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Journal of Cancer

Miho Kono, Takeo Fujii, Naoko Matsuda, Kenichi Harano, Huiqin Chen, Chetna Wathoo, Aron Y Joon, Debu Tripathy, Funda Meric-Bernstam, Naoto T Ueno
Background: Bone is the most common site of metastasis of breast cancer. Biological mechanisms of metastasis to bone may be different from mechanisms of metastasis to non-bone sites, and identification of distinct signaling pathways and somatic mutations may provide insights on biology and rational targets for treatment and prevention of bone metastasis. The aims of this study were to compare and contrast somatic mutations, clinicopathologic characteristics, and survival in breast cancer patients with bone-only versus non-bone sites of first metastasis...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Ning Xu, Yu-Peng Wu, Xiao-Dong Li, Min-Yi Lin, Qing-Shui Zheng, Shao-Hao Chen, Jun-Feng Li, Yong Wei, Xue-Yi Xue
Background: This study compared magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsy (MRI-GB) and transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy (TRUS-GB) with the final histology of the radical prostatectomy (RP) specimen. Methods: Our subjects were 229 patients with prostate cancer (PCa), proven histopathologically using MRI-GB or TRUS-GB, who underwent RP at our center between December 2015 and December 2016. The main group included 92 patients who underwent MRI-GB and the control group included 137 patients who underwent 12-core TRUS-GB...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Changhua Zhuo, Dan Hu, Jing Li, Hui Yu, Xiandong Lin, Ying Chen, Yong Zhuang, Qingguo Li, Xiongwei Zheng, Chunkang Yang
Aims: Activin A receptor type 2A (ACVR2A) is a membrane receptor in the transforming growth factor- beta (TGF-β signaling pathway, which is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation, migration, and apoptosis. The aim of this study was to examine the expression profiles and biological functions of ACVR2A in colon cancer. Methods: ACVR2A expression was investigated using the GSE39582 database and two validation cohorts. An in vitro study of cell proliferation and migration of human colon cell lines was also performed...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Wu Zhou, Keqing Shi, Lili Ji, Ruihao Wu, Yuehui Chen, Hongxiang Tu, Beibei Zhou, Zhongyong Wang, Meijuan Zhang
To explore the role of phospholipase D1 ( PLD1 ) mRNA in transition of prostate cancer (PCa) cells to androgen independence, we used Arraystar Human LncRNA Microarray V3.0 to detect and compare the differential expression of PLD1 and its signaling pathway-related gene in standard androgen dependence prostate cancer (ADPC) cell line LNCaP before and after the occurrence of androgen independence prostate cancer (AIPC) transition. In addition, we used the shRNA lentiviral vector to inhibit the PLD1 mRNA expression and observed its effect on LNCaP cell proliferation after AIPC transition by using MTS method...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Gabriel Lopez, M Kay Garcia, Wenli Liu, Michael Spano, Susan Underwood, Seyedeh S Dibaj, Yisheng Li, Rocio Moguel, Janet Williams, Eduardo Bruera, Lorenzo Cohen
Background: Increased access to complementary therapies such as acupuncture at academic medical centers has created new opportunities for management of cancer and cancer treatment related symptoms. Methods: Patients presenting for acupuncture treatment during calendar year 2016 at an outpatient integrative medicine clinic in a comprehensive cancer center were asked to complete a modified Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS; 16 symptoms, score 0-10, 10 worst possible) before and after each visit. ESAS subscales analyzed included global (GDS; score 0-90), physical (PHS, 0-60) and psychological distress (PSS, 0-20)...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Yun Liang, Lei Yi, Peng Liu, Libo Jiang, Houlei Wang, Annan Hu, Chi Sun, Jian Dong
C-X3-C chemokine ligand 1 (CX3CL1) has been shown to be involved in the development of multiple tumors. Our previous study demonstrated that CX3CL1 may be involved in the process of metastasis of various malignant tumors to the spine, including breast cancer, but the molecular mechanism was still unknown. In the present study, we found that the receptor CX3CR1 was overexpressed in the spinal metastases of breast cancer than in para-tumor tissue. In terms of CX3CL1, it was significantly more expressed in normal spinal cancellous bone than in limbs...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Changyun Yu, Yunyun Wang, Guo Li, Li She, Diekuo Zhang, Xiyu Chen, Xin Zhang, Zhaobing Qin, Hua Cao, Yong Liu
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are potentially critical regulators of cancer malignant behaviours. Aberrant expression and dysfunction of lncRNA PVT1 have been reported in multiple human cancers. However, its role in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN) remains largely unknown. Our current study demonstrated that PVT1 expression was increased in SCCHN. High PVT1 expression was positively correlated with SCCHN clinical parameters including T classification, clinical stages and cervical lymph node metastasis...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Yao Xiao, Guodong Liu, Liansheng Gong
We performed an updated meta-analysis and systematic review to explore the associations between polymorphisms in genes of IL-12 signaling pathway and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) risk. Diverse databases were retrieved to identify entire available studies, and odds ratios (ORs) correspondence with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were performed to assess their associations. Finally, 6 polymorphisms in five genes of the IL-12 signaling pathway were extracted from 39 case-control studies, 26 publications. We identified that STAT4 -rs7574865 polymorphism was significantly associated with an increased risk of HCC in allelic contrast, dominant, homozygote and recessive models...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Xiaoping Yi, Xiao Guan, Chen Chen, Youming Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Minghao Li, Peihua Liu, Anze Yu, Xueying Long, Longfei Liu, Bihong T Chen, Chishing Zee
Objective: To evaluate the feasibility and accuracy of machine learning based texture analysis of unenhanced CT images in differentiating subclinical pheochromocytoma (sPHEO) from lipid-poor adenoma (LPA) in adrenal incidentaloma (AI). Methods: Seventy-nine patients with 80 LPA and 29 patients with 30 sPHEO were included in the study. Texture parameters were derived using imaging software (MaZda). Thirty texture features were selected and LPA was performed for the features selected. The number of positive features was used to predict results...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Miao-Zhen Qiu, Zi-Xian Wang, Yi-Xin Zhou, Da-Jun Yang, Feng-Hua Wang, Rui-Hua Xu
Background: The 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging system for gastric cancer incorporated several new changes. We aimed to assess the comparative prognostic values of the 7th and 8th AJCC pTNM staging systems in patients with gastric cancer (GC), and accordingly, to put forward a refined staging classification. Methods: The SEER database was queried to identify GC patients between 2004 and 2009. GC patients from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC) were used as external validation data...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Xin Xu, Yuquan Tao, Liang Shan, Rui Chen, Hongyuan Jiang, Zijun Qian, Feng Cai, Lifang Ma, Yongchun Yu
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers, leading to the second cancer-related death in the global. Although the treatment of HCC has greatly improved over the past few decades, the survival rate of patients is still quite low. Thus, it is urgent to explore new therapies, especially seek for more accurate biomarkers for early diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in HCC. MicroRNAs (miRNAs), small noncoding RNAs, are pivotal participants and regulators in the development and progression of HCC...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Jinna Wu, Huanhuan Sun, Lewei Yang, Yun Deng, Yan Yan, Shuncong Wang, Guangwei Yang, Haiqing Ma
Introduction: Ovarian cancer is the first leading cause of cancer-related deaths among gynecologic malignancies, and the 7th most common female cancer worldwide. However, previous studies on changes in the long-term survival of ovarian cancer were limited. Methods: Our data were extracted from Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) registries to assess the incidence and relative survival changes of patients with ovarian cancer during 1983-2012. Patients with ovarian cancer were stratified by age, race, and socioeconomic status (SES)...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Tsung-Hsing Chen, Wey-Ran Lin, Chieh Lee, Cheng-Tang Chiu, Jun-Te Hsu, Ta-Sen Yeh, Kwang-Huei Lin, Puo-Hsien Le, Chau-Ting Yeh
Background: Gastric signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) is a histologic variant characterized by abundant intracytoplasmic mucin. Although it has been recognized that gastric adenocarcinoma harboring this feature has poorer prognosis, prognostic stratification within gastric SRCCs themselves has not been clearly defined. N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase14 (GALNT14) genotype has been associated to poorer treatment outcome in mucinous type colorectal cancer. Here we incorporated clinicopathological factors and GALNT14 genotype to stratify prognosis of advanced gastric SRCC...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Yue-Qin Li, Juan Chen, Ji-Ye Yin, Zhao-Qian Liu, Xiang-Ping Li
Objectives: Platinum-based chemotherapy is first-line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. The efficacy is limited by drug resistance. Recent studies suggest that ATP7B, a copper efflux transporter, may be involved in platinum resistance. However, the clinical significance of ATP7B expression in NSCLC is controversial. Moreover, the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in ATP7B gene on the response to platinum-based chemotherapy are scarcely understood. The aim of our study is to evaluate the clinical value of ATP7B in NSCLC patients and explore the interrelationships between ATP7B SNPs and protein expression, and their association with chemotherapy response...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Lei Zhang, Yi Wang, Zhiqiang Qin, Ran Li, Rong Cong, Chengjian Ji, Xianghu Meng, Yamin Wang, Jiadong Xia, Ninghong Song
Background : Various studies had explored the relationship between TP53 codon 72 polymorphisms and the risk of bladder cancer (BC). However, their results remained inconsistent and the definite role of smoking or tumor status associated with this polymorphism in BC cases was seldom involved. Hence, this meta-analysis was to disclose such associations. Methods : Systematical and comprehensive retrieval of online databases PubMed, PMC, EMBASE and Web of Science were conducted to obtain eligible studies, up to May 30th, 2018...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Xiang-Lin Hu, Song-Tao Xu, Xiao-Cen Wang, Dong-Ni Hou, Cui-Cui Chen, Yuan-Lin Song, Dong Yang
Background: Patients with early stage lung cancer seldom present initial respiratory symptoms, causing a delayed diagnosis and missed opportunity to receive operation. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of initial respiratory symptoms and identity what factors would predispose lung cancer patients to present initial respiratory symptoms in patients undergoing lung cancer surgery. Methods: A retrospective chart review was conducted on 3,203 patients undergoing surgery for primary lung cancer. The prevalence of initial respiratory symptoms was investigated and the comparisons of clinicopathological parameters were performed between patients with and without initial respiratory symptoms or between patients with single and multiple initial respiratory symptoms...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Yunda Song, Zhenxin Chen, Luohai Chen, Chaobin He, Xin Huang, Fangting Duan, Jun Wang, Xiangming Lao, Shengping Li
Background: Nodal status and tumor site are prognostic factors for resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). Parameters for nodal status are diverse, and the number of examined lymph nodes (eNs) needed for good prognosis are uncertain. We try to modify staging system of resectable PDAC with parameters mentioned above by recursive partitioning analysis. Methods: Patients from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database were divided into training cohort and internal validation cohort, randomly...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Kunpeng Yin, Dandan Song, Hongwei Zhang, Feng Cai, Jun Chen, Jun Dang
Background: The role of surgery for stage II and III small cell lung cancer (SCLC) remains controversial. The use of prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) for resected SCLC was limited. This study aimed to assess the efficacy of surgery in patients with stage II and III SCLC, and evaluate the value of PCI on resected disease. Methods: A total of 269 consecutive patients with stage II-IIIA SCLC were retrospectively reviewed from January 2010 to December 2015. Of these, 116 patients received surgical resection, and 153 underwent non-surgical treatment...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Jianli Ma, Decai Chi, Yan Wang, Yubo Yan, Shu Zhao, Hang Liu, Jing Jing, Haihong Pu, Minghui Zhang
Background: The prognostic role of PD-L1 expression in surgically resected lung adenocarcinoma (ADC) remains controversial. The present study was aimed to clarify the role of PD-L1 expression in predicting prognosis and to investigate its biological function in ADC. Materials and Methods: The association between PD-L1 expression and clinical outcomes in patients with resected ADC was analyzed using immunohistochemistry (IHC) in our cohort (n=104), externally validated by a meta-analysis of 13 published studies...
2018: Journal of Cancer
Liang Fang, Li Gao, Lei Xie, Guizhou Xiao
Background: Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is considered to be vital during chemotherapy resistance in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). Recently, eukaryotic initiation factor 5A-2 (eIF5A-2), a potential oncogene, has been reported to be involved in chemotherapy resistance in human cancers. Materials and Methods: N1-guanyl-1,7-diaminoheptane (GC7, a novel eIF5A-2 inhibitor) or siRNA on responses to doxorubicin were examined in OSCC cells. Cytotoxicity and protein expression were evaluated by CCK-8 and EdU incorporation assay and western blotting...
2018: Journal of Cancer
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