43,784 cases of colonoscopy. All trainees recorded their colonoscopy experiences prospectively into the database. After excluding 6 trainees, who had experience with performing more than 50 colonoscopies before participating in our training program or who discontinued our training program with experience performing less than 300 colonoscopies, this study included 54 trainees who had performed 39,539 colonoscopy cases...
October 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Jeonghyun Kang, Joon Seong Park, Sung Gwe Ahn, Jin Hong Lim, Seung Hyuk Baik, Dong Sup Yoon, Kang Young Lee, Joon Jeong
Purpose: This study investigated how adding Korean red ginseng extract (KRG) to folinic acid, fluorouracil and oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) chemotherapy affected the rate of splenomegaly in colon cancer. Methods: This retrospective study analyzed 42 patients who were randomly assigned to receive a FOLFOX regimen with or without KRG. Spleen volume change was assessed by computed tomography scans measured before surgery (presurgery volume) and 3 weeks after cessation of the 12th cycle of FOLFOX (postchemotherapy volume)...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Jinsoo Rhu, Jong Man Kim, Gyu Seong Choi, Choon Hyuck David Kwon, Jae-Won Joh
Purpose: This study was designed to analyze factors related to the success of salvage liver transplantation (SLT) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). While liver resection (LR) is considered the best locoregional therapy in HCC, there is a high recurrence rate. SLT may be the best treatment option when feasible. Methods: Patients who underwent living donor SLT for recurrent HCC after LR from November 1996 to May 2017 were included. Patient demographic data, clinical and pathologic characteristics, operative data, hospital course, and follow-up data regarding initial LR, locoregional therapy after recurrence and SLT were reviewed...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Jong Man Kim, Kwang-Woong Lee, Dong-Hyun Sinn, Gyu-Seong Choi, Nam-Joon Yi, Choon Hyuck David Kwon, Kyung-Suk Suh, Jae-Won Joh
Purpose: The proportion of liver recipients with HCV is gradually increasing in Korea. Limited data are available regarding the efficacy of direct antiviral agents (DAAs) in liver transplant recipients in Asia. We aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of DAAs in HCV-infected liver recipients in Korea. Methods: Forty HCV-infected patients from 2 centers received DAAs in the pretransplant or posttransplant period between May 2015 and November 2016. Results: DAA was administered in the pretransplant period in 6 patients and the posttransplant period in 34 patients...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Young-Jin Choi, Yong-Hoon Cho, Soo-Hong Kim, Hae-Young Kim
Purpose: Spontaneous gastrointestinal perforations (SGIPs; not associated with injury or disease) occur rarely in pediatric patients. This study aimed to define age-specific features associated with SGIPs in pediatric patients. Methods: Retrospectively reviewed the clinical data of children (before adolescence) who received surgery due to a SGIP at a single institution. Thirty-nine patients were enrolled. Characteristics were compared between the 2 age groups: neonates (group A) and beyond neonates (group B)...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Hongbeom Kim, In Woong Han, Jin Seok Heo, Min Gu Oh, Chi Yeon Lim, Yoo Shin Choi, Seung Eun Lee
Purpose: Postcholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) is characterized by abdominal symptoms following gallbladder removal. However, there is no consensus for the definition or treatment for PCS. The purpose of this study was to define PCS among various symptoms after laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and to identify risk factors affecting PCS. Methods: This study was conducted at Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital and Chung-Ang University Hospital (2012-2013). Outcomes were assessed using European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-C30 questionnaire...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Corrado Chiappa, Anna Fachinetti, Carlo Boeri, Veronica Arlant, Stefano Rausei, Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Francesca Rovera
Purpose: PEAK PlasmaBlade is a recent and distinctive type of electrosurgical device. Previous studies have already documented some meaningful advantages of this device over conventional electrosurgery. This study compared the use of PEAK PlasmaBlade to standard electrosurgery in mastectomy and breast conservative surgery. The purpose was to test the impact of PEAK PlasmaBlade on the wound-healing process and on postsurgical complications in breast cancer surgery. Methods: Sixty patients undergoing breast cancer surgery were enrolled...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Duck-Woo Kim, Min Hyun Kim, Hyun Ae Kim, Kil Yeon Lee, Seung-Yong Jeong, Woo Yong Lee
Purpose: A standardized colonoscopy training program surgical residents is still unestablished. The aim of this study was to assess the current status of colonoscopy training for surgical residents and collect the opinions on the direction for future colonoscopy education. Methods: A questionnaire survey containing 24 items was conducted by sending an email to 310 colorectal surgeons in 84 training hospitals across the country. Results: One hundred fifteen staff surgeons (115 of 310, 37%) of 84 institutions returned fully completed questionnaires...
September 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Chan Woo Cho, Gyu-Seong Choi, Jong Man Kim, Choon Hyuck David Kwon, Doo Jin Kim, Jae-Won Joh
Purpose: Response to preoperative transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) has been recommended as a biological selection criterion for liver transplantation (LT). The aim of our study was to identify optimal timing of living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) after TACE based on the TACE response. Methods: We performed a retrospective study to assess recurrence in 128 hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients who underwent LDLT following sequential TACE from January 2002 to March 2015 at a single institute...
August 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Farah Husain, In Ho Jeong, Donn Spight, Bruce Wolfe, Samer G Mattar
Purpose: Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (SG) and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) are currently the most common bariatric procedures. Although the safety of these operations has markedly improved, there continues to be a certain rate of complications. Such adverse events can have a significant deleterious effect on the outcome of these procedures and represent a costly burden on patients and society at large. A better understanding of these complications and their predictive factors may help ameliorate and optimize outcomes...
August 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Joong-Min Park, Kyong-Choun Chi
Purpose: Although nonerosive and erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) have similar symptom severity, nonerosive reflux disease (NERD) is considered a milder type of GERD and gastroenterologists have hesitated to refer these patients for antireflux surgery. The aim of this study was to compare surgical outcomes of antireflux surgery between patients with NERD and erosive reflux disease (ERD). Methods: Seventy patients met the inclusion criteria of this study among a total of 117 patients who underwent antireflux surgery from November 2012 to October 2017...
August 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Gi Hyeon Seo, Chang-Sup Lim, Young Jun Chai
Purpose: Gallstone formation is one of the most common problems after gastrectomy. This retrospective cohort study used the South Korean nationwide claims database to evaluate the incidence and risk factors of gallstone after gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Methods: All consecutive patients who underwent gastrectomy for gastric cancer in South Korea in 2008-2010 were identified. Incidence of gallstone formation 5 years after gastrectomy in males and females, in various age groups, and after different types of gastrectomy was determined...
August 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Min Kyu Kim, In Seok Choi, Ju Ik Moon, Sang Eok Lee, Dae Sung Yoon, Seong Uk Kwon, Won Jun Choi, Nak Song Sung, Si Min Park
Purpose: Single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy (SILC) is increasingly performed worldwide. Accordingly, the Konyang Standard Method (KSM) for SILC has been developed over the past 6 years. We report the outcomes of our procedures. Methods: Between April 2010 and December 2016, 1,005 patients underwent SILC at Konyang University Hospital. Initially 3-channel SILC with KSM was changed to 4-channel SILC using a modified technique with a snake retractor for exposure of Calot triangle; we called this a modified KSM (mKSM)...
August 2018: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
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