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Clinical Case Reports

Nozomi Niimi, Nobuaki Mori
Examination of apical impulse is an important component of nonauscultatory cardiac examination. Seesaw-like movements of the chest wall during the systolic phase suggest severe tricuspid regurgitation.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Sachin Yallappa, Kesavapilla Subramonian
Percutaneous procedure represents a novel, easy, and safe removal of retained appendicolith. This gives an advantage of less invasive treatment, shorter hospital stay, and enhanced recovery of the patients.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Vaishnavi Boppana, Abimbola Adike, Uche Adike, Rahul Pannala
Windsock diverticulum is a rare anomalous finding of a true intraluminal duodenal diverticulum. While complications of bowel obstruction, bleeding, and pancreatitis may occur, most patients are asymptomatic. Surgical or endoscopic management may be pursued when complications develop.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Luigi Alessandro Sposato, Chinnappa Reddy
Rectal foreign bodies are not an infrequent presentation and can cause a serious dilemma regarding extraction and management. Management is determined by the site of the injury, degree of fecal contamination, the hemodynamic status of the patient, and comorbidities. Intraperitoneal injuries require surgery in the form of either a primary repair or formal resection with or without diversion. Extraperitoneal perforations maybe managed with presacral drainage and antibiotics with or without diversion.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Ashwini Sadhale, Abimbola Adike, Dora Lam-Himlin
Renal cell carcinoma is a highly malignant neoplasm. Metastasis to the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract is rare. In this case report, we show images of metastatic renal cell carcinoma to the upper gastrointestinal tract in a patient who presented with melena.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Salahiddine Saghir, Hicham Bousbaa, Aomar Agadr
We describe a case of association of congenital bone abnormalities. It will allow clinicians to look systematically for other skeletal malformations and teach them how to evaluate these cases for the first time. This early screening will enable appropriate treatment to avoid complications and to preserve functional prognosis.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Dominika Zoltowska, Jagadeesh Kalavakunta
Totally implantable venous access ports are valuable invention for oncological patients. Erroneous arterial malposition rate is estimated from 1.1% to 3.7% (Bowen et al. Am. J. Surg., 2014, 208, 937). Early recognition and management are crucial to prevent further complications.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Ihab I El Hajj, Marshall McCabe, DuyKhanh P Ceppa, Jonathan A Fridell, Stuart Sherman
Tension gastrothorax is a rare condition, which poses a diagnostic dilemma and can be mistaken for a tension pneumothorax. Awareness of the risk factors, clinical presentation, and radiology findings of tension gastrothorax can help with the prompt identification and successful management of this life-threatening condition.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Dhia Kaffel, Hela Kchir, Wafa Hamdi, Imen Zouch, Kaouther Maatallah, Mohamed Montacer Kchir
We report here a case of hyperparathyroidism with disseminated brown tumors mimicking malignancy. The important clinical teaching of our case is that hyperparathyroidism can take various aspects. Plasma parathyroid hormone concentration should be measured in all patients with multiple bone lesions.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Mandeep Singla, Saurabh Gaba, Kanwar Bhinder
Acute bacterial suppurative thyroiditis is an infrequent but life-threatening medical emergency. It needs to be considered in a patient with painful thyroid enlargement. Therapy consists of appropriate antibiotics and drainage of abscess. The disease may prove fatal if diagnosis and treatment are delayed.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Ahsan Wahab, Hafiz Khan, Mahin Khan, Hameem Changezi, Susan Smith
Ventricular septal defect (VSD), one of the major mechanical complications of myocardial infarction, portends a severe threat to life and hence demands a high degree of suspicion, appropriate investigations, and emergent repair, particularly in cases of cardiogenic shock. Although the development of VSD in extensive or anterior infarction is not unexpected, its occurrence during cardiac catheterization frames a unique, challenging experience and creates a learning opportunity. We present a patient who developed postinfarction VSD during cardiac catheterization...
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Gajapathiraju Chamarthi, Mayanka Kamboj, Olanrewaju A Olaoye, Xu Zeng, Abhilash Koratala
Drug-induced acute interstitial nephritis is an important cause of unexplained acute kidney injury in hospitalized patients. It can present with nonspecific clinical features, and renal biopsy should be considered for definitive diagnosis. Removal of the offending agent along with early initiation of corticosteroid therapy is the mainstay of treatment.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Rogério Ruas, Natália Ribeiro
Patients with recurrent meningitis must be carefully studied to exclude risk factors including anatomic defects.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Antti Kämppi, Leena Kämppi, Pentti Kemppainen, Mari Kanerva, Jussi Toppila, Mari Auranen
Patients with unknown clinical or radiological asymmetry in the face structures combined with atrophy and weakness of the masticatory muscles should be comprehensively examined clinically and with MRI, neurophysiological measurements, and serologically. Malignant lesions or benign idiopathic unilateral trigeminal motor neuropathy should be considered as an etiological explanation for the asymmetry.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
René Mulder, Jeroen K de Vries, Rogier P H M Müskens, André B Mulder, Michaël V Lukens
In this study, we present the first case of a 34-year-old Surinamese female with ischemic retinopathy and increased free protein S due to C4BP deficiency. Possibly, the low PS/C4BP complex level has increased the risk of arterial thrombosis in our patient.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Niki Christou, Nabil Dib, Etienne Chuffart, Abdelkader Taibi, Sylvaine Durand-Fontanier, Denis Valleix, Muriel Mathonnet
Patients with congenital agenesis of the portal vein may develop hepatocellular tumors due to enhanced arterial blood flow. These tumors may be benign (FNH, adenomas) or malignant (hepatoblastoma, HCC). Liver resection can be proposed, and preoperative arterial embolization may decrease blood loss during surgery. Liver transplantation with PV reconstruction is also an option.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Marinos C Makris, Michael Kornaropoulos, Apostolos Krikelis, Demetrios Moris, Diamantis I Tsilimigras, Elia Modestou, Artemis Liapi, Vasileios Karatzias, Christos Damaskos, Andreas Zevlas
Patients with postradiation therapy for malignancies and/or extensive colorectal surgery are prone to the development of enteroperineal fistulas. Application of biological meshes may prove beneficial in treating complicated enteroperineal fistulas as they provide a stable ground for closing pelvic defects even in contaminated fields.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Mirco Nacoti, Jacopo Colombo, Oliviero Fochi, Daniele Bonacina, Francesco Fazzi, Giacomo Bellani, Ezio Bonanomi
This report describes the successful use of a new intervention to improve respiratory mechanics and gas exchange in a relatively homogeneous group of infants with severe bronchiolitis-induced PARDS after failure of conventional treatment. These results may open a new interesting area of research and management for PARDS patients.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Sara Vester Hald, Henrik Carl Schønheyder
Pneumococci are predominant in respiratory tract infections but may have unusual presentations such as lactational mastitis. We report a 29-year-old breastfeeding woman with pneumococcal mastitis confirmed by positive blood culture and culture of milk. Previously, a few similar cases have been reported, but none was associated with bacteremia.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Andrea Gilioli, Ambra Paolini, Goretta Bonacorsi, Mario Luppi
In the context of leukocytosis due to increased number of neutrophils and their precursors, with significant dysgranulopoiesis and no or minimal basophilia and no or minimal monocytosis, the typical feature of "clumped" chromatin, in irregularly coarse compacted nuclei, should lead to suspect the diagnosis of atypical chronic myeloid leukemia.
May 2018: Clinical Case Reports
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