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Case Reports in Medicine

Güner Koyuncu Çelik, Erkan Yildirim
A 79-year-old woman was admitted to our emergency department with complaints of fainting and loss of consciousness three times during the past month. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and started to be treated with antiepileptic drug. Physical examination showed, in the left eye, chemosis, limited eye movements in all directions, and minimal exophthalmos as unexisting symptoms on admission developed on the sixth day. Orbital magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) imaging revealed a carotid cavernous fistula (CCF)...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Melissa Zhao
Background. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, inflammatory, connective tissue disease that commonly affects the joints and a variety of organs due to an overactivation of the body's immune system. There is wide heterogeneity in presentation of SLE patients, including lung, central nervous system, skin, kidney, and hematologic manifestations. Case Presentation. We report a case of atypical manifestation of SLE in a 53-year-old man who presented with neutropenic fever. Physical findings of interest included oral ulcers on the lower lip, a malar-like rash across the bridge of the nose, and a discoid-like rash on extensor surfaces of the elbows and knees...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Corinthia Fabien-Dupuis, Brian Cooper, Jeffrey Upperman, Shengmei Zhou, Nick Shillingford
Mullerian-type ciliated cysts are uncommon lesions usually found in the lower extremities and perineal region of young females. They have however been reported in males and in other anatomic sites. The cyst lining is typically positive for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), PAX-8, and WT1 immunohistochemical stains. This staining pattern has led to the notion that these cysts are of Müllerian origin. The vast majority of cases are located in the dermis where the preferred nomenclature is cutaneous ciliated cyst (CCC)...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Aya Amer, Roland S Broadbent, Liza Edmonds, Benjamin J Wheeler
Central venous access is an important aspect of neonatal intensive care management. Malpositioned central catheters have been reported to induce cardiac tachyarrhythmia in adult populations and there are case reports within the neonatal population. We present a case of a preterm neonate with a preexisting umbilical venous catheter (UVC), who then developed a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). This was initially treated with intravenous adenosine with transient reversion. Catheter migration was subsequently detected, with the UVC tip located within the heart...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Claudio Maniglia-Ferreira, Fabio de Almeida Gomes, Marcelo de Morais Vitoriano, Francisco de Assis Silva Lima
This case report described the endodontic treatment and decompression of an extensive lesion in the anterior region of the mandible, detected during clinical and radiographic examination, in a patient with a complaint of slight tenderness to palpation in the area of mandibular right lateral incisor and canine. These teeth had been accessed without proper clinical evaluation, and their pulp tissues were exposed. The periodontal tissues were healthy, with no signs of inflammation or fistula. On radiographic examination, a radiolucent lesion with well-defined borders was seen extending from the distal root of mandibular left second premolar to the mesial root of mandibular right second premolar...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Piercarlo Ballo, Raffaele Laureano, Mariapia Briganti, Maria Teresa Passaleva, Fiorella Piani, Cecilia Piga, Stefano Tatini, Giovanni Maria Santoro
Left atrial invasion by lung cancer via haematogenous pathways is a relatively uncommon but potentially life-threatening event. While several cardiac complications of cardiac involvement have been previously described, the evolution towards cerebral stroke has been rarely reported. In this case report, we describe an atypical case of haematogenous metastatic invasion of the left atrium from pulmonary neoplasm extension presenting as an ipsilateral stroke whose ASCO classification changed during the clinical management...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Tatsuro Sasaji, Hideki Imaizumi, Hiroyuki Takano, Hideo Saitoh, Taishi Murakami, Ryuichi Kanabuchi, Motohiko Sekiya
While 22 articles have reported on sacral stress fractures, it is a rare injury and its etiology is not well known. We present the case of a 16-year-old male who presented with low back pain in 2015. He was a high school soccer player with a previous history of a bilateral L5 lumbar spondylolysis in 2014. The patient refrained from soccer and wore a brace for six months. Two months after restarting soccer, he again complained of low back pain. After 1 year, a lumbar spine computed tomography revealed the bone union of the spondylolysis...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Peter V Bui, Maan Moualla, Dona J Upson
Introduction. 3,3'-Diindolylmethane is available as a supplement in the United States for "cancer prevention" and "augmentation of physical fitness." A derivative of indole-3-carbinol found in plants, diindolylmethane, binds to receptors associated with the sex steroid pathways and has unclear effects on estrogen and androgen physiology. We present a patient who had been taking diindolylmethane and developed right lower extremity deep venous thrombosis and bilateral pulmonary embolism. Case Presentation. A 65-year-old man presented with swelling, erythema, and warmth of his right lower extremity for three to four weeks...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Antonio Faraone, Alberto Fortini, Gabriele Nenci, Costanza Boccadori, Valerio Mangani, Roberto Oggioni
We report the case of an 18-year-old woman who was referred to our outpatient clinic because of a 2-week history of sore throat, high fever, and neck tenderness unresponsive to a 7-day amoxicillin/clavulanic acid course. Infectious mononucleosis was initially suspected, but an extremely high value of procalcitonin and clinical deterioration suggested a bacterial sepsis, prompting the patient admission to our internal medicine ward. Blood cultures were positive for Fusobacterium necrophorum. CT scan detected a parapharyngeal abscess, a right internal jugular vein thrombosis, and multiple bilateral lung abscesses, suggesting the diagnosis of Lemierre's syndrome...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Syert Luidolf Nienhuis, Robin Eric Westerbeek
Introduction. FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever) is characterized by recurrent attacks of fever and articular pain. Enthesitis is the hallmark of pain in spondyloarthropathy. Literature suggests association of M694V mutation and enthesitis. We report a case of a 16-year-old boy with enthesitis and FMF. Case Presentation. A 16-year-old boy of Turkish origin with a history of FMF presented with localized tenderness of the heel and severe disability. MRI showed an enthesitis of the plantar fascia. Standard treatment of FMF and enthesitis was not successful...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Rohit R Rao, Wai Chung Yong, Mary Chester Wasko
Secondary amyloidosis can complicate chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. However, the clinical findings of primary amyloidosis may mimic those of primary rheumatologic disorders. We present the case of a 53-year-old woman who presented with dystrophic nail changes, dry eyes, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud's phenomenon, and high titer positive nucleolar pattern antinuclear antibody. She was initially misdiagnosed as having Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD). On further workup, she was eventually diagnosed with lambda light chain systemic amyloidosis by abdominal fat pad biopsy...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Ioannis Patoulias, Christos Kaselas, Dimitrios Patoulias, Constantine Theocharides, Maria Kalogirou, Konstantinos Farmakis, Thomas Feidantsis
Adenomatoid tumor is an uncommon benign mesothelial neoplasm, usually localized in the epididymis. It is the most common paratesticular tumor of middle-aged patients (average age of clinical presentation: 36 years). However, these tumors in pediatric and pubertal patients are extremely rare. Due to their rarity, we present a case of adenomatoid tumor of the tail of the epididymis in a 16-year-old patient. After systematic research of the current literature, we did not find another case report of epididymal adenomatoid tumor in a male patient aged 16 years old or less...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Zia Ur Rahman, Ghulam Murtaza, Mohsin Pourmorteza, Wael K El Minaoui, Pooja Sethi, Peyman Mamdouhi, Timir Paul
Air embolism is an infrequent but potentially catastrophic complication. It could be a complication of invasive procedures including surgery, central line placement, positive pressure ventilation, trauma, hemodialysis, pacemaker placement, cardiac ablation, and decompression sickness. Usually, it does not cause any hemodynamic complication. In rare cases, it could lodge in the heart and cause cardiac arrest. We present a case of an 82-year-old white female who underwent computed tomography (CT) guided biopsy of right lung pulmonary nodule...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Sergi Barrera-Ochoa, Sergi Rodríguez-Alabau, Andrea Sallent, Francisco Soldado, Xavier Mir
We report a 38-year-old male with a nonunion followed by plate breakage after volar plating of a distal radius osteotomy. Volar locking plates have added a new approach to the treatment of distal radius malunions, due to a lower morbidity of the surgical approach and the strength of the final construction, allowing early mobilization and return to function. Conclusion. Plate breakage is an uncommon complication of volar locking plate fixation. To our knowledge, few cases have been described after a distal radius fracture and no case has been described after a distal radius corrective osteotomy...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Leonardo Machado, Luiz Evandro de Lima Filho, Liliane Machado
Cotard's Syndrome (CS) is a rare clinical event described for the first time in 1880 by the neurologist and psychiatrist Jules Cotard and characterized by negation delusions (or nihilists). Immortality and hypochondriac delusions are also typical. Nowadays, it is known that CS can be associated with many neuropsychiatric conditions. In this article, we describe the case of a patient that believed not having more organs and having the body deformed and whose CS was associated with a bigger depressive disorder...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Valery Istomin, David S Blondheim, Simcha R Meisel, Aaron Frimerman, Moshe Lapidot, Ronit Rachmilevitch
This case report describes a 37-year-old female who was admitted to our Emergency Department because of shortness of breath. On physical examination, she had dyspnea and tachycardia and blood pressure was 80/50 mmHg with a pulsus paradoxus of 22 mmHg. Neck veins were distended, heart sounds were distant, and dullness was found on both lung bases. Her chest X-ray revealed bilateral pleural effusion and cardiomegaly. On both computed tomography and echocardiography the heart was of normal size and a large pericardial effusion was noted...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
E Nastro Siniscalchi, L Catalfamo, A Pitrone, R Papa, F Famà, G Lo Giudice, G Cervino, M Cicciu, F S De Ponte
Pseudoaneurysm of the internal maxillary artery due to a traumatic event is a rare condition. Pseudoaneurysms are usually directly produced by arteries break with extravasation of blood. The compressed perivascular tissue forms the wall of aneurysmal sac. Then, this sac gradually expands and can be damaged. It is rare to see pseudoaneurysms of IMA. They are usually associated with fracture of the neck of the mandible. To the best of our knowledge the pseudoaneurysm of the internal maxillary artery related to maxillofacial trauma is an event extremely rare in the literature and if not quickly managed can lead to the patient's death...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Aline Stollmeier, Bernardo Augusto Rosario, Bruna Loise Mayer, Gibran Avelino Frandoloso, Francisco Luiz Gomide Mafra Magalhães, Gustavo Lenci Marques
Introduction. Skin disorders can be the first manifestation of occult diseases. The recognition of typical paraneoplastic dermatoses may anticipate the cancer diagnosis and improve its prognosis. Although rarely observed, the sudden appearance and/or rapid increase in number and size of seborrheic keratoses can be associated with malignant neoplasms, known as the sign of Leser-Trélat. The aim of this report is to unveil a case of a patient whose recently erupted seborrheic keratoses led to investigation and consequent diagnosis of bladder cancer...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Chuanchen Zhang, Xiaoyong Huang, Shuhua Li, Hengchen Yao, Bin Zhang
Pulmonary artery dissection is extremely rare but it is a really life-threatening condition when it happens. Most patients die suddenly from major bleeding or tamponade caused by direct rupture into mediastinum or retrograde into the pericardial sac. What we are reporting is a rare case of a 46-year-old female patient whose pulmonary artery dissection involves both the pulmonary valve and right pulmonary artery. The patient had acute chest pain and severe dyspnea, and the diagnosis of pulmonary artery dissection was confirmed by ultrasonography and CT angiography...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Yonatan Oster, Isaiah D Wexler, Samuel N Heyman, Elchanan Fried
A 17-year-old patient with GSD type 1a (von Gierke disease) was hospitalized with an extremely elevated serum lactate following an intercurrent infection and interruption of his frequent intake of carbohydrates. The patient developed shock, oliguric renal failure, and cardiorespiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation and inotropes. At the peak of metabolic decompensation and clinical instability, serum lactate reached a level of 47.6 mmol/L which was accompanied by a severe anion gap metabolic acidosis with a pH of 6...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
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