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Case Reports in Medicine

G Terrosu, V Cherchi, S Calandra, A Esposito, M Marino, D Berretti, A Risaliti
Introduction: The incidence of foreign bodies (FBs) in the rectum has recently increased. FB removal by the transanal way or by colonoscopy is generally feasible and only in few cases surgery is strictly necessary. Due to FB dimensions or rectum and colon anatomy, sometimes it may represent a challenge. Materials and Methods: Two cases of FB inserted in the rectum were treated in our institute. They underwent surgery using Endobag, a laparoscopic surgical device...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Christelle El Khoury, Toni Sabbouh, Hussein Farhat, Antoine Ferzli
We report a case of a bodybuilder who took a regimen of anabolic steroids containing stanozolol and testosterone propionate for 8 weeks which led to the development of jaundice and severe pruritus with serum total bilirubin reaching 41.22 mg/dL. Despite supportive care with fluid and albumin therapy, serum creatinine was progressively increasing. He underwent 6 successful sessions of plasma exchange (PE) with marked improvement at the end of the sessions. Three months after discharge, the patient's creatinine and total bilirubin levels were 1...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Catarina Lacerda, Rita Linhas, Raquel Duarte
Tuberculosis is still one of the most important health problems in the world. In developed countries, the proportion of extrapulmonary tuberculosis cases is increasing. Nowadays tuberculous spondylitis, also known as Pott disease, is a rare clinical condition but can cause severe vertebral and neurological sequelae that can be prevented with an early correct diagnosis. The aim of this paper is to increase awareness of tuberculous spondylitis in modern times, describing three different cases and discussing its best diagnostic and therapeutic approach based on the current literature...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Vicken Zeitjian, Azar Mehdizadeh
This case describes a patient with pericardial effusion as a phenomenon of the drug-induced lupus erythematosus (DILE) syndrome due to hydralazine. The relevance of this case report lies in the fact that although hydralazine has been a known causative agent of DILE, its presentation may involve a negative anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) study. Pericardial effusion is a documented adverse effect as a result of hydralazine use. It is typically common to screen for DILE with the serum ANA test prior to proceeding to more costly and specific tests (i...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
A D'Introno, A Perrone, A Schilardi, A Gentile, C Sabbà, N Napoli
Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease (KFD) is a rare, benign, generally self-limiting disease that has higher prevalence in Asian people with a few cases reported in European countries. It generally affects young subjects under 40 years of age and is characterized by regional lymphadenopathy. Here, we present a case of a 66-year-old Italian woman who was extensively examined for right unilateral laterocervical lymph nodes associated with fever, night sweats, fatigue, and weight loss. She was diagnosed as having the KFD only after an excision biopsy of the largest laterocervical lymph node and was then managed symptomatically with NSAIDs...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Yongchao Li, Xing Zhang, Xiaodong Pang, Liang Yang, Baogan Peng
Introduction: Hemolymphangioma is an extremely rare malformation of the lymphatic and blood vessels. A limited number of hemolymphangioma cases occurring in the pancreas, extremities, spleen, and other organs have been reported until September 2017. To the best of our knowledge, no cases of hemolymphangioma in the occipitocervical region have been reported in the literature. Case Presentation: We reported the case of a 23-year-old male patient with an occipitocervical lesion presenting atypically as neck pain and stiffness over a period of five months...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Melissa Dakkak, William Russell Cullinane, Virin Rajiv Neil Ramoutar
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1155/2015/931819.].
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Ahmet Mahli, Demet Coskun
Two patients, a woman aged 34 and a man aged 56, were included in the study. They reported the existence of pain in the areas of the infraorbital nerve, which, over the last four to five years, aggravated by the stimuli of eating, laughing, and being touched. 2 ml of 0.5% lidocaine was administered to these patients six times percutaneously. It was observed that the ease of pain lasted until the local anesthesia lost its effect, and the pain resumed its original intensity. Neurolysis with 0.5 ml of 50% ethanol was applied to the infraorbital nerve...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Raja Chandra Chakinala, Khwaja F Haq, Jonathan E Barsa, Shantanu Solanki, Lavneet Chawla, Muhammad Ali Khan, Taliya Farooq, Beth Schorr-Lesnick
We present a case of colonic mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma in a 62-year-old woman diagnosed after a positive test for fecal occult blood.
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Kelechukwu U Okoro, Matthew D Roby, David C Sane, Robert E Budin
Primary cardiac sarcoma is a rare malignant myocardial neoplasm that does not exhibit gender predominance or age predilection. The classification of these tumors includes several subtypes, of which synovial sarcoma is a rare manifestation. When present, these tumors portend a poor prognosis with high morbidity and mortality that is attributable to their inherent infiltrative capacity, especially in the absence of treatment. The general consensus for treatment is surgical excision and neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Joseph Quinn, Bryan Gerber, Ryan Fouche, Katharine Kenyon, Zachary Blom, Purushothaman Muthukanagaraj
Vitamin C supplementation is generally regarded as benign. There has been a resurgence of interest in the general medical community regarding the use of vitamin C most notably in the care of sepsis. Nonetheless, caution must be taken if supraphysiologic vitamin C supplementation is being administered as it should be considered a medication just like any other. We present a case of hemolysis in a glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase- (G6PD-) deficient patient receiving high-dose vitamin C infusions for his rheumatoid arthritis...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Ioannis N Mavridis, Athanassios Mitropoulos, Constantinos Mantas, Aikaterini Karagianni, Konstantinos Vlachos
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VPS) placement is one of the commoner neurosurgical procedures worldwide. The purpose of this article is to report a case of delayed intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) following a VPS and to review the literature regarding anatomic factors that could potentially explain this rare complication. A 78-year-old man with normal pressure hydrocephalus, who underwent an uneventful right VPS placement, suffered from a catastrophic isolated IVH five days later. The reported cases of delayed intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) following VPS are rare and those with IVH are even rarer...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Joan Dabu, Meredith Lindner, Moh'd Azzam, Anas Al-Khateeb, Muqueet Kadri, Sharath Bellary, Richard Miller
Foreign body aspiration occurs when a solid or semisolid object becomes lodged in the larynx or trachea. It can be a life-threatening emergency, especially if it is large enough to occlude the airway. However, small aspirated objects may go unnoticed until symptoms occur. Therefore, it is frequently misdiagnosed. A high level of clinical suspicion, patient's risk factors, and thorough history and physical examination are essential in making the diagnosis. It should be considered in cases where there is unresolved chronic cough with or without associated recurrent pneumonia especially in patients with risks for aspiration...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Katsuya Sakai, Hitoshi Mochizuki, Kosuke Mochida, Kazutaka Shiomi, Masahiro Amano, Masamitsu Nakazato
We report an 81-year-old man with multiple liver metastases after tumorectomy for primary mediastinal malignant melanoma, who experienced limb weakness and sensory disturbance after nivolumab monotherapy. He was diagnosed with nivolumab-induced mononeuropathy multiplex and rhabdomyolysis based on serologic examination, muscle biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging of the limbs, and a nerve conduction study. A course of intravenous methylprednisolone (mPSL) was initiated at 1 g/day for 3 days. After that, oral prednisolone (PSL) was started at 1 mg/kg/day and gradually tapered...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Paola Piva de Freitas, César Galusni Senna, Mayara Tabai, Carlos Takahiro Chone, Albina Altemani
Introduction: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is considered the most common malignancy in Caucasians. It constituted about 80% of all nonmelanoma skin tumors and, despite its high prevalence, is an extremely rare occurrence of metastases, with incidence rates varying from 0.0028% to 0.55%. Case Report: A 58-year-old male patient with BCC on the left nasolabial sulcus for 17 years, reporting 3 previous excisions, evolved with local recurrence. A new procedure was performed, and anatomopathological study confirmed sclerosing BCC...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Beng Kwang Ng, Kembang Aziah Yakob, Wendy Yin Ling Ng, Pei Shan Lim, Rahana Abd Rahman, Abdul Kadir Abdul Karim, Ani Amelia Zainuddin, Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy
Tuberculosis (TB) remained as one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide despite an overall decline in its incidence rate globally. Extrapulmonary TB is uncommon and only accounts for 10-20% of overall TB disease burden. Abdominopelvic TB is the sixth most common location of extrapulmonary TB. The symptoms and signs are often insidious and nonspecific. Diagnosing abdominopelvic TB can be very challenging at times and poses great difficulties to the clinician. Infection with nontuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) is even rarer especially in an immunocompetent patient...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Eddie Y Liu, Dustin E Loomes
We present a case of refractory ileocolonic Crohn's disease in a 27-year-old female treated with dual ustekinumab and vedolizumab biologic therapy. She had mucosal healing for the first time in 13 years after a 10-month treatment of ustekinumab overlapped with 6 months of vedolizumab. No side effects were observed during the 6 months of dual biologic therapy. Short-term dual biologic therapy may be considered as a treatment option for induction of remission in refractory cases of Crohn's disease.
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Bart Billet, Roel Wynendaele, Niek E Vanquathem
Objective: To evaluate the analgesic effect of a dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation technology utilizing high-frequency pulse rates to treat intractable chronic back and leg pain. Methods: This case study presents the outcomes, with a novel, wireless, minimally invasive miniature neurostimulator system in a case of chronic back pain. The subject was implanted bilaterally with a Freedom 4A quadripolar electrode array at the L2 dorsal root ganglion. Stimulation was applied using 10 kHz pulse rate and 30 μs pulse width...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Yasuhiro Doi, Yasushi Takii, Hiroyuki Ito, Norihiko Jingu, Kentaro To, Sinichiro Kimura, Koichi Kimura, Kensaku Sanefuji, Hirofumi Ikeda, Sayaka Tachibana, Takeshi Otsuka
Ceftriaxone (CTRX) is known to cause reversible biliary stones/sludge, which is called biliary pseudolithiasis. We report two rare cases of biliary obstruction by pseudolithiasis shortly after completing CTRX treatment. Stones and sludge, which had not been detected before CTRX administration, appeared in the gallbladder and common bile duct and led to biliary obstruction and acute cholangitis. The obstructions were successfully treated with endoscopic retrograde biliary drainage and endoscopic sphincterotomy...
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
Eddie Y Liu, Jennifer Crawford, Haissam Haddad
We present a case of hemothorax due to ruptured mycotic aneurysm in three intercostal arteries in a 40-year-old male with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis (IE) due to intravenous drug use. Microcoil embolization and thoracotomy successfully achieved hemostasis. Mycotic aneurysm is a rare complication of IE and is usually found in the intracranial vessels. Ruptured mycotic aneurysm in the intercostal arteries can be associated with IE and can present as acute hemothorax.
2017: Case Reports in Medicine
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