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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

Rajeshwari Penmetsa, Katragadda Raja Venkatesh Murthy
Dental implants have demonstrated a high degree of success in the restorations of teeth in partially or completely edentulous patients. However, when the buccolingual width of the edentulous crest is insufficient for the placement of standard sized implants, the use of two or more smaller diameter implants should be considered to avoid the need for invasive reconstruction techniques such as grafting procedures. The present case report describes the replacement of a single mandibular first molar with two narrow-diameter implants, in a 41-year- old male patient...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Ashu Bhardwaj, Nishat Sultan, Madhuri Sawai, Zeba Jafri
Moderate-to-severe chronic periodontitis results in clinical loss of attachment, reduced width of attached gingiva (AG), periodontal pockets beyond mucogingival junction (MGJ), gingival recession, loss of alveolar bone, and decreased vestibular depth (VD). The encroachment of frenal and muscle attachments on marginal gingiva increases the rate of progression of periodontal pockets, prevents healing, and causes their recurrence after therapy. Loss of VD and AG associated with continuous progression of pocket formation and bone loss requires two-stage surgical procedures...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Reenesh Mechery, Babu Harshavardhana, Saroj Kumar Rath, Nithya Dinakar
There are many etiological factors for nonplaque-induced gingival diseases, out of which physical trauma due to psychiatric reasons leading to self-infliction is less studied upon. This case report presents one such case which has been successfully treated stepwise where psychological counseling was done to restrain from habit followed by using an innovative laterally positioned periosteal pedicle graft for dehiscence coverage.
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Sanjeev Kumar Salaria, Minkle Gulati, Samir Ahuja, Sandeep Goyal
The lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is a nonkeratinized, noninflammatory developmental cyst occurring adjacent or lateral to tooth root. It is a relatively uncommon lesion found in the maxillary incisors and found mostly in adults during 5th to 7th decades. In this case, 45-year-old male patient reported with occasional mild discomfort between left maxillary central and lateral incisor region since 1 year. Interproximally, a well-defined round radiolucent area with corticated borders was determined radiographically between vital tooth #21 and #22...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Renu Garg, Manoj Margabandhu, Ajish Paul, Kennedy Babu
Gingival overgrowths found in the oral cavity are mostly due to reactive hyperplasia and rarely depict neoplastic nature. It is a challenge for the clinician to give final diagnoses of gingival overgrowth. Gingiva is a common site for various benign and malignant lesions. Oral cavity is an ideal niche for the manifestation of various precancerous and cancerous lesions. Fibrous growths present in the oral cavity include a varying group of reactive, precancerous, and cancerous conditions. This report describes a case of a 55-year-old male who clinically presented with a localized fibromatous gingival overgrowth in relation to lower left mandibular canine-premolar region that was diagnosed as a gingival fibroma associated with leukoplakia...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Sreedevi Dharman, Arvind Muthukrishnan
Mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) is a heterogeneous group of autoimmune chronic inflammatory, subepithelial blistering disorder, predominantly involving the mucous membranes. It has a female predilection and commonly occurring after the fifth decade of life. The oral mucosa is affected in more than 90% of cases. Dentists could be the first health personnel to identify and diagnose this rare mucocutaneous lesion. Two unique cases of oral MMP with varied clinical presentation, the diagnostic modality, treatment and follow-up are presented...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Vladimíra Radochová, Jakub Radocha, Jan Laco, Radovan Slezák
Sarcoidosis is a common multisystemic granulomatous disease characterized by the formation of nonnecrotizing epithelioid granulomas in various body organs. The most commonly affected organs in the head-and-neck region include salivary glands and cervical lymph nodes. Involvement of the oral mucosa is very rare. The purpose of this report is to present an atypical oral manifestation of sarcoidosis with ulcerations of the buccal mucosa in a 59-year-old female.
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Leila Cristina Mourão, Elanne Garcia, Daniela Passos, Thamirys Lorena, Antonio Canabarro
Background: The purpose of the study is to examine the quality of life (QoL) in chronic periodontitis (CP) patients associated with or not with well-controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2). Materials and Methods: Five hundred CP patients, 250 with DM2 (GDM2 group) and 250 age- and gender-matched controls without DM2 (GND), were enrolled in this cross-sectional case-controlled study from January to September 2015. They were interviewed by a QoL questionnaire (Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue) validated to Portuguese...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Rampalli Viswa Chandra, Boya Savitharani, Aileni Amarender Reddy
Context: Electrosurgery offers many unique advantages such as hemostasis and precise tissue cutting; however, there are a number of disadvantages including thermal injury and delayed wound healing. Aims: The aim of the present study was to compare the outcomes of incisions made by Colorado® microdissection needle, electrosurgery tip, and surgical blade during periodontal surgery. Settings and Design: Twenty-two individuals participated in this study...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Aashima Bajaj Dang, Krishan Kumar Chaubey, Rajesh Kumar Thakur, Ranjana Mohan, Zoya Chowdhary, Richa Tripathi
Background: Tetracycline is one of the primary antibiotics prescribed for antimicrobial therapy in periodontics. It has a broad spectrum of activity being effective against most bacteria as well as spirochetes. Due to limitations of systemic drug therapy, recent formulations of the drug for local administration in the subgingival area have been introduced, including collagen fibers impregnated with tetracycline. Aims and Objective: To compare the effectiveness of tetracycline fibers alone or in combination with scaling and root planing (SRP) on clinical parameters in chronic periodontitis patients...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Bita Maraghehpour, Mina Khayamzadeh, Shamsoulmolouk Najafi, Mohammadjavad Kharazifard
Background: Since bacterial strains developed resistance against commonly used antibiotics and side effects became more serious, other alternatives have been postulated. There is an answer for this issue in ancient medicine. Many plants have been proved to provide antibacterial effect. In this study, Boswellia serrata (BS) and Nigella sativa (NS) were assessed to evaluate the antibacterial effect on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (A.a) known as main pathogen of aggressive periodontitis...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Dhara Jayesh Pandya, Balaji Manohar, Lalit Kumar Mathur, Rajesh Shankarapillai
Context: Local administration of antimicrobial agents offer a "site-specific" approach to the periodontal therapy and it has several benefits. Aim: The present study was aimed to assess the clinical and microbial changes by subgingival irrigation using different subgingival irrigants in periodontitis patients and also to assess the mechanical effect of different local irrigation devices; if any. Settings and Design: Split-mouth design was employed on ten individuals...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Pooja Purushottam Wattamwar, Rajashri Abhay Kolte, Abhay Pandurang Kolte, Kanan Ketan Shah
Background and Objective: Nitric oxide (NO) is a widespread signaling molecule which is known to influence varied biological processes. However, an uncontrolled high level of NO accelerates tissue destruction. The pathogenesis of periodontal disease is also affected by smoking which alters the inflammatory response. The present study was thus performed to assess the effect of nonsurgical periodontal treatment on salivary and serum NO levels in smokers and nonsmokers with chronic periodontitis...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Saif Khan, Asad Ullah Khan, Sadaf Hasan
Background: Chlorhexidine (CHX) is the gold standard of all chemical plaque control agents and the most commonly prescribed mouthwash. However, several studies have shown cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of CHX on various eukaryotic cells. In this study, we have used micronuclei as a biomarker of DNA damage in buccal epithelial cells of chronic gingivitis patients who were given adjunct 0.2% CHX for plaque control. Materials and Methods: Chronic gingivitis patients who were exclusively on mechanical plaque control methods were taken as control (Group A) (n = 101), and chronic gingivitis patients who along with mechanical plaque control measures were taking 0...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Prasad Shyamrajan Nadig, Monali Amit Shah
Background: The aim of the present meta-analysis is to determine the efficacy of tetracycline group of antibiotics as local drug delivery agents in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. Materials and Methods: MEDLINE, EBSCO, Cochrane database, and Google Scholar were used to identify studies in English published up to January 31, 2017. An additional hand search of relevant journals and of the bibliographies of the paper identified was also performed. Articles retrieved were screened using specific inclusion criteria by two independent reviewers...
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Abhay Kolte
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Balaji Manohar
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Shravanthi Raghav Yajamanya, Praveen Jayaram, Anirban Chatterjee
The aim of this report is to diagnose the cause for episodic, shifting type of mild inflammation in the isolated areas of gingiva noted by the patient for 1 year. A 33-year-old female patient presented with a chief complaint of mild pain and occasional burning sensation confined to the gingiva to the Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology. Clinical presentation of the gingiva was seen to mimic mild form of gingivitis for 1 year, with no noted systemic involvement gingival biopsy was performed. The presence of Tzanck cell was noted along with intraepithelial split pointing toward pemphigus...
September 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Shilpa Sarvesh Urolagin, Deepthi Swaroop, Charu Agrawal, Pathik Dholakia, Menaka Basavanneppa Karalwad
Antiphospholipid antibody (APLA) syndrome is a noninflammatory autoimmune disease, with innumerable clinical manifestations ranging from recurrent thrombosis and pregnancy morbidity to valvular lesions, transverse myelitis, thrombocytopenia, and hemolytic anemia. APLAs in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) are well-known risk factors for cerebrovascular accidents. Stroke is the most common manifestation of APS in the central nervous system. Gingival enlargement is a known side effect of phenytoin which is an antiepileptic drug...
September 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Pragathi Raghavendra Bhat, Anirudh Balakrishna Acharya, Srinath Lakshman Thakur
Background: The palatal approach of anterior superior alveolar (P-ASA) using WAND injection was reported to effectively provide a profound bilateral maxillary anesthesia of the soft tissue of anterior one-third of the palate and facial gingivae extending from canine to canine which lasted for more than an hour thus making it ideal for scaling root planing and minor periodontal procedures in the anterior maxilla. Our study suggests that the conventional P-ASA injection is of very short duration and the extent of anesthesia was not profound and consistent...
September 2016: Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
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