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Libyan Journal of Medicine

Nisrine N Makarem, Jumana Antoun
BACKGROUND: Email communication between physicians and patients could improve access to and delivery of health care. Most of the literature studies about email communication between physicians and patients have been conducted in developing countries. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the practices, attitudes, and barriers of both physicians' and patients' use of email within the same health care setting of a developing country. METHODS: A cross-sectional paper-based survey was conducted among 39 physicians and 500 patients at the Family Medicine clinics of the American University of Beirut, a tertiary academic medical center...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Iman Bugaighis, Asma El-Howati, Ahmed S Ali Elmusrati, Arheiam Arheiam
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Mongia Bouchoucha, Mouna Akrout, Hédia Bellali, Rim Bouchoucha, Fadwa Tarhouni, Abderraouf Ben Mansour, Béchir Zouari
BACKGROUND: Estimation of food portion sizes has always been a challenge in dietary studies on free-living individuals. The aim of this work was to develop and validate a food photography manual to improve the accuracy of the estimated size of consumed food portions. METHODS: A manual was compiled from digital photos of foods commonly consumed by the Tunisian population. The food was cooked and weighed before taking digital photographs of three portion sizes. The manual was validated by comparing the method of 24-hour recall (using photos) to the reference method [food weighing (FW)]...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Sameh Msaad, Rim Marrakchi, Malek Grati, Rahma Gargouri, Samy Kammoun, Kamel Jammoussi, Ilhem Yangui
BACKGROUND: Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) is associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, which can be improved by using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. However, the pathophysiological links between the two kinds of disease and the mechanism of the CPAP effect remain incompletely understood. We aimed to inquire into the myocardial involvement in this relationship. We suggested that serum brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is sensitive enough to detect myocardial stress caused by OSAHS...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Amin Bredan, Hani T S Benamer, Omran Bakoush
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Mehdi Khemiss, Mohamed Ben Khelifa, Mohamed Ben Rejeb, Helmi Ben Saad
OBJECTIVE: To compare the periodontal bone height (PBH) of exclusive narghile smokers (ENS) with that of exclusive cigarette smokers (ECS). METHODS: Tunisian males aged 20-35 years who have been ENS for more than five narghile-years or ECS for more than five pack-years were recruited to participate in this comparative cross-sectional study. Information about oral health habits and tobacco consumption were gathered using a predetermined questionnaire. Plaque levels were recorded in four sites using the plaque index of Loe and Silness...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Khalifa Sifaw Ghenghesh, Khaled Ghanghish, Elloulu T BenDarif, Khaled Shembesh, Ezzadin Franka
INTRODUCTION: The intestinal protozoa Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium spp. are the causative agents of giardiasis, amebiasis, and cryptosporidiosis, respectively. Adequate knowledge of the geographical distribution of parasites and the demographic variables that influence their prevalence is important for effective control of infection in at-risk populations. METHODS: The data were obtained by an English language literature search of Medline and PubMed for papers using the search terms 'intestinal parasites and Libya, G...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Amine El-Mokhtar Drici, Soraya Moulessehoul, Abdelkarim Tifrit, Mustapha Diaf, Douidi Kara Turki, Meryem Bachir, Abdenacer Tou
BACKGROUND: Infection with Helicobacter pylori is considered a potential risk of developing gastric cancer in association with contributing host genetic factor. IL-1β and IL-1RN polymorphisms appear to maintain and promote Helicobacter pylori infection and to stimulate neoplastic growth of the gastric mucosa. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS: In order to elucidate the effect of these polymorphisms in combination with gastric cancer in a population from northwestern Algeria, a case-control study was carried out on 79 patients infected with H...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Stéphanie Saarti, Hicham Jabbour, Nada El Osta, Aline Hajj, Lydia Rabbaa Khabbaz
BACKGROUND: Patients' positive illness perceptions (IPs) significantly contribute to treatment success. The Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire (Brief IPQ) is widely used in various diseases for assessing IPs. It was developed in English-speaking countries and studies on it in Arab countries are scarce. OBJECTIVES, SETTING AND DESIGN: This observational cross-sectional study aimed to cross-culturally adapt the Brief IPQ English version into a modern Arabic language version and determine its psychometric properties in a sample of Lebanese cardiac disease patients...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Ikram Bezrati, Mohamed Kacem Ben Fradj, Nejmeddine Ouerghi, Moncef Feki, Anis Chaouachi, Naziha Kaabachi
BACKGROUND: Vitamin D inadequacy is widespread in children and adolescents worldwide. The present study was undertaken to assess the vitamin D status in active children living in a sunny climate and to identify the main determinants of the serum concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD). METHODS: This cross-sectional study included 225 children aged 7-15 years practicing sports in a football academy. Anthropometric measures were performed to calculate body mass index (BMI), fat mass, and maturity status...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Helen O Ogefere, Christopher A Egbe
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Aymen Mabrouk, Hassen Ben Cheikh
OBJECTIVE: Alteration of the antioxidant status in the kidneys may be related to lead (Pb) intoxication. The present study aimed to investigate the possible beneficial effect of thymoquinone (TQ), the major active ingredient of the volatile oil of Nigella sativa seeds, on Pb-induced renal antioxidant defense system impairment. METHODS: A total of thirty two healthy adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four equal groups as follows: a control group, which received no treatment; a Pb group, which was exposed to 2,000 ppm of Pb acetate in drinking water; a Pb-TQ group, which was cotreated with Pb plus TQ (5 mg/kg/day, per os); and a TQ group receiving only TQ...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Nahla Khamis Ibrahim, Randa Ibrahim Al-Bloushy, Salma Hani Sait, Hatoon Wahid Al-Azhary, Nusaybah Hussain Al Bar, Ghazal A Mirdad
BACKGROUND: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a highly prevalent gastrointestinal disorder that can cause disability and economic burden. Nurses are a vital part of the medical team and their well-being is an important issue. Yet, few studies have been done concerning IBS among nurses. OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence, severity, and predictors of IBS among nurses working at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 229 nurses who fulfilled the eligibility criteria...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Sana Taher Ashur, Shamsul Azhar Shah, Soad Bosseri, Tong Seng Fah, Khadijah Shamsuddin
BACKGROUND: Achieving good glycaemic control is important in diabetes management. However, poor glycaemic control is widely reported. This article assessed the prevalence of uncontrolled and poor glycaemic control among Libyans with type 2 diabetes and examined the relative contribution of diabetes coping behaviours to their glycaemic control status. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was undertaken in 2013 in a large diabetes centre in Tripoli. The study included 523 respondents...
2016: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Sana Taher Ashur, Shamsul Azhar Shah, Soad Bosseri, Donald E Morisky, Khadijah Shamsuddin
BACKGROUND: The surrounding environment influences the constitution of illness perceptions. Therefore, local research is needed to examine how Libyan diabetes patients perceive diabetes and how their perceptions influence their medication adherence. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted at the National Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Tripoli, Libya, between October and December 2013. A total of 523 patients with type 2 diabetes participated in this study...
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Hasan Ali Kiraz, Fatih Poyraz, Gülay Kip, Özlem Erdem, Metin Alkan, Mustafa Arslan, Abdullah Özer, Volkan Şivgin, Faruk Metin Çomu
OBJECTIVE: Ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is an important cause of myocardial damage by means of oxidative, inflammatory, and apoptotic mechanisms. The aim of the present study was to examine the potential cardio protective effects of levosimendan in a diabetic rat model of myocardial I/R injury. METHODS: A total of 18 streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar Albino rats (55 mg/kg) were randomly divided into three equal groups as follows: the diabetic I/R group (DIR) in which myocardial I/R was induced following left thoracotomy, by ligating the left anterior descending coronary artery for 60 min, followed by 2 h of reperfusion; the diabetic I/R levosimendan group (DIRL), which underwent I/R by the same method while taking levosimendan intraperitoneal 12 µg kg(-1); and the diabetic control group (DC) which underwent sham operations without tightening of the coronary sutures...
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Mehdi Khemiss, Sonia Rouatbi, Latifa Berrezouga, Helmi Ben Saad
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Syeda Taliya Rizvi, Omar Bagasra
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Jbahi Samira, Monji Saoudi, Kabir Abdelmajid, Oudadesse Hassane, Rebai Treq, Efeki Hafed, Elfeki Abdelfatteh, Keskes Hassib
BACKGROUND: Synthetic bone graft substitutes such as bioactive glass (BG) material are developed in order to achieve successful bone regeneration. Zn plays an important role in the proper bone growth, development, and maintenance of healthy bones. AIMS: This study aims to evaluate in vivo the performance therapy of zinc-doped bioactive glass (BG-Zn) and its applications in biomedicine. METHODS: Female Wistar rats were ovariectomized. BG and BG-Zn were implanted in the femoral condyles of Wistar rats and compared to that of control group...
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
Zied Affes, Salaheddine Rekik, Helmi Ben Saad
INTRODUCTION: There is no clear consensus as to what constitutes an obstructive ventilatory defect (OVD): Is it FEV1/FVC<lower limit of normal (LLN) or<0.70 (respectively, physiological and operational definitions)? AIM: To determine, according to the two definitions, the percentage of subjects having an OVD among them explored in a lung function exploration laboratory. POPULATION AND METHODS: This is a retrospective study including 4,730 subjects aged 17-85 years...
2015: Libyan Journal of Medicine
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