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Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn

I Witters, P Sieprath, C Van Holsbeke, C Theyskens, K Deraedt
Subchorionic placental cysts occur in up to 5% of pregnancies. Large and numerous placental cysts increase the risk for intrauterine growth restriction. We describe a case with large multiple subchorionic placental cysts complicated by intracystic hemorraghe and fetal growth restriction.
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
F H Comhaire, W Vandenberghe, Wae Decleer
Fertility of both men and women has been negatively influenced by external factors and life style in recent decennia. Mechanisms of hormone disruption, oxidative damage, and epigenetic DNA changes play a pivotal role in this process. In Belgium, strict regulations have been imposed to reduce the exposure to xeno-estrogens, which has resulted in a partial recovery of sperm quality. At the other hand, more couples require in vitro fertilisation (IVF) whereby ovarian stimulation may be associated with epigenetic DNA hyper-methylation of follicular cells, and increased risk of carcinogenesis among offspring...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
J De Winter, H De Raedemaecker, J Muys, Y Jacquemyn
Background: The goal of this review is to evaluate the value of ultrasound for detection of retained products of conception (RCOP) after delivery. Methods: A systematic search was performed using 'postpartum', 'retained placenta', 'retained products' and 'ultrasound' resulting 82 publications, after screening titles and abstracts, 30 remained. Results: On gray scale ultrasound, one must be focus on a thickened endometrial echo complex (EEC) with a cut off value of 10 mm and on an intracavitary mass...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
O M Abuzeid, J Deanna, A Abdelaziz, S K Joseph, Y M Abuzeid, W H Salem, M Ashraf, M I Abuzeid
Objective: To determine if elective single blastocyst transfer (e-SBT) compromises pregnancy outcomes compared to double blastocyst transfer (DBT) in patients with favorable reproductive potential. Methods: This Randomized Control Trial included 50 patients with SBT (Group 1) and 50 patients with DBT (Group 2). All women were <35 years and had favorable reproductive potential. Randomization criterion was two good quality blastocysts on day 5. Patients who did not get pregnant or who miscarried underwent subsequent frozen cycles with transfer of two blastocysts (if available) in both groups...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
C Claeys, L De Souter, G Martens, E Martens, B Blauleiser, E Faes, F Caris Alias Reynders, K Wuyts, Y Jacquemyn
Objective: This study aims to identify geographical disparities in perinatal mortality and morbidity in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. We performed a retrospective cohort study from an existing database. Data included from 1 January , 2000 to 31 December, 2009 and including all deliveries in the Province of Antwerp, Belgium. Collected outcome measures : fetal death, early and late neonatal death, preterm birth, low birth weight. Outcomes were analyzed according to postal code of the pregnant women's address...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
G Vandenberghe, K Roelens, V Van Leeuw, Y Englert, M Hanssens, H Verstraelen
Background: In 2011 the Belgian Obstetric Surveillance System (B.OSS) was set up to monitor severe maternal morbidity in Belgium. Aim: The aim of B.OSS is to get an accurate picture of the obstetric complications under investigation and secondly, to improve the quality and safety of obstetric care in Belgium by practical recommendations based on the results. Methodology: Data are obtained through prospective active collection of cases by a monthly call according to the principle of nothing-to-report, along with data collection forms that confirm the diagnosis and gather detailed information...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
O M Shaaban, A M Abbas, R A Mohamed, Haa Hafiz
Background: This study aims to assess knowledge, attitude and acceptance of antenatal women for pain relief methods during labor and to know the effect of presumed availability of pain relief methods during labor on the attitude of women towards the mode of delivery. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted at a tertiary hospital between January and December 2016. A structured interview questionnaire had been administered including data related to current pregnancy, knowledge, attitude and previous experience of pain, labor analgesia, women's attitude toward the mode of delivery and its relation to the availability of adequate analgesia during labor...
December 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
J Xavier, P Vieira-Baptista, A Moreira, R Portugal, J Beires, V Tanos
Background: Lichen sclerosus most commonly affects the genital area. Contrarily to lichen planus, the involvement of the oral or vaginal mucosa is rare. Only four cases of vaginal lichen sclerosus have been described in the literature. Case report: The authors report two cases of postmenopausal women with a history of vulvar pruritus and burning. Both presented with lesions of the vaginal mucosa compatible with lichen sclerosus, and genital prolapse. Vaginal biopsies confirmed the diagnosis...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
Z Sleiman, T Zreik, R Bitar, R Sheaib, A Al Bederi, V Tanos
Müllerian malformations result from defective fusion of the Müllerian ducts during development of the female reproductive system. The least common form of these malformations is Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome characterized by obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal anomaly (OHVIRA). The most common presentation of this syndrome is a mass secondary to hematocolpos, pain, and dysmenorrhea. Clinical diagnosis is very challenging and requires imaging studies in which ultrasound and MRI play an essential role in the diagnosis, classification and treatment plan...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
A Galvao, D Goncalves, Morgado Alexandre, H Ferreira
The incidence of adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix is increasing. It poses the affected women in risk and the definitive treatment requires hysterectomy. Here we describe a case of adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix successfully managed by minilaparoscopic hysterectomy using interchangeable 5-mm end effectors.
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
S Verdonckt, J Gerris
Objective: To examine advantages and disadvantages as perceived by patients and their partners using home sonography for monitoring ovarian stimulation prior to artificial fertility treatment. Method: We interviewed 25 patients and their partners and took 44 online questionnaires. All interviews were written out and the transcripts were coded, based on words patients used to describe their experience. The query consisted mostly of statements, of which the participant had to ascertain whether or not they agreed (1= I absolutely don't agree and 5 = I absolutely agree)...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
L Dalewyn, E Deschepper, J Gerris
Introduction: Serial measurements of the number of follicles and their growth by ultrasound is a standard way of monitoring fertility treatments using controlled ovarian stimulation. This is stressful for both the patient and the professional. Self-operated endovaginal telemonitoring (SOET) is more patient friendly and less time-consuming. Aim of the study: The goal of the study is to see if there's a correlation in the number of follicles and in two- dimensional growth between recordings made using SOET versus measurements performed by a professional sonographer...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
S Huyghe, A Verest, A Thijssen, W Ombelet
Background: The overall final outcome of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is still more often a failure than a success. Assessing perifollicular blood flow (PFBF) is one technique to predict and possibly improve this outcome. The aim was to provide a structured review of studies concerning PFBF and its prognostic value in patients undergoing ART, including IUI (intrauterine insemination). Methods: PUBMED, EMBASE and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews were searched for relevant studies published until December 2016...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
A-S Maryns, I Dehaene, G Page
Background: Our aim was to evaluate the treatment effect of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) according to the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome group (HAPO) screening. Results: The prevalence of GDM, using HAPO 5 was 23.8%. Of these, 72.8% were treated. Comparison of outcomes between treated and untreated patients showed no differences. The prevalence of GDM according to HAPO 4 criteria was 16.9%. In the untreated group, there were more cases of (pre)eclampsia (P=0...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
Willem Ombelet
According to a number of high quality studies intrauterine insemination (IUI) with homologous semen should be the first choice treatment in case of unexplained and moderate male factor subfertility. IVF and ICSI are clearly over-used in this selected group of infertile couples. The limited value of IUI in infertility treatment as mentioned in the 2013 NICE guidelines was surely a premature statement and should be adapted to the actual literature. More evidence-based data are becoming available on different variables influencing the success rates after IUI...
September 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
A Doukhopelnikoff, G Debrock, T Steelandt, Etm De Jonge
This is the second well documented case of paraneoplastic Cushing's syndrome arising from a small cell carcinoma of the endometrium described in English literature. This tumour has an aggressive biological behaviour and early detection provides the only opportunity for long-term survival. In that regard recognition of associated paraneo- plastic features might be helpful.
June 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
Dpa Van den Nouland, M Kaur
Primary umbilical endometriosis is a rare phenomenon accounting for 0,4-1,0% of extragenital endometriosis. Despite the fact that it mostly presents as a typical cyclic umbilical discharge coincidental with a palpable mass, the diagnosis is often delayed due to its low prevalence, as was seen in the presented case. The exact pathogenesis is still unclear. The golden standard for diagnosis is histopathological examination, but diagnostic tools like ultrasound, MRI or CT scan can be helpful. The differential diagnosis includes a wide range of disorders...
June 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
S M Musundi
In Kenya, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoea, HIV, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), syphilis and trichomoniasis tend to be prevalent, especially in women. Further, the research shows that women who test positive for STIs (other than HIV), have little knowledge of these infections. Of particular concern, is that there has been little attention on the part of government to educate the general public about STIs, yet these diseases can have devastating consequences on women's and men's health...
June 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
J T Fouogue, F Y Fouelifack, J H Fouedjio, R Tchounzou, Z Sando, E T Mboudou
Objectives: To describe the first laparoscopic surgeries in a tertiary hospital in Cameroon. Methods: We carried out a descriptive study at the Douala Gynaeco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital (DGOPH). We examined the files of the 45 patients who underwent laparoscopic surgery from November 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016. Descriptive statistics were computed for patients' characteristics and surgical parameters. Results: Mean (SD) age was 36.8(11...
June 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
Anouck Lincé, Xavier Capelle, SyLvie Lepage, Frédéric Kridelka, Christine Van Linthout
Objective: The purpose of this pilot study is to compare the 2D scanning measurement of the foetal femoral diaphysis using anterior or lateral/external incidence at ultrasound. Methods: In August 2016, 30 consecutive patients underwent a second trimester morphology ultrasound between 21 and 24 weeks of gestation by a senior sonographist. In each case, the femur length was measured either with an anterior angle, estimating the straight aspect of the diaphysis or with a lateral angle, assessing its curved aspect...
June 2017: Facts, Views & Vision in ObGyn
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