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Anatomy & Cell Biology

Satheesha B Nayak
The objective of this case report is to alert the cardiologists and radiologists about the possibility of an extremely rare trifurcation of the right coronary artery. During dissection classes, an early trifurcation of the right coronary artery (RCA) was observed in an adult male cadaver aged approximately 65 years. The RCA had a normal origin from the anterior aortic sinus. After a course of just 2 mm, it trifurcated into a conus artery, a huge right ventricular branch and then a main continuation of the RCA...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Satheesha B Nayak, Naveen Kumar, Srinivasa Rao Sirasanagandla, Srilatha Parampalli Srinivas, Narendra Pamidi, Surekha D Shetty
Osteochondromas develop as cartilaginous nodules in the periosteum of bones. They are the commonest benign tumors of the skeleton, generally observed in the long bones. Rarely, they are also found in the axial skeleton, flat bones of skull and facial bones. During a regular dissection, we came across a solitary osteochondroma in posterior surface of the body of the right pubic bone. Histopathology of the bony projection confirmed the typical features of the osteochondroma. The symptomatic osteochondromas are usually evaluated during radiographic examination...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Yoonsoo Park, Hyun-Jin Tae, Jeong Hwi Cho, In-Shik Kim, Taek Geun Ohk, Chan Woo Park, Joong Bum Moon, Myoung Cheol Shin, Tae-Kyeong Lee, Jae-Chul Lee, Joon Ha Park, Ji Hyeon Ahn, Seok Hoon Kang, Moo-Ho Won, Jun Hwi Cho
Cardiac arrest (CA) is sudden loss of heart function and abrupt stop in effective blood flow to the body. The patients who initially achieve return of spontaneous circulation (RoSC) after CA have low survival rate. It has been known that multiorgan dysfunctions after RoSC are associated with high morbidity and mortality. Most previous studies have focused on the heart and brain in RoSC after CA. Therefore, the aim of this research was to perform serological, physiological, and histopathology study in the lung and to determine whether or how pulmonary dysfunction is associated with low survival rate after CA...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Gabriel Olaiya Omotoso, Ismail Temitayo Gbadamosi, Theresa Titilayo Afolabi, Ahmad Bolakale Abdulwahab, Adelaja Abdulazeez Akinlolu
Cuprizone is a neurotoxin with copper-chelating ability used in animal model of multiple sclerosis in which oxidative stress has been documented as one of the cascade in the pathogenesis. Moringa oleifera is a phytomedicinal plant with antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. This study aimed at evaluating the ameliorative capability of M. oleifera in cuprizone-induced behavioral and histopathological alterations in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of Wistar rats. Four groups of rats were treated with normal saline, cuprizone, M...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Yuganti Prabhakar Vaidya, Aditya M Tarnekar, Moreshwar R Shende
The purpose of this study was to ascertain change in structure of mucosa of small intestine, if any, in small intestine of Swiss albino mice as an effect of chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-Ibuprofen. Longitudinal study conducted on 46 adult Swiss albino mice, 23 as experimental and 23 as control. Ibuprofen was given at a dose of 40 µg/g body weight per day for 6 weeks by intragastric route in experimental group of mice while control group of mice received same volume of distilled water...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Satoshi Ishizuka, Zhe Wu Jin, Masahito Yamamoto, Gen Murakami, Takeshi Takayama, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Shin-Ichi Abe
CD57 (synonyms: Leu-7, HNK-1) is a well-known marker of nerve elements including the conductive system of the heart, as well as natural killer cells. In lung specimens from 12 human fetuses at 10-34 weeks of gestation, we have found incidentally that segmental, subsegmental, and more peripheral arteries strongly expressed CD57. Capillaries near developing alveoli were often or sometimes positive. The CD57-positive tissue elements within intrapulmonary arteries seemed to be the endothelium, internal elastic lamina, and smooth muscle layer, which corresponded to tissue positive for a DAKO antibody reactive with smooth muscle actin we used...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Mohamed Ahmed Eladl, Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla, Anu Ranade
Although the students are subjected to some formative exams throughout the problem based learning units, feedback is not given appropriately and timely. Students want to know and use the reasoning behind judgments and always complain that assessment criteria need to be explained. The aim of this project is to implement a two-way feedback delivery (TWFD), in which both faculty and students have an opportunity to discuss their reflections on learning and examination processes. An Anatomy formative assessment is introduced to 100 students followed by implementation of TWFD...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Apurba Patra, Manjit Singh, Harsimarjit Kaur, Rajan Kumar Singla, Vishal Malhotra
Several authors have made efforts to define the position of the axillary nerve within deltoid muscle and to calculate the so called safe area for this nerve but it still remains a matter of debate. The primary aim of the study was to investigate the acromio-axillary (AA) distance and its correlation with upper arm length. The secondary aim was to re-define the safe area for axillary nerve within deltoid muscle. Sixty shoulders of thirty adult human cadavers were dissected using standard methods. The distance from the anterior and posterior edge of acromion to the upper border of the course of the axillary nerve was measured and recorded as anterior and posterior AA distance respectively...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Sudikshya Kc, Pragya Shrestha, Aashish Kumar Shah, Arvind Kumar Jha
The fissures of lungs are embryologically separating the bronchopulmonary segments, which later on persist in interlobar planes of fully developed lung. Fifty lungs (23 right side and 27 left side), obtained during routine dissection and preserved in formalin constituted the material for present study. In them, variations in fissures and lobes of lung were observed and compared with the previous studies. Seven right sided and 14 left sided lungs showed incomplete oblique fissure. Incomplete horizontal fissure of right lung was observed in eight lungs while it was completely missing in three specimens...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Amirreza Sadeghifar, Ali Krbalei Kahani, Alireza Saied, Elham Rasayi
The palmaris longus is harvested as a tendon graft in various surgical procedures. Several tests are used to assess the presence of palmaris longus tendon. In the present study, we attempted to assess the interobserver and intraobserver reliability of five of the most famous methods and also the examination of fifth superficial flexor function. Two observers, who had been trained on the tests and had practiced them, examined 105 volunteers on two separate occasions and in 1-month interval the results were recorded...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Dhivyalakshmi Gnanasekaran, Raveendranath Veeramani, Aravindhan Karuppusamy
Pulleys are thickened regions in flexor tendons sheaths of the digits. They are essential and act as fulcrum for the flexion and extension of the digits. The arrangement and number of pulley system differs greatly between the thumb and other digits. There is paucity of literature regarding the pulley system of thumb. We aimed to study the morphometry of the pulley system of the thumb in Indian cadavers. Dissection was carried out in 55 adult human cadaveric thumbs. The most common morphologic pattern of pulley observed in the thumb is type III (30 thumbs)...
June 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Neha, Hare Krishna
A 68-year-old male cadaver showed bilateral variation in the sensory innervation of the dorsum of hand. On the dorsum of right hand, first digit and lateral half of second digit were supplied by lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (LABCN); medial side of second digit and lateral side of third digit were supplied by superficial branch of radial nerve (SBRN) and medial side of third digit, the fourth and fifth digits were supplied by dorsal cutaneous branch of ulnar nerve (DBUN). On the dorsum of the left hand, lateral side of first digit was supplied by LABCN, medial side of first digit, the second and third digits as well as the lateral side of fourth digit were supplied by SBRN; medial side of fourth digit and fifth digit were supplied by DBUN...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Renate Elke Potgieter, Adam Michael Taylor, Quenton Wessels
The authors report a rare variation of the coeliac trunk, renal and testicular vasculature in a 27-year-old male cadaver. In the present case, the coeliac trunk and superior mesenteric artery was replaced by a modified coeliacomesenteric trunk formed by hepato-gastric and superior mesenteric arteries. Here the hepato-gastric artery or trunk contributed towards the total hepatic inflow as well as a gastro-duodenal artery. A separate right gastric artery and an additional superior pancreatico-duodenal artery was also found in addition with a retro-aortic left renal vein and a bilateral double renal arterial supply...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Wael M Elsaed, Raouf Fekry Bedeer, Mohamed Ahmed Eladl
Cimetidine is an H2 receptor antagonist that has an antiandrogenic effect. It intervenes with the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the Sertoli cells with accompanying testicular structural changes. In the present study, the microscopic and the ultrastructural changes induced by cimetidine and the effect of vitamin B12 as a protective agent on rat testes were studied. Immunoexpression of estrogen receptor β (ERβ) in testes was evaluated. Twenty-four adult male rats were divided into four groups: control, cimetidine-treated, vitamin B12 treated, and combined cimetidine and vitamin B12 treated...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Adekomi Damilare Adedayo, Adegoke Adebiyi Aderinola, Tijani Ahmad Adekilekun, Olaniyan Olayinka Olaolu, Alabi Mutiyat Olanike, Ijomone Kafilat Olayemi
In the developed and developing world, opioid consumption in combination with alcohol has become one of the substances abused. In this experiment, we examined the effects of alcohol, morphine, and morphine+alcohol combination on cognitive functions and neuroinflammatory responses in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) of juvenile male rats. Alcohol (1.0 ml of 15% v/v ethanol twice daily, subcutaneously, 7 hours apart), morphine (0.5 ml/kg of 0.4 mg/kg morphine chlorate twice daily, subcutaneously, 7 hours apart), morphine+alcohol co-treatment (0...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Christian Moro, Jessica Covino
Measuring skeletal development throughout juvenile growth can provide a greater understanding into the health, hormonal function and genetics of children. The metacarpals have been of interest for their potential to provide insights into healthy juvenile skeletal development. This study investigated the growth patterns of developing females from isolated communities who had varied diets. Anthropometrical measurements and hand-wrist X-rays were taken of 353 juvenile females from three populations: Pari Coastal Village and Bundi Highlands Village, Papua New Guinea (PNG); and Brisbane, Australia between 1968 to 1983...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Eun Jin Woo, Hyunwoo Jung, Tanvaa Tansatit
The present research aims to examine the cranial index in a modern people of Thai ancestry. Ultimately, this study will help to create a databank containing a cranial index for the classifications of the people from Asia. In this study, 185 modern crania of people of supposed Thai ancestry were examined. They were collected from the Department of Anatomy at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. The maximum cranial length and breadth were measured using standard anthropometric instruments based on Martin's methods...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Deepthi Nanayakkara, Ruwanthi Manawaratne, Harshana Sampath, Amal Vadysinghe, Roshan Peiris
Significant variations exist in the occurrence, form, and position of supraorbital nerve exits through the frontal bone. Detailed knowledge of the positional variations of supraorbital exits is important to ensure safe and successful regional anesthesia, and to avoid iatrogenic nerve injuries during surgery of the orbitofacial region. Supraorbital nerve exits from 116 sides of 58 dry intact adult skulls (37 male and 21 female) in a Sri Lankan population were examined to determine the morphological features and the precise position in relation to the facial midline, temporal crest of frontal bone, and frontozygomatic suture...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Muliani Joewono, I Nyoman Mangku Karmaya, Gede Wirata, Yuliana, I Gusti Ayu Widianti, I Nyoman Gede Wardana
The Chinese philosophy of Confucianism said "What I heard I forgot, what I see, I remember, what I do, I understand." During this time, most of the teaching and learning process relies on viewing and listening modalities only. As a result, much information does not last long in memory as well as the material understanding achieves became less deep. In studying anatomy science, drawing is one of effective important methods because it is an integration of ideas and knowledge of vision thereby increasing comprehension and learning motivation of college students...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
Beom Sun Chung, Min Suk Chung
The authors have operated the homepage ( to provide the learning contents of anatomy. From the homepage, sectioned images, volume models, and surface models-all Visible Korean products-can be downloaded. The realistic images can be interactively manipulated, which will give rise to the interest in anatomy. The various anatomy comics (learning comics, comic strips, plastination comics, etc.) are approachable. Visitors can obtain the regional anatomy book with concise contents, mnemonics, and schematics as well as the simplified dissection manual and the pleasant anatomy essay...
March 2018: Anatomy & Cell Biology
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