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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

Wang Rrong, Tang Aiping, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Jiangxi red soil was used as the tested soil and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatic) and Chinese chive (Allium tuberosum) were used as the tested vegetables in this study to investigate the effects of different amounts of sewage-sludge application on the growth of vegetables and the migration and enrichment patterns of Cu and Zn in vegetables using the potted method. The results indicated that the application of sewage sludge could improve the properties of red soil and promote vegetable growth. The dry weight of water spinach and Chinese chive reached the maximal levels when treated with the amount of sewage sludge at 4% and 10%, which was 4...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Jun Wei, Haiyuan Yang, Hui Cao, Tianwei Tan
Polyaspartic acid (PASP) hydrogel is an important and widely applied water-retaining agent, thanks to its special space network structure which contains a carboxyl group attached on the side chain. In this study, the PASP hydrogel with high water absorption rate (300-350 g H2O/g hydrogel) was developed and adopted to transplant Xanthoceras sorbifolia seedlings in the ecological restoration project of Mount Daqing National Nature Reserve. Transplantation experiments showed that the survival rate and leaf water content index for X...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Muheet Alam Saifi, Mohamed Saleh Alyousif, Mikky A Amoudi
Malaria is a global issue and India contributes substantially to global malaria incidence. Information related to malaria vectors is very limited in Aligarh. The environmental and climatological situations permit the continual breeding of vectors in permanent breeding sites. This study was designed with the aim to screen all the anophelines species and possible malaria vectors in three different localities of Aligarh. Anopheles mosquitoes were collected from three different localities (Fort, Jalali and Tappal) during peak malaria transmission season (July to November) by using mouth aspirator and CDC light traps...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohammed K Al-Sadoon, Bilal Ahmad Paray, Hamad S Al-Otaibi
Turaif area located in the Northern border region of Saudi Arabia is one of the most important regions of the Kingdom. This work was proposed to throw light on the diversity of lizard fauna investigated through the collection and subsequent identification of specimens from different localities of Turaif region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sixteen species of lizards belonging to 5 families (Agamidae, Gekkonidae, Lacertidae, Scincidae and Varanidae) were recorded. Lacertidae was the most common family. Three species of lizards namely Acanthodactylus orientalis, Acanthodactylus scutellatus and Acanthodactylus grandis were reported for the first time in the Turaif region of Saudi Arabia...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohammed A Aldoghachi, Mohd Sofian Azirun, Ismail Yusoff, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Experiments on hybrid red tilapia Oreochromis sp. were conducted to assess histopathological effects induced in gill tissues of 96 h exposure to waterborne lead (5.5 mg/L). These tissues were investigated by light and scanning electron microscopy. Results showed that structural design of gill tissues was noticeably disrupted. Major symptoms were changes of epithelial cells, fusion in adjacent secondary lamellae, hypertrophy and hyperplasia of chloride cells and coagulate necrosis in pavement cells with disappearance of its microridges...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Urszula Złotek, Sylwia Mikulska, Małgorzata Nagajek, Michał Świeca
The objectives of this study were to determine best conditions for the extraction of phenolic compounds from fresh, frozen and lyophilized basil leaves. The acetone mixtures with the highest addition of acetic acid extracted most of the phenolic compounds when fresh and freeze-dried material have been used. The three times procedure was more effective than once shaking procedure in most of the extracts obtained from fresh basil leaves - unlike the extracts derived from frozen material. Surprisingly, there were not any significant differences in the content of phenolics between the two used procedures in the case of lyophilized basil leaves used for extraction...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Ana Rita Gaia Machado, Maria Francisca Simas Teixeira, Larissa de Souza Kirsch, Maria da Conceição Loureiro Campelo, Ila Maria de Aguiar Oliveira
This paper examined the growth and yield performance of Lentinus citrinus on cupuaçu exocarp (Theobroma grandiflorum) mixed with litter (CE + LI) or rice bran (Oryza sativa) (CE + RB) in the ratio of 2:1 (800 g:200 g) to investigate the nutritional composition and proteolytic potential of the fruiting body produced. Significance values of yield were determined on substrate combinations. In CE + LI the biological efficiency of the mushrooms was 93.5% and the content of fat (4.5%), fiber (11.0%), protein (27...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
R Surendra Kumar, Ibrahim A Arif, Anis Ahamed, Akbar Idhayadhulla
A new sequence of pyrazole derivatives (1-6) was synthesized from condensation technique under utilizing ultrasound irradiation. Synthesized compounds were characterized from IR, (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR, Mass and elemental analysis. Synthesized compounds (1-6) were screened for antimicrobial activity. Among the compounds 3 (MIC: 0.25 μg/mL) was exceedingly antibacterially active against gram negative bacteria of Escherichia coli and compound 4 (MIC: 0.25 μg/mL) was highly active against gram positive bacteria of Streptococcus epidermidis compared with standard Ciprofloxacin...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Feng Xu, Zhiming Li, Yu Liu, Chengbo Rong, Shouxian Wang
In this study, the mycelial growth rate, mycelial colonization time, yield, and biological efficiency of the edible mushroom Oudemansiella canarii were determined, and the effects of different substrate combinations on productivity, chemical contents and amino acids were evaluated. Lignocellulosic wastes, such as cottonseed hull, sawdust, corncob, and their combinations supplemented with 18% wheat bran and 2% lime, were used for the cultivation of O. canarii. The biological efficiency (BE) and essential amino acid content of treatment T1, which consisted of 80% cottonseed hull, were the highest among all the tested treatments...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Artur Wdowiak, Iwona Bojar
The way the dynamics of DNA fragmentation affects the growth of embryos in real time, and effectiveness of infertility treatment using the ICSI procedure were determined in 148 couples treated with the ICSI technique. The percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA (known as the DNA fragmentation index [DFI]) in semen samples was determined at 3, 6 and 12 h. Embryo culture was assessed continuously during 12 h of observation monitoring. Statistically significant difference was found in DFI at 12 h and outcome of treatment...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Jiaqi Zhang, Zhipeng Dou, Yupei Zhou, Wei He, Xiaodong Zhang, Ying Zhang
A new species of Venturia (V. chinensis) is described and illustrated from the leaves of Lonicera praeflorens collected from Lesser Khingan Mountains, the northeast China. It is characterized by habitat saprobic; ascomata small-sized, solitary or scattered, superficial, subglobose to citriform, wall black, papillate, ostiolate, covered with setae; peridium thin; hamathecium evanescent in mature ascomata; asci 8-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, oblong to obclavate, with or without a short, knob-like pedicel; ascospores ellipsoidal, olivaceous pale brown, 1-septate, ascospore wall thin, smooth...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Srdjan Kesić
This study explores the conceptual history of systems biology and its impact on philosophical and scientific conceptions of reductionism, antireductionism and emergence. Development of systems biology at the beginning of 21st century transformed biological science. Systems biology is a new holistic approach or strategy how to research biological organisms, developed through three phases. The first phase was completed when molecular biology transformed into systems molecular biology. Prior to the second phase, convergence between applied general systems theory and nonlinear dynamics took place, hence allowing the formation of systems mathematical biology...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
D P Mohanty, S Mohapatra, S Misra, P S Sahu
Milk-derived bioactive peptides have been identified as potential ingredients of health-promoting functional foods. These bioactive peptides are targeted at diet-related chronic diseases especially the non-communicable diseases viz., obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Peptides derived from the milk of cow, goat, sheep, buffalo and camel exert multifunctional properties, including anti-microbial, immune modulatory, anti-oxidant, inhibitory effect on enzymes, anti-thrombotic, and antagonistic activities against various toxic agents...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Yaser Mohammad Alkhiary, Musharraf Jelani, Mona Mohammad Almramhi, Hussein Sheikh Ali Mohamoud, Rayan Al-Rehaili, Hams Saeed Al-Zahrani, Rehab Serafi, Huanming Yang, Jumana Yousuf Al-Aama
Papillon-Lefevre syndrome (PALS) is a rare, autosomal recessive disorder characterized by periodontitis and hyperkeratosis over the palms and soles. Mutations in the cathepsin C gene (CTSC) have been recognized as the cause of PALS since the late 1990s. More than 75 mutations in CTSC have been identified, and phenotypic variability between different mutations has been described. Next generation sequencing is widely used for efficient molecular diagnostics in various clinical practices. Here we investigated a large consanguineous Saudi family with four affected and four unaffected individuals...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Joachim K Dzotam, Francesco K Touani, Victor Kuete
Bacterial infections are among the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The present study was designed to evaluate the in vitro antibacterial activities of the methanol extracts of five Cameroonian edible plants namely Colocasia esculenta, Triumfetta pentandra, Hibiscus esculentus, Canarium schweinfurthii and Annona muricata against a panel of 19 multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacterial strains. The liquid broth microdilution was used to determine the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) of the extracts...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Mohammad Abousaeidi, Rosmadi Fauzi, Rusnah Muhamad
This study involves the adoption of the Geographic Information System (GIS) modeling approach to determine the quickest routes for fresh vegetable delivery. During transport, fresh vegetables mainly deteriorate on account of temperature and delivery time. Nonetheless, little attention has been directed to transportation issues in most areas within Kuala Lumpur. In addition, perishable food normally has a short shelf life, thus timely delivery significantly affects delivery costs. Therefore, selecting efficient routes would consequently reduce the total transportation costs...
September 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Shahida A Khan, Aziz M Khan, Sajjad Karim, Mohammad Amjad Kamal, Ghazi A Damanhouri, Zeenat Mirza
Nigella sativa (NS) or black cumin is a dark, thin, and crescent-shaped, seeded shrub belonging to the Ranunculaceae family commonly growing on Mediterranean coasts in Saudi Arabia, northern Africa and Asia. They have amazing curative and therapeutic features that make them one of the most popular, safe, non-detrimental, and cytoprotective medicinal plant that can be used for prevention and treatment of many complicated diseases. Originally, N. sativa was used to treat migraines and allergy, and researches have shown its effectiveness in destroying cancer cells as well...
July 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Lijuan He, Haiyan Gong, Jing Zhang, Chunxue Zhong, Yunfei Huang, Chen Zhang, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
The effects of differences in smoke concentration and exposure duration in Sprague Dawley rats to determine variation in type and severity of the testis apoptosis were evaluated. The daily dosages were 10, 20 and 30 non-filter cigarettes for a period of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks. Mainstream smoke exposure suppressed body weight gain in all regimens. A dose-related increase in plasma nicotine concentration was observed in smoke-exposed groups for 4, 6, 8 and 12 week regimens. Histopathological examination of the exposed groups showed disturbances in the stages of spermatogenesis, tubules atrophying and these appeared to be dose-related...
July 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Gong Haiyan, He Lijuan, Li Shaoyu, Zhang Chen, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
In the study, we evaluated chemical composition and antimicrobial, antibiofilm, and antitumor activities of essential oils from dried leaf essential oil of leaf and flower of Agastache rugosa for the first time. Essential oil of leaf and flower was evaluated with GC and GC-MS methods, and the essential oil of flower revealed the presence of 21 components, whose major compounds were pulegone (34.1%), estragole (29.5%), and p-Menthan-3-one (19.2%). 26 components from essential oil of leaf were identified, the major compounds were p-Menthan-3-one (48...
July 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Renata Dobrucka, Jolanta Długaszewska
Zinc oxide (ZnO) has broad applications in various areas. Nanoparticle synthesis using plants is an alternative to conventional physical and chemical methods. It is known that the biological synthesis of nanoparticles is gaining importance due to its simplicity, eco-friendliness and extensive antimicrobial activity. Also, in this study we report the synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using Trifolium pratense flower extract. The prepared ZnO nanoparticles have been characterized by UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX)...
July 2016: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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