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Journal of Aging Research

Heather E Cuevas, Alexa K Stuifbergen, Catherine Ward
Purpose: To describe the experiences of people with type 2 diabetes who have completed a comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation intervention. Method: Nineteen participants with type 2 diabetes enrolled in an 8-week intervention consisting of 4 educational classes to learn strategies to improve cognitive function and an online training program at home to practice cognitively stimulating activities. Two focus groups were conducted as part of a study designed to assess the feasibility of the comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation intervention...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Chi-Hang Yee, Ching Leung, Yuki Yu-Ting Wong, Sylvia Lee, Jenny Li, Pauline Kwan, Winnie Chiu-Wing Chu, Vincent Chung-Tong Mok, Chi-Fai Ng
Aim: We assessed the impact of cerebral white matter lesions (WMLs) on lower urinary tract symptoms in subjects with normal neurological and cognitive function. Methods: A cohort of community-dwelling subjects aged ≥65 years were recruited to undergo MRI brain assessment. WMLs were graded using the Fazekas scale from 0 to 3. A separate telephone interview was carried out to assess the urinary symptoms in these subjects using the questionnaire Overactive Bladder-Validated 8-Question Awareness Tool (OAB-V8)...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
William Khalil El-Chaer, Clayton Franco Moraes, Otávio Toledo Nóbrega
Although prostate cancer (PCa) is the sixth most common type of neoplasm in the world and the second in prevalence among men (10% of all cases), there is shortage of studies focused on primary prevention of the disorder as well as little understanding on its pathophysiology. Currently, the PCa screening tools are the prostate specific antigen (PSA) dosage conjugated to rectal examination and confirmed by prostate biopsy. Despite the name, the PSA presents reduced specificity, being necessary the identification of new biomarkers that allow an earlier and more precise diagnosis and even better prognosis...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Hélio José Coelho-Júnior, Bruno Bavaresco Gambassi, Maria-Claudia Irigoyen, Ivan de Oliveira Gonçalves, Paula de Lourdes Lauande Oliveira, Paulo Adriano Schwingel, Cândida Helena Lopes Alves, Ricardo Yukio Asano, Marco Carlos Uchida, Bruno Rodrigues
The present study aimed to investigate whether sarcopenia interferes in the association between HTN and cognitive function in community-dwelling older women. One hundred and eleven older women were recruited and dichotomized in hypertensive ( n =63) and normotensive groups ( n =48). Volunteers underwent evaluations of the sarcopenic state (i.e., skeletal muscle mass, short physical performance battery (SPPB), balance), hemodynamic parameters, and global cognitive status (i.e., Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE))...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Gilberto Santos Morais Junior, Nathalia Oliveira Rodrigues, Adriane Dallanora Henriques, Audrey Cecília Tonet-Furioso, Ciro José Brito, Lucy Oliveira Gomes, Clayton Franco Moraes, Otávio Toledo Nóbrega
Background and Aim: Due to the high incidence of vascular diseases, it is necessary to identify new circulating or structural markers for predicting risk for chronic diseases. Some studies suggest that MMP1 gene polymorphisms are associated with the enzyme expression levels in situ (e.g., in atherosclerotic plaques). Objectives: Thus, the study of this polymorphism may help understanding the pathophysiology of coronary disease. Methods: We performed cross-sectional clinical and laboratory evaluations (including measurement of intima-media thickness of carotid arteries) and genotyping of the MMP1 SNP rs495366 (A/G) in 366 elderly people...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Christina Bermeitinger, Cathleen Kappes
Response priming refers to the finding that a prime stimulus preceding a target stimulus influences the response to the following target stimulus. With young subjects, using moving dot stimuli as primes indicated faster responses to compatible targets (i.e., prime and target are associated with the same response) with short stimulus onset asynchronies (SOAs). In contrast, with longer SOAs, participants responded faster to incompatible targets. In the present study, we extended the evidence by comparing middle-aged (50-65 years) and old (66-87 years) adults...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Titaporn Worapanwisit, Somkid Prabpai, Ed Rosenberg
Nearly every nation is experiencing rapid population aging. One area of major concern is health; a major health risk for older adults is falling, and there are multiple negative consequences of falling. This is a global concern yet is underresearched in many nations. This study examines demographic, health, and environmental correlates of falling among community-dwelling Thai elderly. Data were collected from a sample of 406 adults aged 60-69. Significant ( p < 0.05) fall correlates were urban residence, older age, greater BMI, impaired and uncorrected vision, chronic health conditions, medication use and medication side effects, poor muscle tone, and hazardous indoor and outdoor home environments...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Atle Hole Saeterbakken, Hilde Bremseth Bårdstu, Anine Brudeseth, Vidar Andersen
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of a 10-week strength training intervention on isometric strength, rate of force development (RFD), physical function (stair climbing, rising from a chair, and preferred and maximal walking speed), and physical activity among frail elderly people receiving home-care services. Thirty participants were randomly assigned (by sex) to a control group (CON) or a strength training group (ST) performing a supervised training programme using elastic bands, box-lifting, and body weight exercises twice per week...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Chuntida Kamalashiran, Junya Pattaraarchachai, Sombat Muengtaweepongsa
Dementia is a broad-spectrum terminology for a degenerate in cognitive function severe enough to intervene in activities of daily living. Oxidative stress plays a major role in the neurodegenerative cascade, leading to the irreversible mechanism in dementia. Perilla seed oil is extracted from its seeds and contains a high source of antioxidative substances such as omega-3 fatty acid. With its prominent antioxidative property, perilla seed oil demonstrates neuroprotective effects against dementia in preclinical studies...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Luis Miguel Rondón García, Jose Manuel Ramírez Navarrro
Background: This research analyzes the impact of quality of life as a metavariable that conditions the health and social welfare of the elderly. The sample of this study is composed of 500 people, randomly selected from the major day centers for the elderly in the province of Granada (Spain). Method: For the inferential analysis, we used the CUBRECAVI questionnaire, which is a multidimensional scale of health and quality of life, along with the Katz and García measure questionnaires, which are also applied to quality of life...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Simone Perna, Daniele Spadaccini, Mara Nichetti, Ilaria Avanzato, Milena Anna Faliva, Mariangela Rondanelli
Background: The main criticism of the definition of "osteosarcopenic obesity" (OSO) is the lack of division between subcutaneous and visceral fat. This study describes the prevalence, metabolic profile, and risk factors of two new phenotypes of sarcopenia: osteosarcopenic visceral obesity (OSVAT) and osteosarcopenic subcutaneous obesity (OSSAT). Methods: A standardized geriatric assessment was performed by anthropometric and biochemical measures. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) was used to assess body composition, visceral adipose tissue (VAT), subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), osteoporosis, and sarcopenia...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Mei-Lan Chen, Jie Hu, Thomas P McCoy, Susan Letvak, Luba Ivanov
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a six-month lifestyle-based intervention on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in older adults with hypertension. A secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial was conducted to test the differences between the intervention and control groups on HRQOL ( N =196). The results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences between the intervention and control groups on change in HRQOL, but the final regression models were statistically significant...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Nathalie André, Claude Ferrand, Cédric Albinet, Michel Audiffren
Background: Although a number of studies have examined sociodemographic, psychosocial, and environmental determinants of the level of physical activity (PA) for older people, little attention has been paid to the predictive power of cognitive strategies for independently living older adults. However, cognitive strategies have recently been considered to be critical in the management of day-to-day living. Methods: Data were collected from 243 men and women aged 55 years and older living in France using face-to-face interviews between 2011 and 2013...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Isabela Feitosa de Carvalho, Gianluca Loyolla Montanari Leme, Marcos Eduardo Scheicher
Objectives: The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of balance training with Nintendo Wii technology, with and without the use of additional sensory information (subpatellar bandage), in the functional mobility and gait speed of elderly female fallers. Methods: Twenty elderly women were divided into two groups: group I: trained with the use of the Nintendo Wii; group II: trained using the Nintendo Wii and the addition of sensory information (subpatellar bandage)...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Duke Appiah, Richard N Baumgartner
We investigated the risk of death in relation to the apolipoprotein ε 4 allele and evaluated how it interacts with education in 504 elderly adults (mean age 73 years, 65.3% women) who were enrolled in 1993 into the New Mexico Aging Process Study. During 9 years of follow-up, apolipoprotein ε 2 appeared to be associated with a lower risk for all-cause mortality (hazard ratio (HR) = 0.73, 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.30-1.71) compared to apolipoprotein ε 3 carriers in models adjusted for age, sociodemographic variables, medical conditions, adiposity, and lifestyle factors...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Rachel Russell, Marcus Ormerod, Rita Newton
Modifying the home environments of older people as they age in place is a well-established health and social care intervention. Using design and construction methods to redress any imbalance caused by the ageing process or disability within the home environment, occupational therapists are seen as the experts in this field of practice. However, the process used by occupational therapists when modifying home environments has been criticised for being disorganised and not founded on theoretical principles and concepts underpinning the profession...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Jennifer W Bea, Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, Betsy C Wertheim, Yann Klimentidis, Zhao Chen, Oleg Zaslavsky, Todd M Manini, Catherine R Womack, Candyce H Kroenke, Andrea Z LaCroix, Cynthia A Thomson
Studies suggest that ACE-inhibitors (ACE-I) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) may preserve skeletal muscle with aging. We evaluated longitudinal differences in lean body mass (LBM) among women diagnosed with hypertension and classified as ACE-I/ARB users and nonusers among Women's Health Initiative participants that received dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scans to estimate body composition ( n =10,635) at baseline and at years 3 and 6 of follow-up. Of those, 2642 were treated for hypertension at baseline...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Mathias Haeger, Otmar Bock, Daniel Memmert, Stefanie Hüttermann
Virtual reality offers a good possibility for the implementation of real-life tasks in a laboratory-based training or testing scenario. Thus, a computerized training in a driving simulator offers an ecological valid training approach. Visual attention had an influence on driving performance, so we used the reverse approach to test the influence of a driving training on visual attention and executive functions. Thirty-seven healthy older participants (mean age: 71.46 ± 4.09; gender: 17 men and 20 women) took part in our controlled experimental study...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Cristiane Batisti Ferreira, Pâmela Dos Santos Teixeira, Geiane Alves Dos Santos, Athila Teles Dantas Maya, Paula Americano do Brasil, Vinícius Carolino Souza, Cláudio Córdova, Aparecido Pimentel Ferreira, Ricardo Moreno Lima, Otávio de Toledo Nóbrega
With the increase in life expectancy, the Brazilian elderly population has risen considerably. However, longevity is usually accompanied by problems such as the loss of functional capacity, cognitive decline, frailty syndrome, and deterioration in anthropometric parameters, particularly among those living in long-term care facilities. This randomized controlled trial aimed to verify the effects of exercise training on biochemical, inflammatory, and anthropometric indices and functional performance in institutionalized frail elderly...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
Pattaraporn Khongboon, Sathirakorn Pongpanich
Background: Rural-urban inequality in long-term care (LTC) services has been increasing alongside rapid socioeconomic development. This study estimates the average spending on LTC services and identifies the factors that influence the use and cost of LTC for the elderly living in urban and rural areas of Thailand. Methods: The sample comprised 837 elderly aged 60 years drawn from rural and urban areas in Phichit Province. Costs were assessed over a 1-month period...
2018: Journal of Aging Research
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