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Chemistry, An Asian Journal

Kseniya I Lugovik, Alexander K Eltyshev, Enrico Benassi, Nataliya P Belskaya
Independent of the substrate structure and reaction conditions, 2-cyano-3-aminothioacrilonitriles, which contains two active electrophilic centers, were shown to interact with various active halo methylene compounds under mild conditions to afford 5-acyl-2-amino-3-cyanothiophenes as the only products. A series of new polyfunctional thiophene derivatives with a rare combination of functionalities were synthesized and their photophysical properties were experimentally and computationally investigated. The calculated electronic characteristics of the ground and excited states were compared to the experimental results, which provided a good understanding of the relationship between the optoelectronic properties and the molecular structures...
June 24, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Andrew Wu, Jacek L Kolanowski, Badwi B Boumelhem, Kylie Yang, Rebecca Lee, Amandeep Kaur, Stuart T Fraser, Elizabeth J New, Louis M Rendina
The use of fluorescent markers and probes greatly enhances biological investigations but relies on the provision of an array of fluorophores with diverse properties. Herein we report a novel carborane-containing coumarin, 5, which is sufficiently lipophilic to localise in cellular lipid droplets. In non-polar solvents which show comparable polarities to those of a lipid environment, compound 5 exhibits a fluorescence quantum yield two orders of magnitude greater than found in aqueous solvents, adding a further degree of selectivity to lipid droplet imaging...
June 22, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Sema Leybovich Ioffe, Alexey Yurievich Sukhorukov, Ivan Sergeevich Golovanov, Vladimir Alexandrovich Tartakovsky, Oleg Petrovich Shitov
A general approach to the synthesis of borohydride complexes containing one or two dinitroamide fragments has been suggested. Based on a smooth substitution of halide in haloborane or dibromoborane complexes with N,N-dinitroamide salts, this method provides various N,N-dinitroamidoboranes complexes in good yields and in analytically pure form. Using spectroscopic and computational methods, it was demonstrated that dinitroamidoborane complexes can be formed both as B,N- and B,O-isomers, which do not interconvert at ambient temperature...
June 21, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Ning Li, Yamei Li, Guangyao Sun, Yining Ma, Tianci Chang, Shidong Ji, Heliang Yao, Xun Cao, Shanhu Bao, Ping Jin
In this Communication, we report MoO3-x nanocomposites in which the near-infrared and visible light transmittance can be selectively modulated through the crystallinity. The MoO3-x nanocomposites were fabricated by a hydrothermal method, and their optical properties were characterized by UV-Vis spectrometer. The obtained results proved the possibility to tune the nanocomposite's optical properties in the UV/Visible spectral region: crystalline MoO3 mainly regulates the near-infrared range (800-2600 nm), and amorphous MoO3-x mainly changes the visible range from 350 nm to 800 nm and MoO3-x , with semi-crystalline structures mainly modulating around 800-1000 nm...
June 21, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Wei-Quan Lin, Yuan-Yuan Peng, Lang Tong, Jian-Hua Jia, Jun-Liang Liu, Yan-Cong Chen, Wen-Bin Chen, Ming-Liang Tong
Hydrothermal reactions of metal nitrates and ligand bis(5-(pyridine-2-yl)-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)methane (H2L1) on same condition gave three cluster compounds, {Cr2}, {Zn12} and {Fe8}. Notably, methylene group of H2L1 was in situ oxidized either to hydroxymethylated (L2-O)3- in the metallo-ring {Zn12} or to a rigid carbonylated (L3=O)2- in the screw-type {Fe8}. In light of comparative experiment results, NO3- was deduced to be of a catalytic role in ligand oxidation. Metal ions could be regarded as an "induced" tool for clusters generation in self-assembly process...
June 20, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Jinchong Xiao, Huhang Pan, Jingdan Duan, Guixia Zhai, Pengcheng Jin, Xiaohui Zhao, Li Jiang
Two novel diazadioxaacene derivatives (ADOP and ADOQ) have been successfully synthesized and characterized. Their single crystal analyses disclose that molecule ADOP forms a twisted topology configuration, while ADOQ adopts a reclining chair architecture. Both of them emit strong blue fluorescence in organic solvents. Moreover, they can self assemble to form regular nanobelts and nanowires respectively via a simple surfactant-assisted method.
June 20, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Qihua Yang, Jian Chen, He Li, MingMei Zhong
CO2 capture is very important for reducing CO2 concentration in atmosphere. Herein, we report the preparation of microporous polymers with tunable surface polarity for CO2 capture. -NH2, -SO3H and -SO3Li functionalized porous polymers have been successfully prepared by post-synthesis modification of microporous polymers (P-PhPh3 prepared with 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene as monomer and AlCl3 as catalyst) via chemical transformations such as nitration-reduction, sulfonation and cationic exchange. The CO2 adsorption selectivity (CO2/N2 and CO2/H2) and isosteric heats of the microporous polymers increase markedly after modification, P-PhPh3-NH2 and P-PhPh3-SO3Li afford higher CO2 uptake capacity than P-PhPh3 at pressure less than 0...
June 20, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Zhimin Xue, Xinhui Zhao, Jingfang Wang, Tiancheng Mu
Development of inexpensive, easily-prepared, non-toxic and efficient catalysts for the cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides to synthesize five-membered cyclic carbonates is a very attractive topic in the field of CO2 transformation. In this work, we conducted the first work on the cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides to produce cyclic carbonates catalyzed by a binary catalyst system consisted of KI and boron phosphate (BPO4), which were both inexpensive and non-toxic, and various corresponding cyclic carbonates could be produced with high yields (93-99%) at 110 oC with a CO2 pressure of 4 MPa under solvent-free conditions...
June 19, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Alphonse Tenaglia, Rui Liu, Laurent Giordano
The [2 + 2 + 2] intermolecular carbocyclization reactions between 1,6-enynes and alkynes catalyzed by Cp*Ru(cod)Cl are reported to provide bicyclohexa-1,3-dienes. The presented reaction conditions are compatible with internal and terminal alkynes and the chemo- and regioselectivity issues are controlled by the presence of substituents at the propargyl carbon center of the alkyne(s) partner(s).
June 19, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Yong-Ping Gao, Ke-Jing Huang
Cobalt-nickel sulfide (NiCo2 S4 ) shows extensive potential for innovative photoelectronic and energetic materials owing to distinctive physical and chemical properties. In this review, representative strategies for the fabrication and application of NiCo2 S4 and composite nanostructures are outlined for supercapacitors, with the aim of promoting the development of NiCo2 S4 and their composites in the supercapacitor field through an analysis and comparison of diverse nanostructures. A brief introduction into the structures, properties, and morphologies are presented...
June 19, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Song Shi, Meng Liu, Li Zhao, Min Wang, Chen Chen, Jin Gao, Jie Xu
A hydrophobic cobalt catalyst was synthesized and proved to be effective in the alcohol oxidation under the assistance of hydrocarbon solvent with oxygen as the terminal oxidant. A series of catalyst with different water contact angles was applied to investigate the hydrophobic effect. Further insight in to the reaction process was researched by reaction kinetics, isotopic effect, etc. It showed that thehydrocarbon solvent participated in the alcohol oxidation, andwith the aid of the in-situ generated free radicals, the α-C-H bond was smoothly activated and the alcohol was converted to carbonyl compounds...
June 19, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Theresa Kueckmann, Roger Stapleford
Let the corks pop! This year, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), a partner of the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES) and co-owner of Chemistry - An Asian Journal, celebrates its 100th anniversary. This special issue honors that occasion. In the Editorial, Chemistry - An Asian Journal Editor Theresa Kueckmann and RACI CEO Roger Stapleford look at the connection between the journal, ACES and RACI and how RACI has become a driving force in connecting chemists among themselves and within Australian society...
June 19, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Francis D'Souza, Shuai Shao, Habtom Gobeze, Paul Karr
BF2-chelaed dipyrromethene, BODIPY, was functionalized to carry two stryryl crown ether tails and a secondary electron donor at the meso-position. Using a 'two-point' self-assembly strategy, a bis-alkyl ammonium functionalized fullerene, C60 was allowed to self-assemble the crown ether voids of BODIPY to obtain multi-modular donor-acceptor conjugates. As a consequence of the two-point binding, the 1:1 stoichiometric complexes formed yielded complexes of higher stability in which fluorescence of BODIPY was found to be quenched suggesting occurrence of excited state processes...
June 13, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Javey Khiapeng Tan, Mitch Mathiew, Sanatan Nayak, Philip Wai Hong Chan
A synthetic method for the efficient assembly of benzo[c]carbazole derivatives that relies on silica gel-activated benzoic acid-mediated cycloaromatization of 1H-indol-2-yl propargyl benzoates under atmospheric conditions is described. Robust with a variety of substitution patterns tolerated, the reaction provides a one-step strategy to construct a member of the N-heterocycles family in good to excellent yields. A tentative mechanism is proposed in which the cycloaromatization process is thought to involve a Brønsted acid-mediated formal 1,3-acyloxy migration/6π-electrocyclization pathway...
June 13, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Shun Hayashi, Seiji Yamazoe, Kiichirou Koyasu, Tatsuya Tsukuda
The decaniobate cluster (TBA)6 [Nb10 O28 ] (TBA(+) =tetrabutylammonium cation) was found to act as a Lewis base catalyst for fixation of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) to styrene oxide (SO). A kinetic study showed that the cycloaddition of CO2 adsorbed on [Nb10 O28 ](6-) with SO corresponds to the rate-determining step in the Eley-Rideal mechanism. Density functional theory calculation predicted that CO2 on the corner and edge O atoms of [Nb10 O28 ](6-) is negatively charged and thus activated for nucleophilic attack on SO...
June 12, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Nicholas A Young, Simon C Drew, Subashani Maniam, Steven J Langford
Anion-π interactions between the Lewis basic anion fluoride and π-acidic naphthalene diimide was systematically studied in a series of cyclophanes in which the properties are modulated through the influence of a second, electron-rich aromatic unit. The systems and subsequently generated radical anions, upon addition of fluoride, were studied by absorption spectroscopic and EPR techniques. The results infer a modulation as a result of the nature and strength of the π-π interaction in the macrocyclic structure...
June 12, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Jinkyu Roh, Su Yeon Lee, Sangho Park, Dong June Ahn
Immunochromatographic assay (ICA) using nitrocellulose (NC) membrane offers several advantages. This technique is a rapid and straightforward method in contrast to other immunoassays. Polydiacetylene (PDA) vesicles have unique optical properties to show red color and red fluorescence at the same time. In this system, red-phase PDA vesicles are used as a fluorescent dye as well as a surface for immobilized hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAb). PDA has remarkable stability than other fluorescent dyes. In this study, the most suitable PDA/HBsAb complexes is introduced for detecting hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)...
June 11, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
George M Bodner, Rob Ferguson, Selçuk Çalimsiz
The idea that the focus of educational research should be on results that can inform the practice of teaching has been an implicit assumption for so many years that one would be hard-pressed to trace it back to an individual source. At one time, the people doing such research in STEM disciplines were faculty in schools or colleges of education who focused on K-12 classrooms and looked for ideas, concepts, and principles that would be valid across a range of STEM disciplines. Eventually, this research was done on college- or university-level students, as well, and there was a shift toward what has been called discipline-based educational research (DBER) that looks at the problems associated with the teaching and learning of a given discipline, such as chemistry...
June 9, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Anthony Romieu, Arnaud Chevalier, Pierre-Yves Renard
The use of non-fluorescent azo dyes as dark quenchers in activatable optical bioprobes based on Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) mechanism and designed to target a wide range of enzymes, has been well established for over two decades. The key value of the azo moiety (-N=N-) to also act as an efficient "ON-OFF" switch of fluorescence once introduced within the core structure of conventional organic-based fluorophores (mainly fluorescent aniline derivatives) has been recently exploited in the developement of alternative reaction-based small-molecule probes based on the "pro-fluorescence" concept...
June 8, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Vanchiappan Aravindan
In this work, -Co(OH)2 nanosheets are explored as efficient pseudocapacitive material for the fabrication of 1.6 V class high energy supercapacitors in asymmetric fashion. As-synthesized -Co(OH)2 nanosheets displayed an excellent electrochemical performance owing to the unique structure, morphology and reversible reaction kinetics (fast Faradic reaction) in both three electrode and asymmetric configuration (with activated carbon, AC). For example, in three electrode set-up, -Co(OH)2 exhibits a high specific capacitance of ~675 F g-1 at scan rate of 1 mV s-1...
June 8, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
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