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Medical Ultrasonography

Daniele Coraci, Arianna Cruciani, Silvia Giovannini, Andrea Bernetti, Valter Santilli, Luca Padua
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Yunn Jy Chen, Pei-Hsuan Chang, Ke-Vin Chang, Wei-Ting Wu, Levent Özçakar
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Nicola Romano, Aldo Fischetti, Ilaria Mussetto, Marzia Marino, Alessandro Muda
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Qing Deng, Yijia Wang, Xiaoyi Chen, Qing Zhou
Glomus jugulare tumor (GJT) is a rare benign neoplasm that is located in the skull base; it is impossible for ultrasonography to detect it in most cases. In this article, we present the case of a rare giant GJT, which extended into the internal jugular vein in the neck, initially detected by ultrasonography and confirmed by MRI and pathology. We highlight the initial ultrasonography findings and review the literature to summarize the ultrasonographic features of GJT.
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Avram Manea, Diana Crisan, Alexandru Florin Badea, Iuliu Dinu Dumitrascu, Mihaela Felicia Baciut, Simion Bran, Ileana Mitre, Maria Crisan, Grigore Baciut
We report the case of a senior patient, presenting with two cutaneous tumours in which the clinical and dermoscopic examination pointed towards a basal cell carcinoma. Ultrasound revealed highly vascularised tumours and elastography showed increased rigidity. Histological examination of both lesions following complete resection was consistent with squamous cell carcinomas. The distinctive feature of this case consists of the complex non-invasive diagnostic imaging of the tumour morphology, performed in real time, revealing aspects compatible with highly proliferative malignant tumours...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Johannes Rübenthaler, Maximilian Reiser, Dirk-André Clevert
Ultrasound of the gastrointestinal system has become more popular among clinicians and is an important tool for evaluation and follow-up. Ultrasound has a special value in patients with Crohn's disease for the evaluation of disease activity but also for the evaluation of abdominal complications and shows comparable results to other imaging modalities. With the introduction of elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound into clinical routine, THE sonographic evaluation of the small bowel is even more sophisticated and even more precise...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Claudiu Marginean, Liliana Gozar, Cristina Oana Mărginean, Horațiu Suciu, Rodica Togănel, Iolanda Muntean, Maria Cezara Mureșan
Fetal common arterial trunk is an anomaly represented by a unique arterial trunk that arouses from the base of the heart, and gives birth to systemic branches, both pulmonary and coronary, frequently associated with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and has a poor prognosis. We present a series of 17 cases diagnosed in our tertiary center with different types of fetal common arterial trunk, its associated disorders, the evolution of the pregnancies, and of the neonates. We concluded that our cases support the fact that a complete intrauterine evaluation of each case of the common arterial trunk is impossible...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Anca Ileana Ciurea, Cătălin George Iacoban, Hanelore Argentina Herţa, Cristiana Augusta Ciortea
A wide spectrum of breast diseases breast diseases have or exhibit at some point in their natural history a complex cystic aspect. Through the lens of B-mode and Doppler ultrasound with sonoelastographic augmentation, conditions ranging from the utterly benign fibrocystic change to the most intricate encysted or cystically degenerated cancerous lesions, are covered in detail in this review. The aim of this paper is to familiarize the practitioner with the ultrasonographic aspects of complex breast cystic masses and to implement a gradual, strategic approach in the diagnostic algorithm...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Mihaela Grigore, Dumitru Gafitanu, Demetra Socolov, AnaMaria Grigore, Georgiana Nemeti, Romeo Micu
The introduction of four-dimensional (4D) ultrasonography (US) allows the study of fetal movements and facial expressions in real time. The possibility of evaluating fetal movements has led to the study of fetal neurobehaviour, which has been for a long period of time a mystery for physicians. The study of fetal activity in utero could differentiate between normal and abnormal behavioural patterns, thus making possible the early recognition of fetal brain impairment. Facial expressions observed with 4D US represent a marker for neurobehaviour and at the same time could enhance fetal-maternal bonding...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Plamen Todorov Todorov, Rodina Nestorova, Anastas Batalov
Patients with low back pain (LBP) frequently undergo various imaging studies in the pursuit of a more precise diagnosis. Ultrasound (US) has the advantage of being a widely available, multiplanar, fast and radiation-free diagnostic tool. Moreover, compared to most of the other imaging modalities, it is particularly efficient in the visualization and assessment of soft tissues. Consequently, the question about the possible diagnostic application of US in such a common pathology as LBP is very relevant to the clinical practice...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Özkan Özen, Murat Atabey Özer, Alptekin Tosun, Serkan Özen
AIM: To evaluate the strain ratio of the optic nerve and retina-choroid-sclera (RCS) layers in individuals with physiological optic disc cupping (PC) and glaucoma patients using strain elastography. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We evaluated 56 eyes of 56 subjects (20 eyes with glaucoma, 19 eyes with PC, and 17 normal eyes). The strain ratio of orbital fat to optic nerve (SROFON) was calculated as the ratio of the optic nerve to intraconal fat tissue and the strain ratio of orbital fat to retina-choroid-sclera (SROFRCS) was calculated as the ratio of RCS layers to intraconal fat tissue...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Hulya Aslan, Pinar Doruk Analan
AIM: To investigate the effects of chronic flexed wrist posture following spasticity on the elasticity and cross-sectional area (CSA) of the median nerve at the carpal tunnel among chronic stroke patients. MATERIAL AND METHOD: This prospective study included 24 consecutive patients (mean age, 56.5±11.56 years) with unilateral wrist spasticity following a stroke in a chronic phase. The CSA of the median nerve was measured by ultrasound (US). The elasticity was measured by Virtual Touch tissue imaging quantification (VTIQ; Siemens, Erlangen, Germany)...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Daniel Talmaceanu, Lavinia Manuela Lenghel, Nicolae Bolog, Roxana Popa Stanila, Smaranda Buduru, Daniel Corneliu Leucuta, Horatiu Rotar, Mihaela Baciut, Grigore Baciut
AIMS: The purpose of this study was to determine the diagnostic value of high-resolution ultrasonography (US) in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc displacements. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A number of 74 patients (148 TMJs) with signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders, according to the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders, were included in this study. All patients received US and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of both TMJs 1 to 5 days after the clinical examination...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Rositsa Karalilova, Maria Kazakova, Anastas Batalov, Victoria Sarafian
The aim of our study was to analyze the level of the glycoprotein YKL-40 in patients with active knee osteoarthritis (OA) and to search possible correlations with local inflammation and ultrasound (US) findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective study with fifty consecutive patients with active knee OA (diagnosed based on the American College of Rheumatology criteria for OA with radiographic confirmation) was performed. Concentrations of YKL-40 in serum and synovial fluid were measured by ELISA...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Romeo Ioan Chira, Alexandra Chira, Adriana Calauz, Roberta Maria Manzat Saplacan, Georgiana Nagy, Petru Adrian Mircea, Simona Valean
AIMS: The purpose of this study was to analyze the diagnostic yield and accuracy of the ultrasound (US) guided core biopsy in a population of patients with osteolytic metastasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of 16 consecutive cases of US-guided core biopsies of osteolytic lesions performed in our Ultrasound Unit, from January 2006 to May 2017. We used 18G or 16G Tru-cut needles coupled with automated biopsy guns. We procured a maximum number of two tissue specimens per patient...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Jie Luo, Yong Cao, Weiqi Nian, Xiaohua Zeng, Hui Zhang, Yeli Yue, Feng Yu
AIMS: The purpose of this diagnostic meta-analysis was to explore the benefit of shear wave elastography (SWE) combinedly used with conventional ultrasound (US) in the diagnosis of the benign and malignant breast lesion. MATERIAL AND METHODS: After a literature search on MEDLINE, Cochrane library, and Embase we included 14 studies with a total 1951 patients and 2060 breast lesions for further analyses. Summary descriptive statistics such as pooled sensitivity, specificity, and summary receiver operating characteristics curve were generated via a bivariate random effect model...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Jin Xing, Wen He, Yi-Wen Ding, Yang Li, Yan-Dong Li
AIM: To evaluate the tumor angiogenesis in lung peripheral VX2 tumor model by contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and to determine the correlation between CEUS parameters and microvessel density (MVD) calculated via CD31 and CD34 expression. MATERIAL AND METHODS: VX2 pulmonary tumors were created in eight Japanese white rabbits by implanting a VX2 sarcoma into the lower portion of the right lung through ultrasound guidance. Tumors were allowed to grow for 14-21 days to achieve a diameter of 7-15 mm, and were examined by CEUS using a SonoVue contrast agent...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Yan Wang, Zhiyang Shen, Xuefeng Lu, Yanhua Zhen, Huixia Li
AIMS: This study aimed to determine the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound for the diagnosis of acute pulmonary edema by meta-analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A systematic search was conducted through the following databases: Cochrane, PubMed, EMBASE and Ovid MEDLINE. Prospective cohort and prospective case-control studies that reported sensitivity and specificity of lung ultrasound in diagnosis of acute pulmonary edema were selected. An independent review of citations was carried out for inclusion and data extraction...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Flaviu Bob, Iulia Grosu, Ioan Sporea, Simona Bota, Alina Popescu, Roxana Sirli, Ligia Petrica, Adalbert Schiller
AIM: To analyze the relationship between shear wave velocity in the kidney measured by point shear wave elastography using Virtual Touch Quantification (VTQ) (Siemens Acuson S2000) and histological parameters obtained from renal biopsies, in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study group included 20 patients (mean age 47.95±13.59 years) with different types of CGN, that had underwent renal biopsy and 57 normal controls (mean age 38...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
Sinem Aydin, Seyma Yildiz, Ihsan Turkmen, Rasul Sharifov, Omer Uysal, Zuhal Gucin, Abdullah Armagan, Ercan Kocakoc
AIMS: To investigate the diagnostic accuracy of shear-wave elastography (SWE) for assessing malignant and benign kidneymasses. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty patients with solid renal masses underwent US elastographic evaluation. SWE values of the lesions and adjacent cortical renal parenchyma and SWER were detected prospectively. Malignant tumors were recorded as group 1 and benign tumors were recorded as group 2. RESULTS: The highest elasticity values were 27...
February 4, 2018: Medical Ultrasonography
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