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Journal of Advanced Research

Sathiyaseelan Anbazhagan, Kalaichelvan Puthupalayam Thangavelu
Chitosan composite material has been used as an efficient drug carrier for potential drug delivery systems in specific cases of wound dressing management. In the present study, 0.5 g/L of the antibiotic tetracycline hydrochloride (TCH) was loaded into 1% fungal chitosan (FCS) incorporated with 0.2% of Aloe vera extract (AVE). Two types of sponges were prepared, with and without AVE, such as FCS-AVE-TCH and FCS-TCH, respectively. They were characterized by UV-Visible spectrophotometer, attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)...
November 2018: Journal of Advanced Research
Stergios Boussios, Michele Moschetta, Konstantina Tatsi, Alexandros K Tsiouris, Nicholas Pavlidis
The management of gestational ovarian cancer can be challenging because of the risk of fetal wastage, and the possibility of treatment-related complications to the fetus; it is based on insufficient data from retrospective studies and case series. Here, a literature review of the diagnostic and surgical approaches to the gestational ovarian cancer has been performed; moreover, data on safety of chemotherapeutic treatments in pregnancy, including both oncologic and fetal outcomes, have also been reviewed. Up to now, 193 cases of ovarian cancers during pregnancy have been reported in the English literature...
July 2018: Journal of Advanced Research
Lamiaa Z Mohamed, Wafaa A Ghanem, Omayma A El Kady, Mohamed M Lotfy, Hafiz A Ahmed, Fawzi A Elrefaie
The oxidation behavior of two types of inhomogeneous nickel was investigated in air at 1273 K for a total oxidation time of 100 h. The two types were porous sintered-nickel and microstructurally inhomogeneous cast-nickel. The porous-nickel samples were fabricated by compacting Ni powder followed by sintering in vacuum at 1473 K for 2 h. The oxidation kinetics of the samples was determined gravimetrically. The topography and the cross-section microstructure of each oxidized sample were observed using optical and scanning electron microscopy...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Olayinka O Ajani, Olayinka O Tolu-Bolaji, Shade J Olorunshola, Yuxia Zhao, Damilola V Aderohunmu
The aim of this present study was to synthesize 2-substituted and 1,2-disubstituted benzimidazole derivatives to investigate their antibacterial diversity for possible future drug design. The structure-based design of precursors 2-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)aniline 1 , 2-(3,5-dinitro phenyl)-1H-benzimidazole 3 and 2-benzyl-1H-benzimidazole 5 were achieved by the condensation reaction of o -phenylenediamine with anthranilic acid, 3,5-dinitrophenylbenzoic acid, and phenylacetic acid, respectively. The precursors 1 , 3 and 5 , upon reaction with six different electrophile-releasing agents, furnished the corresponding 2-substituted benzimidazole, 2a-f and 1,2-disubstituted benzimidazole derivatives 4a-f and 6a-f , respectively...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Hong Sheng Cheng, So Ha Ton, Sonia Chew Wen Phang, Joash Ban Lee Tan, Khalid Abdul Kadir
The present study aimed to examine the effects of the types of high-calorie diets (high-fat and high-fat-high-sucrose diets) and two different developmental stages (post-weaning and young adult) on the induction of metabolic syndrome. Male, post-weaning and adult (3- and 8-week old, respectively) Sprague Dawley rats were given control, high-fat (60% kcal), and high-fat-high-sucrose (60% kcal fat + 30% sucrose water) diets for eight weeks (n = 6 to 7 per group). Physical, biochemical, and transcriptional changes as well as liver histology were noted...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
A Singaravelan, M Kowsalya
With the latest development of smart grid technology, the energy management system can be efficiently implemented at consumer premises. In this paper, an energy management system with wireless communication and smart meter are designed for scheduling the electric home appliances efficiently with an aim of reducing the cost and peak demand. For an efficient scheduling scheme, the appliances are classified into two types: uninterruptible and interruptible appliances. The problem formulation was constructed based on the practical constraints that make the proposed algorithm cope up with the real-time situation...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Sara Palermo, Rosalba Morese, Maurizio Zibetti, Francesca Dematteis, Stefano Sirgiovanni, Mario Stanziano, Maria Consuelo Valentini, Leonardo Lopiano
This report illustrates a Parkinson's disease (PD) patient with impulse-control disorder (ICD) and selective impairment in response-inhibition abilities as revealed by the performance in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) anterior cingulate cortex - sensitive go-nogo task. In line with hypothesis on the role of response-inhibition disabilities in the arising of impulsivity in PD, the patient completely failed the go-nogo task. Moreover, fMRI acquisition revealed absent task-sensitive activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, medial prefrontal, and orbitofrontal cortices for the contrast nogo versus go, which signifying that a hypo-function of this network could be associated with ICD...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Marjan Shojaie, Farzane Ghanbari, Nasrin Shojaie
Undesirable and desirable effects of stressors on the body are assigned to distress and eustress, respectively. Immune system and brain are the most susceptible parts to stressful conditions, whereas long-lasting alterations in putative immune proteins involved in tension such as corticosterone (CORT), interleukin 6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) can impact learning and memory. Intermittent fasting (IF) is a repeated regular cycle of dietary restriction with well-known beneficial properties on the body...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Saad El-Din Hassan
Bacterial and fungal endophytes are widespread inhabitants inside plant tissues and have been shown to assist plant growth and health. However, little is known about plant growth-promoting endophytes (PGPE) of medicinal plants. Therefore, the aims of this study were to identify bacterial and fungal endophytes of Teucrium polium and to characterize plant growth-promoting (PGP) properties of these endophytes. Seven bacterial endophytes were isolated and identified as Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis, where five endophytic fungi were obtained and assigned to Penicillium chrysogenum and Penicillium crustosum...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Sahil Kalia, Vijay K Bharti, Arup Giri, Bhuvnesh Kumar
Extreme climatic conditions and hypobaric hypoxia at high altitude hinders the growth and productivity of chickens. The present study was carried out to examine the effect of aqueous extract of Prunus armeniaca seeds on health, survivability, antioxidants, plasma biochemical parameters, and immune status of broiler chickens at high altitude. Phytochemical analysis of extract revealed the presence of high phenolics, flavonoids, and carotenoids contents. Before the in vivo study, in vitro efficacy evaluation indicated a significant protective effect of the extract in chicken peripheral blood lymphocytes...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Fatima Ezzahra Salih, Brahim Achiou, Mohamed Ouammou, Jamal Bennazha, Aicha Ouarzane, Saad Alami Younssi, Mama El Rhazi
A new and simple approach for carbaryl determination in natural sample was proposed using Low Silica X (LSX) zeolite modified carbon paste electrode. LSX zeolite with a porous structure was incorporated into carbon paste electrode in the appropriate portion. The prepared electrode was then characterized using scanning electron microscopy, cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Various experimental parameters as the zeolite amounts, pH, accumulation time, and differential pulse voltammetric parameters were optimized...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Magd A Kotb, Inas Abd El Satar, Ahmed M Badr, Nancy H Anis, Hoda Abd El Rahman Ismail, Alaa F Hamza, Hesham M Abdelkader
Surgical stress, liberation of cytokines associated with re-perfusion injury, and long standing use of immune suppressive medications in children recipients of orthotopic living related liver transplantation (OLRLT) pose cardiovascular risk. Reported cardiovascular adverse effects vary from left ventricular wall thickening, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to resting ECG abnormalities, asymptomatic ST depression following increased heart rate and ventricular arrhythmias. Twenty-five consecutive children recipients of OLRLT were assessed by conventional 2-D, M-mode echocardiography and Doppler...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
F M Abbasi, S A Shehzad
The primary theme of this communication is to employ convective condition of mass transfer in the theory of peristalsis. The magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) peristaltic transport of viscous liquid in an asymmetric channel was considered for this purpose. Effects of Ohmic heating and Soret and Dufour are presented. The governing mathematical model was expressed in terms of closed form solution expressions. Attention has been focused to the analysis of temperature and concentration distributions. The graphical results are presented to visualize the impact of sundry quantities on temperature and concentration...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Dalila Burin, Alvise Battaglini, Lorenzo Pia, Giusy Falvo, Mattia Palombella, Adriana Salatino
It is well-documented that the intensity of a self-generated somatosensory stimulus is perceived to be attenuated in respect to an identical stimulus generated by others. At present, it is not clear whether such a phenomenon, known as somatosensory attenuation, is based not only on feedforward motor signals but also on re-afferences towards the body. To answer this question, in the present pilot investigation on twelve healthy subjects, three types of stimulations (sensory non-nociceptive electrical - ES, nociceptive electrical - NES, and vibrotactile - VTS) and intensities (1 = sensory threshold ∗ 2...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Mohamed Mahran, Adel ELsabbagh, Hani Negm
In the present paper, a comparison between five different shell finite elements, including the Linear Triangular Element, Linear Quadrilateral Element, Linear Quadrilateral Element based on deformation modes, 8-node Quadrilateral Element, and 9-Node Quadrilateral Element was presented. The shape functions and the element equations related to each element were presented through a detailed mathematical formulation. Additionally, the Jacobian matrix for the second order derivatives was simplified and used to derive each element's strain-displacement matrix in bending...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Ali Ebadi, Nayer Azam Khoshkholgh Sima, Mohsen Olamaee, Maryam Hashemi, Reza Ghorbani Nasrabadi
Bacteria able to produce biosurfactants can use petroleum-based hydrocarbons as a carbon source. Herein, four biosurfactant-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains, isolated from oil-contaminated saline soil, were combined to form a bacterial consortium. The inoculation of the consortium to contaminated soil alleviated the adverse effects of salinity on biodegradation and increased the rate of degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon approximately 30% compared to the rate achieved in non-treated soil. In saline condition, treatment of polluted soil with the consortium led to a significant boost in the activity of dehydrogenase (approximately 2-fold)...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
S M El Nahas, A H El Kasas, A A Abou Mossallem, M I Abdelhamid, Mohamad Warda
The genetic markers in inflammatory responses during mastitis afford a reasonable way for improving milk production in the Egyptian buffalo breed. Among them is the interleukin 8 Receptor Gene (IL8RB) (CXCR2); a chemokine receptor gene augments the neutrophil migration during infection. To understand its role better during mastitis in Egyptian buffalos, twenty-five dairy animals representing the normal, sub-clinically, clinically and chronically affected buffalos were randomly selected from different districts...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Ahmed M Al-Abd, Abdulmohsin J Alamoudi, Ashraf B Abdel-Naim, Thikryat A Neamatallah, Osama M Ashour
Recent strategies for the treatment of cancer, other than just tumor cell killing have been under intensive development, such as anti-angiogenic therapeutic approach. Angiogenesis inhibition is an important strategy for the treatment of solid tumors, which basically depends on cutting off the blood supply to tumor micro-regions, resulting in pan-hypoxia and pan-necrosis within solid tumor tissues. The differential activation of angiogenesis between normal and tumor tissues makes this process an attractive strategic target for anti-tumor drug discovery...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Sharvil Patil, Chandrashekhar Kadam, Varsha Pokharkar
BCS class III drugs suffer from a drawback of low permeability even though they have high aqueous solubility. The objective of current work was to screen the suitability of glyceryl monooleate (GMO)/Pluronic F127 cubic phase liquid crystals precursors for permeation enhancement and in turn the bioavailability of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), a BCS class III drug. Spray-drying method was used for preparation of TDF loaded liquid crystal precursors (LCP) consisting of GMO/Pluronic F127 and lactose monohydrate with an ability to in situ transform into stable cubic phases upon hydration...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
Mohamed Y Saleh, Mohamed S Sarhan, Elhussein F Mourad, Mervat A Hamza, Mohamed T Abbas, Amal A Othman, Hanan H Youssef, Ahmed T Morsi, Gehan H Youssef, Mahmoud El-Tahan, Wafaa A Amer, Mohamed Fayez, Silke Ruppel, Nabil A Hegazi
The plant-based-sea water culture medium is introduced to in vitro cultivation and in situ recovery of the microbiome of halophytes. The ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) was used, in the form of juice and/or dehydrated plant powder packed in teabags, to supplement the natural sea water. The resulting culture medium enjoys the combinations of plant materials as rich source of nutrients and sea water exercising the required salt stress. As such without any supplements, the culture medium was sufficient and efficient to support very good in vitro growth of halotolerant bacteria...
November 2017: Journal of Advanced Research
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