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Asian Journal of Sports Medicine

Seyedeh Faezeh Pourhashemi, Hedayat Sahraei, Gholam Hossein Meftahi, Boshra Hatef, Bahareh Gholipour
BACKGROUND: Physical activity increases the performance of the nervous system by stimulating the body's metabolism and improving the efficiency of the ATP production system. OBJECTIVES: In the present study, the effect of twenty minutes scuba diving in high depth (10m) on cognitive function and stress system activity was investigated. METHODS: Twelve professional scuba divers with a mean age of 23 ± 1 year, weight of 80 ± 2.5 kg and height of 1...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Reza Mazaheri, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Gelareh Radmehr, Farzin Halabchi, Hooman Angoorani
BACKGROUND: Due to biomechanical differences, various patterns of muscle contraction are expected to occur while walking over ground versus when walking on a treadmill. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to compare amplitude and duration of activation of selected trunk and lower extremity muscles during over-ground and treadmill walking. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Through a simple sampling method, 19 sedentary healthy men within the age range of 20 - 40 were selected...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Afsaneh Safar Cherati, Sara Lotfian, Aliashraf Jamshidi, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Mohammad Razi
BACKGROUND: The effects of exercise volume on the pattern of muscle activity is one of the most important factors in training management and injury risk reduction. In the lower limb, the quadriceps muscle which plays a determining role in performing the stance and other karate techniques could be injured in intensive exercise and may induce anterior knee pain in athletes. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between training volume and muscle activity of vastus medialis and vastus lateralis and its association with anterior knee pain in karate elites...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Farzin Halabchi, Hooman Angoorani, Maryam Mirshahi, Mohammad Hosein Pourgharib Shahi, Mohammad Ali Mansournia
BACKGROUND: Lateral ankle sprains (LAS) are among the most common sports- related injuries and the reinjury rate is very high. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of some intrinsic risk factors among professional football and basketball players with or without history of acute or recurrent ankle sprain. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred and six professional football and basketball players who were referred for pre-participation examinations were recruited in this study...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Mohsen Soori, Shahram Mohaghegh, Maryam Hajain, Behrooz Moraadi
BACKGROUND: Ramadan fasting is a major challenge for exercising Muslims especially in warm seasons. There is some evidence to indicate that Ramadan fasting causes higher subjective ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) in fasting Muslims. The mechanisms of this phenomenon are not known exactly. The role of respiratory muscle strength in this regard has not been studied yet. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was investigation of the effects of Ramadan fasting on respiratory muscle strength...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Mohammad Javad Haerinejad, Afshin Ostovar, Mohamad Reza Farzaneh, Mojtaba Keshavarz
BACKGROUND: Several reports have implied progressive increase of performance-enhancing drug (PED) use among Iranian athletes. More importantly, most of the previous research in the Iranian population had mainly focused on the anabolic steroid abuse, and ignored other agents. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and characteristics of PED use among bodybuilding athletes in Bushehr, south of Iran. METHODS: Four hundred and fifty three male bodybuilding athletes were recruited from Bushehr gyms between February and May of 2015...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Marcelo Magalhaes Sales, Caio Victor de Sousa, Wellington Barbosa Sampaio, Carlos Ernesto, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira Browne, Jose Fernando Vila Nova de Moraes, Daisy Motta-Santos, Milton Rocha Moraes, John Eugene Lewis, Herbert Gustavo Simões, Francisco Martins da Silva
BACKGROUND: Worldwide, systemic arterial hypertension is a leading cause of death and non-communicable cardiovascular disease. A major factor contributing to this disease is a sedentary lifestyle. However, physical exercise, such as martial arts, may be an option for blood pressure (BP) control. The magnitude of post-exercise hypotension is associated with a prolonged decrease in BP in normotensive and hypertensive individuals. OBJECTIVES: The present study aimed to verify the effects of a Contact Karate (CK) session on BP responses during a post-exercise recovery period in young adults...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Shweta Shenoy, Mrinal Dhawan, Jaspal Singh Sandhu
BACKGROUND: The effects of consumption of isolated soy protein (ISP) for a chronic period (4 weeks) on exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) in athletic population have never been explored. OBJECTIVES: To examine the effects of ISP on muscle damage indices elicited via a bout of damaging exercise. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Forty males (20 boxers, 20 cyclists) aged 18 - 28 years were randomly assigned to two groups (ISP and Placebo) (n = 20). All participants who engaged themselves in specific, regular training of 30 hours a week during the competitive season were included in the study...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Ahmad Azad, Mansour Mousavi, Ali Gorzi, Aghaali Ghasemnian
BACKGROUND: Pre-cooling is known to enhance exercise performance in soccer players. However, little information currently exists regarding precooling effects in Iranian young soccer players. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of precooling (water immersion) on exhaustive performance in the heat ( temperature = 32 - 34°C, humidity = 50%). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Sixteen young male soccer players from the provincial competitive teams were divided into two equal groups and were randomly assigned to precooling (age = 16...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Meissam Sadeghisani, Farideh Dehghan Manshadi, Hadi Azimi, Ali Montazeri
BACKGROUND: Baecke Habitual Physical Activity Questionnaire (BHPAQ) has widely been employed in clinical and laboratorial studies as a tool for measuring subjects' physical activities. But, the reliability and validity of this questionnaire have not been investigated among Persian speakers. OBJECTIVES: Therefore, the aim of the current study was examining the reliability and validity of the Persian version of the BHPAQ in healthy Persian adults. MATERIALS AND METHODS: After following the process of forward-backward translation, 32 subjects were invited to fill out the Persian version of the questionnaire in two independent sessions (3 - 7 days after the first session) in order to determine the reliability index...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Shahnaz Tofangchiha, Behnam Rabiee, Farzad Mehrabi
BACKGROUND: Headache is one of the most common complaints in today's society. Patterns and prevalence of headache, especially headaches associated with physical activity (Exertional Headache) in the population of conscripts in our country is unknown. OBJECTIVES: In this cross sectional study we tried to answer these questions to some extent. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Using a Persian questionnaire based on international headache society criteria of headache types (ICHD-II) and a sample size of 300, filled by two trained medical doctors, we gathered our data and analyzed it with an acceptable P value of < 0...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Maydeye Nazari, Mohammad Ali Azarbayjani, Kamal Azizbeigi
BACKGROUND: Exercise order is one of the key variables in designing resistance training (RT) that may affect physiological and functional muscle characteristics. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this research was to examine the effect of exercise order of RT on muscle strength, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and creatine kinase (CK) enzymes as indices of muscle damage in active young girls. PATIENTS AND METHODS: For this purpose, 24 active girls aged 20 - 30 years voluntarily participated in six weeks RT...
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Bahar Hassanmirzaei
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Shahin Salehi, Farhad Moradi Shahpar, Gholamreza Norouzi, Farshad Ghazalian, Mehrshad Poursaid Esfehani, Amir Hosein Abedi Yekta
BACKGROUND: Athletes' health is an important issue and for promoting it, pre-participation examination (PPE) is widely performed by responsible bodies around the world. OBJECTIVES: This study was to determine prevalence of cardiovascular disorders among athletes participating in the Asian games and answering the question whether the electrocardiogram (ECG) is a necessary part of pre-participation examination (PPE) for prevention of sudden cardiac death. MATERIALS AND METHODS: All athletes participated at Asian games came to sports medicine federation for a PPE including a comprehensive questionnaire, physical examination and ECG...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago, Luiz Henrique Palucci Vieira, Fabio Augusto Barbieri, Felipe Arruda Moura, Juliana Exel Santana, Vitor Luiz de Andrade, Bruno Luiz de Souza Bedo, Sergio Augusto Cunha
BACKGROUND: Kicking performance is the most studied technical action in soccer and lower limbs kinematics is closely related to success in kicking, mainly because they are essential in imparting high velocity to the ball. Previous studies demonstrated that soccer leagues in different countries exhibit different physical demands and technical requirements during the matches. However, evidencewhether nationality has any influence in the kinematics of soccer-related skills has not yet been reported...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Mehdi Rouissi, Moktar Chtara, Ahmed Berriri, Adam Owen, Karim Chamari
BACKGROUND: The modified Illinois change of direction test (MICODT) is an asymmetrical test because the numbers of changes of direction performed to the right and to the left are unequal. Therefore, it is possible that the asymmetry of this test may influence agility performance testing. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to compare two opposite/mirrored versions of the modified Illinois change of direction test. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Forty-six right-footed soccer players (17...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Masoud Shafieinia, Alireza Hidarnia, Anoushirvan Kazemnejad, Reza Rajabi
BACKGROUND: Regular physical activity has been highlighted as an important factor in decreasing about 25 factors harmful to health, such as obesity, diabetes, heart failure, depression and osteoporosis. Female office workers, because of the long hours they stay seated in their workplace, are seriously threatened by immobility. The Theory of Planned Behavior has been successfully used several times to predict PA behaviorphysical activity (PA). The TPB studies also have identified perceived behavioral control as the key determinant of walking intentions...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Komsak Sinsurin, Roongtiwa Vachalathiti, Wattana Jalayondeja, Weerawat Limroongreungrat
BACKGROUND: Jump landing is a complex movement in sports. While competing and practicing, athletes frequently perform multi-planar jump landing. Anticipatory muscle activity could influence the amount of knee flexion and prepare the knee for dynamic weight bearing such as landing tasks. OBJECTIVES: The aim of the present study was to examine knee muscle function and knee flexion excursion as athletes naturally performed multi-direction jump landing. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighteen male athletes performed the jump-landing test in four directions: forward (0°), 30° diagonal, 60° diagonal, and lateral (90°)...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Mansooreh Aliasgharpour, Zahra Abbasi, Shadan Pedram Razi, Anoshiravan Kazemnezhad
BACKGROUND: The restless legs syndrome is a sensorimotor disorder that is very common in patients on hemodialysis. Due to pharmacological treatments which have their own side effects, nowadays, studies have turned to non-pharmacological treatments. OBJECTIVES: The present study aims to assess the effect of stretching exercises on the severity of restless legs syndrome in patients on hemodialysis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This clinical trial study was conducted on 33 patients who had been identified using diagnostic criteria from the hemodialysis ward of Hasheminejad Hospital in Tehran...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Victor Silveira Coswig, David Hideyoshi Fukuda, Solange de Paula Ramos, Fabricio Boscolo Del Vecchio
BACKGROUND: One of the goals for training in combat sports is to mimic real situations. For mixed martial arts (MMA), simulated sparring matches are a frequent component during training, but a there is a lack of knowledge considering the differences in sparring and competitive environments. OBJECTIVES: The main objective of this study was to compare biochemical responses to sparring and official MMA matches. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty five male professional MMA fighters were evaluated during official events (OFF = 12) and simulated matches (SIM = 13)...
June 2016: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
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