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Acta Naturae

P V Elizar'ev, D V Lomaev, D A Chetverina, P G Georgiev, M M Erokhin
Maintenance of the individual patterns of gene expression in different cell types is required for the differentiation and development of multicellular organisms. Expression of many genes is controlled by Polycomb (PcG) and Trithorax (TrxG) group proteins that act through association with chromatin. PcG/TrxG are assembled on the DNA sequences termed PREs (Polycomb Response Elements), the activity of which can be modulated and switched from repression to activation. In this study, we analyzed the influence of transcriptional read-through on PRE activity switch mediated by the yeast activator GAL4...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
S V Tapilina, D V Abramochkin
Type 3 muscarinic receptors (M3 receptors) participate in the mediation of cholinergic effects in mammalian myocardium, along with M2 receptors. However, myocardium of adult mammals demonstrates only modest electrophysiological effects in response to selective stimulation of M3 receptors which are hardly comparable to the effects produced by M2 stimulation. In the present study, the effects of selective M3 stimulation induced by application of the muscarinic agonist pilocarpine (10 μM) in the presence of the selective M2 blocker methoctramine (100 nM) on the action potential (AP) waveform were investigated in isolated atrial and ventricular preparations from newborn and 3-week-old rats and compared to those in preparations from adult rats...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
L A Stepanova, M V Sergeeva, M A Shuklina, A A Shaldzhyan, M V Potapchuk, A V Korotkov, L M Tsybalova
Conserved fragments of the second subunit of hemagglutinin (HA2) are of great interest for the design of vaccine constructs that can provide protective immunity against influenza A viruses of different subtypes. A recombinant fusion protein, FlgMH, was constructed on the basis of flagellin and a highly conserved HA2 fragment (35-107) of influenza viruses of the subtype A/H2N2, containing B cell, CD4+ T cell, and CD8+ T cell epitopes. The native conformation of the HA2 fragment was partially preserved upon its attachment to the C-terminus of flagellin within the recombinant fusion protein FlgMH...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
D K Nilov, V I Tararov, A V Kulikov, A L Zakharenko, I V Gushchina, S N Mikhailov, O I Lavrik, V K Švedas
The ability of 7-methylguanine, a nucleic acid metabolite, to inhibit poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 (PARP-1) and poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-2 (PARP-2) has been identified in silico and studied experimentally. The amino group at position 2 and the methyl group at position 7 were shown to be important substituents for the efficient binding of purine derivatives to PARPs. The activity of both tested enzymes, PARP-1 and PARP-2, was suppressed by 7-methylguanine with IC50 values of 150 and 50 μM, respectively. At the PARP inhibitory concentration, 7-methylguanine itself was not cytotoxic, but it was able to accelerate apoptotic death of BRCA1-deficient breast cancer cells induced by cisplatin and doxorubicin, the widely used DNA-damaging chemotherapeutic agents...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
E A Nikitskaya, J C Grivel, E V Maryukhnich, A M Lebedeva, O I Ivanova, P P Savvinova, A V Shpektor, L B Margolis, E Yu Vasilieva
The relationship between acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and local and systemic inflammation, including accumulation of macrophages in atherosclerotic plaques and upregulation of blood cytokines (e.g., C-reactive protein (CRP)), has been known for more than 100 years. The atherosclerosis-associated inflammatory response has been traditionally considered as an immune system reaction to low-density lipoproteins. At the same time, some data have indicated a potential involvement of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the activation and progression of atherosclerosis-associated inflammation, leading to ACS...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
V G Lebedev, V N Faskhiev, N P Kovalenko, K A Shestibratov, A I Miroshnikov
Obtaining herbicide resistant plants is an important task in the genetic engineering of forest trees. Transgenic European aspen plants (Populus tremula L.) expressing the bar gene for phosphinothricin resistance have been produced using Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. Successful genetic transformation was confirmed by PCR analysis for thirteen lines derived from two elite genotypes. In 2014-2015, six lines were evaluated for resistance to herbicide treatment under semi-natural conditions...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
A A Kuznetsov, N R Maksimova, V S Kaimonov, G N Alexandrov, S A Smagulova
Development of new methods for the diagnosis of point mutations is a pressing issue. We have developed a new approach to the design of graphene oxide-based test systems for the diagnosis of point mutations in native DNA. This new approach is based on the use of graphene oxide for the adsorption and quenching of fluorescently labeled primers in a post-amplification PCR mixture followed by detection of fluorescently labeled PCR products. It is possible to detect fluorescently labelled amplicons in the presence of an excess of primers in a PCR product solution due to the different affinities of single-stranded and double-stranded DNA molecules to graphene oxide, as well as the ability of graphene oxide to act as a quencher of the fluorophores adsorbed on its surface...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
O L Kantidze, A K Velichko, A V Luzhin, S V Razin
Although the heat-stress response has been extensively studied for decades, very little is known about its effects on nucleic acids and nucleic acid-associated processes. This is due to the fact that the research has focused on the study of heat shock proteins and factors (HSPs and HSFs), their involvement in the regulation of transcription, protein homeostasis, etc. Recently, there has been some progress in the study of heat stress effects on DNA integrity. In this review, we summarize and discuss well-known and potential mechanisms of formation of various heat stress-induced DNA damage...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
Golukhova E Z, Gromova O I, Shomahov R A, Bulaeva N I, Bockeria L A
The abrupt cessation of effective cardiac function that is generally due to heart rhythm disorders can cause sudden and unexpected death at any age and is referred to as a syndrome called "sudden cardiac death" (SCD). Annually, about 400,000 cases of SCD occur in the United States alone. Less than 5% of the resuscitation techniques are effective. The prevalence of SCD in a population rises with age according to the prevalence of coronary artery disease, which is the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
E I Finkina, D N Melnikova, I V Bogdanov, T V Ovchinnikova
Among a variety of molecular factors of the plant innate immune system, small proteins that transfer lipids and exhibit a broad spectrum of biological activities are of particular interest. These are lipid transfer proteins (LTPs). LTPs are interesting to researchers for three main features. The first feature is the ability of plant LTPs to bind and transfer lipids, whereby these proteins got their name and were combined into one class. The second feature is that LTPs are defense proteins that are components of plant innate immunity...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
V N Novoseletsky, A D Volyntseva, K V Shaitan, M P Kirpichnikov, A V Feofanov
Modeling of the structure of voltage-gated potassium (KV) channels bound to peptide blockers aims to identify the key amino acid residues dictating affinity and provide insights into the toxin-channel interface. Computational approaches open up possibilities for in silico rational design of selective blockers, new molecular tools to study the cellular distribution and functional roles of potassium channels. It is anticipated that optimized blockers will advance the development of drugs that reduce over activation of potassium channels and attenuate the associated malfunction...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
O A Chernova, E S Medvedeva, A A Mouzykantov, N B Baranova, V M Chernov
The present review discusses the problem of controlling mycoplasmas (class Mollicutes), the smallest of self-replicating prokaryotes, parasites of higher eukaryotes, and main contaminants of cell cultures and vaccines. Possible mechanisms for the rapid development of resistance to antimicrobial drugs in mycoplasmas have been analyzed. Omics technologies provide new opportunities for investigating the molecular basis of bacterial adaptation to stress factors and identifying resistomes, the total of all genes and their products contributing to antibiotic resistance in microbes...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
M A Nosenko, M S Drutskaya, M M Moisenovich, S A Nedospasov
This review addresses the issue of bioengineering of artificial lymphoid organs.Progress in this field may help to better understand the nature of the structure-function relations that exist in immune organs. Artifical lymphoid organs may also be advantageous in the therapy or correction of immunodefficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. The structural organization, development, and function of lymphoid tissue are analyzed with a focus on the role of intercellular contacts and on the cytokine signaling pathways regulating these processes...
April 2016: Acta Naturae
P A Kamenski, A E Sazonov, A A Fedyanin, V A Sadovnichy
This article is based on the results of an analysis of existing biological collections in Russia and abroad set up in the framework of the project "Scientific Basis of the National Biobank -Depository of Living Systems" by M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University [1].
April 2016: Acta Naturae
V A Chernukhin, D A Gonchar, M A Abdurashitov, O A Belichenko, V S Dedkov, N A Mikhnenkova, E N Lomakovskaya, S G Udal'yeva, S Kh Degtyarev
Putative open reading frames of MD-endonucleases have been identified in Enterobacteria genomes as a result of the search for amino acid sequences homologous to MD-endonuclease BisI. A highly conserved DNA primary structure of these open reading frames in different genera of Enterobacteria (Escherichia, Klebsiella and Cronobacter) has allowed researchers to create primers for PCR screening, which was carried out on Enterobacteria DNA collected from natural sources. The DNA fragment, about 440 bp in length, was amplified by use of the genomic DNA of a wild E...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
T R Nasibullin, L F Yagafarova, I R Yagafarov, Y R Timasheva, V V Erdman, I A Tuktarova, O E Mustafina
Atherosclerosis, the main factor in the development of coronary heart diseases (CHD), is an inflammatory response to endothelial layer damage in the arterial bed. We have analyzed the association between CHD and the polymorphic markers of genes that control the synthesis of proteins involved in the processes of adhesion and chemotaxis of immunocompetent cells: rs1024611 (-2518A>G, CCL2 gene), rs1799864 (V64I, CCR2 gene), rs3732378 (T280M, CX3CR1 gene), rs1136743 (A70V, SAA1 gene), and rs1205 (2042C>T, CRP gene) in 217 patients with CHD and 250 controls...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
A D Miroshnikova, A A Kuznetsova, N A Kuznetsov, O S Fedorova
Apurinic/apyrimidinic (AP) endonucleases play an important role in DNA repair and initiation of AP site elimination. One of the most topical problems in the field of DNA repair is to understand the mechanism of the enzymatic process involving the human enzyme APE1 that provides recognition of AP sites and efficient cleavage of the 5'-phosphodiester bond. In this study, a thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between APE1 and a DNA substrate containing a stable AP site analog lacking the C1' hydroxyl group (F site) was performed...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
P A Levashov, E D Ovchinnikova, O A Morozova, D A Matolygina, H E Osipova, T A Cherdyntseva, S S Savin, G S Zakharova, A A Alekseeva, N G Belogurova, S A Smirnov, V I Tishkov, A V Levashov
The bacteriolytic activity of interleukin-2 and hen egg white lysozyme against 34 different species of microorganisms has been studied. It was found that 6 species of microorganisms are lysed in the presence of interleukin-2. All interleukin-2-sensitive microorganisms belong either to the Enterobacteriaceae, Bacillaceae, or the Lactobacillaceae family. It was also found that 12 species of microorganisms are lysed in the presence of lysozyme, and 16 species of microorganisms are lysed in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
E S Kotova, S B Akopov, D A Didych, N V Petrova, O V Iarovaia, S V Razin, L G Nikolaev
A systematic search for DNA fragments containing potential CTCF transcription factor binding sites in the chicken alpha-globin domain and its flanking regions was performed by means of the two-dimension electrophoretic mobility shift assay. For the alpha-globin domain fragments selected, the occupancy by the CTCF in erythroid and lymphoid chicken cells was tested by chromatin immunoprecipitation. Only one of 13 DNA fragments capable of CTCF binding in vitro was efficiently bound to this protein in vivo in erythroid cells, and somewhat less efficiently - in lymphoid cells...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
Y V Vakhitova, S V Sadovnikov, S S Borisevich, R U Ostrovskaya, T A Gudasheva, S B Seredenin
This study was performed in order to reveal the effect of Noopept (ethyl ester of N-phenylacetyl-Lprolylglycine, GVS-111) on the DNA-binding activity of transcriptional factors (TF) in HEK293 cells transiently transfected with luciferase reporter constructs containing sequences for CREB, NFAT, NF-κB, p53, STAT1, GAS, VDR, HSF1, and HIF-1. Noopept (10 μM) was shown to increase the DNA-binding activity of HIF-1 only, while lacking the ability to affect that of CREB, NFAT, NF-κB, p53, STAT1, GAS, VDR, and HSF1...
January 2016: Acta Naturae
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