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Open Biomedical Engineering Journal

Junhong Liu, Wanzhong Chen, Mingyang Li, Xiaotao Kang
BACKGROUND: While the classification of multifunctional finger and wrist movement based on surface electromyography (sEMG) signals in intact subjects can reach remarkable recognition rates, the performance obtained from amputated subjects remained low. METHODS: In this paper, we proposed and evaluated the myoelectric control scheme of upper-limb prostheses by the continuous recognition of 17 multifunctional finger and wrist movements on 5 amputated subjects. Experimental validation was applied to select optimal features and classifiers for identifying sEMG and accelerometry (ACC) modalities under the windows-based analysis scheme...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Zhang Wei
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Xiaoyang Zhang, Lei Xue, Zhi Zhang, Yiwen Zhang
BACKGROUND: Health problems about children have been attracting much attention of parents and even the whole society all the time, among which, child-language development is a hot research topic. The experts and scholars have studied and found that the guardians taking appropriate intervention in children at the early stage can promote children's language and cognitive ability development effectively, and carry out analysis of quantity. The intervention of Artificial Intelligence Technology has effect on the autistic spectrum disorders of children obviously...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
E G Yakovleva, K G Korotkov, E D Fedorov, E V Ivanova, R V Plahov, S S Belonosov
BACKGROUND: Colonic neoplasms are quite a serious problem today. Screening methods play an important role in diagnosing the disease. Colorectal cancer screening is a complex undertaking, having various options, which require a lot of efforts both from the doctor and from the patient, including the use of sedatives and the necessity of the presence of an assistant for some procedures such as colonoscopy. This is why it is very important to find a method by which one can make a diagnosis quickly, easily, and painlessly...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Andrew C Rau, Ryan Siskey, Jorge A Ochoa, Tracy Good
BACKGROUND: Creating appropriately-sized, lethal isotherms during cryoablation of renal tumors is critical in order to achieve sufficiently-sized zones of cell death. To ensure adequate cell death in target treatment locations, surgeons must carefully select the type, size, location, and number of probes to be used, as well as various probe operating parameters. OBJECTIVE: The current study investigates the effects of probe type, operating pressure, and clinical method on the resulting sizes of isotherms in an in vitro gelatin model...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Xiaoyuan Li, Qiwei Li, Li Shi, Liucheng Jiao
The response properties of individual neurons in the primary visual cortex (V1) are among the most thoroughly described in the mammalian central nervous system, but they reveal less about higher-order processes like visual perception. Neural activity is highly nonlinear and non-stationary over time, greatly complicating the relationships among the spatiotemporal characteristics of visual stimuli, local field potential (LFP) signal components, and the underlying neuronal activity patterns. We applied discrete wavelet transformation to detect new features of the LFP that may better describe the association between visual input and neural ensemble activity...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
C Giuliani, A Agostinelli, F Di Nardo, S Fioretti, L Burattini
Electrocardiographic (ECG) T-wave endpoint (Tend) identification suffers lack of reliability due to the presence of noise and variability among leads. Tend identification can be improved by using global repolarization waveforms obtained by combining several leads. The dominant T-wave (DTW) is a global repolarization waveform that proved to improve Tend identification when computed using the 15 (I to III, aVr, aVl, aVf, V1 to V6, X, Y, Z) leads usually available in clinics, of which only 8 (I, II, V1 to V6) are independent...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Kai Chen, Min Pan, Zhi-Gang Feng
BACKGROUND: Micro-needles were proposed as one of the alternatives to deliver drugs painlessly passing through stratum corneum in recent years. In this work, a mathematical model is presented to characterize the in fusion flow of a hollow micro-needle array driven by a micro-pump. METHODS: By assuming the injection of each micro-needle undergoes a spherical expansion and diffusion, the model is able to calculate the time-varying expansion radius, and the diffusion boundary, provided that the material properties and the micro-needle system parameters are known...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Alexander P Dahinten, Robert A Malkin
INTRODUCTION: Modern day antiretroviral therapy allows HIV+ pregnant women to lower the likelihood of viral transmission to their infants before, during, and after birth from 20-45% to less than 5%. In developing countries, where non-facility births may outnumber facility births, infant access to safe antiretroviral medication during the critical first three days after birth is often limited. A single-dose, polyethylene pouch ("Pratt Pouch") addresses this challenge by allowing the medication to be distributed to mothers during antenatal care...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Tomokazu Masaoka, Toshitaka Yoshii, Masato Yuasa, Tsuyoshi Yamada, Takashi Taniyama, Ichiro Torigoe, Kenichi Shinomiya, Atsushi Okawa, Sadao Morita, Shinichi Sotome
BACKGROUND: Reconstruction of large bone defects is a great challenge in orthopedic research. In the present study, we prepared composites of bone marrow-derived stromal cells (BMSCs) and β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) with three novel aspects: proliferation of BMSCs with continuous dexamethasone treatment, cell loading under low pressure, and use of autologous plasma as the cell loading medium. The effectiveness of the resulting composite for large bone-defect reconstruction was tested in a non-human primate model, and the bone union capability of the regenerated bones was examined...
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Wang Yanhua, Wu Fuhua, Guo Zhaohan, Peng Mingxing, Zhang Yanan, Pang Zhen Ling, Du Minhua, Zhang Caiying, Liang Zian
This study was aimed to optimize the extraction process for Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge polysaccharide using response surface methodology The results showed that four operating parameters including microwave power, microwave time and the particle size had notable effects on the polysaccharide extraction of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge. The effects could be ranked in decreasing order of importance as follows:. Microwave power > microwave time > the comminution degree. The optimal extraction parameters were determined as 573...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Sun Ronghui
In order to observe the effects of whey protein powder on hematological indexes of players majoring in physical education in the basketball training, the authors divided the players randomly into a control group and a nutrition group. Athletes complete the 30 minutes quantitative exercise using cycle ergometer respectively before the trial and after one month trial. Then we exsanguinated immediately after exercise, extracted heparin and measured hemoglobin, red blood cell count, hematocrit and mean corpuscular volume and other hematological indices...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Fu Qiang
L-malate is an important intermediate on the process of metabolism; it plays an important role in generating mitochondria ATP both under aerobic and hypoxic condition. It is easy to be absorbed and come into mitochondrion through cell membrane and promote to produce energy in mitochondrion. The purpose of this investigation is to probe into the different influence malate ingestion on blood lactate and glucose kinetics during aerobic exercise athletes; at the same time, rats were used to study the effect of malate and oligosaccharide solution on the metabolism in muscle and liver...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Hua Miao
In order to study the effect of maca polypeptide on sport fatigue, this paper selected 40 male mice, and they were randomly divided into group A, B, C and D. group A, B and C were fed food with different concentrations of maca polypeptide, and group D was control group. After two weeks of feeding, measured physiological indexes of mice, including blood glucose, urea nitrogen and creatinine. At last gived the experimental results, as well as the analysis. Experimental results show that maca polypeptide can improve the ability of anti-fatigue mice, and in a certain concentration range, the higher the concentration, the better the resistance to fatigue...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Li Qi, Liu Ying
For researching the function of relieving fatigue of green beans sports drinks, this paper selected 60 mice as subjects. They were randomly divided into four groups (low dose group, middle dose group, high dose group and physiological saline group). Each time they were respectively feed 10g 20g/L, 40g/L, 80 g/L green beans sports drinks and 15ml/(kg.d) physiological saline. The experiment lasted for a month. We recorded weight of mice, swimming time and blood urea nitrogen indicators. The results show that green beans sports drinks can significantly prolong swimming time of mice (p <0...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Bai Bo
This topic introduces functions, extraction and purification of polysaccharides and focuses on the effect of blue polysaccharides (BPs) on sport capacity, anti-fatigue effect and related physiological indexes in aged mice induced by D-galactose was investigated. Water extract-alcohol precipitation method was used in the experiment to extract polysaccharides from blueberry, after preliminary purification, research on polysaccharide of its vitro antioxidant activity and bacteriostasis is taken, to provide a reference for the production and application of blueberry polysaccharides...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Jia Jia
Scientific training, elimination of fatigue, and reasonable nutrition is the three important parts of successful training. Especially in the fatigue recovery and reasonable nutrition of track and field endurance project, which is more important than other project significance? This paper is to more scientific nutritional intervention on the walking athletes to improve athletic performance and provide experimental evidence 12 male and 12 female athletes were selected from the Chinese national walking team were given the nutrition intervention of a variety of sports supplements for 9 weeks...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Dongmei Li
For studying the effect of eating the food containing carbohydrates with different glycaemic index and glycaemic load 2 hours before athletics on the exercise tolerance and immune function, select 10 men long-distance endurance athletes, use not completely random balance repeated testing methods, randomized complete the three endurance tests. And each test interval is not less than seven days. The results suggest that there is no apparent effect of eating the food containing carbohydrates with different glycaemic index and glycaemic load 2 hours before athletics on the exercise tolerance and immune function...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
Wang Yanan, Zhao Xusheng, Yin Baozhong, Zhen Wenchao, Guo Jintang
The effect of VAM on reducing wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. f.sp. fragariae Winks et Williams (FO) infection in strawberry and the possible mechanisms involved were investigated. Two key substance involved in disease defenses, lignin and hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein were induced and formed in the cell wall of strawberry root, and the peak content of lignin and hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein occurred on the 25(th) day (149.52mg/g) and on the 15(th) day (10.08 mg/g). The activity of protective enzymes SOD, POD and CAT inoculation with VAM significantly increased when compared with the control under both CK (natural growth) and inoculated with FO...
2015: Open Biomedical Engineering Journal
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