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European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Z B Abd El-Hamid, M M Refaat, H H El-Shahawy, A M Eissa, M M El-Sheikh, A S Abdel-Rehim, S A Elgaaly, M H Abd El-Moneam, N A Mohamed, O M Abdel Latif
Background. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is commonly present worldwide, causing serious problems to those affected. ADHD was suggested to be secondary to allergic disorder or its medication. Both ADHD and allergy depend on complex environmental and genetic interaction, and they meet the hypersensitivity criteria. Objective. Detect the percentage of allergy in ADHD children, the common allergic disorders and allergens, and the effect of allergy on symptom and severity of ADHD. Material and methods...
August 1, 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
G Cortellini, F Rossi, D Lippolis, F Cortellini, B Gavioli, G Ballardini
The current therapy with direct trombin inhibitors (DTI) is indicated for the prevention of stroke in non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Side effects are reported, particularly skin hypersensitivity, for this whole category of drugs as well as for other modern antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs. For their clinical features, these reactions appear as delayed T-cell mediated drug hypersensitivity, but at present there are no diagnostic methods of investigation. We reported a case of delayed skin reaction to edoxaban and we found the non-irritant concentration for patch test in the whole category of drugs...
August 1, 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
M Maged Amin, M Rushdy
Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is a disorder characterized by recurrent transient itchy wheels of 6 weeks duration or longer. The cause cannot be pinpointed in about 40% of patients. To elucidate the possible association between CSU and hyperlipidemia, 40 CSU patients and 40 group matched healthy individuals were assessed for hyperlipidemia. Data on history, urticaria activity score (UAS-7), physical examination and routine laboratory investigations including (serum IL6 and TNF α) were recorded. Statistically significant increase of serum cholesterol, triglycerides (TG), low density lipoprotein (LDL), IL6, TNFα and decrease of high density lipoprotein (HDL) was found in CSU in comparison to control group...
August 1, 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
G Liccardi, L Calzetta, G Apicella, G Baldi, A Berra, F Califano, A Ciccarelli, M Cutajar, M D'Amato, G De Crescenzo, E Di Maro, D Gargano, D Giannattasio, G Inciso, M Lo Schiavo, F Madonna, M Maniscalco, C Montera, G Papa, A Pedicini, R Pio, A Salzillo, A Stanziola, P Rogliani, A Musarra
Adolescents (Ad) constitute a difficult to manage population among individuals suffering from asthma. The aim of our study was to assess the prevalence, clinical characteristics and age of onset of allergic sensitization and clinical symptoms in a sample of atopic Ad living in the Campania region (Southern Italy). Sixteen Allergy units or Centers belonging to the Italian Association of Hospital and Territorial Allergologists (AAIITO, Campania region) participated in this cross-sectional study. A case report form (CRF) was specifically designed for this study and commercial allergen extracts used for screening SPTs were provided by ALK-Abelló Group (Milan, Italy)...
August 1, 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
N Krithika, S N Pramod, P A Mahesh, Y P Venkatesh
Dietary lectins play a major role in the activation of mast cells / basophils by bridging cell surface IgE glycans to release histamine and other mediators. In the present study, the effect of mannose / glucose-specific banana lectin (BanLec) on the activation of mast cells / basophils from non-atopic and atopic subjects has been investigated. BanLec was purified from banana pulp in a yield of 7 mg/kg. Leukocytes isolated from heparinized blood of non-atopic / atopic subjects were used for quantitation of the released histamine...
July 24, 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
C Micheletto, M B Bilò, L Antonicelli, M Bresciani, G D'Amato, E De Benedictis, F De Michele, S Gasparini, M Giovannini, A Musarra, A Vaghi
The number of patients with uncontrolled asthma is growing especially in young people. Although current therapies improve the disease management, the heterogeneity of clinical outcomes results in patients whose asthma is refractory to standard therapies. To understand not responsive phenotypes, we instituted a web-registry aimed to collect real life data of adolescent and adult patients. One-hundred and five Italian medical Centers are part of the network. Participants above 14 years and affected by severe asthma will be included in the study...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
E Scala, D Villalta, C G Uasuf, P Pignatti, L Pirrotta, E C Guerra, M Locanto, G Meneguzzi, M Giani, L Cecchi, D Abeni, R Asero
Background. The development of recombinant technology supported the allergy diagnostic work-up in the daily clinical practice, representing a useful tool for epidemiological studies. Methods. An atlas of the IgE sensitization profiles found throughout Italy was prepared from a nationwide, multicenter, cross-sectional study. Results. 6052 unselected consecutive individuals, belonging to North-West [NW], North-East [NE], Centre [C], South [S], and Islands subset [Is] were evaluated by means of the ImmunoCAP ISAC test...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
I Mota, Â Gaspar, F Benito-Garcia, M Correia, M Chambel, M Morais-Almeida
Background and Objective. Drug-induced anaphylaxis (DIA) is the most common cause of fatal anaphylaxis. We aimed to characterize patients with DIA and their allergological workup. Methods. Systematic review of patients with history of DIA referred to our center over 7 years. Results. Included 125 patients (10% pediatric age), being 36 years the median age of first episode (from 1 to 74 years). The main culprits were nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (43%), antibiotics (42%) and anesthetic agents (6%)...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
N Mejrhit, O Azdad, L Aarab
Objectives. The aim of this work was to study the effect of industrial processing on the allergenicity of three commonly consumed Moroccan fish species in Fez region (sardine, common pandora, and shrimp). Methods. This work was conducted by a sera-bank obtained from 1248 patients recruited from Fez Hospitals. Their sera were analyzed for specific IgE binding to raw fish extracts. Among them, 60 patients with higher specific IgE levels were selected, and used to estimate the binding variation of IgE to these products under several processing (frying, cooking, canning, marinade, and fermentation) using ELISA analysis...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
J Stoevesandt, A Trautmann
Drone larvae are mostly considered a by-product of beekeeping, but have recently been advo-cated as a high-protein source of food. There are as yet no data concerning their allergenic potential. We report on a 29-year old bee keeper who experienced an anaphylactic reaction following the consumption of a freshly prepared beverage from raw drone larvae. Larvae-specific sensitization was confirmed by prick-to-prick and basophil activation testing. Bee stings and classical bee products including honey and royal jelly were tolerated...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
E Finelli, P Custódio, O Porovska, S Prates, P Leiria-Pinto
Anticonvulsants are among the drugs most commonly involved in cutaneous adverse drug reactions (CADRs). Eslicarbazepine is a new anti-epileptic drug, chemically related to carbamazepine but with a more favorable safety profile. We report the clinical case of a woman who developed a skin rash on day 10 of eslicarbazepine with further exacerbation with eosinophilia on day 2 of carbamazepine. Epicutaneous tests were positive with eslicarbazepine.
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
R Asero
Up to 30% of cases of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) are exacerbated by COX-1 inhibiting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID); this clinical picture is termed NECD (NSAID-exacerbated cutaneous disease). On the other hand, multiple NSAID hypersensitivity may occur in the absence of an underlying CSU also, a situation that is termed NIUA (NSAID-induced urticaria / angioedema). The present study reports a case of multiple NSAID hypersensitivity that occurred in a man much before he developed severe CSU...
September 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
C Lombardi, M Cottini, G Passalacqua
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
R Asero, M Piantanida, V Pravettoni
Background. Follow-up data about the onset of novel food allergies in patients allergic to lipid transfer protein (LTP) are missing. We investigated the occurrence of novel allergies over time in LTP hypersensitive patients. Methods. Sixty-seven LTP-allergic patients recommended to avoid foods responsible for systemic reactions and encouraged to eat other sensitizing foods avoiding the association with known co-factors, were re-evaluated after ≥ 1 year to assess the occurrence of allergy to novel foods. IgE to rPru p 3, rBet v 1, and r Phl p 12 were measured...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
O Azdad, N Mejrhit, L Aarab
The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effect of heat-treatment and enzymatic hydrolysis on the allergenicity of cow's milk α-lactalbumin (α-LA) in a Moroccan population. A total of 557 patients were recruited from the University Hospital Complex and the Ibn El Khatib Hospital of Fez city. This population consented to realize a dosage of IgE levels to raw cow milk and then to α-LA native and treated with the studied treatments. The results revealed that 54.4% of the studied subjects presented positive values of serial IgE to raw cow milk...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
G Authried, S C Prasad, E R Rasmussen, A Bygum
A subset of patients with angioedema (AE) and urticaria has histamine releasing autoantibodies. The histamine release test (HR-test) has been used as a tool in chronic urticaria to define the autoimmune subgroup and may possibly guide the clinician to a more personalized therapy, like omalizumab and cyclosporine. The prevalence and value of positive histamine releasing autoantibodies in monosymptomatic AE is sparsely described in the literature. The purpose of this study was to report the prevalence of positive histamine releasing autoantibodies in a cohort of patients with recurrent AE and evaluate the usefulness of this test in AE patients...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
J Marcelino, A C Costa, A Mendes, E Alonso, F Cabral Duarte, E Pedro, M Pereira-Barbosa
Objective. Describe the safety and long-term use of omalizumab in chronic urticaria (CU), both spontaneous (CSU) and inducible (CIndU). Methods. Retrospective chart-review (2006-15) of CU patients treated with omalizumab for ≥ 6 months. Statistical analyses: descriptive statistics, Mann-Whitney, generalized linear models. Results. 23 patients with CSU (3 men), 3 with CIndU (2 men). Generalized linear models showed UAS reduction per omalizumab administration of 16% in CIndU and CSU and UAS7, of 15% in CIndU, and 20% in CSU...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
E Scala, D Villalta, G Meneguzzi, M Giani, R Asero
The families of seed storage proteins, together with profilins, oil-bodies-associated oleosins, and pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins like PR-10 (Bet v 1-like), PR-12 (defensins) and PR-14 (non-specific lipid transfer protein), are the main causes of IgE sensitization to tree nuts, legumes and seeds. All these allergens, with the exclusion of profilins and of PR-10, are heat-stable and possibly responsible for fatal or almost fatal adverse reactions to such foods. In this short review, we will discuss the relationship and amino acid identities among some of the seed storage homologue molecules identified to date from tree nuts, seeds and legumes...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
C Abreu, B Bartolomé, L Cunha, H Falcão
Allergies to red meat associated with galactose-α-1,3-galactose, commonly known as α-gal, are rare and have only recently been described. At this time, the literature reports only one case documented in Portugal. In this study, we report the case of a 76-year-old male with an immediate reaction following the ingestion of red meat. Rigorous diagnostic exams, including prick test, prick-to-prick tests, serum specific IgE and SDS-PAGE IgE-immunoblotting, were performed. The α-gal epitope IgE re-turned a value of 35...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
M E Capra, N G De Paulis, M Montagni, S Peveri, E Savi, G Biasucci
Anakinra, one of the novel biological agents, is a recombinant human IL-1 receptor antagonist. It is preferred as an alternative drug for familial Mediterranean fever cases where colchicine is not sufficient or cannot be used due to its side effects. Like all other biologics, hypersensitivity reactions to anakinra are quite rare. This is the first case which was successfully desensitized with anakinra after a severe immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction. We report a case of WDEIA in an asthmatic boy admitted to our Unit with suspected mushroom acute toxicity...
July 2018: European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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