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Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors

Wrya Parwaie, Soheila Refahi, Mahdieh Afkhami Ardekani, Bagher Farhood
With the advent of complex and precise radiation therapy techniques, the use of relatively small fields is needed. Using such field sizes can cause uncertainty in dosimetry; therefore, special attention is required both in dose calculations and measurements. There are several challenges in small-field dosimetry such as the steep gradient of the radiation field, volume averaging effect, lack of charged particle equilibrium, partial occlusion of radiation source, beam alignment, and unable to use a reference dosimeter...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Alireza Amoabedini, Mahsa Saffari Farsani, Hamidreza Saberkari, Ehsan Aminian
In recent years, the number of patients suffering from melanoma, as the deadliest type of skin cancer, has grown significantly in the world. The most common technique to observe and diagnosis of such cancer is the use of noninvasive dermoscope lens. Since this approach is based on the expert ocular inference, early stage of melanoma diagnosis is a difficult task for dermatologist. The main purpose of this article is to introduce an efficient algorithm to analyze the dermoscopic images. The proposed algorithm consists of four stages including converting the image color space from the RGB to CIE, adjusting the color space by applying the combined histogram equalization and the Otsu thresholding-based approach, border extraction of the lesion through the local Radon transform, and recognizing the melanoma and nonmelanoma lesions employing the ABCD rule...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Nahid Chegeni, Amir Hossein Karimi, Iraj Jabbari, Shole Arvandi
Background: In the past, GRID therapy was used as a treatment modality for the treatment of bulky and deeply seated tumors with orthovoltage beams. Now and with the introduction of megavoltage beams to radiotherapy, some of the radiotherapy institutes use GRID therapy with megavoltage photons for the palliative treatment of bulky tumors. Since GRID can be a barrier for weakening the photoneutrons produced in the head of medical linear accelerators (LINAC), as well as a secondary source for producing photoneutrons, therefore, in terms of radiation protection, it is important to evaluate the GRID effect on photoneutron dose to the patients...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Zeinab Mohammadi, Mohsen Rabbani
Background: Bacterial sensors are recommended for medical sciences, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, and environmental monitoring due to low cost, high sensitivity, and appropriate response time. There are some advantages of using bacterial spores instead of bacteria in vegetative forms as spores remain alive without any nutrient for a long time and change to vegetative form when a suitable environment is provided for them. Methods: For biosensor fabrication, it is important to define how the bacterial spores are delivered to the substrate media...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Fatemeh Safaei Firouzabadi, Alireza Vard, Mohammadreza Sehhati, Mohammadreza Mohebian
Background: Cancer is a complex disease which can engages the immune system of the patient. In this regard, determination of distinct immunosignatures for various cancers has received increasing interest recently. However, prediction accuracy and reproducibility of the computational methods are limited. In this article, we introduce a robust method for predicting eight types of cancers including astrocytoma, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, lung cancer, oligodendroglia, ovarian cancer, advanced pancreatic cancer, and Ewing sarcoma...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Maryam Mohebbi, Hamed Danandeh Hesar
Background: Recently, a marginalized particle-extended Kalman filter (MP-EKF) has been proposed for electrocardiogram (ECG) signal denoising. Similar to particle filters, the performance of MP-EKF relies heavily on the definition of proper particle weighting strategy. In this paper, we aim to investigate the performance of MP-EKF under different particle weighting strategies in both stationary and nonstationary noises. Some of these particle weighting strategies are introduced for the first time for ECG denoising...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Neda Esmaeili, Hossein Rabbani, Soheila Makaremi, Marzieh Golabbakhsh, Mahmoud Saghaei, Mehdi Parviz, Khosro Naghibi
Background: Tracheal sound analysis is a simple way to study the abnormalities of upper airway like airway obstruction. Hence, it may be an effective method for detection of alveolar hypoventilation and respiratory depression. This study was designed to investigate the importance of tracheal sound analysis to detect respiratory depression during cataract surgery under sedation. Methods: After Institutional Ethical Committee approval and informed patients' consent, we studied thirty adults American Society of Anesthesiologists I and II patients scheduled for cataract surgery under sedation anesthesia...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Bahareh Javid, Faranak Fotouhi-Ghazvini, Fahime Sadat Zakeri
Background: People with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels constantly and attend health centers regularly for checkups. The aim of this study is to provide a healthcare system for mobile blood glucose and bilirubin monitoring. Methods: It includes a sensor for noninvasive blood glucose and bilirubin measurement using near-infrared spectroscopy and optical method, respectively, communicating with a smartphone. Results: It was observed that by increasing the glucose concentration, the output voltage of the sensor increases in transmittance mode and decreases in reflectance mode...
July 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Somayeh Kakehbaraei, Hadi Seyedarabi, Ali Taghavi Zenouz
Teeth segmentation is an important task in computer-aided procedures and clinical diagnosis. In this paper, we propose an accurate and robust algorithm based on watershed and morphology operators for teeth and pulp segmentation and a new approach for enamel segmentation in cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images. Proposed method consists of five steps: acquiring appropriate CBCT image, image enhancement, teeth segmentation using the marker-controlled watershed (MCW), enamel segmentation by global threshold, and finally, utilizing the MCW for pulp segmentation...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Mohammad Rafienia, Ashkan Bigham, Seyed Ali Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi
At present, solvothermal fabrication method has widely been applied in the synthesis of spinel ferrite nanoparticles (SFNs), which is mainly because of its great advantages such as precise control over size, shape distribution, and high crystallinity that do not require postannealing treatment. Among various SFNs, Fe3 O4 nanoparticles have attracted tremendous attention because of their favorable physical and structural properties which are advantageous, especially in biomedical applications, among which the vast application of these materials as targeted drug delivery systems, hyperthermia, and imaging agents in cancer therapy can be mentioned...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Ensiyeh Taheri, Mohammad Mehdi Amin, Hamidreza Pourzamani, Ali Fatehizadeh, Mohammad Ghasemian, Bijan Bina
Background: Hydrogen gas is the cleanest energy carrier and could be produced by biological process. Dark fermentation is one of the biohydrogen production methods that carried out just on organic wastes conversion. Methods: In this study, the batch tests were conducted to compare the biohydrogen production and glucose fermentation via acetate-butyrate and acetate-ethanol metabolic pathway induced by NaOH and KOH (10 M) pretreatment. In batch test, the glucose concentration in the feed was varied from 3...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Mohsen Saeb, Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei, Shahram Monadi
Background: This study aimed to evaluate the overall accuracy of the beam commissioning criteria of targeted image-guided radiation therapy (TiGRT) treatment planning system (TPS) based on the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Task Group Report 119 (TG-119). Methods: The work was performed using 6 MV energy LINAC with a variable dose rate of 200 MU/min which equipped with the high-quality external TiGRT dynamic multileaf collimator model H. The AAPM TG-119 intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) commissioning tests are composed of two preliminary tests and four clinical test cases...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Seyedeh Yasamin Boutorabi, Ali Sheikhani
Background: Today, the neuroscience has growth in many aspects, and the effects of different factors on memory obtained many achievements. Several scientific and experimental studies evaluated effects of music on style and behavior of people; in this study, we evaluated memory between two groups of people, the professional pianists and normal people, through processing their electroencephalogram (EEG) signals using the coherence measure. Methods: In this study, EEG signals from 17 subjects during two memory tasks were recorded...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Hossam Donya
Background: The accurate calculation of doses during external radiotherapy sessions is necessary. Recently, the models used for this purpose have been the point kernel, pencil-beam, and collapsed cone superposition/convolution combination models. Methods: In this study, it is aimed to determine point/pencil-beam kernels to be used in dose calculations. For this purpose, tallying pencil-beam fluence based on Monte Carlo (MC) simulations is investigated by scoring a volume of interest centered in a cubic water phantom at a depth of 10 cm and the irradiated field of 10 cm × 10 cm...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Saïd Boujraf
Background: A color mapping of fiber tract orientation using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can be prominent in clinical practice. The goal of this paper is to perform a comparative study of visualized diffusion anisotropy in the human brain anatomical entities using three different color-mapping techniques based on diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and DTI. Methods: The first technique is based on calculating a color map from DWIs measured in three perpendicular directions...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Omid Bazgir, Seyed Amir Hassan Habibi, Lorenzo Palma, Paola Pierleoni, Saba Nafees
Background: Tremor is one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD), which is widely being used in the diagnosis procedure. Accurate estimation of PD tremor based on Unified PD Rating Scale (UPDRS) provides aid for physicians in prescription and home monitoring. This article presents a robust design of a classification system to estimate PD patient's hand tremors and the results of the proposed system as compared to the UPDRS. Methods: A smartphone accelerometer sensor is used for accurate and noninvasive data acquisition...
April 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Mohammadbagher Tavakoli, Reihane Faraji, Zahra Alirezaei, Zohre Nateghian
Computed tomography coronary angiography (CTCA) has generated a great interest over the past two decades, due to its high diagnostic accuracy and efficacy in the assessment of patients having coronary artery disease. This method is associated with high radiation dose and this has raised serious concerns in the literature. Effective dose (E) is a single parameter meant to reflect the relative risk from exposure to ionizing radiation. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate this parameter to indicate ionizing radiation relative risk...
January 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Sajad Yousefinezhad, Saeed Kermani, Saeed Hosseinnia
The operational transconductance amplifier-capacitor (OTA-C) filter is one of the best structures for implementing continuous-time filters. It is particularly important to design a universal OTA-C filter capable of generating the desired filter response via a single structure, thus reducing the filter circuit power consumption as well as noise and the occupied space on the electronic chip. In this study, an inverter-based universal OTA-C filter with very low power consumption and acceptable noise was designed with applications in bioelectric and biomedical equipment for recording biomedical signals...
January 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Mohammad Hossein Mirmusavi, Saeed Karbasi, Dariush Semnani, Anousheh Zargar Kharazi
Background: Long-term healing tissue engineering scaffolds must hold its full mechanical strength at least for 12 weeks. Nano-micro scaffolds consist of electrospinning nanofibers and textile microfibers to support cell behavior and mechanical strength, respectively. Methods: The new nano-micro hybrid scaffold was fabricated by electrospinning poly 3-hydroxybutyrate-chitosan-multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT functionalized by COOH) solution on knitted silk in a random manner with different amounts of MWNT...
January 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Hadi Keivan, Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei, Ahmad Shanei, Alireza Amouheidari
Background: Dosimetric accuracy in intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is the main part of quality assurance program. Improper beam modeling of small fields by treatment planning system (TPS) can lead to inaccuracy in treatment delivery. This study aimed to evaluate of the dose delivery accuracy at small segments of IMRT technique using two-dimensional (2D) array as well as evaluate the capability of two TPSs algorithm in modeling of small fields. Methods: Irradiation were performed using 6 MV photon beam of Siemens Artiste linear accelerator...
January 2018: Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
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