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Clinical Case Reports

Abhilash Koratala, Muhannad Leghrouz
Methylene blue is used to assess the integrity of the bowel and may cause self-limiting bluish or greenish hue to the urine. Green urine is also caused by medications such as propofol and infections such as pseudomonas. Knowledge of the benign nature of this condition prevents unnecessary consultations and anxiety.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Toshiko Inoue, Makoto Saito, Fumio Nishimura, Takashi Miyazaki
Dentists and maxillofacial surgeons may occasionally encounter various dental anomalies in number, shape, size, eruption, etc. In particular, microdontia is relatively rare. Computed tomography during clinical dental examination is essential for early detection of these anomalies.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Gregory Tsoucalas, Markos Sgantzos
Basal cell carcinoma of the breast is a rare type of skin cancer. A probable case reported c.650AD is described with very similar localized symptoms. Understanding its emergence and evolution could improve diagnosis and treatment.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Elisa Carolina Jácome Sánchez, Edgar Patricio Correa Díaz, Braulio Martinez Burbano, María Angélica Ortiz Yépez, María Ariana García Castillo
Neurocysticercosis is a parasitic disease of the central nervous system that constitutes a public health problem in endemic regions. Here, we present a patient with epilepsy and cognitive impairment due to neurocysticercosis. A public health intervention could eradicate this disease in endemic regions such as Ecuador.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Tuhin Shah
Gallbladder perforation has a high morbidity and mortality especially because of delayed diagnosis. Also, most of these cases are diagnosed only during surgery. Although a rare cause, it should be ruled out in cases where other causes of peritonitis cannot be established.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Hiroshi Kataoka, Satoshi Ueno
Patients with myotonic dystrophy are at particularly high risk for cancer arising in the endometrium, brain, colon, or ovary. Giant leiomyoma can occur in patients with myotonic muscular dystrophy, a disease accompanied by muscle wasting.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Ioannis K Papapanagiotou, Kyriaki Migklis, Georgia Ioannidou, Dimitra Xesfyngi, Vasileios Kalles, Theodoros Mariolis-Sapsakos, Emmanouil Terzakis
Giant condyloma acuminata are associated with malignant transformation in up to 50% of cases, high recurrence rate, and poor prognosis. Treatment strategies have included wide local excision, abdominopelvic resection, and addition of radiotherapy and adjuvant and/or neoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Tomoya Nishino
Spontaneous pneumomediastinum is often associated with asthma and mainly affects adolescent males with a tall, thin body habitus. A 17-year-old man complained of chest and pharyngeal pain after bench press training and spontaneous pneumomediastinum was diagnosed. It should be considered in the differential diagnosis of chest pain of uncertain cause.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Rajanshu Verma, Mamoun Abdoh
Crazy paving pattern is the name given to characteristic polygonal pattern of interlobular thickening on computed tomography (CT scan) of the lung, which results from accumulation of collagen, interstitial fluid, cell, or other pathology and may be seen in multiple clinical conditions including metastatic cancer as described in this case.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Saket Kumar, Rahul Rahul, Abhijit Chandra
Solid pseudopapillary tumor is a rare pancreatic neoplasm that typically affects young women. Characteristic CT appearance is that of a mixed-density lesion with solid component peripherally and cystic component centrally. Even larger tumors are well encapsulated with sharp demarcation, amenable to complete resection.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Melvin Chan, Rajesh Rangaswamy, Yen-Yi Peng
Limbic encephalitis (LE) can present as a nonspecific manifestation preceding neoplastic disease. Having high clinical suspicion and using newer onconeural antibodies, like antiglial nuclear antibody (AGNA), can lead to an earlier diagnosis. We report a patient with AGNA-positive LE who is later diagnosed and treated for small-cell lung carcinoma.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Jordi Pérez-Rodon, David Doiny, Berta Miranda, Nuria Rivas-Gandara, Ivo Roca-Luque, Jaume Francisco-Pascual, Rosa Maria Lidón, David García-Dorado, Angel Moya Mitjans
An implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) lead dislodgement into the right atrium is a dangerous situation, particularly in patients in atrial fibrillation because atrial fibrillation can be sensed as ventricular fibrillation and true ventricular fibrillation induced with an inappropriate shock. In the presence of shocks, ICD interrogation should be performed as soon as possible.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Andrea Steinmetz
A superior orbitectomy can be a challenging but accomplishable surgical option in dogs with a tumor which involves the dorsal bony part of the orbit. The procedure described in this report can be vision-sparing and life prolonging even in a case of an aggressive growing frontal sinus squamous cell carcinoma.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Tomomi Kimura, Kenjiro Hasegawa, Sunao Morisada, Kiichi Inagawa, Kouhei Tsukahara, Takaaki Ensako, Shogo Ebisudani, Fumiaki Nagashima, Ikuko Osugi, Masaharu Ishikawa, Takashi Harada, Miori Teramoto, Masateru Inai
Therapeutic lipiodol lymphangiography for postoperative chyle leakage due to lymph duct damage has recently been attracting attention. Lymph duct puncture is technically complex and difficult. Lymphangiography and sclerotherapy can be easily applied by cannulation with a catheter for the neonatal central vein to the lymph duct under a microscope.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Claudio Cerchione, Davide Nappi, Maria Di Perna, Irene Zacheo, Ilaria Migliaccio, Dalila Salvatore, Marco Picardi, Fabrizio Pane, Lucio Catalano
In this report, we would like to highlight the efficacy of bendamustine in a heavily pretreated patient, also refractory to pomalidomide. It is conceivable that different therapy combinations in heavily treated Multiple myeloma (MM) have to be explored, without "a priori" exclusion of ancient drugs, even after failure of the ultimate pharmacological options.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Utsav Joshi, Prakash Poudel, Ram Kumar Ghimire, Babin Basnet
Pancreatic cystic neoplasm is difficult to distinguish from pseudocyst as clinical and radiological evidences may not be sufficient to make an accurate diagnosis. This may result in misdiagnosis with inappropriate management. Hence, every effort should be made for their distinction to avoid internal drainage procedures for neoplasms instead of extirpation.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Heather F Sateia, Michael T Melia, Joseph Cofrancesco
The true danger of the spider bite stems from misdiagnosis and resultant delay in proper treatment of entities that, unlike spider bites, are not self-limited. Obtaining a complete exposure and travel history is central to the development of an accurate and appropriate differential diagnosis.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Jérôme René Lechien, Lisa G De Marrez, Ivan Theate, Mohamad Khalife, Sven Saussez
Hemangioma is a benign tumor rarely found in adult, especially in oropharynx. This study describes the first case of mixed hemangioma occurring as an oropharyngeal asymptomatic pedunculated mass. Biopsy is excluded given the risk of hemorrhage. Diagnosis and treatment are based on the surgical resection and the histopathologic examination.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Toer Stevens, Jutte van der Werff Ten Bosch, Marjan De Rademaeker, Ann Van Den Bogaert, Machiel van den Akker
22q11.2DS is a significant health problem because of its fairly high incidence. It is relevant to be vigilant regarding the diagnosis of cancer amongst 22q11.2 patients as there might be an increased risk, especially amongst patients with the 22q11.2 distal deletion syndrome.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
Yuichi Fujii, Tomohiro Ueda, Yuko Uchimura, Hiroki Teragawa
Adrenal venous sampling (AVS), although difficult, is recommended for patients with primary aldosteronism (PA) to diagnose the subtype. Recognizing anatomical variation is key to a successful AVS. We report on a patient with PA and left inferior vena cava (IVC) whose left adrenal vein drained directly into the IVC.
April 2017: Clinical Case Reports
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