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Food Science & Nutrition

Zhijiang Li, Yanan Zhou, Hongzhi Yang, Dongjie Zhang, Chengtao Wang, Hong Liu, Xin Li, Jing Zhao, Chunhong Wei
Zygosaccharomyces rouxii is an important microorganism for aroma production in traditional fermented foods. Using Z. rouxii as the original strain, the batch was split after glucose depletion in the culture medium. Half of the volume of the culture medium was released, and fresh culture medium was fed in. The exponential culture kinetics and the formula for the half-fractional fed-batch cultivations were determined to achieve a new strategy for high cell density culturing of Z. rouxii . Based on a full cultivation, three half-fractional fed-batch cultivations were performed after every 10 hr of culture...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Sara Hedayati, Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani
The baking industry is interested in finding cost-effective and healthful alternatives for eggs. Therefore, in this study the effects of total replacement of egg by soymilk (SM) in combination with 0-6% soy lecithin (SL) on batter (density, microstructure, viscosity, and texture) and cakes (height, volume, density, texture, color parameters, and sensory attributes) were determined and compared with cakes manufactured with eggs. The results showed that all batters had shear thinning behavior and provided a good fit for the power law model...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Adewale Obadina, Jumoke Ibrahim, Ifeoluwa Adekoya
The quality changes of cherry and plum tomatoes dried at different temperatures (60, 65 and 70°C) milled into powder and stored for 8 weeks were assessed in this study. The ascorbic acid and lycopene content of the tomato powders were significantly different with values that ranged from 5.10 to 7.70 mg/100 g and 211.53 to 246.02 mg/kg, respectively. Color parameters redness (a*) and chroma decreased, while lightness (L*), yellowness (b*), and hue increased as the drying temperature increased. In addition, increase was observed in the total fungal load and lightness of the two tomato varieties at all temperatures, while the titratable acidity, pH, ascorbic acid, lycopene, redness, and yellowness increased as the storage period increased to 8 weeks...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Joni J S Beintema, Sonia Gallego-Castillo, Luis F Londoño-Hernandez, José Restrepo-Manjarres, Elise F Talsma
Iron and zinc deficiencies are global health problems, affecting mostly pregnant women and young children. In 2016, biofortified iron and zinc beans were introduced in Colombia. The incorporation of biofortified beans into the national school-feeding program could facilitate adoption and potentially improve the nutritional status of large populations. However, biofortified beans have to be accepted in order to be consumed by populations. We therefore studied the sensory acceptability of two biofortified beans, BIO-101 and BIO-107, and local beans at schools with free feeding services in two departments of southwest Colombia...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Domenico Cifá, Mihaela Skrt, Paola Pittia, Carla Di Mattia, Nataša Poklar Ulrih
The aim of this study was to optimize the extraction of oleuropein from olive leaves through a systematic study of the effects of different parameters of ultrasound-assisted extraction (USAE) on the oleuropein yield, in comparison with conventional maceration extraction. A range of operational parameters were investigated for both conventional maceration extraction and USAE: solvent type, olive leaf mass-to-solvent volume ratio, and extraction time and temperature. Oleuropein yield was determined using high-performance liquid chromatography, with total phenolics content also determined...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Catherine Birungi, Agnes Nabubuya, Ivan Muzira Mukisa
Energy bioavailability can be influenced by food matrix factors and processing conditions or treatments. In this study, the effects of endogenous sweet potato amylase enzyme activation and slurry solids content of soy-enriched orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) porridges on in vivo energy bioavailability (energy, weight gain, and feed efficiency ratio) and porridge acceptability were determined. Fifty-six weanling albino rats were randomly assigned to two blocks each having eight groups of seven rats. The rats were housed in individual cages in a well-ventilated animal house...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Zhenying Zhu, Shangbing Chen, Xueyou Wu, Changrui Xing, Jian Yuan
Large differences in quality existed between soybean samples. In order to rapidly detect soybean quality between samples from different areas, we have developed near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) models for the moisture, crude fat, and protein content of soybeans, based on 360 soybean samples collected from different areas. Compared with whole kernels, soybean powder with particle sizes of 60 mesh was more suitable for modeling of moisture, crude fat, and protein content. To increase the reproducibility of the prediction model, uniform particle sizes of soybeans were prepared by grinding and sieving soybeans with different sizes and colors...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Selin Alihanoğlu, Demet Ektiren, Çağım Akbulut Çakır, Hasan Vardin, Asliye Karaaslan, Mehmet Karaaslan
Calf rennet has long been used in cheese-making. Because of calf rennet shortage and high cost, novel proteases were needed to meet industry's increasing enzyme demand. Recombinant chymosins and camel chymosin were started to be used in the industry. There is no study in the literature subjecting use of rabbit rennet in cheese production. Chemical, rheological, and sensorial characteristics of white cheese made with rabbit rennet were investigated in this study. Quality characteristics of rabbit rennet cheese (RC) were compared to cheeses produced with commercial calf (CC) and camel chymosins (CLC)...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Saheeda Mujaffar, Sherida John
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effect of temperature (40, 50, 60, and 70°C), and air velocity (0.5, 1, and 2 m/s) on the drying behavior of West Indian lemongrass ( Cymbopogan citratus ) leaves. Drying was carried out in a computer-controlled tray dryer. Overall, the effect of temperature was seen to be more important than that of air velocity, but the air velocity did have an effect on drying rates at the start of the drying process at 50-70°C. Drying rate constants, diffusivity values, and activation energy were determined...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Namwin S Somda, Ouindgueta J I Bonkoungou, Cheikna Zongo, Assèta Kagambèga, Imael H N Bassolé, Yves Traoré, Jacques Mahillon, Marie-Louise Scippo, Joseph D Hounhouigan, Aly Savadogo
In Burkina Faso, flamed/grilled chickens are very popular and well known to consumers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the microbiological quality, the antibiotic resistance, and the virulence gene from Escherichia coli isolated from these chickens in Ouagadougou. A total of 102 grilled, flamed, and fumed chickens were collected in Ouagadougou and analyzed, using standard microbiological methods. All E. coli isolates were checked with the antimicrobial test and also typed by 16-plex PCR. The mean of aerobic mesophilic bacteria (AMB) and thermo-tolerant coliforms (TTC) was found respectively between 6...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Huong Thi Thu Dang, María Gudjonsdóttir, Magnea G Karlsdóttir, Minh Van Nguyen, Tumi Tómasson, Sigurjon Arason
Physicochemical changes of Icelandic golden redfish ( Sebastes marinus ) as affected by seasonal variation (June and November) and raw material freshness (processed 4 and 9 days postcatch) during frozen storage (at -25°C for 20 months) were studied to find optimal conditions for production of high-quality frozen products. Thawing loss, cooking yield, and color of the fillets as well as chemical composition, water holding capacity, pH, total volatile basic nitrogen, lipid oxidation, and hydrolysis of the light and dark muscle were analyzed every 4 months of frozen storage...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Shuang Ma, Xu Yang, Changhui Zhao, Mingruo Guo
Effect of ultrasound treatment on the physicochemical properties and structure of β-lactoglobulin were investigated. β-Lactoglobulin was treated with ultrasound at different amplitudes, temperatures, and durations. The surface hydrophobicity and free sulfhydryl group of β-lactoglobulin were significantly increased after ultrasound treatment ( p  <   .05). The maximal surface hydrophobicity and free sulfhydryl group were 5,812.08 and 5.97 μmol/g, respectively. Ultrasound treatment changed the physicochemical properties of β-lactoglobulin including particle size (from 1...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Aliza Sigdel, Pravin Ojha, Tika B Karki
The research was aimed to study the effect of the addition of Osmo-air-dried mulberry (TSS 29.33%) in yoghurt on syneresis and a bioactive component of yoghurt. Two types of yoghurts, with or without Osmo-dried mulberry, were developed using standard culture ( Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus ), and changes at refrigerated temperature (<5°C) were studied. Fruit yoghurt showed high total soluble solids (TSSs) and low-fat content (dry basis) (17.67% and 11.84%) compared with normal yoghurt (9...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Temelkan Bakir, Mertcan Karadeniz, Sabri Unal
In this study, the antioxidant capacity of oyster mushroom ( Pleurotus ostreatus ) stored in five different temperature environments was investigated by DPPH (1,1 diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl) radical scavenging method. The antioxidant capacity results of oyster mushroom extracts were examined by spectroscopic measurements and expressed as percent of inhibition. The IC50 values of mushroom samples were calculated with DPPH method using calibration equations, and change in antioxidant properties was also tried to decipher by SEM images...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Göker Gürbüz, Chang Liu, Zhong-Qing Jiang, Marjo Pulkkinen, Vieno Piironen, Tuula Sontag-Strohm, Marina Heinonen
The course of protein-lipid co-oxidation was investigated in oil-in-water emulsions stabilized with proteins extracted from microwave-treated (MWT) and conventional thermal-treated (CTT) faba beans stored at 37°C for 7 days. Emulsions prepared with proteins from untreated (UT) faba beans and soy protein isolate (SP) were monitored for comparison. Lipid oxidation was detected through formation of primary and secondary oxidation products while protein oxidation was examined via tryptophan fluorescence degradation in interface and aqueous phase...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Suqin Zhu, Min Huang, Guangxin Feng, Yu Miao, Haohao Wu, Mingyong Zeng, Yangming Martin Lo
Gelatin is an anti-inflammatory dietary component, and its predominant metabolites entering circulation are prolyl-hydroxyproline (Pro-Hyp) and glycine. We evaluated the protective effects of orally administered gelatin, glycine, and Pro-Hyp 10:3:0.8 (w/w/w) against dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-induced colitis in mice. According to clinical, histological, and biochemical parameters, they exhibited significant activities in the order of gelatin < glycine < Pro-Hyp. Gelatin prevented the DSS-induced increase in interleukin-1β (IL-1β), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) in the colon, rather than in peripheral blood...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Mehdi Atashkar, Mohammad Hojjatoleslamy, Leila Sedaghat Boroujeni
Reducing the fat content of meat products and producing healthier products is considered as an important matter in politics in prevention of many hazardous diseases and providing consumers' health. The aim of this study was reducing the fat in fatty sausages based on oil reduction and using fat substitutes, including κ -carrageenan , konjac, and tragacanth, and comparing them according to their texture characteristics. κ-carrageenan, konjac, and tragacanth gums were used at four different levels (0.0, 0.5, 1...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Leila Sedaghat Boroujeni, Mohammad Hojjatoleslamy
The aim of this study was to evaluate the antioxidant effects of the essential oils of Myrtus communis leaves and Thymus caramanicus aerial parts in order to improve the physicochemical properties of potato chips. Sunflower oil without any antioxidant (control group) was fortified with BHA or TBHQ antioxidants (200 ppm), and M. communis or T. caramanicus essential oils (3,000 ppm). The effects of the antioxidant behavior of these compounds on the physicochemical properties of potato chips were analyzed by measuring peroxide value (PV), acid value (AV), and thiobarbituric acid (TBA)...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Jia Gao, Yongqing Zhu, Fangyao Luo
The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of aqueous solutions of ethanol (25%, v/v) and ascorbic acid (AA, 1%, m/v) alone and in combination, along with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or vacuum packaging (VP), on the physicochemical properties and microbial quality of fresh-cut Chinese yam slices during 4°C storage. The data showed that ethanol (25%, v/v) combined with AA (1%, m/v) and MAP treatment resulted in the lowest changes for headspace gas composition, color, electrical conductivity, overall visual quality, aerobic plate count population, and mold and yeast population in fresh-cut Chinese yam over 21 days of 4°C cold storage, which was more effective at both inhibiting microbial growth and delaying browning than ethanol or AA alone or a commonly used sanitizer, sodium hypochlorite...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Gloria Aderonke Otunola, Anthony Jide Afolayan
Moinmoin is a steamed cowpea seed-based pudding native to Nigeria. This study evaluated the physicochemical, proximate, and sensory properties of moinmoin from a blend of cowpea and water yam flours. The pudding was prepared by varying the proportion of cowpea to water yam flour (CWYP). The blends were in the ratio 75:25% (CWYP1), 50:50% (CWYP2), and 100:0% cowpea flour (CPP) which served as the control. Physicochemical evaluation indicated that the products will have good keeping quality and reconstitute easily...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
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