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AoB Plants

Sadia Nadir, Sehroon Khan, Qian Zhu, Doku Henry, Li Wei, Dong Sun Lee, LiJuan Chen
Reproductive isolation is generally regarded as the essence of the speciation process. Studying closely related species is convenient for understanding the genetic basis of reproductive isolation. Therefore, the present review is restricted to the species and subspecies of the Oryza sativa complex, which includes the two domestic rice cultivars and six wild species. Although closely related, these rice species are separated from each other by a range reproductive barriers. This review presents a comprehensive understanding of the forces that shaped the formation of reproductive barriers among and between the species of the O...
December 2018: AoB Plants
Rakhshanda Mushtaq, Khurram Shahzad, Shahid Mansoor, Zahid Hussain Shah, Hameed Alsamadany, Tahir Mujtaba, Yahya Al-Zahrani, Hind A S Alzahrani, Zaheer Ahmed, Aftab Bashir
Cotton leaf curl virus (CLCuV) disease is one of the major limiting factors in cotton production, particularly in widely cultivated Gossypium hirsutum varieties that are susceptible to attack by this virus. Several approaches have been employed to explore putative resistance genes in another cotton species, G. arboreum . However, the exact mechanisms conferring disease resistance in cotton are still unknown. In the current study, we used various approaches to identify possible resistance genes against CLCuV infection...
December 2018: AoB Plants
Hérica Ribeiro Almeida Pires, Augusto Cesar Franco, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade, Veridiana Vizoni Scudeller, Bart Kruijt, Cristiane Silva Ferreira
Comparing plants of the same species thriving in flooded and non-flooded ecosystems helps to clarify the interplay between natural selection, phenotypic plasticity and stress adaptation. We focussed on responses of seeds and seedlings of Genipa americana and Guazuma ulmifolia to substrate waterlogging or total submergence. Both species are commonly found in floodplain forests of Central Amazonia and in seasonally dry savannas of Central Brazil (Cerrado). Although seeds of Amazonian and Cerrado G. americana were similar in size, the germination percentage of Cerrado seeds was decreased by submergence (3 cm water) and increased in Amazonian seeds...
December 2018: AoB Plants
Peter Glasnović, Martina Temunović, Dmitar Lakušić, Tamara Rakić, Valentina Brečko Grubar, Boštjan Surina
The Balkan Peninsula represents one of the three southern European glacial refugia where biodiversity persisted throughout the climatically unstable Quaternary. This study considered the 'refugia within refugia' model, which assumes the environmental heterogeneity over time and space in larger refugia. To better understand patterns shaped during the Quaternary climatic oscillations, the present and last glacial maximum (LGM) environmental conditions and current morphological variability of Edraianthus tenuifolius , an endemic plant of the western Balkans with a well-known therphical structure, were considered...
December 2018: AoB Plants
Elisabeth Dantas Tölke, Julien B Bachelier, Elimar Alves de Lima, Marcelo José Pena Ferreira, Diego Demarco, Sandra Maria Carmello-Guerreiro
Flowers of Anacardiaceae and other Sapindales typically produce nectar, but scent, often associated with a reward for pollinators, has surprisingly been mentioned only rarely for members of the family and order. However, flowers of Anacardium humile and Mangifera indica produce a strong sweet scent. The origin and composition of these floral scents is the subject of this study. Screening of potential osmophores on the petals and investigations of their anatomy were carried out by light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy...
December 2018: AoB Plants
Yun Wu, Tao Zhong, Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Qing-Jun Li
Elucidating how variation in selection shapes the evolution of flowers is key to understanding adaptive differentiation processes. We estimated pollinator-mediated selection through female function in L-morph (long-style and short-anther phenotype) and S-morph (short-style and long-anther phenotype) flowers among four Primula secundiflora populations with different pollinator assemblages. Variation in pollinator assemblage strongly contributed to differences in reproductive success among populations and between morphs of the primrose species...
October 2018: AoB Plants
David Roy Smith
Recent work on the chlamydomonadalean green alga Haematococcus lacustris uncovered the largest plastid genome on record: a whopping 1.35 Mb with >90 % non-coding DNA. A 500-word description of this genome was published in the journal Genome Announcements . But such a short report for such a large genome leaves many unanswered questions. For instance, the H. lacustris plastome was found to encode only 12 tRNAs, less than half that of a typical plastome, it appears to have a non-standard genetic code, and is one of only a few known plastid DNAs (ptDNAs), out of thousands of available sequences, not biased in adenine and thymine...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Riccardo Lorrai, Alessandra Boccaccini, Veronica Ruta, Marco Possenti, Paolo Costantino, Paola Vittorioso
Hypocotyl elongation of Arabidopsis seedlings is influenced by light and numerous growth factors. Light induces inhibition of hypocotyl elongation (photomorphogenesis), whereas in the dark hypocotyl elongation is promoted (skotomorphogenesis). Abscisic acid (ABA) plays a major role in inhibition of hypocotyl elongation, but the molecular mechanism remains unclear. We investigated the effect of ABA during photo- and skotomorphogenesis, making use of appropriate mutants, and we show that ABA negatively controls hypocotyl elongation acting on gibberellin (GA) metabolic genes, increasing the amount of the DELLA proteins GAI and RGA, thus affecting GA signalling, and (ultimately) repressing auxin biosynthetic genes...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Daniele M Rodrigues, Lina Caballero-Villalobos, Caroline Turchetto, Rosangela Assis Jacques, Cris Kuhlemeier, Loreta B Freitas
Petunia is endemic to South America grasslands; member of this genus exhibit variation in flower colour and shape, attracting bees, hawkmoths or hummingbirds. This group of plants is thus an excellent model system for evolutionary studies of diversification associated with pollinator shifts. Our aims were to identify the legitimate pollinator of Petunia secreta , a rare and endemic species, and to assess the importance of floral traits in pollinator attraction in this Petunia species. To determine the legitimate pollinator, field observations were conducted, and all floral visitors were recorded and evaluated...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Blanca Gallego-Tévar, Alfredo E Rubio-Casal, Alfonso de Cires, Enrique Figueroa, Brenda J Grewell, Jesús M Castillo
Hybridization is a frequent process that leads to relevant evolutionary consequences, but there is a lack of studies regarding the relationships of the variability of the response of parental plant species to environmental gradients and the responses of their hybrids at a phenotypic level. We designed an experiment in which we exposed two reciprocal cordgrass hybrids, Spartina maritima × densiflora and S. densiflora × maritima , and their parental species to four salinity concentrations for 30 days. The main objectives were to compare the performance of the hybrids with that of their parents, to distinguish the phenotypic inheritance operating in the hybrids and to analyse the relationships between the variability in the responses of the parents and the responses of their hybrids to salinity...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Rocío Gómez, Belén Méndez-Vigo, Arnald Marcer, Carlos Alonso-Blanco, F Xavier Picó
Rapid evolution in annual plants can be quantified by comparing phenotypic and genetic changes between past and contemporary individuals from the same populations over several generations. Such knowledge will help understand the response of plants to rapid environmental shifts, such as the ones imposed by global climate change. To that end, we undertook a resurrection approach in Spanish populations of the annual plant Arabidopsis thaliana that were sampled twice over a decade. Annual weather records were compared to their historical records to extract patterns of climatic shifts over time...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Leyla Bayat, Mostafa Arab, Sasan Aliniaeifard, Mehdi Seif, Oksana Lastochkina, Tao Li
Photosynthesis is defined as a light-dependent process; however, it is negatively influenced by high light (HL) intensities. To investigate whether the memory of growth under monochromatic or combinational lights can influence plant responses to HL, rose plants were grown under different light spectra [including red (R), blue (B), 70:30 % red:blue (RB) and white (W)] and were exposed to HL (1500 μmol m-2 s-1 ) for 12 h. Polyphasic chlorophyll a fluorescence (OJIP) transients revealed that although monochromatic R- and B-grown plants performed well under control conditions, the functionality of their electron transport system was more sensitive to HL than that of the RB- and W-grown plants...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Carmen Agglael Vergara-Torres, Angélica Ma Corona-López, Cecilia Díaz-Castelazo, Víctor Hugo Toledo-Hernández, Alejandro Flores-Palacios
Seed depredation is recognized as a determining factor in plant community structure and composition. Ants are primary consumers of seeds influencing abundance of epiphytes on trees. This study was conducted in two subunits of a tropical dry forest established on different soil substrates in San Andrés de la Cal, Tepoztlán, in Morelos, Mexico, and experimentally tested whether seed removal activity is higher in tree species with smaller epiphyte loads compared to those with greater epiphyte loads. Five trees were selected at random from six species of trees with high (preferred hosts) or low (limiting hosts) epiphyte loads...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Qi Shen, Zhihui Wen, Yan Dong, Haigang Li, Yuxin Miao, Jianbo Shen
The adaptations of root growth and rhizosphere processes for soil phosphorus (P) acquisition have been investigated intensively in wheat ( Triticum aestivum ). However, only a few studies paid attention to these responses to shoot P status. This study aimed at investigating the responses of root morphology and P-mobilizing exudation to increasing shoot P concentration. A broad range of wheat shoot P concentrations (1.0-7.1 mg per g dry weight) was set up with 11 rates of P supply: 0-1200 mg P per kg soil. Root morphology and exudation parameters were measured after 37 days of plant growth...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Sally M Chambers, Nancy C Emery
Species-level responses to environmental change depend on the collective responses of their constituent populations and the degree to which populations are specialized to local conditions. Manipulative experiments in common-garden settings make it possible to test for population variation in species' responses to specific climate variables, including those projected to shift as the climate changes in the future. While this approach is being applied to a variety of plant taxa to evaluate their responses to climate change, these studies are heavily biased towards seed-bearing plant species...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Arne Mertens, Rein Brys, Dorien Schouppe, Hans Jacquemyn
The genetic diversity and structure of plant populations are determined by the interaction of three distinct processes: gene flow, genetic drift and natural selection. These processes are to some extent dependent on the mating system of plants, which in turn is largely determined by floral morphology and the level of herkogamy in particular. In this study, we used molecular markers to investigate the impact of floral morphology on genetic differentiation and structure in two closely related Centaurium species that display large variation in floral morphology across two distinct geographic regions in Europe (mainland Europe and the UK)...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Jingru Wang, Minghao Wang, Xiaowei Zhang, Shan Sun, Aiping Zhang, Ning Chen, Changming Zhao
Homoploid hybrid speciation (HHS), characterized by hybrid speciation without a change in chromosome number and facilitated by ecological divergence, is well known in angiosperms but rare in gymnosperms. Picea purpurea as one of two demonstrably conifer diploid hybrid species in gymnosperms has been found to occupy colder alpine habitats than its parents. However, studies on whether leaf frost tolerance and hydraulic safety exhibit transgressive segregation and thus play a role in conifer HHS are still lacking...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Christopher Krieg, James E Watkins, Sally Chambers, Chad E Husby
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1093/aobpla/plx013.][This corrects the article DOI: 10.1093/aobpla/plx013.].
October 2018: AoB Plants
Ganesh K Jaganathan, Kirsty J Yule, Matthew Biddick
Dormancy caused by impermeable seed coats, i.e. physical dormancy (PY), regulates the timing of seed germination in species of several genera belonging to 18 angiosperm families. Physical dormancy also occurs in some mimetic species whose seeds mimic brightly coloured, fleshy fruits or arilled seeds. However, the conditions that break dormancy, as well as the location of water gaps in mimetic seeds, remain unclear. Here, we investigated the adaptive role of impermeable coats in the mimetic seeds of Adenanthera pavonina (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae)...
October 2018: AoB Plants
Javier Bobo-Pinilla, Julio Peñas de Giles, Noemí López-González, Sonia Mediavilla, M Montserrat Martínez-Ortega
Quaternary glacial cycles appear to have had a consistent role in shaping the genetic diversity and structure of plant species. Despite the unusual combination of the characteristics of the western Mediterranean-Macaronesian area, there are no studies that have specifically examined the effects of palaeoclimatic and palaeogeographic factors on the genetic composition and structure of annual herbs. Astragalus edulis is a disjunct endemic found in the easternmost Canary Islands and the semi-arid areas of north-eastern Africa and south-eastern Iberian Peninsula...
October 2018: AoB Plants
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