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Japanese Journal of Radiology

Utaru Tanaka, Yoshiko Ueno, Yukiko Morinaga, Hideaki Miyake, Katsusuke Kyotani, Yu Ueda, Kazuhiro Kitajima, Keitaro Sofue, Yuko Suenaga, Kazuro Sugimura, Satoru Takahashi
PURPOSE: To investigate the impact of three-dimensional (3D) T2-weighted turbo spin-echo imaging (TSE-T2WI) with tissue-specific variable refocusing flip angle (TS-VRFA) on image quality and prostate cancer (PCa) detection and extraprostatic extension (EPE) evaluation compared to 2D TSE-T2WI and conventional 3D TSE-T2WI with volume isotropic TSE acquisition (VISTA). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Image data sets of 40 patients who underwent 3-T MRI before prostatectomy, including multiplane 2D T2WI, 3D T2WI with TS-VRFA and VISTA, and diffusion-weighted images were independently evaluated by two radiologists...
October 5, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Akio Tamura, Tatsuhiko Nakasato, Teruo Tarusawa, Shigeru Ehara
Scientific investigations on the skeletal remains of four generations of the Fujiwara clan enshrined at the Chusonji World Heritage Site were carried out in March 1950. Although an official report on this investigation was published at the time, it did not merit much public attention. Thus, the purpose of this review is to describe the radiological aspects of the investigation, which may be of interest in the context of eleventh and twelfth century Japanese history.
October 4, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Tae Iwasawa, Yuma Iwao, Tamiko Takemura, Koji Okudela, Toshiyuki Gotoh, Tomohisa Baba, Takashi Ogura, Mari S Oba
PURPOSE: To quantify lesions in the subpleural lung region (SubPL) on computed tomography (CT) images and to evaluate whether they are useful for detecting interstitial lung disease (ILD). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The subjects were 40 patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) diagnosed by multidisciplinary methods and 35 age-matched patients without ILDs. The lungs and SubPL were extracted from CT images using a Gaussian histogram normalized correlation system and evaluated for the mean CT attenuation value (CTmean) and the percentage of high attenuation area (%HAA), exceeding -700 Hounsfield units...
September 21, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Shunji Mugikura, Kei Takase
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 19, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Takeru Fukunaga, Shinya Fujii, Chie Inoue, Naoko Mukuda, Atsushi Murakami, Yoshio Tanabe, Tasuku Harada, Toshihide Ogawa
Müllerian duct anomalies (MDAs) are the result of incomplete development, vertical or lateral fusion, or absorption of the müllerian ducts. The range of anomalies includes uterovaginal agenesis or hypoplasia, unicornuate uterus, uterus didelphys, bicornuate uterus, septate uterus, and arcuate uterus. Correct diagnosis and classification of these anomalies are essential because pregnancy outcomes and treatment options vary between the types of anomaly. Furthermore, early identification of MDAs helps to avoid prolonged symptomatic periods and the complications that may subsequently arise, such as infertility, endometriosis, and neoplasm...
September 18, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Kanako K Kumamaru, Sadayuki Murayama, Yasuyuki Yamashita, Takeshi Nojo, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Mariko Goto, Eriko Maeda, Junko Echigo, Shigeyoshi Soga, Shinya Fujii, Yutaka Tanami, Tetsuhiko Okabe, Masahiro Okada, Jiro Munechika, Hideki Ota, Mototaka Miyake, Hiroshi Honda, Shigeki Aoki
PURPOSE: To survey whether imaging is being performed appropriately in Japan, and to survey whether radiologists intervene to ensure imaging requests are appropriate. METHODS: An online survey was sent to radiologists at accredited radiology training hospitals. The survey included the radiologists' perspectives on whether imaging is performed appropriately at their institutions and whether they intervene if the indication for imaging is inappropriate/ambiguous. RESULTS: The response rate was 87...
September 15, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Nobuki Imano, Yuji Murakami, Takeo Nakashima, Yuki Takeuchi, Ippei Takahashi, Yoshiko Doi, Ikuno Nishibuchi, Tomoki Kimura, Koichi Wadasaki, Tsutomu Ueda, Katsuhiro Hirakawa, Yasushi Nagata
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to analyze the clinical results of concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) with volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients with stage II-IVB NPC who received CCRT with VMAT between 2010 and 2014 were included in this study. The planned dose was 70 Gy in 35 fractions. RESULTS: Twenty patients aged between 28 and 85 years (median 60 years) were assessed...
September 8, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Hamed Manoochehri Khoshinani, Saeid Afshar, Abdolazim Sedighi Pashaki, Ali Mahdavinezhad, Safora Nikzad, Rezvan Najafi, Razieh Amini, Mohammad Hadi Gholami, Alireza Khoshghadam, Massoud Saidijam
PURPOSE: Finding a novel biomarker for determining the radiosensitivity of colorectal cancer (CRC) is critical. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of two main miRNAs including miR-222 and miR-155 in radiation response of CRC. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The radioresistant CRC cell lines were established by exposing the HCT 116 cell line to fractional X-ray radiation. SubG1 fraction analysis, MTT and clonogenic assays were applied to evaluate acquired radioresistant cell line radiosensitivity...
September 6, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Jung Wook Seo, Seong Hyun Kim, Ah Yeong Kim, Woo Kyoung Jeong, Ji Young Woo, Won Jeong Park
OBJECTIVES: To assess the value of gadoxetic acid-enhanced and diffusion-weighted (DW) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for differentiating primary hepatic angiosarcomas from hemangiomatosis and epithelioid hemangioendotheliomas (EHEs). METHODS: We reviewed MR images of seven patients with pathologically determined hepatic angiosarcomas, 11 patients with hemangiomatosis, and five patients with EHEs. Two radiologists assessed morphologic features, signal intensity (SI), enhancement patterns, and the presence of diffusion restriction by consensus and compared between angiosarcoma vs hemangiomatosis and angiosarcoma vs EHEs...
September 6, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Rongli Wu, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Atsuko Arisawa, Hiroto Takahashi, Hisashi Tanaka, Yasunori Fujimoto, Tadashi Watabe, Kayako Isohashi, Jun Hatazawa, Noriyuki Tomiyama
PURPOSE: This study aimed to compare the tumor volume definition using conventional magnetic resonance (MR) and 11C-methionine positron emission tomography (MET/PET) images in the differentiation of the pre-operative glioma grade by using whole-tumor histogram analysis of normalized cerebral blood volume (nCBV) maps. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-four patients with histopathologically proven primary brain low-grade gliomas (n = 15) and high-grade gliomas (n = 19) underwent pre-operative or pre-biopsy MET/PET, fluid-attenuated inversion recovery, dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging, and contrast-enhanced T1-weighted at 3...
September 6, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Hiroshi Yamamuro, Tamaki Ichikawa, Jun Hashimoto, Shun Ono, Yoshimi Nagata, Shuichi Kawada, Makiko Kobayashi, Jun Koizumi, Takeo Shibata, Yutaka Imai
PURPOSE: Anomalous left brachiocephalic vein (BCV) is a rare and less known systemic venous anomaly. We evaluated congenital anomalies of the left BCV in adults detected during computed tomography (CT) examinations. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective study included 81,425 patients without congenital heart disease who underwent chest CT. We reviewed the recorded reports and CT images for congenital anomalies of the left BCV including aberrant and supernumerary BCVs...
August 28, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Hirotaka Takita, Tohru Takeshita, Taro Shimono, Hiroko Tanaka, Hiroyoshi Iguchi, Shigeo Hashimoto, Yuko Kuwae, Masahiko Ohsawa, Yukio Miki
The latest World Health Organization 2017 Classification of Head and Neck Tumours includes a new chapter on tumors and tumor-like lesions of the neck and lymph nodes. Tumor-like lesions include a variety of cystic lesions of the parotid gland. Cystic lesions of the parotid gland can be divided into three groups: non-neoplastic cysts, benign tumors with macrocystic change, and malignant tumors with macrocystic change. It is important to distinguish these lesions from one another because treatment and patient management differ among the three groups...
August 23, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Hiroki Kato, Michio Ozeki, Toshiyuki Fukao, Masayuki Matsuo
PURPOSE: To assess the MR imaging findings of vertebral involvement in Gorham-Stout disease (GSD), generalized lymphatic anomaly (GLA), and kaposiform lymphangiomatosis (KLA). METHODS: Nine patients (three patients with GSD, three with GLA, and three with KLA) who underwent whole-spine MR examinations were included. MR findings of fatty marrow replacement and prolonged T1 and T2 lesions of the vertebrae were retrospectively assessed. Prolonged T1 and T2 lesions were defined as well-defined and round-, oval-, or geographic-shaped areas...
August 9, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Nadeem M S Nagi, Yasir A M Khair, Ahmed M E Abdalla
Radiotherapy is the ionizing radiation used for treatment of cancer and other diseases. Although radiotherapy is the major treatment for cancer, a lot of patients do not undergo radiation due to associated risks such as radiation pneumonitis, cardiovascular complications, development of secondary tumor, and lymphedema. However, the advantages of nanotechnology provide a unique potential to enhance radiotherapeutic performance, in particular by utilizing gold nanoparticles (Au NPs). In this review, we briefly describe the current direction of research towards the use of Au NPs for radiotherapeutic enhancement, combination, monitoring and in side effect reductions...
August 9, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Hakan Yılmaz, Özlem Yılmaz, İlkay Çamlıdağ, Ümit Belet, Hüseyin Akan
PURPOSE: The purpose of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of percutaneous sclerotherapy using bleomycin in treatment of lymphatic malformations. METHODS: Between January 2009 and January 2013, ten patients with lymphatic malformations who were admitted to the interventional radiology department were included in this retrospective study. Intralesional bleomycin was administered by percutaneous injection through 21-23 Gauge needles with a dose of 1 mg/kg body weight...
August 4, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Shuji Ikeda, Makiyo Hagihara, Akira Kitagawa, Yuichiro Izumi, Kojiro Suzuki, Toyohiro Ota, Tsuneo Ishiguchi, Hiroyuki Ishibashi
PURPOSE: To determine the incidence and risk factors of renal dysfunction after abdominal endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) and thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study consisted of 227 patients treated with EVAR and 90 with TEVAR for aortic aneurysms. Parameters, including patients' background factors, preoperative renal function, contrast dose and aortic wall irregularity on CT images were assessed in relation to postoperative renal dysfunction...
July 28, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Miho Ota, Noriko Sato, Norihide Maikusa, Daichi Sone, Hiroshi Matsuda, Hiroshi Kunugi
PURPOSE: The new diffusional magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) techniques, diffusional kurtosis imaging (DKI) and neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI) have been developed to clarify the microstructural changes. To our knowledge, however, there is little information on the similarities and differences of these metrics evaluated by the image-by-image paired t test. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-three healthy subjects underwent dMRI. We estimated the relationships of these metrics evaluated by the image-by-image paired t-test and compared aging effects on each metric...
July 26, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Domenico Albano, Giovanni Bosio, Raffaele Giubbini, Francesco Bertagna
PURPOSE: Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare hematological disorder for which the utility of(18)F-FDG PET/CT is unclear. Our aim was to explore the metabolic features of LCH and the possible role of(18)F-FDG PET/CT in LCH evaluation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We found 17 patients with histologically proven LCH who underwent 17(18)F-FDG PET/CT scans for staging and 42 scans for restaging/follow-up purposes. PET/CT results were compared with those obtained from other conventional imaging modalities (bone scintigraphy, plain radiogram, computed tomography, magnetic resonance)...
July 26, 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Takayuki Yamada, Masaya Ikuno, Yasumoto Shinjo, Atsushi Hiroishi, Shoichiro Matsushita, Tsuyoshi Morimoto, Reiko Kumano, Kunihiro Yagihashi, Takuyuki Katabami
Primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) causes hypercalcemia. The treatment for pHPT is surgical dissection of the hyperfunctioning parathyroid gland. Lower rates of hypocalcemia and recurrent laryngeal nerve injury imply that minimally invasive parathyroidectomy (MIP) is safer than bilateral neck resection. Current trends in MIP use can be inferred only by reference to preoperative localization studies. Noninvasive imaging studies (typically preoperative localization studies) show good detection rates of hyperfunctioning glands; however, there have also been cases of nonlocalization or discordant results...
August 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
Ilamurugu Arivarasan, Chandrasekaran Anuradha, Shanmuga Subramanian, Ayyalusamy Anantharaman, Velayudham Ramasubramanian
The use of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in radiation oncology is improving dramatically. This review article discusses the necessity of image guidance and how MR finds a significant place in radiotherapy planning and delivery. The challenges to and current solutions for an in-house MR simulation, dedicated MR simulator, estimation of electron density using MR image sets and development of MR-compatible treatment planning systems are presented. This article also reviews the feasibility, advantages and limitations of MR image-guided radiation therapy (MR-IGRT) and its drive toward the integration of radiation beams with MR technology...
August 2017: Japanese Journal of Radiology
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