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Journal of Biomedical Research

Komal Raina, Sushil Kumar, Deepanshi Dhar, Rajesh Agarwal
Globally, the risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) as well as the incidence of mortality associated with CRC is increasing. Thus, it is imperative that we look at alternative approaches involving intake of non-toxic natural dietary/non-dietary agents, for the prevention of CRC. The ultimate goal of this approach is to reduce the incidence of pre-neoplastic adenomatous polyps and prevent their progression to more advanced forms of CRC, and use these natural agents as a safe intervention strategy during the clinical course of this deadly malignancy...
November 20, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Lee Hae Rim, Koo Bon-Sang, Jeon Eun-Ok, Han Moo-Sung, Min Kyung-Cheol, Lee Seung Baek, Bae Yeonji, Mo In-Pil
<p>Leucocytozoonosis was found in three layer farms in chickens with suspected fatty liver or fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in Korea between 2009 and 2011. These layer chicken flocks showed both mortality and decreased egg production for one or two weeks when they were between 59 and 82 weeks old. At the necropsy, the most prominent gross lesions were found in the liver, which was enlarged, had a fragile texture, exhibited yellowish discolorations, and had various hemorrhagic lesions. Tissue reactions associated with megaloschizonts specific for Leucocytozoon caulleryi were prominent upon microscopic examination of the liver without significant lipidosis...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Seok Roh Yoon, Cho Ara, Zhou Zixiong, Jeong Hyuneui, Park Jeong-Eun, Cha Youn-Soo, Oh Suk-Heung, Lim Chae-Woong, Kim Bumseok
<p>Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is one of the most common liver diseases and a major cause of liver fibrosis worldwide. G-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is one of the most abundant inhibitory neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. Recently, it has been reported that GABAergic signaling pathways are found in various non-neuronal tissues including the immune system and play a functional role. In the present study, we investigated whether administration of GABA has effects on NASH through its immunomodulatory effects...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Jiang-Jiang Qin, Sushanta Sarkar, Sukesh Voruganti, Rajesh Agarwal, Wei Wang, Ruiwen Zhang
There is an increasing interest in development of novel anticancer agents that target oncogenes. We have recently discovered that nuclear factor of activated T cells 1 (NFAT1) is a novel regulator of the Mouse Double Minute 2 (MDM2) oncogene and the NFAT1-MDM2 pathway has been implicated in human cancer development and progression, justifying that targeting the NFAT1-MDM2 pathway could be a novel strategy for discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics. The present study was designed to examine the anticancer activity and underlying mechanisms of action of lineariifolianoid A (LinA), a novel natural product inhibitor of the NFAT1-MDM2 pathway...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Yeong-Min Yoo, Su Kil Jang, Gwang-Hoon Kim, Jung-Youl Park, Seong-Soo Joo
Melatonin plays a critical role in regulating photoperiodic signals and has recently been shown to decrease immunosenescence with age. In this study, we examined whether melatonin activates T lymphocytes as major adaptive immune cells in in vitro and in vivo models. Splenocytes, CD4(+), and naïve CD4 T lymphocytes were isolated from the spleen of BALB/c mice and the cell population patterns and mRNA profiles associated with T cell activation (CD28 and p21) and the melatonin receptor (MT1A and MT1B) were assessed...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Sukhbir Kaur, Tejinder Kaur, Jyoti Joshi
The current study was designed to examine the protective efficacy of DNA vaccines based on gp63 and Hsp70 against murine visceral leishmaniasis. Inbred BALB/c mice were immunized subcutaneously twice at an interval of three weeks with pcDNA3.1(+) encoding T cell epitopes of gp63 and Hsp70 individually and in combination. Animals were challenged intracardially with 10(7) promastigotes of Leishmania donovani 10 days post immunization and sacrificed 1, 2 and 3 months post challenge. The immunized animals revealed a significant reduction (P < 0...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Wenying Xia, Ting Xu, Tingting Qin, Pengpeng Li, Yun Liu, Haiquan Kang, Bing Gu, Ping Ma
Rapid dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes among bacterial isolates is an increasing problem in China. Integron, a conserved DNA sequence, which is carried on episomal genetic structures, plays a very important role in development of antibiotic resistance. This systematic analysis was based on MEDLINE and EMBASE databases. We summarized the distribution and proportion of different types of gene cassette arrays of integrons (including class 1, 2, 3 and atypical class 1 integron) from clinical bacteria isolates in China...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Hyung-Suk Lee, Hye Lim Lee, Ho-Seong Han, Minju Yeo, Ji Seon Kim, Sung-Hyun Lee, Sang-Soo Lee, Dong-Ick Shin
Ankle brachial index (ABI) and brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) are widely used noninvasive modalities to evaluate atherosclerosis. Recently, evidence has increased supporting the use of ABI and baPWV as markers of cerebrovascular disease. This study sought to examine the relationship between ABI and baPWV with ischemic stroke. This study also aimed to determine which pathogenic mechanism, large artery disease (LAD) or small vessel disease (SVD), is related to ABI or baPWV. Retrospectively, 121 patients with ischemic stroke and 38 subjects with no obvious ischemic stroke history were recruited...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Matthew G K Benesch, Xiaoyun Tang, Ganesh Venkatraman, Raie T Bekele, David N Brindley
Extracellular lysophosphatidate (LPA) is a potent bioactive lipid that signals through six G-protein-coupled receptors. This signaling is required for embryogenesis, tissue repair and remodeling processes. LPA is produced from circulating lysophosphatidylcholine by autotaxin (ATX), and is degraded outside cells by a family of three enzymes called the lipid phosphate phosphatases (LPPs). In many pathological conditions, particularly in cancers, LPA concentrations are increased due to high ATX expression and low LPP activity...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Gousea Mohimuddin, Xindao Yin, Hui Xu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Evelyn Saba, Chun Hee Lee, Da Hye Jeong, Kija Lee, Tae-Hwan Kim, Seong-Soo Roh, Seung-Hyung Kim, Man Hee Rhee
The fermentation of natural plants has a favorable effect on the functional and biological activities of living systems. These include anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-platelet aggregation activities. This is attributed to the chemical conversion of the parent plants to functional constituents, which show more potent biological activity. In our study, rice bran along with oriental medicinal plants (Angelicae gigantis, Cnidium officinale, Artemisia princeps, and Camellia sinensis) was fermented by Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Pichia deserticola (FRBE)...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Hongzhou Duan, Liang Li, Guiping Zhao, Yang Zhang, Jiayong Zhang
We report a rare case of internal carotid artery agenesis with stenosed intercavernous anastomosis. A 59-year-old male patient presented with a new infarction in the left basal ganglia. Magnetic resonance angiography and cerebral angiography showed that the right internal carotid artery disappeared from the origin to the foramen lacerum segment, and there was an anastomotic artery with severe stenosis passed through the floor of the sella and in front of the cavernous sinus. The right A1 segment of the anterior cerebral artery was absent and A2 segment was supplied by the normal contralateral internal carotid artery via the anterior communicating artery...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Gang Zhao, Dong Wei
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Xinli Liu
Small interfering RNAs (siRNA) have enormous potential as therapeutics to target and treat various bone disorders such as osteoporosis and cancer bone metastases. However, effective and specific delivery of siRNA therapeutics to bone and bone-specific cells in vivo is very challenging. To realize the full therapeutic potential of siRNA in treating bone disorders, a safe and efficient, tissue- and cell-specific delivery system must be developed. This review focuses on recent advances in bone site-specific delivery of siRNA at the tissue or cellular level...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Yu Fang, Zou Xiang
In addition to their well-established role in allergy mast cells have been described as contributing to functional regulation of both innate and adaptive immune responses in host defense. Mast cells are of hematopoietic origin but typically complete their differentiation in tissues where they express immune regulatory functions by releasing diverse mediators and cytokines. Mast cells are abundant at mucosal tissues which are portals of entry for common infectious agents in addition to allergens. Here, we review the current understanding of the participation of mast cells in defense against infection...
July 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Xu Bojin, Yang Hui, Wang Zhixiao, Yang Tao, Guo Hongwei, Cheng Pei, He Wei, Sun Min, Chen Huanhuan, Duan Yu
This study investigated whether high-normal thyrotropin (TSH) levels are associated with metabolic syndrome in euthyroid Chinese people≥40 years old. Clinical and metabolic factors were assessed in 2,356 subjects (40-77 years old) with TSH levels in the normal range (0.35-5.00 mU/L). Using 2.50 mU/L as the cut-off point of TSH level within the normal range, we divided subjects into the high-TSH (2.50-5.00 mU/L; n=1,064) and low-TSH (0.35-2.50 mU/L; n=11,292) group. The results showed that the mean levels of body mass index (BMI), total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) were higher in the high-TSH group and TSH levels were significantly positively correlated with BMI, LDL-C, TC, and FPG...
June 17, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Rinki Kumari, Aruna Agrawal, G P Dubey, K Ilango, Praveen K Singh, G P I Singh
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Ryeo-Eun Go, Kyung-A Hwang, Geon-Tae Park, Hae-Miru Lee, Geum-A Lee, Cho-Won Kim, So-Ye Jeon, Jeong-Woo Seo, Won-Kyung Hong, Kyung-Chul Choi
Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which are abundant in marine fish oils, have recently received global attention for their prominent anti-obesogenic effects. Among PUFAs, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA; 20:5n-3) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA; 22:6n-3), which are n-3 long-chain PUFAs widely referred to as omega-3 oils, were reported to prevent the development of obesity in rodents and humans. In the present study, we evaluated the anti-obesity effects of microalgal oil on high-fat induced obese C57BL/6 mice, compared with commercial omega-3 fish oil and vegetable corn oil...
May 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Yang Pan, Bo Shen, Qin Gao, Jun Zhu, Jingde Dong, Li Zhang, Yingdong Zhang
Neuroinflammation has been recognized as a factor in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. Emerging evidence suggests that peripheral inflammation, besides neuroinflammation, functions as a modulator of disease progression and neuropathology in several neurodegenerative diseases. However, detailed correlations among peripheral inflammation, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration remain unknown. In the present study, we prepared a peripheral inflammation model with lipopolysaccharides (LPS)-stimulated RAW264...
May 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
Min-Young Kim, Woon-Dong Cho, Kwon Pyo Hong, Da Bin Choi, Jeong Won Hong, Soseul Kim, Yoo Ri Moon, Seung-Myoung Son, Ok-Jun Lee, Ho-Chang Lee, Hyung Geun Song
The use of anti-beta 1 integrin monoclonal antibody in lung cancer treatment has proven beneficial. Here, we developed a novel monoclonal antibody (mAb), called P5, by immunizing mice with human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). Its anti-tumor effect is now being tested, in a clinical phase III trial, in combinatorial treatments with various chemical drugs. To confirm that P5 indeed binds to beta 1 integrin, cell lysates were immunoprecipitated with commercial anti-beta 1 integrin mAb (TS2/16) and immunoblotted against P5 to reveal a 140 kDa molecular weight band, as expected...
May 2016: Journal of Biomedical Research
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