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Journal of Tropical Medicine

Adedoyin Dosunmu, Akinsegun Akinbami, Ebele Uche, Adewumi Adediran, Sarah John-Olabode
Background. This study sought to identify the pattern of electrocardiographic changes in steady state adult sickle cell anaemia. Methods. A case-control, cross-sectional study was conducted amongst sickle cell patients attending the sickle cell clinic of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, and HbAA controls. All consenting participants had haemoglobin electrophoresis done and were subjected to electrocardiography (ECG). The descriptive data were given as means ± standard deviation (SD). The differences were considered to be statistically significant when the p value obtained was <0...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Matobogolo M Boaz, Samuel Kalluvya, Jennifer A Downs, Bonaventura C T Mpondo, Stephen E Mshana
Background. Limited information exists on the etiologies, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of meningitis among HIV-infected patients in Africa. We conducted a study to determine the etiology, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of meningitis among HIV-infected adults. Methods. A prospective cross-sectional hospital based study was conducted among HIV-infected patients aged ≥18 years admitted to the medical wards with symptoms and signs of meningitis. Sociodemographic and clinical information were collected using a standardized data collection tool...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
O S Onile, H O Awobode, V S Oladele, A M Agunloye, C I Anumudu
Screening for Schistosoma haematobium infection and its possible morbidity was carried out in 257 adult participants in Eggua community, Ogun State, Nigeria. Parasitological assessment for the presence of ova of S. haematobium in urine and abdominopelvic ultrasonographic examination for bladder and secondary kidney pathology were carried out. S. haematobium prevalence of 25.68% (66/257) was recorded among the participants. There was a significantly higher prevalence of 69.2% of urinary schistosomiasis in the females than the prevalence of 31...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Aaron S Miller, Henry C Lin, Chang-Berm Kang, Lawrence C Loh
Objective. For decades, Haitian migrant workers living in bateyes around La Romana, Dominican Republic, have been the focus of short-term volunteer medical groups from North America. To assist these efforts, this study aimed to characterize various health and social needs that could be addressed by volunteer groups. Design. Needs were assessed using semistructured interviews of community and professional informants, using a questionnaire based on a social determinants of health framework, and responses were qualitatively analysed for common themes...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Shirin Parvaz, Sedigheh Sadeghi, Mehri Azadi, Maryam Mohammadi, Mohammad Arjmand, Farideh Vahabi, Somye Sadeghzadeh, Zahra Zamani
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1155/2016/3174841.].
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Clara Wekesa, Gershim Asiki, Ivan Kasamba, Laban Waswa, Steven J Reynolds, Rebecca N Nsubuga, Rob Newton, Anatoli Kamali
Background. Hypertension and dyslipidemia are independent risk factors for coronary heart disease and commonly coexist. Cardiovascular risk can be reliably predicted using lipid ratios such as the atherogenic index, a useful prognostic parameter for guiding timely interventions. Objective. We assessed the cardiovascular risk profile based on the atherogenic index of residents within a rural Ugandan cohort. Methods. In 2011, a population based survey was conducted among 7507 participants. Sociodemographic characteristics, physical measurements (blood pressure, weight, height, and waist and hip circumference), and blood sampling for nonfasting lipid profile were collected for each participant...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Bethina Loiseau, Rebekah Sibbald, Salem A Raman, Benedict Darren, Lawrence C Loh, Helen Dimaras
Background. Short-term international volunteer trips traditionally involve volunteers from high-income countries travelling to low- and middle-income countries to assist in service-related development activities. Their duration typically ranges from 7 to 90 days. The city of La Romana, Dominican Republic, receives hundreds of short-term international volunteers annually. They participate in activities aimed at improving conditions faced by a marginalized ethnic-Haitian community living in bateyes. Methods. This qualitative analysis examined perceptions of short-term international volunteerism, held by three key stakeholder groups in La Romana: local hosts, international volunteers, and community members...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Ramsès Kabongo Kamitalu, Michel Ntetani Aloni
Aim. To assess the self-medication against malaria infection in population of Congolese students in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Methods. A cross-sectional study was carried out in University of Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Medical records of all students with malaria admitted to Centre de Santé Universitaire of University of Kinshasa from January 1, 2008, to April 30, 2008, were reviewed retrospectively. Results. The median age of the patients was 25.4 years (range: from 18 to 36 years)...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Tri Wibawa, Tri Baskoro Tunggul Satoto
The world will enter the postmillennium development goals 2015 era. The achievements of the millennium development goals (MDGs) as a global development target need to be evaluated. A sustainable new reasonable target is important for neglected tropical diseases (NTD) elimination in Indonesia. This review describes the NTD situation in Indonesia and highlights problems beneath the NTD transmission. Multidisciplinary approach is a promising strategy to help the marginalized people.
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Muhammad Azharuddin Azali, Chan Yean Yean, Azian Harun, Nurul Najian Aminuddin Baki, Nabilah Ismail
The presence of pathogenic Leptospira spp. in the environment poses threats to human health. The aim of this study was to detect and characterize Leptospira spp. from environmental samples. A total of 144 samples comprised of 72 soil and 72 water samples were collected from markets and recreational areas in a north-eastern state in Malaysia. Samples were cultured on Ellinghausen and McCullough modified by Johnson and Harris media. Leptospires were positive in 22.9% (n = 33) of the isolates. Based on partial sequences of 16S rRNA, a pathogenic leptospire, Leptospira alstonii (n = 1/33), was identified in 3% of the isolates followed by intermediate leptospire (L...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Anna T van 't Noordende, Wim H van Brakel, Nandlal Banstola, Krishna P Dhakal
Background. Leprosy is one of the most stigmatized diseases known today. The stigma surrounding leprosy can be a major burden and affects many dimensions of a person's life, including intimate relationships. We aimed to investigate the experiences of women affected by leprosy regarding marital life and sexuality, comparing these to the experiences of women with other physical disabilities and to those of able-bodied women in South-East Nepal. Methods. This study used a qualitative approach and a cross-sectional, nonrandom survey design...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
James Prah, Elvis Ofori Ameyaw, Richmond Afoakwah, Patrick Fiawoyife, Ernest Oppong-Danquah, Johnson Nyarko Boampong
Most prescribers and patients in Ghana now opt for the relatively expensive artemether/lumefantrine rather than artesunate-amodiaquine due to undesirable side effects in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria. The study sought to determine the existence of substandard and/or counterfeit artemether-lumefantrine tablets and suspension as well as artemether injection on the market in Cape Coast. Six brands of artemether-lumefantrine tablets, two brands of artemether-lumefantrine suspensions, and two brands of artemether injections were purchased from pharmacies in Cape Coast for the study...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Muhammad Faruk Bashir, Hassan Abdullahi Elechi, Mohammed Garba Ashir, Adamu Ibrahim Rabasa, David Nadeba Bukbuk, Ahmadu Baba Usman, Modu Gofama Mustapha, Mohammad Arab Alhaji
Background. Tetanus toxoid immunisation of pregnant mother has remained the most effective strategy in eliminating neonatal tetanus. Impaired production and/or transplacental transfer of antibodies may affect the effectiveness of this strategy. We studied the effect of maternal HIV infection on serum levels and transplacental transfer of anti-tetanus antibodies. Methods. A total of 162 mother-baby paired serum samples were taken and analysed for anti-tetanus antibody levels using ELISA. Maternal HIV status was also determined by double ELISA technique...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Shirin Parvazi, Sedigheh Sadeghi, Mehri Azadi, Maryam Mohammadi, Mohammad Arjmand, Farideh Vahabi, Somye Sadeghzadeh, Zahra Zamani
Malaria is responsible for estimated 584,000 deaths in 2013. Researchers are working on new drugs and medicinal herbs due to drug resistance that is a major problem facing them; the search is on for new medicinal herbs. Cinnamon is the bark of a tree with reported antiparasitic effects. Metabonomics is the simultaneous study of all the metabolites in biological fluids, cells, and tissues detected by high throughput technology. It was decided to determine the mechanism of the effect of aqueous extract of cinnamon on the metabolome of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro using (1)HNMR spectroscopy...
2016: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Christian Diamant Mossoro-Kpinde, Alexandre Manirakiza, Jean-Robert Mbecko, Pembé Misatou, Alain Le Faou, Thierry Frank
Introduction. The number of Salmonella isolated from clinical samples that are resistant to multiple antibiotics has increased worldwide. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of resistant Salmonella enterica isolated in Bangui. Methods. All enteric Salmonella strains isolated from patients in 2008 were identified and serotyped, and the phenotypes of resistance were determined by using the disk diffusion method. Nine resistance-associated genes, bla TEM , bla OXA , bla SHV , tetA, aadA1, catA1, dhfrA1, sul I, and sul II, were sought by genic amplification in seven S...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Ramakrishna Pai Jakribettu, Rekha Boloor, Andrew Thaliath, Sharanya Yesudasan George, Thomas George, Manoj Ponadka Rai, Umran Rafique Sheikh, Kadke Shreedhara Avabratha, Manjeshwar Shrinath Baliga
Dengue is one of the arthropod-borne (arbo) viral diseases transmitted by female mosquito Aedes aegypti. Dengue fever has a wide spectrum of clinical presentation ranging from flu-like illness to severe complicated stage of dengue hemorrhagic fever leading to mortality. This was a retrospective study conducted in a tertiary care hospital in Coastal Karnataka, South India, to know the correlation between the clinical presentation and haematological parameters in the paediatric cases presented with dengue symptoms...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Antonio Ortega-Pacheco, Juan F J Torres-Acosta, Alejandro Alzina-López, Eduardo Gutiérrez-Blanco, Manuel E Bolio-González, Armando J Aguilar-Caballero, Roger I Rodríguez-Vivas, Edwin Gutiérrez-Ruiz, Karla Y Acosta-Viana, Eugenia Guzmán-Marín, Alberto Rosado-Aguilar, Matilde Jiménez-Coello
A cross-sectional study was made on 89 inhabitants and their dogs from a rural community of Yucatan, Mexico, to determine the serological prevalence of some zoonotic parasitic agents. Samples were taken to monitor the presence and intensity of infection with gastrointestinal parasites in dogs. In humans, the serological prevalence of T. canis, T. gondii, and T. spiralis was 29.2%, 91.0%, and 6.7%, respectively. No associations were found between positive cases and studied variables. From the total of blood samples taken from dogs, 87 (97...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Satarudra Prakash Singh, Kriti Roopendra, Bhartendu Nath Mishra
Despite the wealth of information regarding genetics of the causative parasite and experimental immunology of the cutaneous leishmaniasis, there is currently no licensed vaccine against it. In the current study, a two-level data mining strategy was employed, to screen the Leishmania major genome for promising vaccine candidates. First, we screened a set of 25 potential antigens from 8312 protein coding sequences, based on presence of signal peptides, GPI anchors, and consensus antigenicity predictions. Second, we conducted a comprehensive immunogenic analysis of the 25 antigens based on epitopes predicted by NetCTL tool...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Alberto Tobón-Castaño, Esteban Mesa-Echeverry, Andrés Felipe Miranda-Arboleda
Introduction. Hematological alterations are frequent in malaria patients; the relationship between alterations in white blood cell counts and clinical status in malaria is not well understood. In Colombia, with low endemicity and unstable transmission for malaria, with malaria vivax predominance, the hematologic profile in malaria patients is not well characterized. The aim of this study was to characterize the leukogram in malaria patients and to analyze its alterations in relation to the clinical status. Methods...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
Shokrollah Salmanzadeh, Masoud Foroutan-Rad, Shahram Khademvatan, Sasan Moogahi, Shahla Bigdeli
Iran is considered as one of the malaria endemic countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) and is at risk due to neighboring Afghanistan, Pakistan in the east, and Iraq to the west. Therefore the aim of the present investigation is the evaluation of the trend of malaria distribution during the past decade (2001-2014) in Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran. In this retrospective cross-sectional investigation, blood samples were taken from all malaria suspicious cases who were referred to health centers across Khuzestan province...
2015: Journal of Tropical Medicine
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