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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

Ilams Naqvi, Renu Gupta, Seema Makhija, Ravi Toteja, Jeeva S Abraham, S Sripoorna, Hamed A El-Serehy, Fahad A Al-Misned
The morphology and morphogenesis of a new oxytrichid ciliate, Notohymena limus n. sp. were studied in vivo and after protargol impregnation. The new ciliate was isolated from the sewage sludge at Delhi Jal Board Sewage Treatment Plant located at Rithala, Delhi, India, using the non-flooded Petri dish method. N. limus n. sp. is characterized as follows: flexible dorsoventrally flattened ellipsoidal body; Notohymena-pattern undulating membranes; adoral zone of membranelles (AZM) occupied about 39% of the body length, and consists of around 26 membranelles; large and deep buccal cavity; colorless subpellicular granules present in groups and arranged around the bases of dorsal bristles; 4 macronuclear nodules; 2 micronuclei; 18 fronto-ventral-transverse (FVT) cirri in typical Oxytricha-pattern; 6 dorsal rows of bristles; 3 caudal cirri; about 16 right and 15 left marginal cirri; N...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Darshan Devang Divakar, Jacob John, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Kheraif, Seema Mavinapalla, Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah, Sajith Vellappally, Mohamed Ibrahim Hashem, M H N Dalati, B H Durgesh, Rima A Safadi, Sukumaran Anil
Aim: To test the validity of sex discrimination using lateral cephalometric radiograph and discriminant function analysis in Indigenous (Kuruba) children and adolescents of Coorg, Karnataka, India. Methods and materials: Six hundred and sixteen lateral cephalograms of 380 male and 236 females of age ranging from 6.5 to 18 years of Indigenous population of Coorg, Karnataka, India called Kurubas having a normal occlusion were included in the study. Lateral cephalograms were obtained in a standard position with teeth in centric occlusion and lips relaxed...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Hesham F Alharby, Ehab M R Metwali, Michael P Fuller, Amal Y Aldhebiani
Five cultivars of tomato having different levels of salt stress tolerance were exposed to different treatments of NaCl (0, 3 and 6 g L(-1)) and ZnO-NPs (0, 15 and 30 mg L(-1)). Treatments with NaCl at both 3 and 6 g L(-1) suppressed the mRNA levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX) genes in all cultivars while plants treated with ZnO-NPs in the presence of NaCl, showed increments in the mRNA expression levels. This indicated that ZnO-NPs had a positive response on plant metabolism under salt stress...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Faris Q Alenzi
Background and objective: On the basis that the inflammatory effects of TNF (tumour necrosis factor) are predominantly mediated through interaction with the TNF receptor-1 (TNFRSF1A), the current study was designed to establish the prevalence of the mutations, R92Q and P46L TNFRSF1A polymorphisms both in the general healthy Saudi population, and in Saudi patients carrying inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. We felt it important to report the frequency of the mutations, R92Q and P46L TNFRSF1A polymorphisms in healthy Saudi individuals, and those with inflammatory conditions, as well as to describe the pattern of immunological factors in individuals expressing R92Q or P46L TNFRSF1A...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Maliha Sarfraz, Sanaullah Sajid, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
In diabetes mellitus dyslipidemia is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In type 2 diabetes mellitus early detection and treatment of dyslipidemia can avoid risk for cardiovascular disorder. The present study was carried to determine the prevalence and pattern of hyperlipidemia in patients with hyperglycemia. The cross sectional study was done in different laboratories of Pakistan, the laboratories served patients referred from different government and private hospitals between July 2014 and June 2015...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohamed Afifi, Salina Saddick, Osama A Abu Zinada
BACKGROUND: Silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) are widely used nowadays in a variety of commercial applications including medical, health care, textiles and household supplies. OBJECTIVES: The current study was designed to determine the median lethal dose (LC50) of Ag-NPs on Oreochromis niloticus and Tilapia zillii. METHODS: Acute and sub-acute toxicity study of the Ag-NPs on brain tissues was carried out using different concentrations of the NPs at 2 mg L and 4 mg L...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Fahad I Al-Saikhan, Mohd N Ansari
The use of traditional medicines as a diuretic agent has been increasing in recent years. The diuretic activity of a number of plant extracts used as diuretic agents in ethnomedicine has been confirmed in experimental animals. However, despite the widespread use of Peganum harmala in traditional medicine, there is a paucity of data supporting its use as a diuretic agent. Therefore, the present study aimed to envisage the true effect and magnitude of diuresis of methanolic extract of P. harmala (MEPH) in comparison with a well-known diuretic drug furosemide using Wistar albino rats...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Zeeshan Ahmad, Shujaul Mulk Khan, Elsayed Fathi Abd Allah, Abdulaziz Abdullah Alqarawi, Abeer Hashem
Weeds are unwanted plant species growing in ordinary environment. In nature there are a total of 8000 weed species out of which 250 are important for agriculture world. The present study was carried out on weed species composition and distribution pattern with special reference to edaphic factor and farming practices in maize crop of District Mardan during the months of August and September, 2014. Quadrates methods were used to assess weed species distribution in relation to edaphic factor and farming practices...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Bangalore H Durgesh, Kiran H Komari Gowda, Obaid A AlShahrani, Ahmad D Almalki, Waleed D Almalki, Manea Mohammed S Balharith, Nada Yahya H Motashesh, Abdulaziz A Alkheraif, Mohamed I Hashem
AIM: To compare the angular changes of the third molars relative to the occlusal plane and to the second molar long axis in extraction group and compare these changes with a non extraction group. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included pre and post treatment panoramic radiograph records of 90 subjects treated by first premolar extractions and 90 subjects who had been treated with non extraction orthodontic therapy (n = 90). Two angular variables were measured...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
V Duraipandiyan, Naif Abdullah Al-Dhabi, S Ignacimuthu
The present report is about Streptomyces sp. isolate ERI-26 isolated from the soil sample of Nilgiri forest, Western Ghats. The methanol extract of ERI-26 showed good antimicrobial activity against tested microbes. The antimicrobial novel anthraquinones were purified by bioactivity-guided fractionation using a silica gel column and preparative HPLC. The compound was characterized and identified by UV, IR, NMR and MASS spectral data. The compound named as 6,6(1)-bis (1,5,7-trihydroxy-3-hydroxymethylanthraquinone), showed significant antimicrobial activities against tested microbes...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Hari Shankar, Neeta Kumar, Rajat Sandhir, Suneeta Mittal, Santosh Kurra, Lakhbir Dhaliwal, Gurjit Kaur, Nomita Chandhiok, B S Dhillon, D N Rao
: Anaemia during pregnancy is most commonly observed and highly prevalent in South-East Asia. Various effective programmes have been laid down for its management, mainly daily supplementation of iron folic acid (IFA) tablets. Following the same, standard obstetrical practice has included the IFA supplementation without requiring the determination of iron deficiency. In this study, a total of 120 primigravida (N = 60; non-anaemic (Hb > 11 g/dl) and N = 60 anaemic (Hb = 8-11 g/dl)) were selected among those attending the Antenatal Clinic in Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, India...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Ihab M Moussa, Mohamed S Ali, Ashgan M Hessain, Saleh A Kabli, Hassan A Hemeg, Salha Abdelkareem Selim
Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (C. pseudotuberculosis) is a causative organism of caseous lymphadenitis (CLA) in sheep and acute disease in buffaloes known as oedematous skin disease (OSD). Human affected with the disease show liver abscess and abscess in the internal lymph nodes. The vaccination against CLA up till now occurs by using formalin inactivated whole cells of biovar 1 (sheep strain). Combined vaccine composed of formalin inactivated whole cells of sheep strain and recombinant phospholipase D (rPLD) and another vaccine composed of formalin inactivated whole cells (buffalo origin) and rPLD were prepared in Biotechnology center for services and Researches laboratory at Cairo university and applied for protection against CLA...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Abdullah A Al-Arfaj, Mohamed S Ali, Ashgan M Hessain, Adel M Zakri, Turki M Dawoud, Khalid S Al-Maary, Ihab M Moussa
The current study was carried out to evaluate the phenotypic and genotypic characterization of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli recovered from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During the period of 10th February-30th May 2015, 70 E. coli strains were isolated from chicken farms located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All strains were tested phenotypically by standard microbiological techniques, serotyped and the virulence genes of such strains were detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Most of the recovered strains from chickens belonged to serotype O111:K58 25 strains (35...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Sarah A Al-Rashed, Mohamed M Ibrahim, Gehan A El-Gaaly, Sameha Al-Shehri, Ahmed Mostafa
The effects of UV-B radiation and/or deprivation of nitrogen stresses on growth rate, some antioxidant compounds, and activities of some antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD; EC1.15.1.1), ascorbate peroxidase (APx; EC1.11.1.11), guaiacol peroxidase (GUPx; EC1.11.1.7) and glutathione reductase (GR, EC, as well as the levels of total glutathione pool, UV-B absorbing pigments, malondialdehyde (MDA) and H2O2 concentrations were studied in Spirulina platensis and Dunaliella salina. Less damage was observed in response to the combined UV-B and nitrogen deprivation as shown by growth rate and photosynthetic pigments especially in Dunaliella salina...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohammed Nasser Alyemeni, Sarah Mohammed Al-Quwaiz
A study was undertaken to examine the morpho-physiological alterations under different concentrations of 28-homobrassinolide (HBL) in two contrasting varieties of Vigna radiata. Sterilized seeds of V. radiata (T-44 and PDM-139) were inoculated with specific Rhizobium and allowed to grow and then 14 day old seedlings were exposed to different concentrations (0, 10(-10), 10(-8), or 10(-6) M) of HBL and allowed to grow under natural environmental conditions. At the 15 and 21 day stage, plants were harvested to evaluate various parameters...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Abdullah Al-Aklabi, Abdul Wali Al-Khulaidi, Akram Hussain, Nageeb Al-Sagheer
Plant species composition patterns and vegetation types were investigated along Elevational Gradients in Al Baha region, Saudi Arabia. Sandy plain, wadis, drainage lines, rocky outcrops, hills and fallow lands occur over a wide geographic range encompassing variation in plant species and communities among these different ecological sites. To provide a quantitatively based classification of the vegetation we used Multi Variant Statistical Package (MVSP) software, followed by the re-arrangement of a matrix of the similar plant species in rows and similar sample sites in columns...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
K N Sunil Kumar, B Ravishankar, B Yashovarma, R Rajakrishnan, J Thomas
Helicanthes elastica (Desr.) Danser (Loranthaceae), commonly known as Indian mango mistletoe, is a parasitic shrub found widely growing on mango trees in southern India. Development of monographic quality standards is need of the hour for Pharmacopoeial/extra-Pharmacopoeial and folk medicinal plants. Systematic pharmacognostical evaluation of leaves of H. elastica has been carried out employing Pharmacopoeial procedures of testing herbal drugs. Macro-microscopic features of H. elastica leaf were recorded. Ethanolic extract was tested positive for alkaloids, steroids, carbohydrates, tannins, saponins and phenols...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Badr A Aldahmash, Doaa M El-Nagar
Considering that lead caused a lot of health problems in the world, the present study was carried out to investigate the protective effect of captopril as antioxidants to reduce liver and spleen toxicity induced by lead. Animals were divided into 3 groups, the 1st group served as control group, the 2nd group received 20 mg/kg of lead acetate and the 3rd group received 50 mg/kg of captopril one hour prior to lead administration for 5 days. Results showed that lead intake caused severe alterations in the liver and spleen manifested by hepatocytes degeneration, leukocytic infiltration, fibrosis in liver and moderate to severe liver pathological score...
November 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Wang Rrong, Tang Aiping, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Jiangxi red soil was used as the tested soil and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatic) and Chinese chive (Allium tuberosum) were used as the tested vegetables in this study to investigate the effects of different amounts of sewage-sludge application on the growth of vegetables and the migration and enrichment patterns of Cu and Zn in vegetables using the potted method. The results indicated that the application of sewage sludge could improve the properties of red soil and promote vegetable growth. The dry weight of water spinach and Chinese chive reached the maximal levels when treated with the amount of sewage sludge at 4% and 10%, which was 4...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Jun Wei, Haiyuan Yang, Hui Cao, Tianwei Tan
Polyaspartic acid (PASP) hydrogel is an important and widely applied water-retaining agent, thanks to its special space network structure which contains a carboxyl group attached on the side chain. In this study, the PASP hydrogel with high water absorption rate (300-350 g H2O/g hydrogel) was developed and adopted to transplant Xanthoceras sorbifolia seedlings in the ecological restoration project of Mount Daqing National Nature Reserve. Transplantation experiments showed that the survival rate and leaf water content index for X...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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