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Open Dentistry Journal

Donia Sadri, Sareh Farhadi, Zahra Shahabi, Samaneh Sarshar
BACKGROUND: The recent scientific reports have shown that angiogenesis can affect biological behavior of pathologic lesions. OBJECTIVE: Regarding unique clinical outcome of Odontogenic keratocyst (OKC), the present study was aimed to compare angiogenesis in Odontogenic keratocyst and Dentigerous cyst (DC). METHOD: In this experimental study, tissue sections of 46 samples of OKC and DC were stained through immunohistochemical method using Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) antibody...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Agnete Egilsdatter Kristoffersen, Terje Alræk, Trine Stub, Harald Johan Hamre, Lars Björkman, Frauke Musial
BACKGROUND: Many patients have complex health complaints they attribute to dental amalgam. There is some evidence of symptom relief after removal of amalgam. OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study were to assess the total symptom load in patients with all their amalgam fillings removed, and to investigate the self-reported improvement of health with regard to precautions taken under amalgam removal and time since removal. METHODS: The survey was distributed to all members (n=999) of the Norwegian Dental patients association in 2011...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Leopoldo Cosme-Silva, Breno Carnevalli, Vivien Thiemy Sakai, Naiana Viana Viola, Leon Franco de Carvalho, Elaine Manso Oliveira Franco de Carvalho
BACKGROUND: Iatrogenic complications such as accidental perforation of the root or the floor of the pulp chamber may occur. CASE REPORT: Patient was referred for root canal retreatment of the mandibular left second molar with periapical lesion evidenced through radiographic examination. During post removal, iatrogenic perforation occurred at the mesial face of the distal root. After clinical localization of the perforation and bleeding control, MTA was applied. In a second appointment, the root canal filling was removed and the chemical-surgical retreatment of the canals was performed, followed by the obturation with gutta-percha and sealer...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Masaya Akashi, Yujiro Hiraoka, Takumi Hasegawa, Takahide Komori
OBJECTIVE: This retrospective study aimed to report the incidence of neurosensory complications after third molar extraction and also to identify current problems and discuss appropriate management of these complications. METHOD: Patients who underwent extraction of deeply impacted mandibular third molars under general anesthesia were included. The following epidemiological data were retrospectively gathered from medical charts: type of neurosensory complication, treatment for complication, and outcome...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Ladan Ranjbar Omrani, Parastoo Sabouri, Mehdi Abbasi, Elham Ahmadi, Maryam Ghavam
BACKGROUND: Studies have shown a reduction in bond strength of composites and glass ionomer to bleached enamel and dentin. Several methods have been proposed to reverse compromised bond strength. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of delayed bonding and application of antioxidant agent on the bond strength of reinforced self-cured (Fuji IX) and light-cured glass ionomers (Fuji II LC) to bleached dentin. MATERIAL: Eighty extracted third molars were randomly divided into 8 groups...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Aristidis Arhakis, Eirini Boutiou
Infraocclusion is a condition where teeth are found with their occlusal surface below the adjacent teeth, long after they should have reached occlusion. Many terms have been used to describe this condition; the most commonly used being submergence and ankylosis. Infraocclusion is classified as slight, moderate or severe. Studies have shown the commonness ratio of infraocclusion in kids being 1.3-8.9% with an equal male: female ratio. The frequency of infraocclusion of primary molars of mandible is 10-fold higher in contrast to those of the maxilla...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Fredson Marcio Acris de Carvalho, Leonardo Cantanhede de Oliveira Gonçalves, André Augusto Franco Marques, Vanessa Alves, Carlos Eduardo da Silveira Bueno, Alexandre Sigrist De Martin
OBJECTIVE: To compare cleaning effectiveness by histological analysis of a reciprocating single-file system with ProTaper rotary instruments during the preparation of curved root canals in extracted teeth. METHODS: A total of 40 root canals with curvatures ranging between 20 - 40 degrees were divided into two groups of 20 canals. Canals were prepared to the following apical sizes: Reciproc size 25 (n=20); ProTaper: F2 (n=20). The normal distribution of data was tested by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and the values obtained for the test (Mann-Whitney U test, P < ...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Letizia Borzini, Roberta Condò, Paolo De Dominicis, Adriano Casaglia, Loredana Cerroni
BACKGROUND: There are various microorganisms related to intra and extra-radicular infections and many of these are involved in persistent infections. Bacterial elimination from the root canal is achieved by means of the mechanical action of instruments and irrigation as well as the antibacterial effects of the irrigating solutions. Enterococcus faecalis can frequently be isolated from root canals in cases of failed root canal treatments. Antimicrobial agents have often been developed and optimized for their activity against endodontic bacteria...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Jakob Zwaan, Leonardo Vanden Bogaerde, Herman Sahlin, Lars Sennerby
PURPOSE: To study the clinical/radiographic outcomes and stability of a tapered implant design with a hydrophilic surface when placed in the maxilla using various protocols and followed for one year. METHODS: Ninety-seven consecutive patients treated as part of daily routine in two clinics with 163 tapered implants in healed sites, in extraction sockets and together with bone augmentation procedures in the maxilla were evaluated after one year in function. Individual healing periods varying from 0 to 6 months had been used...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Sophia Mousoulea, Ioannis Tsolakis, Efstratios Ferdianakis, Apostolos I Tsolakis
BACKGROUND: The treatment of Class III malocclusion has been challenging for orthodontists. Among a plethora of treatment modalities, the chin-cup is considered a traditional appliance for early orthopedic intervention. OBJECTIVE: The present study aims to investigate the current scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of chin-cup therapy in Class III malocclusion of prognathic growing patients. METHOD: A systematic review of the literature was conducted using PubMed/Medline and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials from January 1954 to October 2015...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Kujtim Sh Shala, Linda J Dula, Teuta Pustina-Krasniqi, Teuta Bicaj, Enis F Ahmedi, Zana Lila-Krasniqi, Arlinda Tmava-Dragusha
This retrospective clinical study aimed to assess patient's satisfaction with removable partial dentures (RPDs), as retention, chewing ability, aesthetics during the observation period. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 63 patients with RPDs, participated in this study. The following data was collected: Kennedy classification, denture design, denture support, satisfaction and success of RPD. RESULT: The results showed that 73.6% of patients were wearing RPD for the first time and were finally satisfied...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Carmen López-Carriches, Inmaculada López-Carriches, Rafael Baca-Perez Bryan
We report the case of a 38-year old male patient with sinusitis caused by an infected follicular cyst due to an ectopic impacted third molar in the right maxillary sinus. A 10-day antibiotherapy regimen was administered; subsequently, the cyst and the third molar were removed achieving complete recovery. Fibrous dysplasia was diagnosed at follow-up examination (occupation of the maxillary sinus by bone tissue was observed in a radiographic examination) and confirmed by biopsy. In cases of odontogenic sinusitis, thorough examination is crucial, as evidenced by the case reported in this study...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Luiz Evaristo Ricci Volpato, Artur Cunha Vasconcelos, Nayane Assis Lambert, Paulo Henrique de Souza Castro, Arlindo Aburad, Alvaro Henrique Borges
BACKGROUND: Lipoma is a benign neoplasm originated from adipose cells circumscribed by connective tissue. This neoplasm represents about 1% to 4.4% of all oral benign tumors and it is rarely located in the palate area. OBJECTIVE: This case reports the occurrence of an oral lipoma in the hard palate of a 57-year-old woman and discusses its etiology and treatment. CASE REPORT: The treatment consisted in the total resection of the lesion and laser therapy...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Amin Davoudi, Maryam Sanei, Hamid Badrian
Nowadays, lasers are widely used in many fields of medicine. Also, they can be applied at many branches of dental practice such as diagnosis, preventive procedures, restorative treatments, and endodontic therapies. Procedures like caries removal, re-mineralization, and vital pulp therapy are the most noticeable effects of laser irradiation which has gained much attention among clinicians. With controlled and appropriate wavelength, they can help stimulating dentinogenesis, controlling pulpal hemorrhage, sterilization, healing of collagenic proteins, formation of a fibrous matrix, and inducing hard tissue barrier...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
M Erriu, F M G Pili, S Cadoni, V Garau
Atrophic glossitis is a condition characterised by absence of filiform or fungiform papillae on the dorsal surface of the tongue. Consequently, the ordinary texture and appearance of the dorsal tongue, determined by papillary protrusion, turns into a soft and smooth aspect. Throughout the years, many factors, both local and systemic, have been associated with atrophic glossitis as the tongue is currently considered to be a mirror of general health. Moreover, various tongue conditions were wrongly diagnosed as atrophic glossitis...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Massimo Corsalini, Francesco Pettini, Daniela Di Venere, Andrea Ballini, Giuseppe Chiatante, Luciano Lamberti, Carmine Pappalettere, Michele Fiorentino, Antonio E Uva, Giuseppe Monno, Antonio Boccaccio
Endocanalar posts are necessary to build up and retain coronal restorations but they do not reinforce dental roots. It was observed that the dislodgement of post-retained restorations commonly occurs after several years of function and long-term retention may be influenced by various factors such as temperature changes. Temperature changes, in fact, produce micrometric deformations of post and surrounding tissues/materials that may generate high stress concentrations at the interface thus leading to failure...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
A Rokn, S H Bassir, A A Rasouli Ghahroudi, M J Kharazifard, R Manesheof
PURPOSE: The present study aimed to evaluate the long-term stability of esthetic outcomes of soft tissue around maxillary anterior single-tooth implants after 10-to-12 years of loading. METHODS: Patients who had been treated for single-tooth implants in the anterior maxilla between February 2000 and July 2002 were invited to participate in the study. All implants had been placed according to delayed implant placement and conventional loading protocols without any connective tissue graft or papilla preservation flaps...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Carmen V Graves, Steve K Harrel, Jeffrey A Rossmann, David Kerns, Jorge A Gonzalez, Elias D Kontogiorgos, Ibtisam Al-Hashimi, Celeste Abraham
Dental implants have become a widely used dental treatment approach. It is important to identify factors that can be detrimental to dental implants and the peri-implant complex. There is controversy regarding whether occlusion plays a role in the implant and peri-implant condition. The present study aims to review the scientific literature regarding this topic. Animal and human studies, and previous reviews on the topic are included and presented. There is a wide heterogeneity among study designs. Several articles demonstrated that occlusion and occlusion overload could detrimentally affect the peri-implant condition, while other articles did not support these results...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Zahra Hassan Abdelaziz Farag, Elhadi Mohieldin Awooda
BACKGROUND: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the airways leading to spasm and swelling of the airways. The medications taken for the treatment of asthma can result in dental erosion and dentin hypersensitivity. OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study were to investigate the severity of dental erosion amongst adult asthmatics according to: gender, type and duration of medication taken and to compare dental erosion and dentin hypersensitivity between asthmatics and non-asthmatics...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
Panagiota Dokou, Ioannis K Karoussis, George Papavasiliou, Phophi Kamposiora, Theophilos P Vrahopoulos, John A Vrotsos
BACKGROUND: Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome (HCS) is a rare hereditary bone metabolism disorder characterized by acro-osteolysis, short stature, craniofacial changes, periodontitis and premature tooth loss. Extensive search of the current literature revealed no reports of implant placement in patients with HCS. CASE REPORT: A 22-year old woman with osteoporosis, generalized advanced chronic periodontitis and premature tooth loss was referred to the Postgraduate Clinic of Periodontology, University of Athens-Greece...
2016: Open Dentistry Journal
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