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Journal of Diabetes

Ying Liu, Kesheng Wang, Mildred Maisonet, Liang Wang, Shimin Zheng
BACKGROUND: A long term of unhealthy lifestyles can lead to many health problems, especially type 2 diabetes (T2D). This study is to determine the associations of lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity and diet) with type 2 diabetes in American adults (≥20 years) in a nationally representative sample. METHODS: Data were from 12987 American adults who participated in National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005-2014...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Zachary Bloomgarden
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 13, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Lin Lin, Jieli Lu, Lulu Chen, Yiming Mu, Zhen Ye, Chao Liu, Gang Chen, Lixin Shi, Jiajun Zhao, Qiang Li, Tao Yang, Li Yan, Qin Wan, Shengli Wu, Yan Liu, Guixia Wang, Zuojie Luo, Xulei Tang, Yanan Huo, Zhengnan Gao, Qing Su, Youmin Wang, Guijun Qin, Huacong Deng, Xuefeng Yu, Shen Feixia, Li Chen, Liebin Zhao, Yu Xu, Min Xu, Kui Peng, Rui Du, Meng Dai, Mian Li, Tiange Wang, Zhiyun Zhao, Shenghan Lai, Donghui Li, Yufang Bi, Weiqing Wang, Guang Ning
BACKGROUND: Diagnosed diabetes has been associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, the association of non-diabetic hyperglycemia with CKD remained uncertain. The aim of the study was to investigate the association of different glycemic status with CKD in Chinese adults and assess the prevalence and control of diabetes among individuals with CKD. METHODS: A total of 250 752 adults aged 40 years or older were selected from the baseline of the Risk Evaluation of cAncers in Chinese diabeTic Individuals: a lONgitudinal (REACTION) study...
October 13, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Kui Peng, Lin Lin, Zhengyi Wang, Lin Ding, Ya Huang, Po Wang, Yu Xu, Jieli Lu, Min Xu, Yufang Bi, Weiqing Wang, Yuhong Chen, Guang Ning
BACKGROUND: Epidemiologic studies have reported conflicting results on the relationship between short sleep duration and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Previous research investigating the impact of daytime nap on NAFLD was not available. Herein, we examined the associations between nightly sleep duration, daytime nap with NAFLD in a middle-aged and elderly Chinese population. METHODS: This cross-sectional community-based population study included 8559 individuals aged 40 years or older...
October 4, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Na Wang, Jin-Ping Zhang, Xiao-Yan Xing, Zhao-Jun Yang, Bo Zhang, Xin Wang, Wen-Ying Yang
BACKGROUND: This post-hoc analysis investigated whether changes in endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) levels were associated with weight loss in newly diagnosed diabetes patients. METHODS: Seven hundred eighty-four subjects from the MARCH (Metformin and AcaRbose in Chinese as initial Hypoglycemic treatment) study were stratified by changes in GLP-1 levels (∆GLP-1). Changes in clinical and physiological parameters were evaluated across ∆GLP-1 subgroups to assess correlations between ∆GLP-1 and weight loss in acarbose vs...
September 22, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Payal H Marathe, Abigail E Dove, Helen X Gao, Sarah A Odeh, Kelly L Close
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 21, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Dukhabandhu Naik, Hesarghatta Shyamasynder Asha, Mahesh Doddabelavangala Mruthyunjaya, Rita Gupta Patil L, Thomas Vizhalil Paul, Flory Christina, Mercy Inbakumari, Ruby Jose, Jessie Lionel, Annie Regi, P Visalakshi Jeyaseelan, Nihal Thomas
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Hypoglycemia is a major hindrance for optimal glycemic control in women with gestational diabetes mellitus[GDM] on insulin. We objectively estimated masked hypoglycemia [glucose < 2.77mmol/L for ≥30minutes] in pregnant women using a continuous glucose monitoring system[CGMS]. METHODS: Twenty pregnant women with GDM on insulin [cases] and ten age-matched euglycemic pregnant women [controls] between 24-36 weeks of gestation were recruited...
September 14, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Wenying Yang, Linong Ji, Zhiguang Zhou, Valerie A Cain, Kristina M Johnsson, C David Sjöström
BACKGROUND: The efficacy and safety of dapagliflozin, an SGLT2 inhibitor, has been demonstrated predominantly in Western populations. METHODS: The present analysis examined the efficacy and safety of dapagliflozin in Asian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) from eight Phase IIb/III double-blind trials of up to 24 weeks, treated with placebo (N = 497), dapagliflozin 5 mg (N = 491) or dapagliflozin 10 mg (N = 465). RESULTS: Demographic and baseline characteristics were comparable across treatment groups...
September 14, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Nahid Safari-Alighiarloo, Mohammad Taghizadeh, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaei, Soodeh Shahsavari, Saeed Namaki, Soheila Khodakarim, Mostafa Rezaei-Tavirani
BACKGROUND: Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which pancreatic beta cells are destroyed by infiltrating immune cells. Bilateral cooperation of pancreatic beta cells and immune cells has been proposed in progression of T1D, but there is no systems study to investigate it. Here, we aimed to explicate etiological molecular basis and identify key genes associated to T1D risk by network biology approach in two circumstances. METHODS: We integrated interactome (protein-protein interaction (PPI)) and transcriptomes data data of transcriptomes to construct networks of differentially expressed genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and pancreatic beta cells...
September 14, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Yoshiyuki Sugaya, Hiroaki Satoh
BACKGROUND: Hepatic steatosis is strongly associated with insulin resistance. It has been reported that G0S2 inhibited the lipolytic activity of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL), which is a major hepatic lipase as well as in adipocytes. Moreover, we confirmed that G0S2 protein contents were increased in the livers of high fat diet (HFD)-fed rats. We investigated the effect of hepatic G0S2 on insulin sensitivity in male Wistar rats. METHODS: Male Wistar rats were fed 60% HFD for 4 weeks...
September 14, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Junping Wen, Ting Xue, Ying Huang, Xiaoyan Chen, Ying Xue, Wei Lin, Lizhen Zhang, Jin Yao, Huibin Huang, Jixing Liang, Liantao Li, Lixiang Lin, Lidan Shi, Liangchun Cai, Zhuangli Zhu, Gang Chen
BACKGROUND: Beta-cells in different stages have different function and capacity of proliferation, regenerative and apoptosis. We conducted this study to investigate whether there are changes in beta-cell phonotype in the development of diabetes to identify potential beta cell targets for preventing the progression of diabetes. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study of pancreatic tissues obtained from 80 patients classified into three groups: 25 type2 diabetes, 25 impaired fasting glucose, and 30 non-diabetes...
September 10, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Xiu-Jing Xie, Yun-Mei Yang, Jiu-Kun Jiang, Yuan-Qiang Lu
BACKGROUND: The goal of the study was to reveal the relationship between vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and diabetes retinopathy (DR) susceptibility. METHODS: The literature review was from electronic literature databases such as PubMed, Web of Science and Embase. The retrieval period was from the launch of the databases up to September 23, 2015. The following VEGF gene single nucleotide polymorphisms were analyzed: rs2010963 (G > C), rs833061 (T > C), rs699947 (C > A), rs3025039 (C > T) and rs1570360 (G > A)...
September 10, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Zachary T Bloomgarden
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 31, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Jun Zhang, Cuizhe Wang, Xiaodan Ha, Wei Li, Peng Xu, Yajuan Gu, Tingting Wang, Yan Wang, Jianxin Xie
BACKGROUND: Higher probability of T2DM in Uygur population is due to greater values of WHR and visceral fat content. This study aimed to investigate the association between DNA methylation of APN, TNF-α, MCP-1 of visceral adipose tissue and T2DM. METHODS: Visceral adipose tissue was collected from Uygur population, and divided them into normal control group (NC, n = 50), obesity group(Ob, n = 48)and T2DM group(n = 26). mRNA expression of TNF-α, APN and MCP-1 was quantified by RT-PCR; DNA methylation status was detected by denaturing high performance liquid chromatography(DHPLC)...
August 30, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Ye-Li Wang, Woon-Puay Koh, Mohammad Talaei, Jian-Min Yuan, An Pan
BACKGROUND: Increased triglycerides (TG) and decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) are risk factors for type 2 diabetes (T2D). The relationship between TG:HDL-C ratio and T2D risk is not clear, and it is not known whether the association is modified by gender, body mass index, or fasting status. This study examined the relationship between TG:HDL-C ratio and risk of incident T2D, and the predictive ability of the ratio on top of other diabetes risk factors. METHODS: Blood biomarkers were determined in 571 T2D cases and 571 controls nested within a prospective, population-based cohort study, the Singapore Chinese Health Study...
August 30, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Sho-Ichi Yamagishi, Nobutaka Nakamura, Takanori Matsui
Epidemiological studies have suggested that cumulative diabetic exposure, namely, a prolonged exposure to chronic hyperglycemia contributes to the increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in diabetes. The formation and accumulation of advanced end products (AGEs) have been known to progress under hyperglycemic conditions. Since AGEs-modified collagens are hardly degraded and remain for a long time in diabetic vessels, kidneys and hearts even after glycemic control has been achieved, AGEs could become a marker that reflects cumulative diabetic exposure...
August 24, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Shao-Ling Yang, Lv-Yun Zhu, Rui Han, Lei-Lei Sun, Jun-Xia Li, Jing-Tao Dou
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) increases the risk of lower extremity amputation. It is also an independent predictor of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemic events, affecting both the quality and expectancy of life. Many studies have demonstrated that the prevalence of PAD in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) is higher than in non-diabetic patients. In diabetic patients, PAD occurs early with rapid progression, and is frequently asymptomatic. Multiple metabolic aberrations in DM, such as advanced glycation end-products, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and abnormal oxidative stress, have been shown to worsen PAD...
August 24, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Zachary T Bloomgarden, Kaan Tunceli, Jinan Liu, Kimberly G Brodovicz, Panagiotis Mavros, Samuel S Engel, Larry Radican, Yong Chen, Swapnil Rajpathak, Ying Qiu, Philippe Brudi, Vivian Fonseca
BACKGROUND: Data are limited regarding adherence to dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors. METHODS: The present retrospective cohort study of a claims database involved adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus, continuous enrollment for 12 months before the first prescription of add-on sitagliptin (SITA) or a sulfonylurea (SU) to metformin (MET) monotherapy (index date), and ≥45 days of MET coverage ≤90 days before the index date. The SITA and SU users were matched on duration of follow-up and propensity score (PS)...
August 16, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Yusuke Mineoka, Michiyo Ishii, Akiko Tsuji, Yoriko Komatsu, Yuko Katayama, Mitsuko Yamauchi, Aki Yamashita, Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Naoto Nakamura, Yasukazu Katsumi, Motohide Isono, Michiaki Fukui
BACKGROUND: Foot ulceration is a serious problem for patients with type 2 diabetes and early detection of risks for this condition is important for preventing complications. We conducted a cross-sectional study in patients with type 2 diabetes to determine the relationship between limited joint mobility (LJM) of hand and diabetic foot risk classified using the criteria of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF). METHODS: Relationships of LJM of hand and the foot risk with the IWGDF category, hemoglobin A1c, age, body mass index, blood pressure, estimated glomerular filtration (eGFR), diabetic complications including diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) were evaluated in 528 consecutive patients with type 2 diabetes...
August 16, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
Tsugumichi Saito, Katsura Niijima, Eijiro Yamada, Yawara Niijima, Shuichi Okada, Masanobu Yamada
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 10, 2016: Journal of Diabetes
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