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Clinical Case Reports

Ihtesham A Qureshi, Mohtashim A Qureshi, Anantha-Ramana Vellipuram, Darine Kassar
Wound botulism is a potentially lethal condition that can cause paralysis. Its association with black tar heroin is a well-established fact. It is essential to alert clinicians in recognizing the patients with history of injection drug abuse presenting with clinical features of botulism early on admission for prompt diagnosis and treatment.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Georgy Kaspar, Kumar Sanam, Sujana Gundlapalli, Dipak Shah
Even in the absence of underlying heart disease, pregnancy is known to increase susceptibility supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). This brings a management challenge, mainly due to concerns about pharmacotherapy and radiation to the fetus. This case highlights the capability of using fluoroless mapping technologies to treat refractory arrhythmia cases safely and successful.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Shigehiro Kojima, Tsuguo Sakamoto, Yuko Nagai, Kazuhito Yajima
Oral nutrition with a low-residue diet for left-sided malignant colonic obstruction after decompression with a transanal drainage tube is safe and can be considered a viable preoperative management option for appropriate patients.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Paula de Sousa, Alasdair Kennedy, Heva H S Lalani
The reporting of previously undescribed genetic mutations and resulting clinical phenotypes guides management and enables a more accurate prognosis for clinicians treating newborns with similar features. Previous cases of 6p deletions and 16p duplications have been described as separate entities. This patient presents with both and has a unique phenotype.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Kazuya Kato, Yoshiaki Iwasaki, Yurina Kato, Kimitaka Kato, Minoru Matsuda
Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (XGP) is an uncommon inflammatory disease of the kidney 1. Diffuse XGP is a rare condition which may spread into the pelvic cavity leading to fatal complications from a psoas muscle abscess and/or renocolic fistula 2. In diffuse type, nephrectomy and excision of the fistula is the recommended treatment.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Mahnaz Arshad, Gholamreza Shirani, Kamran Rasouli
Full mouth rehabilitation by dental implants is complex in class III patients. Prediction of the outcome of orthognathic surgery in edentulous patients with no dental index or record is challenging. This report describes rehabilitation of an edentulous patient by placement of dental implants after prediction of the outcome of orthognathic correction.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Luca Santini, Karim Mahfouz, Valentina Schirripa, Nicola Danisi, Michelangelo Leone, Gloria Mangone, Monica Campari, Sergio Valsecchi, Fabrizio Ammirati
We report the first case of a patient in whom an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) endowed with HeartLogic, a novel algorithm for heart failure (HF) monitoring, was implanted in clinical practice. The good temporal association between HeartLogic index threshold crossings and HF hospitalizations confirms the high sensitivity in detecting gradual worsening of HF.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Virginia Valentini, Veronica Zelli, Piera Rizzolo, Valentina Silvestri, Maurizio Alimandi, Maria Michela D'Aloia, Sandra Giustini, Stefano Calvieri, Antonio Giovanni Richetta, Giovanni Monteleone, Laura Ottini
We present a patient with suspected Proteus Syndrome, an overgrowth disorder associated with AKT1c.49G>A mutation. NGS analysis detected PIK3CAc.3140A>G mutation in the patient's affected tissue allowing for PROS (PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum) diagnosis. The overlapping clinical features in overgrowth disorders highlight the importance of molecular testing for a correct diagnosis.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Julien-Sami El Sayegh, Gregory Nicolas, Kabalan Yammine, Claude Tayar
Nutritional support and Antibiotics treatment can be used as conservative treatment for the resolution of gastro-colic fistula after sleeve gastrectomy in stable patients specially to prevent cumbersome redo surgeries that have higher risks of complications particularly in patients with minimal financial means.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Nikolaos Machairas, Dimetrios Papaconstantinou, Anna Papala, Argyrios Ioannidis, Paul Patapis, Evangelos P Misiakos
Due to their evolution in the retroperitoneal space, pheochromocytomas may grow significantly in size and remain asymptomatic for a long period of time. Normal values of urine catecholamine levels must not preclude the diagnosis of these endocrine lesions.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Koji Miyamoto, Taka-Aki Matsuyama, Takashi Noda, Hatsue Ishibashi-Ueda, Kengo Kusano
This report shows a postmortem examination of a heart performed in a patient with cardiac sarcoidosis undergoing a sequential and simultaneous unipolar radiofrequency ablation. A combination of a sequential and simultaneous unipolar radiofrequency ablation might be useful for creating transmural ablation lesions on the interventricular septum in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Nishant Verma, Bradley P Knight
QRS narrowing during permanent His-bundle pacing is primarily thought to result from longitudinal dissociation within the His bundle. We present a case with an alternative mechanism, highlighting the likelihood that there are actually multiple explanations for this phenomenon. In addition, this case highlights the utility of His-bundle pacing even in the face of a wide QRS.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Surasak Puvabanditsin, Charlotte Wang Chen, Marissa Botwinick, Karen Hussein, Joseph Mariduena, Rajeev Mehta
Jacobsen syndrome (JS) is a rare contiguous gene disorder caused by partial deletion of the distal part of the long arm of chromosome 11 ranging in size from 7 to 20 Mb. We report a term male neonate with an interstitial deletion of about 12.3 megabase (Mb) of chromosome 11q24.1qter. Our case is the first reported newborn patient with 11q24 deletion.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Yu Inata, Muneyuki Takeuchi
Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA), by capturing the electrical activity of the diaphragm, improves patient-ventilator synchrony. It is, however, not completely immune from auto-triggering by cardiac electrical activity as illustrated in this case. Stringent observation of respiratory rate and vigilance for this phenomenon is warranted when using NAVA.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Mahtab Rahbar
We report a rare case of a cystic mass in an appendix in a patient who presented nausea, vomiting, and sharp pain in lower right abdomen and mimicking acute appendicitis. Although this entity is very rare, careful physical observation, imaging, and pathology can be helpful to make an accurate diagnosis.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Yve Mendes Rodrigues, Gláucia Zanetti, Edson Marchiori
This is an interesting case that highlights the variability of the clinical course of sarcoidosis and the importance of the knowledge of the clinical and radiologic features of the disease for its diagnosis and management.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Edison M Campos, Flavius D Raslau, Robert Salinas, Daniela Di Capua, John T Slevin, Mauricio F Villamar
Movement disorders are uncommon manifestations of neurocysticercosis. When present, most are secondary to parenchymal lesions in the basal ganglia. Rarely, movement disorders can occur in racemose/extraparenchymal neurocysticercosis, an aggressive variant frequently associated with cerebrospinal fluid outflow obstruction and hydrocephalus. Appropriate treatment can reverse neurological manifestations.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Gabriel P Langlois, Donald M Arnold, Jayson Potts, Brian Leber, David C Dale, Michael C Mackey
Cyclic thrombocytopenia is often misdiagnosed as immune thrombocytopenia due to similar clinical features, a fact of significance because cyclic thrombocytopenia generally responds poorly to treatments used successfully in immune thrombocytopenia. A precise diagnosis must establish the statistical significance of periodicity of the platelet counts using statistical methods (eg, Lomb-Scargle periodogram).
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Ihab I El Hajj, Karen A Lawrence, Temel Tirkes, Safi Shahda, Stuart Sherman
The finding of gastric metachronous metastasis, several years after the diagnosis of primary lung large cell carcinoma is rare and incidental. Even more extremely rare is the finding of a synchronous primary pancreas cancer. EUS-FNA with immunohistochemistry is useful for diagnosing metastatic lesions and differentiating those from synchronous primary lesions.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Christel Keefe, Sarah Lawson
We report a case of pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) with significant hypertriglyceridemia. The patient was found to have the e3/ e4 isoform of ApoE, increasing risk of hypertriglyceridemia in DKA. We suggest further genetic investigation for patients presenting with severe hypertriglyceridemia and DKA.
July 2018: Clinical Case Reports
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