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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

Atef M Al-Attar, Hayfa A Al-Rethea
The current study was designed to investigate the possible protective effect of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil on hepatic fibrosis induced by thioacetamide (TAA) in male rats. The experimental animals were divided into four groups. The first group was received saline solution and served as control. The second group was given 250 mg/kg body weight of TAA. The third group was treated with omega-3 fatty acids and TAA. The fourth group was given saline solution and supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids. Treatment of rats with TAA for three and six weeks resulted in a significant decrease in body weight gain, while the value of liver/body weight ratio was statistically increased...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Cedric F Tchinda, Igor K Voukeng, Veronique P Beng, Victor Kuete
In the last 10 years, resistance in Gram-negative bacteria has been increasing. The present study was designed to evaluate the in vitro antibacterial activities of the methanol extracts of six Cameroonian medicinal plants Albizia adianthifolia, Alchornea laxiflora, Boerhavia diffusa, Combretum hispidum, Laportea ovalifolia and Scoparia dulcis against a panel of 15 multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacterial strains. The broth microdilution was used to determine the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) of the extracts...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Pengcheng Jin, Xianwen Wu, Songsong Xu, Hui Zhang, Yumao Li, Zhiping Cao, Hui Li, Shouzhi Wang
Previous results from genome wide association studies (GWASs) in chickens divergently selected for abdominal fat content of Northeast Agricultural University (NEAUHLF) showed that many single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) variants were associated with abdominal fat content. Of them, six top significant SNPs at the genome level were located within SRD5A3, SGCZ, DLC1, GBE1, GALNT9 and DNAJB6 genes. Here, expression levels of these six candidate genes were investigated in abdominal fat and liver tissue between fat and lean broilers from the 14th generation population of NEAUHLF...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Amal Y Aldhebiani, Esam K F Elbeshehy, Areej A Baeshen, Toufic Elbeaino
Fig leaf mottle-associated virus-1 (FLMaV-1) is a closterovirus newly identified in fig trees, in the Mecca region, suffering from mosaic disease symptoms and apparently is compromising the fig plantation in the country. In the present study, we demonstrated the efficiency of two in vivo experiments including pre and post treatments using Thuja leaf, ginger roots, Harmal seeds and turmeric rhizome extracts on symptoms expression of rooted cuttings infected with FLMaV-1- and their impact on virus multiplication...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Shahida Aziz Khan, Aziz Khan, Sarah A Khan, Mohd Amin Beg, Ashraf Ali, Ghazi Damanhouri
Health consciousness has increased the desire of people around the world to consume functional foods. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are one among these beneficial and important health supplements without which a general predisposition to degenerative and stress related disorders can occur. Saudi Arabia has shown an alarming increase in obesity (Al-Nozha et al., 2005), diabetes (Alqurashi et al., 2011), and cardiovascular disease (Al-Nozha et al., 2004) in the last few decades mainly due to nutritional transitions and lifestyle alterations (Amuna and Zotor, 2008)...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohammed K Al-Sadoon, Bilal Ahmad Paray, Hamad Al-Otaibi
A collection of snakes in Turaif region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an area that has been poorly documented for reptiles, consists of 28 specimens representing 11 species belonging to 4 families (Colubridae, Elapidae, Viperidae and Atractaspididae). This study presents the first comprehensive inventory of the herpetofauna of the Turaif province of Saudi Arabia. Co-ordinates: Latitude, longitude and altitude, of the collected specimens were mapped using GPS. Three of the snake species Lytorhynchus diadema, Pseudocerastes fieldi and Walterinnesia morgani reported by the authors in the present survey proved to be new records for Turaif region of Saudi Arabia...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Wael M Al-Amoudi
Foeniculum vulgare (Apiaceae) is commonly known as fennel. This herb is well-known worldwide and traditionally used as curative herbal therapy for the treatment of epileptic disease, seizurescarminative, digestive, lactogogue, diuretic, treating respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders. The aim of present study is to investigate the possible effect of fennel oil against the toxicity of Sodium-Valproic (SVP) in albino rats. In order to assess the protection of fennel oil on SVP induced hepato- and nephro-toxicity, male albino rats were treated with 1 ml/kg b...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mansour Bayat, Shaghayegh Hemati, Rasoul Soleimani-Estyar, Ariyo Shahin-Jafari
Mobile phones communicate with base stations using 900 MHz microwaves. The current study was aimed to survey the effects of long-term 900 MHz microwave exposure of mice on experimentally induced cutaneous candidiasis. Forty inbred, male, BALB/c mice were randomly divided into four groups. Cutaneous lesions with Candida albicans were experimentally induced on the lateral-back skin of the 20 mice. One group of the diseased mice were exposed (6 h per day and 7 d per week) to 900 MHz microwave radiation, while the other groups were not exposed...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Fahad Abdullah M Al-Dhabaan, Ali Hassan Bakhali
Routine manufacture, detonation and disposal of explosives in land and groundwater have resulted in complete pollution. Explosives are xenobiotic compounds, being toxic to biological systems, and their recalcitrance leads to persistence in the environment. The methods currently used for the remediation of explosive contaminated sites are expensive and can result in the formation of toxic products. The present study aimed to investigate the bacterial strains using the Biolog plates in the soil from the Riyadh community...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Gasem Mohammad Abu-Taweel
Zamzam water is well documented for plenty of medicinal value for curing illness. In the present study, the effects of perinatal consumption of Zamzam and normal drinking water by the pregnant mice on their offspring's physical parameters, early sensory motor reflexes, locomotor activities, acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity in the homogenize brain tissue and blood parameters were compared. To achieve that; Zamzam water was given to female Swiss-Webster strain mice as the only source of drinking fluid and the control animals were administered plain tap water...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Sadaf Tabasum Qureshi, Sajjad Ahmed Memon, Abdul Rasool Abassi, Mahboob Ali Sial, Farooque Ali Bughio
Present study was under taken to predict the possible DNA damages (genotoxicity) and carcinogenicity caused by radiofrequency radiations (RF) to living tissue. Dry seeds of chickpea were treated with GSM cell phone (900 MHz) and laptop (3.31 GHz) as RF source for 24 and 48 h. Untreated seeds were used as (0 h) negative control and Gamma rays (250 Gray) as positive control. Plant chromosomal aberration assay was used as genotoxicity marker. All the treatment of RF inhibits seed germination percentage. 48 h laptop treatment has the most negative effect as compared to untreated control...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Karima Bel Hadj Salah-Fatnassi, Faten Hassayoun, Imed Cheraif, Saba Khan, Hichem Ben Jannet, Mohamed Hammami, Mahjoub Aouni, Fethia Harzallah-Skhiri
The antimicrobial properties of essential oil from various Santolina species have not been investigated enough in the previous studies dealing with the biological activities of medicinal plants. In Tunisia, Santolina chamaecyparissus L. (Asteraceae) is the only Santolina species recorded and is used as vermifuge and emmenagogue. The chemical composition, antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils from the flowerheads and roots of spontaneous S. chamaecyparissus growing in Tunisia and the chemical composition which leads to the Tunisian chemotype are investigated here for the first time...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Asma A Al-Huqail, Nagwa M Amin Aref
Programed cell death resembles a real nature active defense in Datura metel against TMV after three days of virus infection. This adaptive plant immune response was quantitatively assessed against Tomato Mosaic Virus infection by the following physiological markers; Chlorophyll-a (mg/g), Chlorophyll-b (mg/g), total protein (mg/g), hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (μmol/100 mg), DNA (μg/100 mg), RNA (μg/100 mg), Salicylic acid (μg/g), and Comet Assays. Parameters were assessed for asymptomatic healthy and symptomatic infected detached leaves...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Abdullah Aldahmash, Radhakrishnan Vishnubalaji
We have previously reported that human neonatal foreskin stromal cells (hNSSCs) promote angiogenesis in vitro and in chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay in vivo. To examine the in vivo relevance of this observation, we examined in the present study the differentiation potential of hNSSCs in ex vivo organotypic cultures of embryonic chick femurs. Isolated embryonic chick femurs (E10 and E11) were cultured for 10 days together with micro-mass cell pellets of hNSSCs, human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) or a combination of the two cell types...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
G A Bich, M L Castrillo, L L Villalba, P D Zapata
Leaf-cutting ants live in an obligate symbiosis with a Leucoagaricus species, a basidiomycete that serves as a food source to the larvae and queen. The aim of this work was to isolate, identify and complete the phylogenetic study of Leucoagaricus gongylophorus species of Acromyrmex pubescens. Macroscopic and microscopic features were used to identify the fungal symbiont of the ants. The ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 region was used as molecular marker for the molecular identification and to evaluate the phylogeny within the Leucoagaricus genus...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Djamila Aroune, Farid Libdiri, Sophie Leboucher, Boubekeur Maouche, Sergio Marco, Salima El-Aoufi
Diabetes mellitus is a major leading cause of end-stage renal failure, characterized by kidney inflammation and glomerular dysfunction, in worldwide. Kidney inflammation is associated to modifications in the expression levels of pro-inflammatory molecules, such as nuclear factor-κB (NFκB) and adhesion molecules, such as E-cadherin, leading to glomerular dysfunction. However, the relationships between these two processes in human diabetic nephropathy remain an open question. Since Psammomys obesus is an ideal animal model to study diabetes mellitus temporal evolution, we have used this model to study the correlation between kidney structural changes and modification on the expression levels of NFκB and E-cadherin over time...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Yuming Wang, Wei Wang, Enduo Qiu
Current study was aimed to investigate the effect of dihydromyricetin on hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress in the osteosarcoma cells. MTT assay showed that hydrogen peroxide treatment at a concentration of 100 μM caused a significant (p < 0.005) reduction in the viability of MG63 cells. However, reduction in cell viability caused by 100 μM concentration of hydrogen peroxide was completely prevented on incubation with 30 μM dose of dihydromyricetin. Treatment with 100 μM concentration of hydrogen peroxide for 24 h led to condensation of chromatin material, rounding of cell shape and detachment of cells...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Johan Billen, Mohammed S Al-Khalifa, Rogério R Silva
We studied the external and internal pretarsus structure of the ants Brachyponera sennaarensis and Daceton armigerum in relation to their very different climbing ability. B. sennaarensis is a ground-dwelling species that is not able to climb vertical smooth walls. They have a pair of straight pretarsal claws with an average claw tip angle of 56 degrees, while the ventral tarsal surface lacks fine hairs that touch the substrate. They have no adhesive pad on the vestigial arolium, while the arolium gland is very small...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Turki A Al-Turki, Carol C Baskin
Our purpose was to evaluate the usefulness of the germination vs. the X-ray test in determining the initial viability of seeds of eight wild species (Salvia spinosa, Salvia aegyptiaca, Ochradenus baccatus, Ochradenus arabicus, Suaeda aegyptiaca, Suaeda vermiculata, Prosopisfarcta and Panicumturgidum) from Saudi Arabia. Several days were required to determine viability of all eight species via germination tests, while immediate results on filled/viable seeds were obtained with the X-ray test. Seeds of all the species, except Sa...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Fahd A Al-Mekhlafi, Nael Abutaha, Ashraf M A Mashaly, Fahd A Nasr, Khalid E Ibrahim, Mohamed A Wadaan
Effects of methanol extracts of Xanthium strumarium on different cancer cell lines and on the mortality rates of Aedes caspius, Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) were investigated. Among the cell lines tested, the Jurkat cell line was the most sensitive to the methanol extract and ethyl acetate fraction, with reported LC50 values of 50.18 and 48.73 μg/ml respectively. Conversely, methanol extracts were not that toxic to the A549 cell line though the toxicity increased on further purification. The percentage of growth inhibition was dose dependent for the methanol extract and ethyl acetate fraction...
May 2017: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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