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Psychology Research and Behavior Management

Efrossini D Patsou, George T Alexias, Fotios G Anagnostopoulos, Michalis V Karamouzis
Background: Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide and depression and anxiety are disturbing side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment. The aim of this study was to examine the associations of physical activity in global health, quality of life (QoL), and psychological factors (depressive symptoms, self-esteem, and anxiety) in breast cancer survivors after completing cancer treatment and through survivorship. Demographic variables (marital status, education, income), medical status (cancer stage), and level of physical activity (metabolic equivalent of task [MET]) were tested as predictors of depressive mood, anxiety, self-esteem, and QoL in younger and older breast cancer survivors...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Mario Miniati, Antonio Callari, Alessandra Maglio, Simona Calugi
Background: Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) is a time-limited and affect-, life-event-, and present-focused psychotherapy originally conceptualized for unipolar depression, and then adapted to the treatment of other disorders, including eating disorders (EDs). The purpose of this paper is to conduct a systematic review of studies on IPT for EDs. Methods: The authors performed literature searches, study selection, method, and quality evaluation independently. Data were summarized using a narrative approach...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Paul H Lysaker, Emily Gagen, Steffen Moritz, Robert D Schweitzer
In light of increasing interest in metacognition and its role in recovery from psychosis, a range of new treatments focused on addressing metacognitive deficits have emerged. These include Metacognitive Therapy, Metacognitive Training, metacognitive insight and reflection therapy, and metacognitive interpersonal therapy for psychosis. While each of these treatments uses the term metacognitive, each differs in terms of their epistemological underpinnings, their structure, format, presumed mechanisms of action, and primary outcomes...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Mereerat Manwong, Vitool Lohsoonthorn, Thanvaruj Booranasuksakul, Anun Chaikoolvatana
Purpose: This study aimed to assess the effects of a group activity-based motivational enhancement therapy (GA-MET) program on social media addictive behaviors among junior high school students. Materials and methods: This cluster randomized trial was performed in 245 junior high school students who used social media in the lower part of northeast Thailand. The GA-MET program group and the control group sessions lasted 8 weeks and were followed up 4 weeks later...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Chemin Lin, Tzung-Hai Yen, Yeong-Yuh Juang, Chin-Pang Lee, Shwu-Hua Lee
Objective: Rodenticide as a means of suicide has been documented for centuries. However, this method is often discussed in conjunction with other pesticides. Thus, we aimed to focus on patients who committed suicide with rodenticide and compared them with those who used paraquat for suicide, another frequently used yet lethal method, to highlight the different psychopathology of patients who choose rodenticide as their means of suicide. Methods: A 12-year retrospective chart review was conducted on the medical records of all patients admitted to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital due to attempted suicide by either rodenticide or paraquat...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Silke Luttenberger, Sigrid Wimmer, Manuela Paechter
Anxiety disorders are some of the most widespread mental health issues worldwide. In educational settings, individuals may suffer from specific forms of test and performance anxiety that are connected to a knowledge domain. Unquestionably, the most prominent of these is math anxiety. Math anxiety is a widespread problem for all ages across the globe. In the international assessments of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) studies, a majority of adolescents report worry and tension in math classes and when doing math...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
A Nur Aulia Saudi, Nurul Hartini, Bahar Bahar
Introduction: The number of criminal acts committed by teenagers who are members of the motorcycle gang community in the Makassar City of Indonesia continues to increase at an alarming rate. Among the antisocial behaviors of teenagers in motorcycle gangs which might lead to criminal behavior is aggression. This study aimed to examine the aggression of teenagers in the motorcycle gang community in one area of Makassar City from the Personal Fable (dimensions of omnipotence, uniqueness and invulnerability) and risk-taking behavior perspective...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Satoshi Horiuchi, Akira Tsuda, Kenichiro Yoneda, Shuntaro Aoki
Background: Positivity refers to "a general tendency to view life and experiences with a positive outlook". Enhanced positivity has been linked with decreased negative affect and increased positive affect, but rather little is known about the factors that mediate these relationships. One potential such factor is perceived stress, which refers to how one appraises life situations as stressful. This study examined the mediating effects of perceived stress on the associations of positivity with negative and positive affect...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Amy E Mitchell
Dermatological conditions are common among children. They are a frequent cause of presentation to health care services and a leading contributor to burden of disease. Evidence supports the notion that bidirectional relationships exist between children's physical and psychological health, whereby the child's dermatological condition can impact their psychological health and well-being, while, in the reverse direction, psychological factors (eg, stress) can impact the severity and course of the child's skin disease...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Ningxi Yang, Han Xiao, Yingnan Cao, Shiyue Li, Hong Yan, Yifang Wang
Background: Medical staff's empathy is closely related to patients' outcome. This research aimed to verify the influence of Chinese oncology nurses' empathy on the cellular immunity of lung cancer patients. Materials and methods: The study included 365 lung cancer patients, who were attended by 30 oncology nurses between October 2016 and May 2017. At the time of admission and discharge, flow cytometric analysis was used to measure the cellular immunity of patients, including T-cell subsets and natural killer (NK)-cell activity...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Muhammad Aamir Shafique Khan, Du Jianguo, Ahmed Abdul Hameed, Tehseen Ul Mushtaq, Muhammad Usman
Purpose: The purpose of the present study is twofold. First, we examined the relationship between workplace romance and employee job performance and tested the role of affective commitment foci - namely, affective coworker commitment, affective supervisor commitment, and affective organizational commitment - as parallel mediators in the relationship between workplace romance and employee job performance. Second, we tested the moderating role of culture on the interrelationships between workplace romance, affective commitment foci, and employee job performance...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F Sharpley
Background: Although there have been suggestions that central coherence may be associated with eating disturbances (EBD) in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), relatively little attention has been given to specific aspects of IQ and EDB. Methods: The association between total IQ, perceptual and verbal composite scores and subtests was explored in a sample of 50 high-functioning girls with ASD (mean age = 9.7 years, SD = 2.4 years, range = 6 years to 14 years)...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Xiaojun Liu, Dongdong Jiang, Baojing Li, Yuanan Lu, Zongfu Mao
Purpose: This study evaluated the current situation and possible influencing factors associated with prison medical workers' (PMWs') somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and their job satisfaction. Participants and methods: The Chinese version of Symptom Checklist-90-R (SCL-90-R) was used to assess PMWs' mental health conditions. Logistic regression analysis was used to identify the main factors associated with PMWs' somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and their job satisfaction...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Stefan Siegel, Simone Dors, Loni Brants, Katrin Schuy, Heinrich Rau
Objective: To gain initial insights into salient beliefs of former German soldiers (veterans) about the use of mental health services. Data source: Narrative interviews with former German soldiers (veterans) were conducted in 2016. Data collection/extraction method: Forty-three interviews were transcribed and analyzed thematically based on the theoretical framework of the theory of planned behavior. From within the behavorial, normative, and control beliefs, the salient beliefs were identified...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Faheem Gul Gilal, Jian Zhang, Naeem Gul Gilal, Rukhsana Gul Gilal
Background: The present study integrates self-determined needs satisfaction into a relationship between product design (eg, aesthetic, functional, and symbolic design) and consumer behavior (eg, willingness-to-pay [WTP] a premium and negative word-of-mouth [WOM]) and to explore whether gender can differentiate the effects of aesthetic, functional, and symbolic product designs on self-determined needs satisfaction. Methods: To this end, participants from Pakistan and China were recruited, and the hypotheses for this study were tested using structural equation modeling and SPSS-PROCESS...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Seger Handoyo, Samian, Dewi Syarifah, Fendy Suhariadi
Introduction: A large body of research in workplace incivility has largely been conducted in the West, while in Asia, it is still relatively limited despite its close relationship to local cultural norms. The purpose of this study was to explore workplace incivility experienced by employees in Indonesia and develop a workplace incivility scale based on the behaviors identified. Methods: This research was divided into two studies. The participants in the first study were 217 employees asked to answer questions on whether they had experienced or had seen their co-workers experiencing incivility from co-workers or supervisor...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Ricardo João Teixeira, Allison J Applebaum, Sangeeta Bhatia, Tânia Brandão
Purpose: A growing number of studies have explored the psychosocial burden experienced by cancer caregivers, but less attention has been given to the psychophysiological impact of caregiving and the impact of caregivers' coping strategies on this association. This paper reviews existing research on the processes underlying distress experienced by cancer caregivers, with a specific focus on the role of coping strategies on psychophysiological correlates of burden. Methods: A broad literature search was conducted in health-related databases namely MEDLINE, Science Citations Index Expanded, Scopus, and PsycINFO, using relevant search terms...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Gloria Guidetti, Sara Viotti, Andreina Bruno, Daniela Converso
Introduction: Work ability constitutes one of the most studied well-being indicators related to work. Past research highlighted the relationship with work-related resources and demands, and personal resources. However, no studies highlight the role of collective and self-efficacy beliefs in sustaining work ability. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine whether and by which mechanism work ability is linked with individual and collective efficacies in a sample of primary and middle school teachers...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Giuseppe Santisi, Paola Magnano, Silvia Platania, Tiziana Ramaci
Background: The phases of career building today bring out a more complex process than in previous decades. Starting from the literature review, the university-to-work transition is considered a very important step in the future career of the graduates, and it involves some psychological resources and requires specific abilities. Methods: Research has examined the psychological resources that students at the end of a degree course can use in the university-to-work transition...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Naeem Gul Gilal, Jing Zhang, Faheem Gul Gilal
Background: Previous investigations of product design broadly link aesthetic, functional, and symbolic designs to sales growth, high turnover, and market share. However, the effect of product design dimensions on consumer willingness-to-buy (WTB) and word-of-mouth (WOM) is virtually ignored by consumer researchers. Similarly, whether the consumption experience can differentiate the effect of the three product design dimensions on WTB and WOM is completely unknown. Using categorization theory as a lens, our study aims to explore the effect of product design dimensions on consumer WTB and WOM directly and indirectly through the moderation of the consumption experience...
2018: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
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