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Clinical Case Reports

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November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Constantinos Contrafouris, Meletios Kanakis, Michael Milonakis, Prodromos Azariadis, Andrew Chatzis
A 42-year-old woman was diagnosed during the 3rd month of pregnancy with a large right atrial tumor. Three weeks after successful completion of a full-term pregnancy, she was admitted and underwent surgical removal of the tumor. Postoperative course was uneventful and pathology showed cavernous hemangioma. These neoplasms should be removed in order to prevent severe arrhythmias as also potential malignant transformation.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
María Rico, José Bernardino Díaz-López, Jorge Peña, Pedro Oliva-Nacarino
Orbital inflammatory pseudotumor is a rare complication of systemic lupus erythematosus. It may present a challenge for differential diagnosis, especially in the context of treatment with hydroxychloroquine, although dosage and duration of the treatment may guide us. Although high antibody titers can be found, this is not specific.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Shozo Konishi, Hitoshi Minamiguchi, Yuji Okuyama, Yasushi Sakata
Early repolarization syndrome (ERS) and Brugada syndrome (BrS) share many electrocardiographic and clinical features, and recently have been collectively grouped as J wave syndrome. However, the effects of sodium channel blockers on the J waves differ greatly between ERS and BrS.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Hideaki Yamakawa, Akimasa Sekine, Terufumi Kato, Yumie Yamanaka, Eri Hagiwara, Shigeaki Umeda, Takashi Ogura
Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy (HOA) is a rare syndrome characterized by the abnormal proliferation of dermato-osseous tissue. We report a rare case of malignant mesothelioma-associated HOA who suffered from refractory painful osteoarthropathy. HOA can be associated with malignant mesothelioma and that may be resistant to any treatment.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Frank S Fan
Tea interferes with iron absorption and can lead to iron deficiency anemia when consumed in large quantities. The rechallenge effect of green tea on anemia in a middle-aged man emphasizes the potential causal role of this beverage. Lifestyle and dietary habits are important diagnostic considerations in diseases of this type.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Antoine El Asmar, Fouad Khattar, Marianne Alam, Ziad El Rassi
Primary gastric lymphoma is a rare malignant tumor that can sometimes present as spontaneous perforation. We present below a case of spontaneous primary gastric lymphoma perforation that was managed in our institution followed by a brief review of the literature and discussion.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Luca Pradotto, Laura Orsi, Monica Mencarelli, Marcella Caglio, Danilo Lauro, Alessandra Milesi, Anna Di Blasio, Alessandro Mauro
Despite transient global amnesia is considered unusual in Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) and causal relation is still unclear, this report suggests to consider CADASIL in those patients with recurrent transient global amnesia, especially when MRI shows multifocal hyperintensities affecting the cerebral white matter or when it is followed by cognitive decline.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Tomohiro Mizuno, Nobuko Nabetani, Natsuki Yamashita, Chizuru Matsumoto, Yoshinari Yasuda, Tadashi Nagamatsu, Norimasa Umemura
We previously started pharmacist blood pressure (BP) management programs using telemonitoring systems for monitoring side effects of antihypertensive drugs in a community pharmacy. The present case demonstrates that pharmacist BP management programs using telemonitoring systems are useful for monitoring side effects of antihypertensive drugs in a community pharmacy.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Angela Teh, Patrick Russell, Jordan Li, Udul Hewage
Sarcoidosis is a diagnosis that should be considered in patients receiving interferon therapy, who present with anemia and multiorgan dysfunction regardless of the duration of their treatment. When sarcoidosis is suspected, bone marrow biopsy should be considered especially for cases predominant by extrapulmonary features.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Mohammad Jamal Uddin Ansari, Nikunjkumar Patel, Sunil Tulpule, Shuvendu Sen, Abdalla Yousif
Spontaneous superior mesenteric artery (SMA) dissection is a rare, but potentially fatal disease. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of SMA dissections result in a lower prevalence of intestinal infarction and mortality. In the current era, imaging techniques can promptly diagnose SMA dissection; however, no definitive guidelines have been established to treat this condition.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Björn Stenström, Helen M Windsor, Alma Fulurija, Mohammed Benghezal, M Priyanthi Kumarasinghe, Kazufumi Kimura, Chin Yen Tay, Charlie H Viiala, Hooi C Ee, Wei Lu, Tobias D Schoep, K Mary Webberley, Barry J Marshall
Repeated experimental reinfection of two subjects indicates that Helicobacter pylori infection does not promote an immune response protective against future reinfection. Our results highlight the importance of preventing reinfection after eradication, through public health initiatives, and possibly treatment of family members. They indicate difficulties for vaccine development, especially therapeutic vaccines.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Simon Kayemba-Kay's, Abdul Monem Badran, Cécile Lagneaux, Tamas Kovacs, Anne Heron
We report a 13-month-old immune-competent male child who was diagnosed with pneumococcal serotype 19A meningitis despite having received three PCV13 injections. Clinicians are reminded that bacterial meningitis can still occur, even in correctly vaccinated children. Investigations should include immune system screening along with abdominal ultrasound to exclude asplenia.
November 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Enrico Schalk, Thomas Fischer
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a rare cause of cytopenia and is often associated with lymphoma. The occurrence of HLH in the course of lymphoma treatment could be an indicator for refractory disease.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Amparo Valverde Martinez, Susana Roldan Ortiz, Mercedes Fornell Ariza, Maria Jesús Castro Santiago
The splenic epidermoid cysts are rare benign tumors, and a definitive treatment remains unclear. Although some spleen-preserving approaches have been reportedly used, splenic cyst recurrence usually occurs in true cyst cases, wherein the cyst is incompletely removed. In our case, partial splenectomy was performed and the giant cyst was completely removed.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Dogu Aydin, Michael Heidenheim
Papillomatosis cutis lymphostatica is a benign, usually asymptomatic and underreported condition resulting from primary lymphedema or damage of lymphatic vessels due to diabetes. Cases have only been published sporadically. The presented image may help future colleagues to establish the diagnosis.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Andrea Droghetti, Alessandro Locatelli, Bruno Casiraghi, Maurizio Malacrida, Michele Arupi, Mark Ragusa
The subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (S-ICD) is a safe alternative to transvenous ICD. We describe a submuscular S-ICD placement technique in a severely obese with an oversized chest. Submuscular configuration allows optimal system positioning and impendence values warranting a safe and effective shock transmission. This technique is safe and improves patients comfort.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Evelyne Rey, Claude-Emilie Jacob, Maral Koolian, Francine Morin
Hypercalcemia in pregnancy is an uncommon event that can cause major maternal morbidity and/or fetal or neonatal morbidity and mortality. Management is a challenge for the clinicians, especially as regards to investigations in pregnancy, surgery, and the use of cinacalcet and bisphosphonates. We present three case reports and discuss management.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Faris G Bakri, Ayman Wahbeh, Awni Abu Sneina, Ali Al Khader, Fatima Obeidat, Izzat AlAwwa, Maryam Buni, Chang-Seok Ki, Amira Masri
Patients with congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis syndrome are at risk for renal amyloidosis and inflammatory bowel disease. Physicians caring for such patients should be aware of these complications.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
Eirini Lioudaki, Martin Whyte
Patients with higher liver iron stores are likely to have a worse cardiac outcome following noncompliance with chelation. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance identifies myocardial siderosis allowing optimization of iron chelation regimes. Diabetes puts thalassemic patients at increased risk of myocardial fibrosis. Dual chelation therapy with deferoxamine and deferiprone offers improved cardiac outcomes.
October 2016: Clinical Case Reports
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