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BioMed Research International

Qinggui Lian, Jing Zhang, Liang Gan, Qing Ma, Zhaofeng Zong, Yang Wang
LMM15, an actinomycete with broad spectrum antifungal activity, was isolated from a diseased tomato leaf using the baiting technique. A phylogenetic tree analysis based on similarity percentage of 16S rDNA sequences showed that the bacterium was 97.0% affiliated with the species Streptomyces pratensis. This strain was therefore coded as S. pratensis LMM15. The ferment filtrate of LMM15 had ability to inhibit mycelia growth of Botrytis cinerea and reduce lesion expansion of gray mold on detached leaves and fruits...
2017: BioMed Research International
Filippo Sanfilippo, Alberto Noto, Grazia Foresta, Cristina Santonocito, Gaetano J Palumbo, Antonio Arcadipane, Dirk M Maybauer, Marc O Maybauer
Background: Burnout syndrome has reached epidemic levels among physicians (reported around 50%). Anesthesiology is among the most stressful medical disciplines but there is paucity of literature as compared with others. Analysis of burnout is essential because it is associated with safety and quality of care. We summarize evidence on burnout in anesthesiology. Methods: We conducted a systematic review (MEDLINE up to 30.06.2017). We included studies reporting burnout in anesthesiology with no restriction on role or screening test used...
2017: BioMed Research International
Murni Nazira Sarian, Qamar Uddin Ahmed, Siti Zaiton Mat So'ad, Alhassan Muhammad Alhassan, Suganya Murugesu, Vikneswari Perumal, Sharifah Nurul Akilah Syed Mohamad, Alfi Khatib, Jalifah Latip
The best described pharmacological property of flavonoids is their capacity to act as potent antioxidant that has been reported to play an important role in the alleviation of diabetes mellitus. Flavonoids biochemical properties are structure dependent; however, they are yet to be thoroughly understood. Hence, the main aim of this work was to investigate the antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of some structurally related flavonoids to identify key positions responsible, their correlation, and the effect of methylation and acetylation on the same properties...
2017: BioMed Research International
Stefan Rimbach, Miriam Schempershofe
Tissue morcellation during laparoscopic hysterectomy carries the risk of spreading cells from unsuspected malignancy. Contained morcellation inside a bag is supposed to minimize this risk. The present study evaluated routine use of in-bag morcellation during laparoscopic hysterectomy in a consecutive patient cohort (n = 49). The system used was More-Cell-Safe (A.M.I. Austria). Median age was 47 (35 to 76) years and BMI 25.1 (18.8 to 39.8). Indications for hysterectomy were fibroids (71.4%), adenomyosis (16...
2017: BioMed Research International
Huixiang Xiao, Hong Pan, Keren Liao, Mengxue Yang, Chunhong Huang
Snakebite envenomation is a neglected global health problem, causing substantial mortality, disability, and psychological morbidity, especially in rural tropical and subtropical zones. Antivenin is currently the only specific medicine for envenomation. However, it is restricted by cold storage, snakebite diagnosis, and high price. Snake venom phospholipase A2s (svPLA2s) are found in all kinds of venomous snake families (e.g., Viperidae, Elapidae, and Colubridae). Along with their catalytic activity, svPLA2s elicit a wide variety of pharmacological effects that play a pivotal role in envenomation damage...
2017: BioMed Research International
Kiyoung Kwak, Huigyun Kim, Dongwook Kim
The purpose of this study was to identify the gait pattern of the elderly with aging and to analyze the elderly's gait changes by the focal tendon vibratory stimulation. A total of 10 elderly males and 15 young adult males participated in this study. Using 3D motion analysis, we analyzed that difference between the elderly gait and young adults gait and the changes of the elderly gait by applying focal vibratory stimuli. As a result, specifically in the early stance, the elderly's gait was more flexed and the lower extremity extensors of the elderly worked harder...
2017: BioMed Research International
Leticia Verdugo-Diaz, Francisco Estrada-Rojo, Aron Garcia-Espinoza, Eduardo Hernandez-Lopez, Alejandro Hernandez-Chavez, Carlos Guzman-Uribe, Marina Martinez-Vargas, Adan Perez-Arredondo, Tomas Calvario, David Elias-Viñas, Luz Navarro
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) represents a significant public health concern and has been associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality. Although several research groups have proposed the use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to enhance neuroprotection and recovery in patients with TBI, few studies have obtained sufficient evidence regarding its effects in this population. Therefore, we aimed to analyze the effect of intermediate-frequency rTMS (2 Hz) on behavioral and histological recovery following TBI in rats...
2017: BioMed Research International
Kyu-Sang Shim, Soram Oh, KeeYeon Kum, Yu-Chan Kim, Kwang-Koo Jee, Seok Woo Chang
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of thermomechanical treatment on mechanical and metallurgical properties of nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary instruments. Eight kinds of NiTi rotary instruments with sizes of ISO #25 were selected: ProFile, K3, and One Shape for the conventional alloy; ProTaper NEXT, Reciproc, and WaveOne for the M-wire alloy; HyFlex CM for the controlled memory- (CM-) wire; and TF for the R-phase alloy. Torsional fracture and cyclic fatigue fracture tests were performed. Products underwent a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis...
2017: BioMed Research International
Amirhossein Yousefi, Saam Torkan
Resistant uropathogenic Escherichia coli is the most common cause of urinary tract infections in dogs. The present research was done to study the prevalence rate and antimicrobial resistance properties of UPEC strains isolated from healthy dogs and those which suffered from UTIs. Four-hundred and fifty urine samples were collected and cultured. E. coli-positive strains were subjected to disk diffusion and PCR methods. Two-hundred out of 450 urine samples (44.4%) were positive for E. coli. Prevalence of E. coli in healthy and infected dogs was 28% and 65%, respectively...
2017: BioMed Research International
Ivan M Petyaev, Nayilia A Zigangirova, Elena Y Morgunova, Nigel H Kyle, Elena D Fedina, Yuriy K Bashmakov
Resveratrol (RESV), an antifungal compound from grapes and other plants, has a distinct ability to inhibit the Chlamydia (C.) trachomatis developmental cycle in McCoy cells, a classic cell line used for chlamydial research. Inoculation of C. trachomatis with increasing amounts of RESV (from 12.5 to 100 μM) gave a dose-dependent reduction in the number of infected McCoy cells visualized by using monoclonal antibodies against chlamydial lipopolysaccharide. A similar trend has been observed with immunoassay for major outer membrane protein (MOMP)...
2017: BioMed Research International
Silvia Pignata, Carolyn M Boyd, Anthony H Winefield, Chris Provis
Objective: To build upon research evaluating stress interventions, this qualitative study tests the framework of the extended Job Demands-Resources model to investigate employees' perceptions of the stress-reduction measures implemented at 13 Australian universities. Methods: In a cross-sectional survey design, tenured and contract staff indicated whether their overall level of stress had changed during the previous three-four years, and, if so, they described the major causes...
2017: BioMed Research International
Miguel A Camino López, Óscar J González Alcántara, Ignacio Fontaneda
A gender analysis of workers injured while commuting in Spain is presented, distinguishing between injury due to traffic-related accidents and injury due to other causes. Method. A total of 266,646 traffic-related injuries and 168,129 nontraffic-related injuries are studied over the period 2006-2010. Results. In Spain, the accident rate recorded in working hours is much higher among men; nevertheless, it is curious that commuting-related accident rates are higher among women than men, in both traffic-related injuries and nontraffic-related injuries...
2017: BioMed Research International
Vaida Baltrūnienė, Daiva Bironaitė, Ieva Kažukauskienė, Julius Bogomolovas, Dalius Vitkus, Kęstutis Ručinskas, Edvardas Žurauskas, Renaldas Augulis, Virginija Grabauskienė
Clinical interpretation of patients' plasma adiponectin (APN) remains challenging; its value as biomarker in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is equivocal. We evaluated whether circulating APN level is an independent predictor of composite outcome: death, left ventricle assist device (LVAD) implantation, and heart transplantation (HT) in patients with nonischemic DCM. 57 patients with nonischemic DCM (average LV diastolic diameter 6.85 cm, LV ejection fraction 26.63%, and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure 22...
2017: BioMed Research International
Michela Vignoli, Beate Muschalla, Marco Giovanni Mariani
Purpose: Anxiety-related problems at work are a serious problem in the occupational context, as they come along with sick leave and problems in work participation. The aim of this study is to analyse workplace phobic anxiety in nonclinical context using the Job Demands-Resources model. Methods: The study involved a sample of 739 workers from a retail company, mostly with permanent contracts. Structural equation modelling analyses were performed using AMOS software...
2017: BioMed Research International
Aritza Brizuela-Velasco, Esteban Pérez-Pevida, Antonio Jiménez-Garrudo, Francisco Javier Gil-Mur, José María Manero, Miquel Punset-Fuste, David Chávarri-Prado, Markel Diéguez-Pereira, Francesca Monticelli
The objective of the study is to characterise the mechanical properties of Ti-15Zr binary alloy dental implants and to describe their biomechanical behaviour as well as their osseointegration capacity compared with the conventional Ti-6Al-4V (TAV) alloy implants. The mechanical properties of Ti-15Zr binary alloy were characterised using Roxolid© implants (Straumann, Basel, Switzerland) via ultrasound. Their biomechanical behaviour was described via finite element analysis. Their osseointegration capacity was compared via an in vivo study performed on 12 adult rabbits...
2017: BioMed Research International
Hong-Zai Guan, Jing Dong, Zheng-Yao Jiang, Xi Chen
Alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) is processed from proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and acts on the melanocortin receptors, MC3 and MC4. α-MSH plays a key role in energy homeostasis. In the present study, to shed light on the mechanisms by which α-MSH exerts its anorectic effects, extracellular neuronal activity was recorded in the hypothalamus and the dorsal vagal complex (DVC) of anesthetized rats. We examined the impact of α-MSH on glucose-sensing neurons and gastric distension (GD) sensitive neurons...
2017: BioMed Research International
Michele Moschetta, Mario Uccello, Benjamin Kasenda, Gabriel Mak, Anissa McClelland, Stergios Boussios, Martin Forster, Hendrik-Tobias Arkenau
Introduction: Baseline neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) has been repeatedly reported as a significant prognostic factor in advanced cancer patients. We explored whether changes in NLR may predict outcome of advanced cancer patients enrolled into phase 1 trials and treated with PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors. Patients and Methods: Advanced cancer patients enrolled into phase 1 trials between September 2013 and May 2016 and treated with anti-PD-1/PD-L1 agents were included in this retrospective study...
2017: BioMed Research International
C O S Sorzano, J Vargas, J Otón, J M de la Rosa-Trevín, J L Vilas, M Kazemi, R Melero, L Del Caño, J Cuenca, P Conesa, J Gómez-Blanco, R Marabini, J M Carazo
One of the key steps in Electron Microscopy is the tomographic reconstruction of a three-dimensional (3D) map of the specimen being studied from a set of two-dimensional (2D) projections acquired at the microscope. This tomographic reconstruction may be performed with different reconstruction algorithms that can be grouped into several large families: direct Fourier inversion methods, back-projection methods, Radon methods, or iterative algorithms. In this review, we focus on the latter family of algorithms, explaining the mathematical rationale behind the different algorithms in this family as they have been introduced in the field of Electron Microscopy...
2017: BioMed Research International
H H Chill, M Safrai, A Reuveni Salzman, A Shushan
Leiomyomas, also known as uterine fibroids, are a common benign tumor in women of reproductive age. These lesions disrupt the function of the uterus causing menorrhagia and pelvic pressure as well as reproductive disorders. These women pose a true challenge for clinicians in the attempt of choosing the suitable treatment for each patient. Patient's age, interest in fertility preservation, and leiomyoma location and size are all factors to be taken into account when deciding upon the preferable therapeutic option...
2017: BioMed Research International
Jia-Jie Chen, Wei Zhou, Nan Cai, Gang Chang
Osteolytic bone lesions can be a consequence of leukemic bone infiltration or focal bone destruction by inflammatory factors released from leukemic cells. Destructive bone lesions have a negative impact on the quality of life of leukemia patients, causing unbearable pain and, in some cases, limb paralysis. However, the mechanism, by which leukemic cells produce destructive bone lesions, and the effect of therapeutics on osteolytic lesions have not been fully elucidated yet and, thus, stand to benefit from an in vivo model...
2017: BioMed Research International
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