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Laurence A Mound
Most of the 16 fungus-feeding species described from the Hawaiian Islands and now placed in the genus Hoplothrips were based on very few and incomplete specimens. The descriptions were published long before any studies on the biology and structural variation of fungus-feeding Phlaeothripinae. Ten of these species are here placed into synonymy, and doubts are expressed concerning the identity of some others. One new polymorphic species is described and compared to a species known only from Florida. In the absence of comprehensive studies on the Hoplothrips fauna of North America, there is little evidence of endemicity or radiation on Hawaii within this genus...
2017: ZooKeys
Matteo Dal Zotto, Giuseppe Romeo, Luis A Mena Aguilar, Dario Sonetti, Aurora Pederzoli
Despite being characterized by some of the most threatened forest ecosystems of Mesoamerica, the Nicoya Peninsula is among the least known regions of neotropical Costa Rica in terms of its birdlife. Within this region, in the framework of an ongoing international cooperation program between Italy and Costa Rica, we had the opportunity to investigate the Karen Mogensen Reserve, a protected area distinguished by the presence of a variety of habitats, including tropical dry forest and moist forest. Species richness in the Reserve was relatively high compared with similar areas in northwestern Costa Rica...
2017: ZooKeys
Mingqiang Wang, Fuqiang Chen, Chaodong Zhu, Chunsheng Wu
Two new genera of Epipaschiinae are described. The genus Arcanusa Wang, Chen & Wu, gen. n. is established for Ar. apexiarcanusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp. n. and Ar. sinuosa (Moore, 1888), comb. n., described in Scopocera Moore, 1888 (junior synonym of Stericta Lederer, 1863). The female genitalia of Ar. sinuosa (Moore, 1888), comb. n. are described for the first time. Androconia Wang, Chen & Wu, gen. n. is erected, including two new species, An. rallusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp. n. and An. morulusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp...
2017: ZooKeys
Shulin Yang, Weicheng Yang
Xylotrechus tristisfaciessp. n. (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae, Clytini) from China is described and illustrated. Characters distinguishing the new species from its close relatives, which possess an entirely black or dark brown pronotum with a black median stripe on the disc and dense yellowish to gray pubescent elytra with black or brown spots or bands, are presented.
2017: ZooKeys
Jia-Chen Zhu, Cornelis van Achterberg, Xue-Xin Chen
An illustrated key to the genera and subgenera of the Alysiini (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae) from China is presented. Three genera new for China are reported: Adelurola Strand, 1924, Anisocyrta Foerster, 1863, and Pentapleura Foerster, 1863. The total for China is 26 genera of Alysiini and an additional seven subgenera (excluding the nominal subgenera, which are included in the total of genera). The known Chinese species are listed under each genus and the biology is summarised. Separatatus sinicus (Zheng, Chen & Yang, 2012) and Grammospila eurys (Chen & Wu, 1994) are new combinations...
2017: ZooKeys
Juan Manuel Fuentes-Reinés, Eduardo Suárez-Morales
A new species of the harpacticoid copepod genus Echinolaophonte is described here from specimens obtained during a biological survey of Rodadero Bay, a coastal system in the Colombian Caribbean. This species has been previously recorded as E. armiger Gurney, 1927 in different geographic areas (Indian and Pacific Oceans). The Colombian specimens recognized as E. villabonaesp. n. and true E. armiger are deemed as distinct species based on differences in several features of which the shape of the rostrum and the dorsal spinous process on the prosome are among the most distinctive...
2017: ZooKeys
Natdanai Likhitrakarn, Sergei I Golovatch, Khamla Inkhavilay, Chirasak Sutcharit, Ruttapon Srisonchai, Somsak Panha
Two new species of Glyphiulus are described and illustrated from northern Laos. The epigean Glyphiulus subbedosae Likhitrakarn, Golovatch & Panha, sp. n. is the second member of the granulatus-group to be found in that country and it seems to be especially similar to G. bedosae Golovatch, Geoffroy, Mauriès & VandenSpiegel, 2007. However, it differs from the latter species by a row of several strong setae near the median marginal ridge on the paraprocts, combined with the gnathochilarium being considerably less densely setose on the caudal face, and the anterior gonopods showing a pair of smaller, apical, but larger lateral teeth on the coxosternal plate...
2017: ZooKeys
Ilgoo Kang, Eric G Chapman, Daniel H Janzen, Winnie Hallwachs, Tanya Dapkey, M Alex Smith, Michael J Sharkey
Thirty two new species of Lytopylus (Agathidinae) are described with image plates for each species: Lytopylus alejandromasisisp. n., Lytopylus alfredomainierisp. n., Lytopylus anamariamongeaesp. n., Lytopylus angelagonzalezaesp. n., Lytopylus cesarmoraisp. n., Lytopylus eddysanchezisp. n., Lytopylus eliethcantillanoaesp. n., Lytopylus ericchapmanisp. n., Lytopylus gahyunaesp. n., Lytopylus gisukaesp. n., Lytopylus guillermopereiraisp. n., Lytopylus gustavoinduniisp. n., Lytopylus hartmanguidoisp. n., Lytopylus hernanbravoisp...
2017: ZooKeys
Wan-Gang Liu, Silvia Fabrizi, Xingke Yang, Ming Bai, Dirk Ahrens
The species of the genera Nipponoserica Nomura, 1973 and Paraserica Reitter, 1896 from China are revised. The following eight new species are described from China: Paraserica camillerii Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., P. mupuensis Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., P. wangi Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., Nipponoserica alloshanghaiensis Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., N. anjiensis Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., N. jiankouensis Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., N. henanensis Ahrens, Fabrizi, & Liu, sp. n., and N...
2017: ZooKeys
Eric Ythier, Wilson R Lourenço
Three new species of scorpions belonging to the genus Teuthraustes Simon, 1878 (Scorpiones: Chactidae) are described from the Amazonian and Pacific regions of Ecuador. The new descriptions raise to four the number of Teuthraustes species in Ecuadorian Amazonia and raise to two the number of species described from the Pacific region. The total number of species of Teuthraustes is now 27, including 15 in Ecuador. The geographical distribution of the genus in Ecuador is enlarged and its pattern of distribution in the country is also commented upon...
2017: ZooKeys
Jing-Wen Wang, Tsyr-Huei Chiou
The genus Pullosquilla Manning, 1978, including P. litoralis, P. thomassini, and P. pardus, has been found in Taiwan for the first time. All three species live in a subtidal sand flat north of the Bitou fishing port within the Kenting National Park, Taiwan. Adult specimens were examined, illustrated, and photographed. The habitat, which all three species share, is described. The implication of such closely related species sharing the same habitat is discussed.
2017: ZooKeys
Wayne Knee
Burying beetles (Silphidae, Nicrophorus) are hosts to a broad diversity of mites (Acari), including several species of Macrocheles Latreille, 1829 (Mesostigmata, Macrochelidae). The macrochelid fauna associated with silphids primarily in North America was surveyed; in total, 1659 macrochelids representing seven species were collected from 112 Nicrophorus beetles representing nine host species. Three new species of Macrocheles were discovered during the survey and described as Macrocheles willowaesp. n., M. pratumsp...
2017: ZooKeys
Leandro J C L Moraes, Alexandre P de Almeida, Rafael de Fraga, Rommel R Rojas, Renata M Pirani, Ariane A A Silva, Vinícius T de Carvalho, Marcelo Gordo, Fernanda P Werneck
The Brazilian mountain ranges from the Guiana Shield highlands are largely unexplored, with an understudied herpetofauna. Here the amphibian and reptile species diversity of the remote Serra da Mocidade mountain range, located in extreme northern Brazil, is reported upon, and biogeographical affinities and taxonomic highlights are discussed. A 22-days expedition to this mountain range was undertaken during which specimens were sampled at four distinct altitudinal levels (600, 960, 1,060 and 1,365 m above sea level) using six complementary methods...
2017: ZooKeys
María E García-Garza, Jesus A de León-González, Leslie H Harris
The capitellid polychaete genus Dodecaseta McCammon & Stull, 1978 is relocated in Notodasus Fauchald, 1972. Two species are redescribed based on examination of type material and three new combinations are proposed: Notodasus oraria (McCammon & Stull, 1978), N. eibyejacobseni (Green, 2002). N. fauchaldi (Green, 2002). N. kristiani (García-Garza et al., 2009), is synonymized under N. oraria. Some comments on Dasybranchus lumbricoides Grube, 1878 are included.
2017: ZooKeys
Cheng-Bin Wang, Michel Perreau, Jan Růžička, Masaaki Nishikawa
The species belonging to the genus Ptomaphagus Hellwig, 1795 (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae, Ptomaphagini) from eastern Asia are assigned to three species groups. Group yasutoshii has a single species: P. (s. str.) yasutoshii Nishikawa, 1993 from Taiwan, China. Group nepalensis with three species: P. (s. str.) nepalensis Perreau, 1988 from Nepal and P. (s. str.) masumotoi Nishikawa, 2011 from Thailand are redescribed, and P. (s. str.) piccoloi Wang, Růžička, Nishikawa, Perreau & Hayashi, 2016 is recorded for the first time from China (Zhejiang)...
2017: ZooKeys
Hyun Ki Choi, Jong Guk Kim, Dong Won Kang, Seong Myeong Yoon
A new eunicid species, Leodice duplexasp. n., from intertidal and subtidal habitats in the eastern coast of South Korea is described. The new species is assigned to the C-2 group, and is similar to Leodice antennata, the type species of the genus, in having the following combination of characteristics: moniliform antennae and palps, bidentate compound falcigers, articulated peristomial and notopodial cirri, pectinate branchiae showing bimodal distribution of branchial filaments, and yellow aciculae. However, L...
2017: ZooKeys
Nathalia Kaluana Rodrigues da Costa, Roney Emanuel Costa de Paiva, Márcio Joaquim da Silva, Telton Pedro Anselmo Ramos, Sergio Maia Queiroz Lima
Ichthyological studies in coastal basins of the Mid-Northeastern Caatinga ecoregion were first conducted in the early 20th century, including collections from the Ceará-Mirim River basin, in northeastern Brazil. Besides a few systematics and ecological studies, the knowledge on fishes from this watershed is still considered partial and restricted to the freshwater portion. Thus, the objective of this paper was to conduct a comprehensive ichthyological survey of the entire Ceará-Mirim River basin, from the headwaters to the estuarine area...
2017: ZooKeys
Helena Shaverdo, Bob Sumoked, Michael Balke
Two new species and one new subspecies of Exocelina Broun, 1886 from New Guinea are described: E. okbapensis Shaverdo & Balke, sp. n., E. okbapensis hajeki Shaverdo & Balke, ssp. n., and E. may Shaverdo & Balke, sp. n. These and two already described species are assigned to the E. okbapensis-group, which is morphologically (based on setation of the paramere) and phylogenetically close to the E. aipo-group. On the latter, morphological and taxonomic notes are provided. An identification key to all known species of the groups is presented, and important diagnostic characters are illustrated...
2017: ZooKeys
Hao Yu, Jianshuang Zhang, Jian Chen
In the present paper, a worldwide checklist of Clubiona japonica-group spiders is provided based on published literature and authors' collections. A new japonica-group species, Clubiona grucollarissp. n. (♀♂) from Guizhou Province and Hainan Island of China is diagnosed, described, and illustrated. A distribution map of this species is given.
2017: ZooKeys
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