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International Medical Case Reports Journal

P Singh, A Chedid, S K Deuchler, T Kohnen, M Müller, F H Koch
Purpose: There are little or no published data comparing the outcomes of ILUVIEN® (0.19 mg fluocinolone acetonide [FAc]) and OZURDEX® (0.7 mg dexamethasone [DEX]) implants in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME), and this case sought to compare their outcomes. Methods: This case was extracted from a monocentric audit involving a pool of 25 patients (33 eyes) with DME and treated with a single FAc implant between October 2013 and December 2016. This case, a 61-year-old male with a pseudophakic lens, is from a patient that had received 4 intravitreal injections of a DEX implant prior to FAc implant and then was monitored for 3 years until re-treatment with a second FAc implant...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Matthew L Ritz, Christopher Bailey, Katherine Overstreet, Andrew Gorlin
Singultus (hiccups lasting longer than 48 hours) is a described complication following epidural steroid injections, sacroiliac joint injections, and facet joint injections. The underlying etiology is not completely understood, but it is a condition that can be distressing to patients. Our case presentation involves a 62-year-old male presenting for cervical epidural steroid injection. He subsequently developed persistent hiccups that resolved after medical therapy. When approaching these patients, it is critical to evaluate for potentially life-threatening etiologies before progressing down a treatment algorithm...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Koji Kanda, Kei Takayama, Toshio Enoki, Masaru Takeuchi
Objective: Penicillium species are abundant, generally saprophytic, and widely distributed in the environment. On rare occasions, they cause endophthalmitis in immunocompromised patients or in immunocompetent patients with uncontrolled diabetic mellitus or immunosuppressive agents. We report a case of endophthalmitis caused by Penicillium species in an immunocompetent patient without any disorders. Case presentation: A 67-year-old woman presented with ocular pain, hyperemia, and blurred vision in her right eye...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Takeshi Teshigawara, Akira Meguro, Kazuro Yabuki, Seiichiro Hata, Nobuhisa Mizuki
At present, only one design is available for trifocal intraocular lens (IOL); unfortunately, this particular design is not suitable for implantation in the sulcus with optic capture when posterior capsule rupture (PCR) occurs. Although three-piece bifocal IOLs can be implanted in the sulcus, this form of IOL can be vulnerable to tilt and decentration, thus causing aberration and photopic phenomena, such as halos and glares. However, visual axis centered optic capture using femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is able to manage such complex operations...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Dilyara S Ismailova, Irina M Belovalova, Yaroslav O Grusha, Natalya Y Sviridenko
Orbital decompression is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the orbital volume and/or decreasing the volume of the orbital fat. The indications for orbital decompression are determined in the course of thorough eye examination. An important objective of examination of a patient with thyroid eye disease (TED) is determination of inflammation activity and severity. Orbital decompression is a surgical procedure that can be performed in both the active and nonactive stages of the disease. However, the indications for the surgery in these cases are different...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Hsin-Ying Lin, Kai-Ling Peng
Corneal bloodstaining, which is brown or dark yellow in color, is induced by hemoglobin deposition, and its breakdown products extend into the corneal stroma. In this article, we report a rare case of corneal bloodstaining induced by total hyphema after rebleeding for traumatic hyphema. The patient underwent irrigation of the anterior chamber (AC) and cataract surgery of the right eye after trauma. After oral and topical treatment the imprint of corneal bloodstaining faded, and it nearly disappeared after the procedures...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
George Asafu Adjaye Frimpong, Evans Aboagye, Mansa Amamoo, Solomon Obiri-Yeboah, Jonathan Tettey Olesu
Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis of the face (CILF) is a rare lipomatous lesion, commonly seen in childhood, and it is characterized by collections of mature, unencapsulated adipose tissues that infiltrate facial soft and hard tissues. The lesion is seen as an overgrowth of bone and soft tissue and is generally present clinically as slow-growing painless masses. In this case report, we described one case of CILF, which is one of the first cases reported in Ghana and Africa as a whole, along with a literature review on the diagnosis and current treatment strategies...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Olga E Makri, Foteini N Tsapardoni, Panagiotis Plotas, Athina Pallikari, Constantine D Georgakopoulos
Purpose: To report the 12-month outcomes of a patient switching from intravitreal ranibizumab to aflibercept for choroidal neovascularization (CNV) associated with angioid streaks (AS). Results: A 42-year-old Caucasian female with CNV associated with AS underwent intensive treatment with ranibizumab without significant functional or anatomic change. Treatment was then switched to aflibercept and the patient received the proposed age-related macular degeneration treatment regimen...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Olayinka R Ibrahim, Abubakar S Lugga, Nuraddeen Ibrahim, Lawal M Ibrahim, Bello M Suleiman
Background: Despite a high prevalence of iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) in developing countries such as Nigeria, intestinal obstruction secondary to lithobezoar (an accumulation of ingested stones within the gastrointestinal tract) is uncommon. Case presentation: Herein, we report a case of acute intestinal obstruction secondary to ingestion of large pebbles and IDA in a 5-year-old Nigerian boy. The patient was managed conservatively with the use of laxatives and a rectal wash-out, and the pebbles were excreted over 3 days...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Mohammed Elhassan, Shaikh Husnain, Raza Mian
Spontaneous renal artery dissection is a rare cause of renal infarction and can be a diagnostic challenge at times, necessitating high index of suspicion. Other common underlying causes, especially thromboembolic phenomena, need to be considered and investigated first before making this uncommon diagnosis with vascular imaging studies. Very few cases did report strenuous exercise as a predisposing factor for the development of spontaneous renal artery dissection, but we believe that sexual intercourse has not been reported before as an underlying precipitating etiology...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Suzan Amana Rattan
We report a case of myopic astigmatism, not eligible for laser vision correction and with an anterior chamber depth below that recommended for application of phakic implantable collamer lens. In this case, the only refractive surgery option that remained for the patient was intracorneal ring implantation. The aim of the current presentation was to document the clinical and refractive outcomes after continuous intracorneal ring implantation in both eyes in this patient with myopic astigmatism. The results presented were collected during a 4-year follow-up period...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Musleh Algarni, Pejman J Maralani, Arun Ne Sundaram
Optic nerve sheath meningocele, also called dural ectasia of the optic nerve, is a benign dilation of the optic nerve sheath. We report two interesting cases of primary optic nerve sheath meningocele. Etiology, clinical features, and management options are discussed.
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Sotonibi Ah Cookey, Ireju O Chukwuka, Ogochukwu A Sibeudu
Background: Ocular superglue injury is uncommon all over the world. Aim: To report a case of self-inflicted accidental ocular superglue injury. Methods: A case of ocular injury is described in a 29-year-old adult, following inadvertent instillation of superglue instead of a prescribed steroid ointment into the right eye, in the dark. Results: There was matting of the upper and lower lid margin and eyelashes precluding view of the ocular structures...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Ramin Khameneh Bagheri, Faeze Keihanian, Mostafa Ahmadi, Mohammad Ali Ansari
Pulmonary prosthetic valve thrombosis is a serious and rare complication with high mortality. Using reteplase for treatment of prosthesis thrombosis is rarely reported. We report the first case in Iran of a thrombosed pulmonary valve in a patient who had undergone repair of tetralogy of Fallot, which was successfully treated twice with intravenous thrombolytic therapy with reteplase.
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Shiqiang Yang
Background: Gastric metastasis from ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma is extremely rare. Case presentation: We herein report one case of a 45-year-old female with ovarian carcinoma who underwent cytoreductive surgery. Two years later, endoscopic ultrasonography-guided fine needle aspiration revealed gastric metastasis. The patient underwent laparoscopic resection of gastric metastases. She is currently in complete remission. Conclusion: Gastric metastasis from ovarian cancer should not be ignored in the clinic...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Kaoru Araki-Sasaki, Yasuhiro Osakabe, Koji Fujita, Kazunori Miyata, Koji Hirano
We describe the histological changes in the collagen fibers of a 50-year-old male who presented keratoconus with secondary corneal amyloidosis. Corneal tissue from the patient was obtained following a penetrating keratoplasty and was subjected to histochemical analysis using Masson's trichrome staining, Congo red staining, anti-lactoferrin antibody, and anti-transforming growth factor-beta-induced protein (TGFBIp) antibody. A Congo red-positive region was detected in the anterior half of the stroma in the center and inferior cornea...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Karin Allard, Madeleine Zetterberg
Purpose: To describe the results of phacoemulsification and implantation of toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) in patients with cataract and keratoconus. Patients and methods: Prospective study of 4 patients (4 eyes) with cataract and keratoconus who underwent phacoemulsification with implantation of a toric IOL. Two different toric IOLs were used: AcrySof IQ SN6AT9 and AT Torbi 709M(P). Corneal tomography was performed preoperatively using Scheimpflug technique with Pentacam...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Monique Boukobza, Alexandre Roussel, Pedro Fernandez-Rodriguez, Jean-Pierrre Laissy
Perineural or Tarlov cysts (TCs) are nerve root cysts. They are usually incidental findings on MRI and are most frequently observed in the sacral spine. A 49-year-old woman presented with lower abdominal discomfort for several months. Physical examination demonstrated a cyst-like mass. An ultrasonographic examination revealed a cystic mass near the right ovary. MRI (3-Tesla unit) showed multiple, bilateral, and almost symmetric giant TCs with presacral space and endopelvic extension and minime scalloping. TCs originated from the right and left L5, S1, S2, and S3 nerve root sleeves entered the presacral space and extended into the pelvis...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Daniel T Hogarty, Nicholas G Dewhurst, Benjamin Burt
Purpose: Orbital invasion of periocular basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a potentially life-threatening condition with high levels of ocular morbidity. Exenteration results in significant disfigurement and permanent loss of vision. We report our experience with a patient who presented with medial orbit invasion of a BCC following 2 previous microscopically adequate local excisions of medial canthal BCC, an adequate Moh's micrographic surgical excision of the tumor, and radiotherapy. The patient underwent an orbital excision where the tumor was found to have perineural involvement and extend beyond the posterior margin...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
Chien-Jen Lin, Kai-Ling Peng
We reported a rare case of sudden onset of severe but reversible suprachoroidal air that occurred at the moment of air-fluid exchange in 23-gauge vitrectomy. A 31-year-old male patient presented with a large break at 10-11 o'clock and high bullous, nearly total retinal detachment. He underwent first surgery with silicon oil injection at the end of the surgery. He was arranged to have a second surgery for silicon oil removal through pars plana vitrectomy which was performed smoothly at first. While switching to another mode of air-fluid exchange to clean the residual emulsified oil droplets, surgical view disappeared completely and was suddenly replaced with severe and total suprachoroidal air, which fortunately resolved within 3 days without any other severe complications...
2018: International Medical Case Reports Journal
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