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AMB Express

Fuqin Zou, Dong Zeng, Bin Wen, Hao Sun, Yi Zhou, Mingyue Yang, Zhirong Peng, Shuai Xu, Hesong Wang, Xiangchao Fu, Dan Du, Yan Zeng, Hui Zhu, Kangcheng Pan, Bo Jing, Ping Wang, Xueqin Ni
Antibiotics have been widely used for the prevention and the treatment of diseases to humans and animals, and they have fed additives for agricultural animals to promote growth. However, there is a growing concern over the practice due to its side effects on intestinal microbial communities which plays a vital role in animals' health. To investigate the effect of antibiotics on the bacterial population of the caecum in rex rabbits, 80 rex rabbits were randomly divided into four groups: control group (B, basal diet), chlortetracycline group (C, 50 mg/kg), colistin sulfate group (S, 20 mg/kg) and zinc bacitracin group (Z, 40 mg/kg)...
December 2016: AMB Express
Ganiyu Oladunjoye Oyetibo, Keisuke Miyauchi, Hitoshi Suzuki, Ginro Endo
Ecotoxicological implications of mercury (Hg) pollution of hydrosphere require effective Hg-removal strategies as antidote to the environmental problems. Mercury-tolerant yeasts, Yarrowia spp. Idd1 and Idd2 strains, were studied for intracellular accumulation and extracellular micro-precipitation of Hg during growth stage of the yeast strains. In a liquid medium containing 870 (±23.6) µg of bioavailable Hg(2+), 419.0 µg Hg(2+) (approx.) was taken up by the wet biomasses of the yeast strains after 48 h post-inoculation...
December 2016: AMB Express
Yu Guan, Honghai Zhang, Xiaodong Gao, Shuai Shang, Xiaoyang Wu, Jun Chen, Wei Zhang, Weihua Zhang, Mingsheng Jiang, Baohong Zhang, Peng Chen
The composition of mammalian intestinal microflora is related to many environmental and geographical factors, and it plays an important role in many aspects such as growth and development. Sequencing data of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene from sable (Martes zibellina) samples using next-generation sequencing technology are limited. In our research, 84,116 reads obtained by high-throughput sequencing were analyzed to characterize and compare the intestinal microflora of wild sables and housed sables. Firmicutes (31...
December 2016: AMB Express
Pei-Shze Mok, Diana Hooi-Ean Ch'ng, Soo-Peng Ong, Keiji Numata, Kumar Sudesh
Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) [P(3HB-co-4HB)] is one of the polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) copolymers which can be degraded by lipases. In this study, the depolymerizing activity of different known commercial lipases was investigated via microassay using P(3HB-co-92 mol % 4HB) thin film as substrate. Non-enzymatic hydrolysis occurred under conditions in which buffers with pH 12 and 13 were added or temperature of 50 °C and above. Different concentrations of metal ions or detergents alone did not cause the film hydrolysis...
December 2016: AMB Express
Reijiro Nogami, Haruo Nishida, Dang Diem Hong, Minato Wakisaka
A solubility diagram was employed to understand growth promotion of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis by steelmaking slag (SMS). The growth promotion effect of 112 % of freshwater microalga A. platensis was obtained using 5 g/L SMS. However, metabolites, such as pigments, and protein content of A. platensis were not significantly affected. Several metals dissolved in Spirulina-Ogawa-Terui medium were detected by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry just after the addition of SMS. The solubility diagram provides information on the chemical speciation of metal elements based on pH and concentration...
December 2016: AMB Express
Teik Min Chong, Wai-Fong Yin, Jian-Woon Chen, Samuel Mondy, Catherine Grandclément, Denis Faure, Yves Dessaux, Kok-Gan Chan
Trace metals are required in many cellular processes in bacteria but also induce toxic effects to cells when present in excess. As such, various forms of adaptive responses towards extracellular trace metal ions are essential for the survival and fitness of bacteria in their environment. A soil Pseudomonas putida, strain S13.1.2 has been isolated from French vineyard soil samples, and shown to confer resistance to copper ions. Further investigation revealed a high capacity to tolerate elevated concentrations of various heavy metals including nickel, cobalt, cadmium, zinc and arsenic...
December 2016: AMB Express
Hironaga Akita, Nobutaka Nakashima, Tamotsu Hoshino
Pyruvate plays an essential role in the central carbon metabolism of multiple organisms and is used as a raw material in the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. To meet demand, large amounts of pyruvate are produced through fermentation processes. Here we describe a simple and efficient method for producing pyruvate in Escherichia coli. To stop carbon flux from pyruvate to fatty acids, the accBC genes, which encode the enzyme that catalyzes the first step of fatty acid biosynthesis and is essential for vegetative growth, were manipulated within the genome; its native promoter was replaced with the tetracycline (or doxycycline)-regulated promoter and the corresponding transcriptional regulator genes...
December 2016: AMB Express
Verónica Garrido-Bazán, Maura Téllez-Téllez, Alfredo Herrera-Estrella, Gerardo Díaz-Godínez, Soley Nava-Galicia, Miguel Ángel Villalobos-López, Analilia Arroyo-Becerra, Martha Bibbins-Martínez
This research was conducted to extend the knowledge on the differential regulation of laccase genes in response to dyes. In order to accomplish this, we analyzed both, the expression of five laccase genes by real time RT-qPCR, and also the laccase activity and isoforms patterns during the time-course of a Pleurotus ostreatus submerged fermentation supplemented with either acetyl yellow G (AYG) or remazol brilliant blue R (RBBR) dyes. For the purpose of obtaining a stable reference gene for optimal normalization of RT-quantitative PCR gene expression assays, we tested four candidate reference genes...
December 2016: AMB Express
Saravanan Krishnan, Shoba Narayan, Anju Chadha
The cell free extracts of Candida parapsilosis ATCC 7330 are more efficient than the whole resting cells of the yeast in the synthesis of directly usable gold nanoparticles as revealed by this systematic study. Cell free extracts yielded gold nanoparticles of hydrodynamic diameter (50-200 nm). In this study, the total protein concentration influences the nanofabrication and not only the reductase enzymes as originally thought. Powder X-ray diffraction studies confirm the crystalline nature of the gold nanoparticles...
December 2016: AMB Express
Li Du, Yun Xia, Yunyan He, Qingquan Pu, Ruoyi Hua, Wenyao Wu
Invasive aspergillosis (IA) is a life-threatening infection in immunocompromised patients, rapid and sensitive detection of Aspergillus from clinical samples has been a major challenge in the early diagnosis of IA. An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of nucleic acid sequence-based amplification (NASBA-ELISA) was developed to fulfil the need for the efficient diagnosis of these infections. The primers targeting 18S rRNA were selected for the amplification of Aspergillus RNA by the isothermal digoxigenin (DIG)-labeling NASBA process...
December 2016: AMB Express
Heidi R Schoen, Brent M Peyton, W Berk Knighton
A novel analytical system was developed to rapidly and accurately quantify total volatile organic compound (VOC) production from microbial reactor systems using a platinum catalyst and a sensitive CO2 detector. This system allows nearly instantaneous determination of total VOC production by utilizing a platinum catalyst to completely and quantitatively oxidize headspace VOCs to CO2 in coordination with a CO2 detector. Measurement of respiratory CO2 by bypassing the catalyst allowed the total VOC content to be determined from the difference in the two signals...
December 2016: AMB Express
Amballa Chaitanyakumar, M Anbalagan
Enzymes find their applications in various industries, due to their error free conversion of substrate into product. Tannase is an enzyme used by various industries for degradation of tannin. Biochemical characterization of a specific enzyme from one organism to other is one of the ways to search for enzymes with better traits for industrial applications. Here, tannase encoding gene from Staphylococcus lugdunensis was cloned and suitability of the enzyme in various conditions was analysed to find its application in various industry...
December 2016: AMB Express
Rio Ito, Kouichi Kuroda, Haruka Hashimoto, Mitsuyoshi Ueda
Biological technologies for recycling rare metals, which are essential for high-tech products, have attracted much attention because they could prove to be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than other methods. We have developed biological recycling technologies by cell surface engineering for the selective recovery of toxic heavy metal ions and rare metal ions from aqueous wastes. In this study, we aimed to construct a unique biological technique to recover rare metals 'in solid' form by reducing rare metal ions, leading to a practical next-generation recovery system...
December 2016: AMB Express
Zenebe Girmay, Weldesemayat Gorems, Getachew Birhanu, Solomon Zewdie
Mushroom cultivation is reported as an economically viable bio-technology process for conversion of various lignocellulosic wastes. Given the lack of technology know-how on the cultivation of mushroom, this study was conducted in Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resource, with the aim to assess the suitability of selected substrates (agricultural and/or forest wastes) for oyster mushroom cultivation. Accordingly, four substrates (cotton seed, paper waste, wheat straw, and sawdust) were tested for their efficacy in oyster mushroom production...
December 2016: AMB Express
B L Read-Daily, F Sabba, J P Pavissich, R Nerenberg
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a powerful greenhouse gas emitted from wastewater treatment, as well as natural systems, as a result of biological nitrification and denitrification. While denitrifying bacteria can be a significant source of N2O, they can also reduce N2O to N2. More information on the kinetics of N2O formation and reduction by denitrifying bacteria is needed to predict and quantify their impact on N2O emissions. In this study, kinetic parameters were determined for Paracoccus pantotrophus, a common denitrifying bacterium...
December 2016: AMB Express
Shengwen Duan, Xiangyuan Feng, Lifeng Cheng, Yuande Peng, Ke Zheng, Zhengchu Liu
Among industrial fiber crops, jute is ranked second to cotton in terms of yield and planting area worldwide. The traditional water retting and chemical semi-degumming methods restrict the development of the jute industry. Jute fiber can be extracted from jute bast through mechanical rolling (preprocessing), culture of bacteria, soaking fermentation (liquor ratio = 10, inoculum size = 1 %, temperature = 35 °C, and time = 15 h), inactivation, washing, and drying. Pectobacterium sp. DCE-01 secretes key degumming enzymes: pectinase, mannase, and xylanase, which match well the main non-cellulosic components of jute bast...
December 2016: AMB Express
Mahesh D Patil, Gopal Patel, Balaji Surywanshi, Naeem Shaikh, Prabha Garg, Yusuf Chisti, Uttam Chand Banerjee
Disruption of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 by high-pressure homogenization in a French press is discussed for the release of arginine deiminase (ADI). The enzyme release response of the disruption process was modelled for the experimental factors of biomass concentration in the broth being disrupted, the homogenization pressure and the number of passes of the cell slurry through the homogenizer. For the same data, the response surface method (RSM), the artificial neural network (ANN) and the support vector machine (SVM) models were compared for their ability to predict the performance parameters of the cell disruption...
December 2016: AMB Express
Kentaro Inokuma, Tomohisa Hasunuma, Akihiko Kondo
N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) is the building block of chitin, which is one of the most abundant renewable resources in nature after cellulose. Therefore, a microorganism that can utilize GlcNAc is necessary for chitin-based biorefinery. In this study, we report on the screening and characterization of yeast strains for bioethanol production from GlcNAc. We demonstrate that Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis strains can use GlcNAc as the sole carbon source and produce ethanol. S. stipitis NBRC1687, 10007, and 10063 strains consumed most of the 50 g/L GlcNAc provided, and produced 14...
December 2016: AMB Express
Seema A Belorkar, A K Gupta
This article reviews the varied sources of oligosaccharides available in nature as silent health promoting, integral ingredients of plants as well as animal products like honey and milk. The article focuses on exotic and unfamiliar oligosaccharides like Galactooligosaccharides, Lactulose derived Galactooligosaccharides, Xylooligosaccharides, Arabinooligosaccharides and algae derived Marine oligosaccharides along with the most acknowledged prebiotic fructooligosaccharides. The oligosaccharides are named as on the grounds of the monomeric units forming oligomers with functional properties...
December 2016: AMB Express
Yilin Du, Houfeng Xiong, Shuangshi Dong, Jun Zhang, Dongmei Ma, Dandan Zhou
The inactivation mechanism of photocatalytic disinfectants on bacteria is well known. In contrast, the potential inactivation of fungal spores by visible-light induced photocatalysis has been recognized, but the inactivation mechanism is poorly understood. We hypothesize that photocatalytically generated reactive oxygen species (ROSs) are directly involved in this mechanism. To test this hypothesis, we identified the roles of ROSs in the inactivation of Fusarium solani spores. As the photocatalysts, we doped TiO2 with 3 typical dopants, forming Ag/TiO2, N/TiO2 and Er(3+):YAlO3/TiO2...
December 2016: AMB Express
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