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Journal of Natural Medicines

Takashi Iwai, Kengo Obara, Chihiro Ito, Hiroshi Furukawa, Jun-Ichiro Oka
Hydroxyobtustyrene is a derivative of cinnamyl phenol isolated from Dalbergia odorifera T. Chen. The heartwood, known as 'JiangXiang', is a traditional Chinese medicine. Previous studies showed that hydroxyobtustyrene inhibited the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, which are mediators of neuronal cell death in ischemia. However, it currently remains unclear whether hydroxyobtustyrene protects neurons against ischemic stress. In the present study, we investigated the protective effects of hydroxyobtustyrene against sodium cyanide (NaCN)-induced chemical ischemia...
July 9, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Yumi Kitahiro, Atsushi Koike, Aska Sonoki, Mei Muto, Kazuo Ozaki, Makio Shibano
Ophiopogonis Radix (Ophiopogon root), which nourishes the yin, has been used in clinical practice to promote fluid secretion and to moisturize the lungs and skin in traditional Chinese and Japanese (Kampo) medicine. To evaluate this traditional medicinal effect, we investigated the anti-chronic inflammatory effect of Radix Ophiopogonis on senescent cells. Conversely, although several phenotypes of Ophiopogon japonicus Ker-Gawler (Liliaceae) are prevalent in Japan and China, we used these Ophiopogon roots by considering them as one crude drug, Ophiopogonis Radix...
June 30, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Takashi Matsumoto, Noriko Kaifuchi, Yasuharu Mizuhara, Eiji Warabi, Junko Watanabe
In modern medical care in which Kampo and Western drugs are often combined, it is extremely important to clarify drug-drug interaction (DDI) to ensure safety and efficacy. However, there is little evidence of DDI in Kampo medicines. Therefore, as part of our studies to clarify the DDI risk for Kampo medicines, we evaluated the effects of five Kampo medicines [yokukansan (YKS), rikkunshito (RKT), shakuyakukanzoto (SKT), hangeshashinto (HST), and goshajinkigan (GJG)] that are widely used in Japan, on drug transporter P-glycoprotein (P-gp) using a Caco-2 permeability assay...
May 24, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Satoshi Takamatsu
This paper reviews naturally occurring cell adhesion inhibitors derived from a plant, microbial and marine origin. Plant-derived inhibitors are classified according to a type of structure. Microbially and marine-derived inhibitors were described according to age. In addition, effects of inhibitors on cell proliferation and that of standards on cell adhesion are listed as much as possible.
May 19, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Yoshimi Oda, Souichi Nakashima, Erina Kondo, Seikou Nakamura, Mamiko Yano, Chisa Kubota, Yusuke Masumoto, Minami Hirao, Yuki Ogawa, Hisashi Matsuda
Lawsonia inermis L. (Lythraceae) is cultivated in many countries, including Japan, China, India and Egypt. Its leaves are well known as hair dye and exhibit antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal and anticonvulsant activities. However, there are few reports on its branches. 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone (lawsone) is a characteristic compound in its leaves. However, it remains to be clarified whether lawsone is present in other plant parts or not. In this study, we measured lawsone contents in the extracts of L...
May 17, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Xueqin Chen, Jingyi Tan, Mengqi Yang, Zhi-Kai Liao, Cheng Lu, Youwei Huang, Liang-Cai Wu
Symptoms of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) include thromboembolism, acute attrition bleeding and multiple organ failure. Genistein isolated from leguminous plants has been shown to be effective in oxidation resistance and tumor inhibition. The present study was designed to evaluate the therapeutic effects of genistein in DIC and preliminarily discuss the mechanisms regarding the anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effect of genistein. Swiss mice were randomly divided into the following groups-(1) lipopolysaccharide (LPS), (2) genistein, (3) dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO, the non-major solvent component of genistein), (4) DMSO + LPS, (5) saline control group, and (6) heparin control group...
May 14, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Zhe-Ling Feng, Tian Zhang, Jing-Xin Liu, Xiu-Ping Chen, Li-She Gan, Yang Ye, Li-Gen Lin
Podolactones are a class of structural diverse diterpenoid lactones, mainly isolated from the Podocarpus species. Several bioactivities have been disclosed for podolactones, including cytotoxicity and anti-atherosclerosis. In this study, the seeds of P. nagi were isolated by comprehensive chromatographic methods to obtain three new podolatones, named nagilactone B 1-O-β-D-glucoside (1), nagilactone N3 3-O-β-D-glucoside (2), and 2-epinagilactone B (3), as well as a known compound, nagilactone B (4). Their structures were determined by analyses of NMR and HRESIMS data...
May 11, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Aiguo Ding, Xianhui Wen
The protective potential of dandelion on acute hepatitis, lung injury and colorectal cancer has recently been revealed. Importantly, ulcerative colitis (UC), a clinically defined inflammatory bowel disease, accelerates the risk of colorectal cancer. However, studies focusing on the activity of dandelion on UC are extremely limited. In the present study, we found that an aqueous extract of dandelion root increases cell viability and decreases apoptosis in dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-incubated NCM460 human colonic epithelial cells, probably through removing the production of reaction oxygen species and blocking nuclear factor-kappaB signaling...
May 8, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Luchao Sun, Amit Rai, Megha Rai, Michimi Nakamura, Noriaki Kawano, Kayo Yoshimatsu, Hideyuki Suzuki, Nobuo Kawahara, Kazuki Saito, Mami Yamazaki
The three Forsythia species, F. suspensa, F. viridissima and F. koreana, have been used as herbal medicines in China, Japan and Korea for centuries and they are known to be rich sources of numerous pharmaceutical metabolites, forsythin, forsythoside A, arctigenin, rutin and other phenolic compounds. In this study, de novo transcriptome sequencing and assembly was performed on these species. Using leaf and flower tissues of F. suspensa, F. viridissima and F. koreana, 1.28-2.45-Gbp sequences of Illumina based pair-end reads were obtained and assembled into 81,913, 88,491 and 69,458 unigenes, respectively...
May 7, 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Masami Ishibashi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Yuanbang Lin, Mingwei Sheng, Yijie Ding, Nan Zhang, Yayue Song, Hongyin Du, Ning Lu, Wenli Yu
Berberine (BBR) has been demonstrated to protect against renal ischemia/reperfusion injury; however, the underlying molecular mechanism is largely unknown. In the present study, we examined the role of silent information regulator 1 (Sirt1)/p53 in the protective effect of BBR on hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R)-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction in rat renal tubular epithelial cells (NRK-52E cells). NRK-52E cells were preconditioned with small interfering RNA targeting Sirt1 (Sirt1-siRNA) and BBR before subjected to H/R...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Ling Wang, Xin-Yi Lan, Jun Ji, Chun-Feng Zhang, Fei Li, Chong-Zhi Wang, Chun-Su Yuan
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most prevalent chronic inflammatory and angiogenic diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activities in vitro of eight diterpenoids isolated from Daphne genkwa. LC-MS was used to identify diterpenes isolated from D. genkwa. The anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activities of eight diterpenoids were evaluated on LPS-induced macrophage RAW264.7 cells and TNF-α-stimulated human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) using hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) and principal component analysis (PCA)...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Toshinori Nakagawa, Qinchang Zhu, Sonam Tamrakar, Yhiya Amen, Yasuhiro Mori, Hiroto Suhara, Shuhei Kaneko, Hiroko Kawashima, Kotaro Okuzono, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Koichiro Ohnuki, Kuniyoshi Shimizu
Ganoderma lingzhi is a traditional medicinal mushroom, and its extract contains many bioactive compounds. Triterpenoids and polysaccharides are the primary bioactive components that contribute to its medicinal properties. In this study, we quantified 18 triterpenoids, total triterpenoid content and total polysaccharide content in the ethanol and water extracts of G. lingzhi at different growth stages. Triterpenoids were quantified by liquid chromatograph-tandem mass spectrometry in the multiple-reaction-monitoring mode...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Naohiro Oshima, Tomofumi Shimizu, Yuji Narukawa, Noriyasu Hada, Fumiyuki Kiuchi
Orengedokuto is a Kampo formula that has been used for removing "heat" and "poison" to treat inflammation, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, and liver and cerebrovascular diseases. We report here our analysis of the anti-inflammatory effect of the component crude drugs of orengedokuto and their constituents using the inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) production in the murine macrophage-like cell line J774.1. An initial comparison of NO production inhibitory activities of the extracts of the component crude drugs and their combinations revealed that the activity could be attributed to Phellodendron Bark and Coptis Rhizome...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Shu Zhu, Aimi Shirakawa, Yanhong Shi, Xiaoli Yu, Takayuki Tamura, Naotoshi Shibahara, Kayo Yoshimatsu, Katsuko Komatsu
The impact of key processing steps such as boiling, peeling, drying and storing on chemical compositions and morphologic features of the produced peony root was investigated in detail by applying 15 processing methods to fresh roots of Paeonia lactiflora and then monitoring contents of eight main components, as well as internal root color. The results showed that low temperature (4 °C) storage of fresh roots for approximately 1 month after harvest resulted in slightly increased and stable content of paeoniflorin, which might be due to suppression of enzymatic degradation...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Linjie Zeng, Lu Li, Qiyan Zeng, Yong Deng, Lijun Yin, Liejun Liao
Lectins are a class of carbohydrate-binding proteins or glycoproteins and used in the purification and characterization of glycoproteins according to their specificity to carbohydrates. In the present study, the mitogenic activity of Artocarpus lingnanensis lectin (ALL) and its apoptosis induction in Jurkat T cells were explored. MTT assay revealed strong mitogenic potential of ALL. Meanwhile, the anti-cancer activity of ALL was also explored using the human leukemic Jurkat T cell line. ALL exhibited strong binding affinity (97%) to the cell membrane, which could be effectively inhibited by N-acetyl-D-galactosaminide (NAD)...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Mao Dong Zheng, Nai Dong Wang, Xiao Liang Li, Juan Yan, Jian Hua Tang, Xiu Hua Zhao, Zhihua Zhang
Cisplatin (CDDP) is used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), but due to the development of resistance, the benefit has been limited. Toosendanin (TSN) has shown therapeutic effects on NSCLC; however, the role of TSN on CDDP sensitization in NSCLC remains unknown. The antitumor effects of TSN and CDDP sensitization mediated by TSN were explored. TSN was added in various amounts to measure dose- and time-dependent cytotoxicity. Intracellular CDDP was detected by high-performance liquid chromatography...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Luo-Ping Yang, Xiao-Long Gu, Jin-Xiang Chen, Jie Yang, Sui-Yi Tan, Wen-Jun Duan
Two new dyhydrophaseic acid glucoside isomers, (1'S, 3'R, 5'S, 8'R, 2Z, 4E)-dihydrophaseic acid-3'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (2) and (1'R, 3'S, 5'R, 8'R, 2Z, 4E)-dihydrophaseic acid-3'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (4), together with 10 known compounds [myo-inositol (1), 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (3), 3-O-galloyl quinic acid (5), ellagic acid (6), gallic acid (7), ethyl gallate (8), scopoletin (9), ellagic acid-4-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (10), ellagic acid-4-O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside (11), and isocorilagin (12)] were isolated from the chloroform extract of Canarium album Raeusch fruits by repeated chromatography on macroporous adsorption resin, silica gel, Sephadex LH-20, Toyopearl HW-40F, and reverse-phase C18 columns, etc...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
Kakuyou Ogawa, Akira Tashima, Momoko Sadakata, Osamu Morinaga
Vanilla flavour is familiar to consumers through foods, cosmetics, household products and some medicines. Vanilla flavouring agents typically contain vanillin or its analogue ethyl vanillin. Our previous study revealed that the inhalation of eugenol, which contains a vanillyl group, has an appetite-enhancing effect, and the inhalation of aroma compounds containing the vanillyl group or its analogues led to increased food intake in mice. Here, we found that vanillin, ethyl vanillin and eugenol showed appetite-enhancing effects, whereas isoeugenol and safrole did not...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
So-Yeun Woo, Nwet Nwet Win, Chin Piow Wong, Takuya Ito, Shotaro Hoshino, Hla Ngwe, Aung Aung Aye, Nang Mya Han, Huiping Zhang, Fumiaki Hayashi, Ikuro Abe, Hiroyuki Morita
Marine organisms such as marine sponges and soft corals are valuable sources of pharmacologically active secondary metabolites. In our ongoing research on the discovery of new secondary metabolites from marine organisms, two new pyrrolo-2-aminoimidazoles, clathriroles A (1) and B (2), were isolated from the water-soluble portion prepared from the methanol and acetone (2:1) extract of the marine sponge, Clathria prolifera, collected in Myanmar. The chemical structures of the isolated compounds were determined using extensive spectroscopic techniques, including NMR, HRESIMS, IR, and optical rotation, and comparisons with the reported literature...
June 2018: Journal of Natural Medicines
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