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G Rea, F Perna, G Calabrese, A Molino, T Valente, A Vatrella
Lipoid pneumonia is an uncommon disorder characterized by accumulation of lipid components into the interstitial and alveolar compartment. The usual classification distinguishes endogenous and exogenous and acute or chronic forms, related to the type of fats, the amount of damage and the time of exposure. We describe a case of exogenous lipoid pneumonia by inhalation of vaseline used for cleaning of the tracheostoma in a 63-year-old female, presenting as cough, worsening dyspnea in few weeks. The diagnosis was finally established with a re-evaluation of BAL with specific staining for lipids, revealing the presence of foamy macrophages lipids rich, according to HRCT findings...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
G Galasso, M Mirra, G De Luca, F Piscione
Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) represents the most common cause of death worldwide. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is the management of choice in patients with ACS and occurrence of intra-procedural thrombotic complications are an independent predictor of mortality and other major adverse cardiovascular events in patients undergoing PCI. According to current guideline, anticoagulation therapy is indicated during PCI in order to reduce the risk of thrombotic complications such as stent thrombosis. Among currently available anticoagulant drugs, bivalirudin demonstrates a lower incidence of bleeding risk, despite it is associated with an increased risk of stent thrombosis...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
A Franco, M Ciccarelli, D Sorriento, L Napolitano, A Fiordelisi, B Trimarco, M Durante, G Iaccarino
High-precision radiation therapy is a clinical approach that uses the targeted delivery of ionizing radiation, and the subsequent formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in high proliferative, radiation sensitive cancers. In particular, in thoracic cancer ratdiation treatments, can not avoid a certain amount of cardiac toxicity. Given the low proliferative rate of cardiac myocytes, research has looked at the effect of radiation on endothelial cells and consequent coronary heart disease as the mechanism of ratdiation induced cardiotoxicity...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
J Parekh, Det Shepherd, Dwl Hukins, N Maffulli
A T-handle has been designed to be used for minimally invasive implantation of a dynamic hip screw to repair fractures of the proximal femur. It is capable of being used in two actions: (i) push and hold (while using an angle guide) and (ii) application of torque when using the insertion wrench and lag screw tap. The T-handle can be held in a power or precision grip. It is suitable for either single (sterilised by γ-irradiation) or multiple (sterilised by autoclaving) use. The principles developed here are applicable to handles for a wide range of surgical instruments...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
J Gambardella, A Franco, C Del Giudice, A Fiordelisi, E Cipolletta, M Ciccarelli, B Trimarco, G Iaccarino, D Sorriento
GRK5 is a multifunctional protein that is able to move within the cell in response to various stimuli to regulate key intracellular signaling from receptor activation, on plasmamembrane, to gene transcription, in the nucleus. Thus, GRK5 is involved in the development and progression of several pathological conditions including cancer. Several reports underline the involvement of GRK5 in the regulation of tumor growth even if they appear controversial. Indeed, depending on its subcellular localization and on the type of cancer, GRK5 is able to both inhibit cancer progression, through the desensitization of GPCR and non GPCR-receptors (TSH, PGE2R, PDGFR), and induce tumor growth, acting on non-receptor substrates (p53, AUKA and NPM1)...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
M Arcopinto, A Salzano, F Ferrara, E Bobbio, A M Marra, R Abete, F Stagnaro, R Polizzi, F Giallauria, M Illario, E Menditto, C Vigorito, E Bossone, A Cittadini
The ageing of the population in western countries, the continuous increase of the prevalence of chronic diseases, the frequent coexistence of several morbid conditions (comorbidity) requires health professionals and Institutions to face difficult challenges, including increasing costs, need for more effective and sustainable therapies, and organizational issues. The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing aims at enabling European citizens to lead healthy, active and independent lives while ageing...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
V Nicolin, G Baldini, D De Iaco, R Bortul, G Turco, S L Nori
One of the issues regarding in vitro study of bone resorption is the synthesis of a bone-like biomaterial forming a thin layer onto either glass or plastic. The synthesis of a bone-like material suitable for in vitro studies can be valuable both to investigate osteoclast differentiation, that in vivo proceeds within the local microenvironment of bone and to understand how its presence triggers activation of macrophages present in situ when bone is damaged (a scenario that can occur for example in case of bone fracture)...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
G Liccardi, M Triggiani, A Piccolo, A Salzillo, R Parente, F Manzi, A Vatrella
Exposure to animal allergens constitutes a relevant risk factor for the development of allergic sensitization. Moreover, an increasing number of people become owners of less common animals. In this article we summarize aspects related to sensitization to cat/dog which may be applied also to uncommon pets or other furry animals. The data discussed here suggest that several different factors may induce allergic sensitization to furry animals with or without previous contact. Allergic sensitization without animal exposure is a relevant risk for patients because they are not aware about the possibility that even severe respiratory symptoms may develop after an occasional animal contact...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
Giovanni Merolla, Antonio Tartarone, Giuseppe Porcellini
OBJECTIVES: To obtain outcomes data on anatomical and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty by analysis of clinical scores and standard radiographs. SUBJECT SELECTION AND ENROLLMENT: 400 consecutive series of patients replaced with anatomical and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (minimum 3 years follow-up). STUDY DESIGN: retrospective monocenter. PREOPERATIVE ASSESSMENT: Demographics, clinical scores (Constant-Murley) as available, shoulder X-ray (AP, outlet and axillary views) ...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
A Solazzo, V D'Auria, L G Moccia, A Vatrella, M Bocchino, G Rea
Two mediastinal masses were incidentally detected at high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of a 72 year-old male patient, former smoker, affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with worsening dyspnea and 2-year medical history of polycythemia secondary to hypoxia. Integration with a multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) scan after administration of intravenous injection contrast medium showed slightly inhomogeneous increase of enhancement of masses, suggesting in the first case potential malignancy...
May 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
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[This corrects the article on p. 19 in vol. 12, PMID: 26535184.].
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
Francesca Guerriero, Valentina Orlando, Daniele Ugo Tari, Annalisa Di Giorgio, Antonio Cittadini, Gianluca Trifirò, Enrica Menditto
PURPOSE: To explore the frequency of polypharmacy, functional and cognitive capacity among the elderly in Southern Italy. METHODS: Population-based retrospective cross-sectional study. Information were retrieved from electronic-geriatric-forms matched by record-linkage to outpatient pharmacy-records. The following domains were collected from geriatric forms: BMI, cognitive capacity (SPMSQ), functional status (Barthel-index), mobility, living condition. Polypharmacy status was categorized as non-polypharmacy (0-4), polypharmacy (5-9) and excessive-polypharmacy (≥10)...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
A Conte, C Procaccini, P Iannelli, A Kisslinger, F De Amicis, G M Pierantoni, F P Mancini, G Matarese, D Tramontano
There is increasing evidence that diet plays a crucial role in age-related diseases and cancer. Oxidative stress is a conceivable link between diet and diseases, thus food antioxidants, counteracting the damage caused by oxidation, are potential tools for fight age-related diseases and cancer. Resveratrol (RSV), a polyphenolic antioxidant from grapes, has gained enormous attention particularly because of its ability to induce growth arrest and apoptosis in cancer cells, and it has been proposed as both chemopreventive and therapeutic agent for cancer and other diseases...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
G Corbi, V Conti, A Filippelli, A Di Costanzo, N Ferrara
Physical exercise is associated with reduced risk of heart disease, type II diabetes mellitus, and overall mortality. However, growing evidence shows that physical activity can also improve cognitive function and may lower the risk of developing dementia, but Randomized Clinical Trials gave mixed results. Aim of this article was to review the knowledge available in literature on the effects of physical activity on cognition and the suggested possible mechanisms involved in these effects. Our group have planned a trial aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of physical activity in preventing or delaying the cognitive decline in individuals at risk of developing dementia...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
L Di Furia, M R Rusciano, L Leonardini, P Rossi, C Giammarchi, E Vittori, S Tilocca, F L Russo, P Montuori, M Triassi, A Nardone, M D Giaimo, M Migazzi, S Piffer, A Iaria, A Trapasso, A Firenze, R Cristaudo, M Revello, A Castiglion, V Zagonel, G Iaccarino, A Addis, L Natale, C Di Somma, A Colao, A Perra, K Giova, N Montuori, M Illario
Among lifestyle factors, nutrition is one of the most important determinants of health, and represents a pivotal element of cancer risk. Nonetheless, epidemiological evidences of the relationship between several cancers and specific foods and nutrients is still inadequate, and solid conclusions are missing. Indeed, caloric restriction without malnutrition is associated to cancer prevention. Food may be also the primary route of exposure to contaminants such as metals, persistent organic pollutants, and pesticides...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
E Marzetti, R Calvani, M Cesari, M Tosato, A Cherubini, M Di Bari, M Pahor, G Savera, A Collamati, E D'Angelo, R Bernabei, F Landi
Over the years, different operational definitions have been elaborated to identify frail older persons, but none of them has received unanimous consensus. This, in turn, has hampered the clinical implementation of frailty as well as the design of targeted interventions. To overcome the current limitations in the field, a novel operationalization of physical frailty (PF) is proposed which grounds its roots in the recognition of sarcopenia as its central biological substrate. This conceptualization is based on the fact that the clinical picture of PF overlaps substantially with that of sarcopenia...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
M Vollenbroek-Hutten, S Pais, S Ponce, M Dekker-van Weering, S Jansen-Kosterink, F Schena, N Tabarini, F Carotenuto, V Iadicicco, M Illario
The aim of this paper is to give an insight on how physical activity can be defined, parameterized and measured in older adults and on different options to deal with citizen physical activity promotion at European level. Three relevant aspects are highlighted: When talking about physical activity, two different aspects are often unfairly mixed up: "physical activity" and "physical capacity". Physical activity, is referred to as the level of physical activity someone is actually performing in daily life.Physical capacity is referred to as the maximum physical activity a person can perform...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
L Vuolo, L Barrea, M C Savanelli, S Savastano, M Rubino, E Scarano, M Soprano, M Illario, A Colao, C Di Somma
BACKGROUND: Bone impairment and malnutrition are associated with significant disability and mortality. PERSSILAA is an European project developing health services to detect and prevent frailty in older adults by addressing cognitive, physical and nutritional. METHODS: Subjects underwent anthropometric measurements, calcaneal quantitative ultrasound (QUS) scan and PREDIMED (PREvención con DIeta MEDiterránea) questionnaire. AIM: To investigate the association between adherence to the Mediterranean Diet (MD) and bone health...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
Gaetano Santulli, Consuelo Borras, Jean Bousquet, Laura Calzà, Antonio Cano, Maddalena Illario, Claudio Franceschi, Giuseppe Liotta, Marcello Maggio, William D Molloy, Nunzia Montuori, Rónán O'Caoimh, Francesc Orfila, Amelia P Rauter, Aurelia Santoro, Guido Iaccarino
Preclinical studies are essentially based on animal models of a particular disease. The primary purpose of preclinical efficacy studies is to support generalization of treatment-effect relationships to human subjects. Researchers aim to demonstrate a causal relationship between an investigational agent and a disease-related phenotype in such models. Numerous factors can muddle reliable inferences about such cause-effect relationships, including biased outcome assessment due to experimenter expectations. For instance, responses in a particular inbred mouse might be specific to the strain, limiting generalizability...
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
Maddalena Illario, Guido Iaccarino, Ornella Piazza, Enrica Menditto, Enrico Coscioni
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
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