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Chemistry, An Asian Journal

Michael Thomas, Thomas Anglim Lagones, Martyna Judd, Mahbod Morshedi, Megan L O'Mara, Nicholas G White
A combination of molecular dynamics (MD), NMR spectroscopy, and single crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) techniques was used to probe the self-assembly of para- and meta-bis(amidinium) compounds with para-, meta-, and ortho-dicarboxylates. Good concordance was observed between the MD and experimental results. In DMSO solution, the systems form several rapidly exchanging assemblies, in part because a range of hydrogen bonding interactions is possible between the amidinium and carboxylate moieties. Upon crystallization, the majority of the systems form 1D supramolecular polymers, which are held together by short N-H⋅⋅⋅O hydrogen bonds...
May 23, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Yuanzheng Gong, Chun Yang, Hongwei Ji, Chuncheng Chen, Wanhong Ma, Jincai Zhao
In aqueous TiO2 photocatalytic hydroxylation of weakly polar aromatics, unlike usual polar aromatic cases of normal H/D KIEs, a series of inverse H/D KIEs of 0.7~0.8 were observed, which indicated that the oxidtion started by photo-induced hvb+ can be the rate-determining step.
May 23, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Bun Chan, Damian Moran, Christopher J Easton, Leo Radom
The tendency of peptides to be oxidized is intimately connected with their function and even their ability to exist in an oxidative environment. Here we report high-level theoretical studies that show that hydrogen bonding can alter the susceptibility of peptides to oxidation, with complexation to a hydrogen-bond acceptor facilitating oxidation, and vice versa, impacting the feasibility of a diverse range of biological processes. It can even provide an energetically viable mechanistic alternative to direct hydrogen-atom abstraction...
May 23, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Kiran Bajaj, Rajeev Sakhuja
An efficient approach towards peptide synthesis has been described that allows an easy access to variety of small peptides via one-pot aziridine-mediated ligation-desulfurization strategy. The present protocol afforded a library of phenylalanine and tryptophan containing α-peptides in good yields by regioselective ring-opening of aziridine-3-aryl-2-carboxylates with peptide thioacids followed by desulfurization.
May 23, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Naoki Ishida, Takaaki Yano, Tatsuya Yuhki, Masahiro Murakami
(o-Alkylbenzoyl)phosphonates readily cyclize to highly strained benzocyclobutenols simply upon irradiation with UV light. The remarkable efficiency is ascribed to the electron-accepting character of the phosphonate substituent, which facilitates thermal ring closing of the o-quinodimethane intermediate and suppresses reversion to the starting carbonyl compound.
May 23, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Trin Saetan, Chutiparn Lertvachirapaiboon, Ekgasit Sanong, Mongkol Sukwattanasinitt, Sumrit Wacharasindhu
Conversion of waste into high value materials has been considered an important sustainability strategy in modern chemical industries. Large volume of shell waste is generated globally from mussel cultivation. In this work, mussel shell wastes (Perna viridis) are transformed into individual calcium carbonate plate (ICCP) and apply as a support for heterogeneous catalyst. Palladium nanoparticles (3-6 nm) are deposited with even dispersion on ICCP surface as demonstrated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy...
May 22, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Nathaniel Sickerman, Yilin Hu, Markus Walter Ribbe
The reduction of CO2 into useful products, including hydrocarbon fuels, is an ongoing area of particular interest due to efforts to mitigate buildup of this greenhouse gas. While the industrial Fischer-Tropsch process can facilitate the hydrogenation of CO2 with H2 to form short-chain hydrocarbon products under high temperatures and pressures, a desire to perform these reactions under ambient conditions has inspired the use of biological approaches. Particularly, enzymes offer insight into how to activate and reduce CO2, but only one enzyme, nitrogenase, can perform the multielectron, multiproton reduction of CO¬2 into hydrocarbons...
May 22, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Yusuke Chiba, Maning Liu, Yasuhiro Tachibana, Tetsuaki Fujihara, Yasushi Tsuji, Jun Terao
We successfully synthesized a hetero face-to-face porphyrin array composed of ZnTPP and RuTPP(DABCO)₂ (TPP: 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin, DABCO: 1,4-diazabi-cyclo[2.2.2]octane) in 2:1 molar ratio. A cyclic Zn porphyrin dimer (ZnCP) was also used as the host molecule for the Ru porphyrin. In the latter, the Ru-DABCO bonding in RuTPP(DABCO)₂ was stabilized by the host-guest complexation. Reaction progress kinetic analysis of the ligand substitution reaction of RuTPP(DABCO)₂ and that in ZnCP revealed the stabilization mechanism of the Ru-DABCO bonding...
May 22, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Sherif A El-Safty, Mohamed A Shenashen, Naeem Akhtar, Mahmoud M Selim, Wafaa M Morsy, Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Satoshi Kawada, Abdulaziz A Alhamid, Naoki Ohashi, Izumi Ichinose, Ahmed Alamoudi
Because of the devastating impacts of arsenic to terrestrial and aquatic organisms, recovery, removal, disposal and management of arsenic-contaminated water has a considerable challenge and become an urgent necessity in the field of water treatment. This study reports control fabrication of low-cost adsorbents based on microscopic NiO hollow sphere geode-shelled a 100 nm of poly-CN nano-sphere particles-like nodules of poly-carbon nitride that intrinsically stacked and wrapped around the hollow nest spheres to form 500-700 nm shell...
May 22, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Alison Louise Tasker, James Hitchcock, Elaine Alice Baxter, Olivier Cayre, Simon Biggs
Polymer microcapsules have been used commercially for decades, however they have an inherent flaw which renders them impractical as a carrier of small, volatile molecules. The porous nature of the polymer shell allows for diffusion of the encapsulated molecules into the bulk. The use of metal shells is an innovative way to prevent undesired loss of small molecules from the core of microcapsules, however it is important, particularly when using expensive metals to ensure that the resulting shell is as thin as possible...
May 21, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Li-Wen Xu
In the past years, successful stereoselective functionalizations of hydroxyl groups of alcohol substrates with chlorosilanes have evolved silyl ether formation from a functional group protection to an enantioselective synthetic strategy. In this work, a family of structurally specific chiral diols, chiral 1,1'-binaphthalene-2--arylmethanol-2'-ol (Ar-BINMOL), -controlled desymmetrization of dichlorosilanes is presented, which led to the facile construction of desired silicon-stereogenic organosilicon compounds with high yields and good diastereoselectivities...
May 18, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Roshan Bharath Vasani, Endre J Szili, Gayathri Rajeev, Nicolas Hans Voelcker
Chronic wounds are a major socio-economic problem. Bacterial infections in such wounds are a major contributor to lack of wound healing. An early indicator of wound infection is an increase in pH of the wound fluid. Herein, we describe the development of a pH-responsive drug delivery device that can potentially be used for wound decontamination in situ and on-demand in response to an increase in the pH of the wound environment. The device is based on a porous silicon film that provides a reservoir for encapsulation of an antibiotic within the pores...
May 16, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Xuan-Hung Pham, Ahruem Baek, Tae Han Kim, Sang Hun Lee, Won-Yeop Rho, Woo-Jae Chung, Dong-Eun Kim, Bong-Hyun Jun
A magnetic material that consists of silica-coated magnetic beads conjugated with graphene oxide (GO) was successfully prepared for facile ribonucleic acid (RNA) extraction. When the GO-modified magnetic beads were applied to separate the RNA from the lysed cell, the cellular RNAs were readily adsorbed to and readily desorbed from the surface of the GO-modified magnetic beads by urea. The amount of RNA extracted by the GO-modified magnetic beads was ~170% as much as those of the control extracted by a conventional phenol-based chaotropic solution...
May 16, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Isaac Acquah, Jinkyu Roh, Dong June Ahn
We report on the development of raspberry-like silica structures formed by the adsorption of 8-hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonate (HPTS)@silica nanoparticles (NPs) on rhodamine B isothiocyanate (RBTIC)@silica NPs for ratiometric fluorescence-based pH sensing. To overcome the well-known problem of dye leaching which occurs during encapsulation of anionic HPTS dye in silica NPs, we utilized a polyelectrolyte-assisted incorporation of the anionic HPTS. The morphological and optical characterization of the as-synthesized dye-doped NPs and the resulting nanohybrids were carried out...
May 14, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Luisa De Cola, Chien-Wei Hsu, Elena Longhi, Stephan Sinn, Chris Hawes Hawes, David Young, Paul Kruger
Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) based on [Ru(bpy)3]2+ systems is widely utilized for immunoassays. In order to extend the promising potential of ECL based applications, Ir(III) complexes have recently attracted attention as probes because of their excellent luminescent properties and tunable emission wavelength. Here we describe a series of Ir complexes using a large π-conjugated ligand and different ancillary chelates. The complexes synthesized have been chemically and spectroscopically characterized and used for ECL measurements with annihilation and co-reactant methods...
May 14, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Srinivasan Natarajan, R Hota, S Mistry
A room temperature slow diffusion reaction of the metal nitrates [M = Zn(II) and Co(II)] with 5-azido isopthalic acid (AIPA) and 1,4-bis(4-pyridyl)-2,3-diaza-1,3-butadiene (BPDB) resulted a new two dimensional interdigitated coordination polymer, [M(C8H3N3O4)(C12H10N4)].DMF [DMF = dimethyl formamide (C3H7NO)]. The non bonded DMF molecules, was found to exchange through a single-crystal to single-crystal (SCSC) fashion with many aliphatic nitrile compounds. More importantly, the present compound, I.DMF(Zn) appears to absorb cis-crotononitrile selectively from the cis-trans mixture as well as a mixture containing the structural isomer (allylnitrile)...
May 12, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Sinho Choi, Jianjun Song, Chengyin Wang, Soojin Park, Guoxiu Wang
Free-standing trimethylolpropane ethoxylate triacrylate gel polymer electrolyte is synthesized by a chemical cross-linking process and used as an electrolyte and separator membrane in lithium-sulfur batteris. The cross linked gel polymer electrolyte also exhibited a stable geometric size retention of 95% at the high temperature of 130 oC. The as-prepared gel polymer electrolyte membrane with carbon nanofibers interlayer can effectively prevent polysulfide dissolution and shuttle effect, leading to significantly enhanced electrochemical properties including high capacity and cycling stability with an enhanced specific capacity of 790 mAh g-1 after 100 cycles...
May 12, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Jianwei Xu, Zhuang Mao Png Png, Huining Zeng Zeng, Qun Ye
Inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder reaction (iEDDA) represents an intriguing class of cycloaddition reaction that has attracted increasing attention for its applications in bioorthogonal chemistry, total synthesis of natural products, and materials science. In many cases, the application of iEDDA has been demonstrated as an innovative approach to achieve the target structures. The theoretical aspects of this class of reactions are of particular interest for scientists to understand various factors, such as steric strain and electron density of the attached groups, to govern the reaction and thus to elucidate the reaction mechanism...
May 12, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Preeti Bhauriyal, Arup Mahata, Biswarup Pathak
Exploring a suitable electrode material is a fundamental step in the direction of the development of Al-ion battery for enhanced performance. In this work, we have explored the feasibility of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) as a cathode material for Al-ion batteries using the density functional theory calculations. Carbon nanotubes with the hollow structures and large surface area overcome the difficulty of activating the opening of interlayer spaces as observed in graphite electrode during the first intercalation cycle...
May 11, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Lu Huang, Sean Alan Michael, Yangfan Chen, Hongkai Wu
Single cell measurements have played a critical role in revealing the complex signaling dynamics and heterogeneity present in cells but there is still much to learn. Measuring samples from bulk populations of cells often masks information and dynamics present in subsets of cells. Common single cell protein studies rely on fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry but are limited in multiplexing ability due to spectral overlap. Recently, technology advancements in single cell proteomics have allowed highly multiplexed measurement of multiple parameters simultaneously using barcoded microfluidic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and mass cytometry techniques...
May 11, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
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