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Therapeutic Delivery

Christopher Hernandez, Agata A Exner
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March 28, 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
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March 13, 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Gerald K Schalau, Robert O Huber, Linda S Nartker, Xavier Thomas
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February 6, 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Peter Timmins
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April 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Hidetoshi Arima, Keiichi Motoyama, Taishi Higashi
Despite the recent approval of some gene medicines and nucleic acid drugs, further improvement of delivery techniques for these drugs is strongly required. Several delivery technologies for these drugs have been developed, in other words, viral and two types of nonviral (lipofection and polyfection) vectors. Among the polyfection system, the potential use of various cyclodextrin (CyD) derivatives and CyD-appended polymers as carriers for gene and nucleic acid drugs has been demonstrated. The polyamidoamine dendrimer (G3) conjugates with α-CyD (α-CDE (G3)) have been reported to possess noteworthy properties as DNA and nucleic acid drugs carriers...
April 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Sameer Bhandari, Vikas Rana, Ashok K Tiwary
AIM: The low aqueous solubility of artemether and lumefantrine makes them less bioavailable. It is expected that by formulating self-microemulsifying drug-delivery systems (SMEDDS), their aqueous solubility and absorption will thus be enhanced. Results & methodology: Optimized liquid SMEDDS containing artemether and lumefantrine was adsorbed on Neusilin US2(®) employing spray drying technique to convert it into solid SMEDDS. Almost 90% of both drugs were released within 15 min in their respective official dissolution media...
April 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Maria-Eleni Kyriazi, Amelie Heuer-Jungemann, Antonios G Kanaras
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April 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Vibhuti Agrahari, Vivek Agrahari, Ashim K Mitra
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April 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Palpandi Pandi, Anjali Jain, Saka Raju, Wahid Khan
Immune-mediated diseases are emerging as a major healthcare concern in the present era. TNF-α, a proinflammatory cytokine, plays a major role in the manifestation of these diseases by mediating different pathways and inducing the expression of other cytokines. In last decades, monoclonal antibodies and extracellular portion of human TNF-α receptors are explored in this area; however, the risk of immunological response and undesired effects urge a need to develop more effective therapies to control TNF-α levels...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Henry Hirschberg, Steen J Madsen
Chemotherapeutic agents, either in the form of systemically injected free drug or encapsulated in nanoparticles transport vehicles, must overcome three main obstacles prior to reaching and interacting with their intended target inside tumor cells. Drugs must leave the circulation, overcome the tissue-tumor barrier and penetrate the cell's plasma membrane. Since, many agents enter the cell by endocytosis, they must avoid entrapment and degradation by the intracellular endolysosome complex. Ultrasound has demonstrated potential to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy by reducing these barriers...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Kelly E Burns, James B Delehanty
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March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Ashok K Tiwary, Bharti Sapra
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March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Oliver C Steinbach
The present industry update covers the period 1-31 January 2017, with information sourced from company press releases, regulatory and patent agencies as well as the scientific literature. With a new year come new resolutions, annual operation plans but also reports and outlooks for the years(s) to come. A number of the latter have been published in January forecasting various spaces in drug delivery (Market and Research). Also a number of financing deals were closed being fresh into the year such as Ossianix and Ocular Therapeutix and contract manufacturers will show their offerings at the 2017 MD&M West Medtech event (Lubrizol, Trelleborg)...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Neha Goyal, Purva Thatai, Bharti Sapra
Cancer is a group of diseases categorized by abandoning escalation and multiplication of abnormal cells. Current topical treatments for skin cancer are mainly in the semisolid dosage forms of 5-fluorouracil, imiquimod, etc. Many surgical treatments are also available these days for the treatment of skin cancer, for example, photodynamic therapy, which is approved by the US FDA. The stratum corneum is the main barrier against permeation of topical formulations developed for skin cancer treatment. Liposomes, thermosensitive stealth liposomes, nanoemulsions and polymeric lipid nanoparticles have been used by several researchers to increase skin permeability...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Mariacristina Gagliardi
In drug targeting, the urgent need for more effective and less iatrogenic therapies is pushing toward a complete revision of carrier setup. After the era of 'articles used as homing systems', novel prototypes are now emerging. Newly conceived carriers are endowed with better biocompatibility, biodistribution and targeting properties. The biomimetic approach bestows such improved functional properties. Exploiting biological molecules, organisms and cells, or taking inspiration from them, drug vector performances are now rapidly progressing toward the perfect carrier...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Hiep X Nguyen, Ajay K Banga
AIM: This study aimed to fabricate, characterize and use maltose microneedles for transdermal delivery of doxorubicin. MATERIALS & METHODS: Microneedles were fabricated by micromolding technique and evaluated for dimensions, mechanical properties and in situ dissolution. Microporation of human cadaver skin was confirmed by dye binding, histology, pore uniformity, confocal laser microscopy and skin integrity measurement. In vitro permeation studies were performed on vertical Franz diffusion cells...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Sylvain Martel
Paul Ehrlich's 'magic bullet' concept has stimulated research for therapeutic agents with the capability to go straight to their intended targets. The 'magic bullet' concept is still considered the ultimate approach to maximize the therapeutic effects of a given therapeutic agent without affecting nontargeted tissues. But so far, there has never been a therapeutic agent or a delivery system that goes straight to the target in the body, and no approach has provided anything better than just a few percents of the total administered dose reaching the intended target sites...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Nivedita Gautam, Karthikeyan Kesavan
Microemulsions (MEs) are thermodynamic stable dispersion of oily phase and aqueous phase stabilized by surfactants and co-surfactants, and are a small droplet size of less than 100 nm. MEs are appropriate systems for ocular drug delivery because they improve ocular drug retention, extended duration of action, high ocular absorption, permeation of loaded drugs and effortlessness of preparation and administration. This review is an effort to summarize the recent development in the area of MEs, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, which are examined in relation to their uses in ocular drug delivery...
March 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Narendar Dudhipala, Kishan Veerabrahma
Candesartan cilexetil (CC), an antihypertensive drug, has low oral bioavailability due to poor solubility and hepatic first-pass metabolism. These are major limitations in oral delivery of CC. Several approaches are known to reduce the problems of solubility and improve the bioavailability of CC. Among various approaches, nanotechnology-based delivery of CC has potential to overcome the challenges associated with the oral administration. This review focuses on various nano-based delivery systems available and tried for improving the aqueous solubility, dissolution and consequently bioavailability of CC upon oral administration...
February 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
Serena Mazzucchelli, Fabio Corsi
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February 2017: Therapeutic Delivery
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