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Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation

Davidson Okwudili John, Bosede A Tella, Olajide A Olawale, Jeneviv N John, Titilope A Adeyemo, Obinna C Okezue
This study evaluated the effects of aerobic exercise program on the cardiovascular parameters, body composition, and quality of life (QoL) of people living with human immune virus (HIV). Patients were recruited from the HIV clinic in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria. Fish bowl method was used to randomize the patients to either experimental or control group. Experimental group received nutritional counseling and aerobic exercise program on a treadmill, 3 times a week for a period of 6 weeks, while the control group received only nutritional counseling...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Helen K B Fuzari, Armèle Dornelas de Andrade, Mikhail Santos Cerqueira, Rafael Pereira, Ana I C Medeiros, Jéssica C Leite, Elaine C S C Moura, Helga C M Souza, Claudia Regina O P Lima, Patrícia Érika de Melo Marinho
To investigate whether whole body vibration (WBV) training increases the explosive force of the knee extensors in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. Fourteen CKD patients undergoing hemodialysis were randomly allocated in WBV training or Sham group. Explosive force parameters (contractile impulse [CImp] and relative rate of force development [RFDr]) obtained in early (30 and 50 msec) and late phases (100 and 200 msec) of the knee extensors force/time curve. CImp and RFDr obtained at the early phase of force/time curve reduced after the intervention period, with a smaller decline for WBV (CImp at 50 msec [~-15% and -51%, P =0...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Hakan Atamturk, Arda Atamturk
Participation in physical activities benefits individuals with disabilities in terms of addressing their social and psychological needs in order for the purposes of quality living. This study reports the findings from a case study conducted with a boy who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in a swimming pool located in the campus of a private university in North Cyprus. The current study reports the adjustments made in the swimming pool in accordance with the needs of the participant, how service quality was increased to cater for these needs and in what ways the participant benefited from the aquatic program...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Gi-Chul Ha, Jae-Ryang Yoon, Cheol-Gyu Yoo, Seol-Jung Kang, Kwang-Jun Ko
The purpose of this study is to investigate the risk factors of metabolic syndrome, cardiorespiratory fitness, knee isokinetic function, and osteoarthritis index inpatients with knee osteoarthritis women. Subjects were divided into the exercise group (n=9, aged 60.89±5.06), and the control groups (n=8, aged 61.25±1.91). Aquatic exercise was performed for 12 weeks, 3 times a week, 60 min a day. The changes of metabolic syndrome risk factors, cardiorespiratory fitness, knee isokinetic function, and WOMAC index (Western Ontario and McMaster University osteoarthritis index) were measured and analyzed at pre- and postexercise program for verifying exercise effectiveness...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Lida Hosseini, Ardalan Shariat, Maryam Selk Ghaffari, Roshanak Honarpishe, Joshua A Cleland
A 43-year-old male, office worker with history of chronic radicular low back pain radiating into the left leg was admitted to a sports medicine research center, neuroscience institute. During the past year, he visited a physiotherapist and orthopedic experts. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a protruded disc at L4-5 level. Additionally, electromyography indicated that there was bilateral moderate irritation at the L5-S1 root. We designed a management package including exercise therapy, dry needling, and nonfunctional electrical stimulation for four sessions...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Aminu A Ibrahim, Mukadas O Akindele, Sokunbi O Ganiyu
This pilot randomized clinical trial assessed the feasibility of implementing motor control exercise (MCE) and patient education (PE) program for the management of chronic low back pain (CLBP) in a low resource rural Nigerian community. Thirty patients with CLBP were recruited and randomly assigned to MCE, PE, or MCE plus PE groups. The MCE program was provided twice a week while the PE program was provided once a week all for 6 weeks. Feasibility was assessed through recruitment rate, treatment compliance, retention/dropout rate, report of adverse events, perceived helpfulness, overall satisfaction, and clinical outcome of pain (numeric pain rating scale) and functional disability (Oswestry Disability Index)...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Henrique Silveira Costa, Márcia Maria Oliveira Lima, Susan Martins Lage, Fábio Silva Martins da Costa, Pedro Henrique Scheidt Figueiredo, Manoel Otávio da Costa Rocha
Chagas heart disease (CHD) leads to a progressive functional impairment. Field tests, as the 6-min walk test (6MWT) and the incremental shuttle walk test (ISWT), may be inexpensive approaches in the evaluation of functional capacity of these patients. The present study was addressed to compare the 6MWT and the ISWT measures, and to determine the accuracy of these tests in the identification of functional impairment in patients with CHD. Thirty-five patients with CHD (47.1±8.2 years, NYHA I-III) were evaluated by echocardiography, cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET), 6MWT, and ISWT...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Ji-Youn Kim, Sang-Wan Jeon, Eun-Surk Yi
This study aimed to examine and analyze the relationship between the physical activity of cancer patients during the hospitalization and the change in exercise recognition and restrictions on physical activity in depth. In this study, adult cancer patients aged more than 20 years residing in the metropolitan area (such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon) were selected as a population, and 194 cancer patients from five general hospitals located in metropolitan area were selected as subjects by the purposive sampling...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Dae-Young Kim
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a 12-week walking exercise using a mobile device on cardiopulmonary function, metabolic risk factors, and self-efficacy in obese middle-aged women. For this study, 14 middle-aged subjects with obesity were included and performed walking exercise of 50%-60% maximum oxygen uptake intensity 3 times a week for 12 weeks. As a result, weight, % body fat, body mass index, and waist circumference significantly reduced. In addition, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, and hemoglobin A1c significantly reduced, while high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and flexibility significantly increased...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Keun-Jo Kim, Kyung-Hun Kim
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of progressive treadmill cognitive dual-task training on gait performance in individuals with chronic stroke patients. Twenty-six participants with chronic hemiparesis were recruited to this study and randomly distributed into two groups: progressive treadmill cognitive dual-task gait training (PTCDG group, 13 patients), conventional treadmill gait training (CTG group, 13 patients). All patients underwent 20 sessions of treadmill gait training with a harness (5 times per week, for a total of 4 weeks)...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Sooyeon Kim
This study evaluated combined cognitive-motor program based on Alexander technique and Bartenieff fundamental method for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients. The purpose was to explore the field application of combined cognitive-motor learning program centering on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, developing sensory-motor coordination and enhancing focused attention to one's whole body. Two practice methods were applied to the 40 MCI elder. The combined cognitive-motor learning program (CM) was applied to the 20 MCI elder while 20 elder took traditional movement learning program (TM)...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Ji-Youn Kim, Eun-Surk Yi
This study is intended to analyze differences in the self-rated health of patients according to the characteristics of hospitalized cancer patients. To this end, this study analyzed the differences in self-rated health according to cancer diagnosis type, cancer stage and adjunctive treatment and analyzed the recognition of difficulties in physical activities during hospitalization. A questionnaire survey was conducted among data of 162 hospitalized cancer patients. For the self-rated health of cancer patients according to diagnosis type, it was lower in the gastric cancer group than in the thyroid cancer group and the breast cancer group...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Alan de Jesus Pires de Moraes, Leonardo Vidal Andreato, Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco, Edson Luiz da Silva, Márcia Aparecida Gonçalves, Rafaella Zulianello Dos Santos, Aline Minuzzi Becker, Luciana da Silveira Cavalcante, Fernanda da Silva Casagrande, Magnus Benetti
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) supplementation on cellular damage and oxidative stress indicators in volleyball athletes. Twenty male volleyball athletes at national level performed a physical training session and were divided into 2 groups, which for 7 days took the placebo substance or NAC. After 7 days the athletes repeated the same training session. In both sessions, blood samples were collected 30 min before and immediately after the training session to measure cellular damage and oxidative stress markers...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Joon-Hee Kim
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of different weight reduction methods on the body composition characteristics, cardiopulmonary functions, and health promotion of elite bodybuilding athletes in a comprehensive manner. For this purpose, the study analyzed the effects of two different weight reduction methods on 25 elite bodybuilding athletes registered at the Bodybuilding Association over a period of 6 weeks. There were interactive effects on macronutrients, macrominerals, and antioxidants according to weight reduction methods as the experiment group (6%±2%) maintained a certain amount of food intakes across various nutrients including energy intakes or made a slow decrease it, whereas the traditional group (16%±4%) made a sharp decrease in it due to relatively greater weight reduction than the experiment group and thus showed pattern differences from it...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Rhonda Cohen, Bahman Baluch, Linda J Duffy
Personality trait of an athlete is a significant factor in sports injury rehabilitation. The aim of the present study is to investigate whether there are differences in personality traits between male and female, professional and amateur athletes from sports representing two ends of extreme to traditional namely; drag racing and archery. Overall 189 male and female, professional and amateur drag racers (n=144) and archers (n=45) took part in this study. Participants completed the personality traits of extroversion and neuroticism as measured by Eysenck's classic Personality Inventory dimensions and thrill and adventure seeking (TAS), experience seeking (ES), disinhibition (DIS), boredom susceptibility (BS), and sensation seeking (SS) as measured by Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Sung-Hak Cho, Soo-Han Kim, Se-Yeon Park
There was lack of study which evaluated the effects of characteristics of subjects such as the body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference (WC), as well as sexual differences on trunk muscle activities. The purpose of the present study was to compare the abdominal muscle activities among the groups dividing criterion as the BMI, WC, and the gender. As a criterion of BMI and WC, subjects were arranged to three groups. Female subjects who were less than 25 kg/m2 BMI, and less than 90 WC were arranged as female with underweight group (FU), male subjects who were greater than 25 kg/m2 BMI and greater than 85 WC were arranged as male with overweight group (MO), male subjects who were less than 25 kg/m2 BMI and less than 85 WC were arranged in male with underweight group (MU)...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Ju-Hyeon Jung, Nan-Soo Kim
Postural changes induce changes in chest wall kinematics and eventually pulmonary function, and affect chest wall shape and chest motion. This study aimed to examine the effects of postural change on changes in the chest wall during respiratory muscle training. Using a repeated measures design, this study followed 13 healthy adults (13 men; mean age, 23.73 years). All participants performed four postures (neutral, full trunk rotation, half-range trunk rotation, and lateral ribcage shift postures) during respiratory muscle training...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Bihter Akınoğlu, Tuğba Kocahan
This study was conducted to compare muscular strength and balance of athletes with visual and hearing impairment. The study was carried out with 20 athletes of national Olympic level sports goalball team and 20 athletes of national Olympic level sports hearing-impaired karate team. Isokinetic muscular strength was assessed by IsoMed 2000 device as concentric-concentric at 60°/sec and 240°/sec. Balance assessment was carried out with the Human Body Equilibrium 360 device. There was no significant difference between groups regarding age, height, weight and body mass index ( P >0...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Joon-Hee Kim
The present study aimed to comparatively analyze the effects of the whole-body vibration exercise health promotion program on the agility, the quick reaction ability, and the flexibility of the test-takers. Total 30 test-takers had been prepared for the practical test as the subjects. They were divided into the three groups: the practical college entrance examination group with whole-body vibration exercise, the practical college entrance examination group, and the control group. The measurements of each item were made before and after the program applications of the side steps, the standing long jump, the standing high jump, the sitting trunk flexion, and the trunk forward flexion for 60 min 3 times a week...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Se Jeong Kwon
This study aims to identify the relation between students' participation in sports club activities and personality and sympathy based on the findings obtained from personalty and sympathy study and understand what the interrelational characteristics are. This study investigated a total of 408 individuals (male, 58.3%; female, 41.7%) who have continuously participated in sports club activity in middle schools located at Seoul and Gyeonggi province, Korea. To look at the type of event that they selected, 127 individuals (31...
October 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
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