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American Journal of Cancer Research

Jeong Won Park, Li Zhao, Mark C Willingham, Sheue-Yann Cheng
Compelling epidemiologic evidence indicates that obesity is a risk factor for human cancers, including breast. However, molecular mechanisms by which obesity could contribute to the development of breast cancer remain unclear. To understand the impact of obesity on breast cancer development, we used a mutant mouse that expresses a mutated thyroid hormone receptor β (denoted as PV) with haplodeficiency of the Pten gene (Thrb(PV/PV)Pten(+/-) mice). We previously showed that adult nulliparous female Thrb(PV/PV)Pten(+/-) mice developed extensive mammary hyperplasia and breast tumors...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Zsuzsanna Csikós, Krisztina Kerekes, Erika Fazekas, Sándor Kun, János Borbély
This study describes formation of an actively and passively targeted, water-soluble drug delivery system (DDS) which contains doxorubicin (DOX). The system comprises two biocompatible and biodegradable polymers: poly-γ-glutamic acid (PGA) and chitosan (CH). Self-assembly of these biopolymers in aqueous medium results stable nanoparticles (NPs) with a hydrodynamic size of 80-150 nm and slightly negative surface charge. Folic acid (FA) was used as targeting agent bonded to the polyanion (PA) and also to the surface of the NPs...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Xuan Chen, Wenzhe Xu, Cong Wang, Fang Liu, Shanghui Guan, Yi Sun, Xintong Wang, Dianzheng An, Zhihua Wen, Pengxiang Chen, Yufeng Cheng
Isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (IDH2) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle in cellular metabolism. Growing evidence indicates that IDH2 plays a crucial role in the development of cancer. We aimed to investigate the expression level of IDH2 and its prognostic value in esophageal squamous cell cancer (ESCC). We evaluate the IDH2 expression and prognostic value in ESCC by immunohistochemical (IHC) staining, quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) and Western blotting...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Lisheng Lv, Miaoyan Wei, Peiyi Lin, Zhisheng Chen, Peng Gong, Zhiwei Quan, Zhaohui Tang
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) is crucial for various human cancers, but the function and mechanism of lncRNAs is largely unknown in human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), the second most common liver cancer. In this study, we performed transcriptomic profiling of ICC and normal tissues, and found 2148 lncRNAs and 474 mRNAs were significantly upregulated, whereas 568 lncRNAs and 409 mRNAs were downregulated in ICC tissues. Enrichment analysis suggests these differentially expressed genes mainly focus on response to stimulus, development, and cell proliferation...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Takanari Umegawachi, Hideki Yoshida, Hiromu Koshida, Momoko Yamada, Yasuyuki Ohkawa, Tetsuya Sato, Mikita Suyama, Henry M Krause, Masamitsu Yamaguchi
Regulation of the Hippo pathway via phosphorylation of Yorkie (Yki), the Drosophila homolog of human Yes-associated protein 1, is conserved from Drosophila to humans. Overexpression of a non-phosphorylatable form of Yki induces severe overgrowth in adult fly eyes. Here, we show that yki mRNA associates with microsomal fractions and forms foci that partially colocalize to processing bodies in the vicinity of endoplasmic reticulum. This localization is dependent on a stem-loop (SL) structure in the 3' untranslated region of yki...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Chun-Te Chen, Yi-Chun Chen, Yi Du, Zhenbo Han, Haoqiang Ying, Richard R Bouchard, Jennifer L Hsu, Jung-Mao Hsu, Trevor M Mitcham, Mei-Kuang Chen, Hui-Lung Sun, Shih-Shin Chang, Donghui Li, Ping Chang, Ronald A DePinho, Mien-Chie Hung
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a highly lethal disease characterized by a prominent desmoplastic stroma that may constrain tumor progression but also limit the access of therapeutic drugs. In this study, we explored a tumor-targeting strategy that enlists an engineered anti-angiogenic protein consisting of endostatin and cytosine deaminase linked to uracil phosphoribosyltransferase (EndoCD). This protein selectively binds to tumor vessels to compromise tumor angiogenesis and converts the non-toxic 5-fluorocytosine (5-FC) to the cytotoxic 5-fluorouracil to produce a chemotherapeutic bystander effect at the pancreatic tumor site...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Yining Lu, Collin M Labak, Neha Jain, Ian J Purvis, Maheedhara R Guda, Sarah E Bach, Andrew J Tsung, Swapna Asuthkar, Kiran K Velpula
Medulloblastoma is one of the most prevalent pediatric brain malignancies, accounting for approximately 20% of all primary CNS tumors in children under the age of 19. OTX2 is the member of a highly conserved family of bicoid-like homeodomain transcription factors responsible for the regulation of cerebellar development and of current investigational interest in the tumorigenesis of medulloblastoma. Recent studies have revealed that Group 3 and Group 4 medulloblastomas show marked overexpression of OTX2 with a concurrent amplification of the MYC and MYCN oncogenes, respectively, correlating with anaplasticity and unfavorable patient outcomes...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Ting Wei, Weiliang Zhu, Shun Fang, Xiangpin Zeng, Jie Huang, Jie Yang, Jian Zhang, Linlang Guo
miR-495 serves as an oncogenic miRNA or a tumor suppressor in different types of cancer. However, its role in the drug resistance of small cell lung cancer (SCLC) remains unidentified. In this study, we investigated whether miR-495 regulates the chemoresistance of SCLC through the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) via Epithelial and endothelial tyrosine kinase (Etk/BMX) using two drug-resistant cell lines. Loss- and gain-of-function experiments showed miR-495 regulated cell proliferation, tumor growth and drug resistance...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Rozita Jamili Oskouei, Nasroallah Moradi Kor, Saeid Abbasi Maleki
The amount of data in electronic and real world is constantly on the rise. Therefore, extracting useful knowledge from the total available data is very important and time consuming task. Data mining has various techniques for extracting valuable information or knowledge from data. These techniques are applicable for all data that are collected inall fields of science. Several research investigations are published about applications of data mining in various fields of sciences such as defense, banking, insurances, education, telecommunications, medicine and etc...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Yilai Wang, Zhaoping Yan, Yile Huang, Cailing Qiu, Xiangyun Chen, Ying Hu, Qingyong Meng, Jun Wei
Natural antibodies have been found to have anti-tumorigenic function. This study was designed to investigate whether natural IgG antibodies against vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (VEGFR1) could suppress the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells. Three HCC cell lines and A549 lung cancer cells were used for this study. They were grown, respectively, with human plasma positive or negative for anti-VEGFR1 IgG. Cell viability, apoptosis and VEGFR1 gene expression were examined. Three patients with HCC were recruited for a case study...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Mao-Chih Hsieh, Wei-Hua Lee, Alexander Th Wu, Jyh-Ming Chow, Chia-Lun Chang, Kevin Sheng-Po Yuan, Szu-Yuan Wu
This study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of Cyproheptadine (CY) use in patients with different stages of HCC who received different therapeutic modalities; such a comparison has not been conducted by previous large, prospective, randomized studies. We conducted a cohort study using the Taiwan Cancer Registry Database for analysis. We included patients diagnosed as having HCC from January 1, 2002, to December 31, 2011. The patient cohort comprised those who received different treatments, and we compared patients who received CY with those who did not...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Zhenyu Liu, Aiping Shi, Dong Song, Bing Han, Zhiru Zhang, Le Ma, Dongxu Liu, Zhimin Fan
Clear evidence has linked obesity to a high risk of incidence as well as poor clinical outcome of breast cancer. It has been proven that changes in the levels of adipokines caused by obesity are associated with the initiation and progression of breast cancer. Resistin is a novel adipokine that is upregulated in breast cancer patients and promotes breast cancer cell growth, invasion, and migration. The aim of the study was to investigate whether resistin affected the efficacy of doxorubicin (Dox), one of the most effective anthracycline chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of breast cancer...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Ajimu Keremu, Xiayimaierdan Maimaiti, Abudusaimi Aimaiti, Maimaiaili Yushan, Yamuhanmode Alike, Yilizati Yilihamu, Aihemaitijiang Yusufu
Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer in children and adults. However, its pathogenesis, especially molecular mechanisms remain elusive. In current study, we screened GEO Database and found a poorly studied protein Neurensin-2 (NRSN2), which is highly expressed in osteosarcoma tissues. Neurensin-2 (NRSN2) is a small neuronal membrane protein and localized in small vesicles in neural cells, previous study found that it has been implicated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Huohui Ou, Xincheng Liu, Leyang Xiang, Xianghong Li, Yu Huang, Dinghua Yang
Novel metastasis-promoting gene 1 (NVM-1) has a significantly elevated protein level in a variety of tumor tissues and is involved in metastasis. However, its functions in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are not clear. The current study aimed to investigate the functions of NVM-1 in cell proliferation, apoptosis, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in HCC. NVM-1 protein expression in HCC was assessed by immunohistochemical staining. In vitro, cell proliferation, apoptosis, and aggressiveness were determined by CCK-8, fluorescence-assisted cell sorting, TdT-UTP nick-end labeling, and transwell assays, respectively...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Hao-Yu Ruan, Chen Yang, Xue-Mei Tao, Jia He, Ting Wang, Hui Wang, Cun Wang, Guang-Zhi Jin, Hao-Jie Jin, Wen-Xin Qin
Understanding mechanisms of cancer metastasis is crucial for reduction of cancer mortality. Acyl-CoA medium-chain synthetase 3 (ACSM3) is an acyl-CoA synthetase which takes part in the first step of fatty acid metabolism. However, the expression, clinical significance and biological function of ACSM3 remain unknown in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In this study, the expression and prognostic relevance of ACSM3 were investigated by tissue microarray and HCC clinical samples. Migration and invasion assays were carried out for functional analysis in vitro and a xenograft model was used to analyze the effects of ACSM3 on cancer metastasis in vivo...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Zhipeng Xu, Li Zou, Gang Ma, Xiaowei Wu, Furong Huang, Tingting Feng, Suqing Li, Qingfeng Lin, Xiaoting He, Zhihua Liu, Xiufeng Cao
Metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) remains a challenge in clinical practice. In this study, we clarified that integrin β1 (ITGB1) plays critical roles in the metastasis of ESCC. By analyzing the expression of integrin β1 in ESCC specimens, we found that the expression of this integrin was higher in malignant than in normal tissues and that this increase was associated with lymph node metastasis. Moreover, in vitro functional experiments demonstrated that deletion of integrin β1 impaired the motility of ESCC cells, and we also showed that integrin β1 deletion significantly inhibited metastases formation in the lungs and lymph nodes of two murine models...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Sang Woo Cho, Wooju Na, Minji Choi, Shin Jung Kang, Seok-Geun Lee, Cheol Yong Choi
Autophagy is a cellular process by which damaged organelles and dysfunctional proteins are degraded. Morusin is an anti-cancer drug isolated from the root bark of Morus alba. Morusin induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells by reducing STAT3 activity. In this study, we examined whether morusin induces autophagy and also examined the effects of autophagy on the morusin-induced apoptosis. Morusin induces LC3-II accumulation and ULK1 activation in HeLa cells. In addition, we found that induction of ULK1 Ser317 phosphorylation and reduction of ULK1 Ser757 phosphorylation occurred simultaneously during morusin-induced autophagy...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Wenchen Gong, Baocun Sun, Huizhi Sun, Xiulan Zhao, Danfang Zhang, Tieju Liu, Nan Zhao, Qiang Gu, Xueyi Dong, Fang Liu
Nodal signaling plays several vital roles in the embryogenesis process. However, its reexpression in breast cancer is correlated with cancer progression, metastasis and poor prognosis. Recently, Nodal has also been reported to regulate self-renewal capacity in pancreatic cancer. This study aimed to explore the role of Nodal in breast cancer stem cells (BCSCs) and the underlying mechanisms. Therefore, the immunohistochemistry staining of Nodal in 135 human breast cancer cases was performed to analyzed the relationship of Nodal signaling, clinical outcomes and BCSC marker...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Anca Nastase, Jin Yao Teo, Hong Lee Heng, Cedric Chuan Young Ng, Swe Swe Myint, Vikneswari Rajasegaran, Jia Liang Loh, Ser Yee Lee, London Lucien Ooi, Alexander Yaw Fui Chung, Pierce Kah Hoe Chow, Peng Chung Cheow, Wei Keat Wan, Rafy Azhar, Avery Khoo, Sam Xin Xiu, Syed Muhammad Fahmy Alkaff, Ioana Cutcutache, Jing Quan Lim, Choon Kiat Ong, Vlad Herlea, Simona Dima, Dan G Duda, Bin Tean Teh, Irinel Popescu, Tony Kiat Hon Lim
AT rich interactive domain 1A (ARID1A) is one of the most commonly mutated genes in a broad variety of tumors. The mechanisms that involve ARID1A in ampullary cancer progression remains elusive. Here, we evaluated the frequency of ARID1A and KRAS mutations in ampullary adenomas and adenocarcinomas and in duodenal adenocarcinomas from two cohorts of patients from Singapore and Romania, correlated with clinical and pathological tumor features, and assessed the functional role of ARID1A. In the ampullary adenocarcinomas, the frequency of KRAS and ARID1A mutations was 34...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
Yuping Yin, Qian Shen, Peng Zhang, Ruikang Tao, Weilong Chang, Ruidong Li, Gengchen Xie, Weizhen Liu, Lihong Zhang, Prabodh Kapoor, Shumei Song, Jaffer Ajani, Gordon B Mills, Jianying Chen, Kaixiong Tao, Guang Peng
Globally, gastric cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths because of the lack of effective treatments for patients with advanced tumors when curative surgery is not possible. Thus, there is an urgent need to identify molecular targets in gastric cancer that can be used for developing novel therapies and prolonging patient survival. Checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1) is a crucial regulator of cell cycle transition in DNA damage response (DDR). In our study, we report that Chk1 plays an important role in promoting gastric cancer cell survival and growth, which serves as an effective therapeutic target in gastric cancer...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
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