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American Journal of Men's Health

Sultan Ayoub Meo, Faris Jamal AlMutairi, Majed Mohammed Alasbali, Turki Badr Alqahtani, Saad Saeed AlMutairi, Rakan Abdulaziz Albuhayjan, Fawziah Al Rouq, Naseer Ahmed
Plastic production is prominently increasing and its pollution is an emerging environmental global health concern. This study aimed to investigate the occurrence of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) among nonsmoking plastic industry workers. Three hundred and forty volunteers male plastic industry workers were interviewed after medical history and examination; finally, 278 nonsmoking plastic industry workers were selected. The mean age for the participants was 38.03 ± 10.86 years and body mass index was 25...
September 15, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Evamarie Midding, Sarah Maria Halbach, Christoph Kowalski, Rainer Weber, Rachel Würstlein, Nicole Ernstmann
Male breast cancer (MBC) is rare and known as a typical woman's disease. This study is part of the N-MALE project (Male breast cancer: patient's needs in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up-care) and aims to investigate how MBC patients (MBCP) feel about suffering from a "woman's disease," what character the stigmatization has, and how it can be prospectively reduced. Therefore, a mixed methods design is applied including data of N = 27 qualitative interviews with MBCP and quantitative data of N = 100 MBCP...
September 15, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Nahid Punjani, Ryan Flannigan, John L Oliffe, Donald R McCreary, Nick Black, S Larry Goldenberg
Men's poor health behaviors are an increasingly prevalent issue with long-term consequences. This study broadly samples Canadian men to obtain information regarding health behaviors as a predictor of downstream medical comorbidities. A survey of Canadian men included questions regarding demographics, comorbidities, and health behaviors (smoking and alcohol consumption, sleep and exercise behaviors, and dietary habits). Health behaviors were classified as either healthy or unhealthy based upon previous studies and questionnaire thresholds...
September 15, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Harold Evelyn Taitt
Although research has reported that prostate cancer (PCa) incidence and mortality rates are among the highest for African Americans, the data is inconclusive regarding PCa rates in native African men, Black men residing in other countries, and men in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Data reveals that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and disease incidence have risen significantly in developing and Asian countries, and PCa has become one of the leading male cancers in many of those nations. The objective of this study was to review published peer-reviewed studies that address PCa in different regions of the world to get a better understanding of how PCa incidence, prevalence, detection, and mortality are influenced by race, ethnicity, and geography...
September 11, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Feng Qin, Shuzhen Wang, Jinhong Li, Changjing Wu, Jiuhong Yuan
Vacuum therapy has been widely used for penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy (RP), but its efficacy and safety are unclear. The study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the early use of vacuum therapy for post-RP men. Randomized clinical trials were selected according to predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. RevMan 5.3 software was used for meta-analyses. In total, six randomized controlled trials were included with a total of 273 post-RP patients. The meta-analysis revealed that the early use of vacuum therapy could significantly improve the five-item International Index of Erectile Function and penile shrinkage in post-RP patients...
September 5, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Amy Braksmajer, Janie Simmons, Angela Aidala, James M McMahon
HIV-related symptoms have a deleterious effect on quality of life. One determinant of HIV symptom burden among individuals of color may be discrimination. The aim of this study was to explore whether multiple lifetime discrimination events are associated with a greater number of HIV-related symptoms among heterosexual HIV-positive men of color and to examine the influence of anxiety and social support on this relationship. Data for this study were drawn from a cross-sectional survey of 307 heterosexual HIV-positive men recruited from health and social service agencies in New York City (NYC)...
August 31, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Alex Dubov, Phillip Galbo, Frederick L Altice, Liana Fraenkel
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake has been extremely low among key groups. PrEP-related stigma and shaming are potential barriers to uptake and retention in PrEP programs. There is a lack of literature describing PrEP stigma. In order to fill this gap, we recruited online 43 HIV-negative Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) who use PrEP. Semistructured interviews were conducted to explore their perceptions and experience of stigma related to PrEP use. Data were analyzed using Strauss and Corbin's grounded theory and constant comparison techniques to enhance understanding of the lived experiences of MSM who use PrEP...
August 30, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Nader Parsa, Samira Taravatmanesh, Maurizio Trevisan, Pari Mahlagha Zaheri
The aim of the current study was to examine the possible relationship between the mutual effects of smoking and low cholesterol on all-cause, non-cardiovascular, and cardiovascular mortalities in males. This is a prospective cohort study of 30,179 males sampled from the Risk Factors and Life Expectancy (RIFLE) studies in the Italian population. The RIFLE data are from 19 different large-scale studies over a 9.5-year follow-up period. The Cox Proportional Hazard model was applied to analyze the data. The associations are presented as hazard ratios (HRs) with 95% confidence interval (CI)...
August 23, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Edilson Damke, Fábio A Kurscheidt, Mary M T Irie, Fabrícia Gimenes, Marcia E L Consolaro
To access the possibility that key markers of bacterial vaginosis (KM-BV) could affect seminal parameters and thus fertility a prospective cohort study was designed (a) to develop rapid and sensitive multiplex polymerase chain reaction (M-PCR) assays to screen 13 key markers of bacterial vaginosis (KM-BV) in semen specimens, (b) to determine the prevalence of KM-BV in semen from randomized male partners of couples seeking fertility evaluation. A total of 229 semen samples were included in the study from males who visited the Sperm Analysis Section of Brazil between October 2015 and March 2016...
August 22, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Valeria Savasi, Monica Oneta, Arianna Laoreti, Francesca Parisi, Bina Parrilla, Piergiorgio Duca, Irene Cetin
HIV-1-affected couples' desire to have children and free sexual intercourses with the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis for the negative partner has emerged as an alternative option to assisted reproduction in aviremic patients under highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). It is already known that sperm quality may be impaired in HIV-infected men. The underlying physiopathological mechanism is still debated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of HAART on sperm DNA fragmentation, comparing HIV-1-infected patients taking HAART versus naïve HIV-1-infected patients...
August 22, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Paul Bass, Edrisa Sanyang, Mau-Roung Lin
A matched case-control study was conducted to identify risk factors for injury from physical violence and its severity in Gambian men. Study participants were recruited from eight emergency rooms and outpatient departments in two health administrative regions. Cases were male patients aged ⩾15 years who had been violently injured. A control patient for each case, matched for the hospital or health center, date of injury, gender, and age, was selected from those injured due to nonviolence causes. In total, 447 case-control pairs were recruited...
August 19, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Hadhemi Rejeb, Mouna Ben Khelifa, Jihene Ben Abdallah, Sawssan Mrad, Mohamed Ben Rejeb, Abdelaziz Hayouni, Mohamed Benzarti, Khelifa Limem, Mondher Kortas, Sonia Rouatbi, Helmi Ben Saad
No previous study has evaluated the effects of RF on inflammatory and hematological indices of COPD patients. The main objective of the present pilot study was to assess the effects of RF on some inflammatory and hematological indices measured in male patients with stable COPD. Fifteen COPD patients (mean ± SD of age: 71 ± 6 years) who fasted during Ramadan 2017 volunteered for the study. Three sessions (Before-Ramadan, End-Ramadan and After-Ramadan) were selected. Spirometry tests and blood samples were consistently performed 2...
August 17, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Obrey Alexis, Aaron James Worsley
Studies suggest that gay and bisexual men are affected by the psychological aspects of prostate cancer treatment differently than that of heterosexual men; however the data have not yet been synthesized. The focus of this meta-synthesis is to explore gay and bisexual men's experiences of prostate cancer posttreatment. Empirical research published in peer reviewed journals between January 1990 and January 2018 were identified in six databases: CINAHL, Cochrane, Medline, PsycINFO, PubMed, and Web of Science. Titles and abstracts were checked by two reviewers...
August 16, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Zac E Seidler, Simon M Rice, John S Ogrodniczuk, John L Oliffe, Haryana M Dhillon
Tailoring psychological treatments to men's specific needs has been a topic of concern for decades given evidence that many men are reticent to seek professional health care. However, existing literature providing clinical recommendations for engaging men in psychological treatments is diffuse. The aim of this scoping review was to provide a comprehensive summary of recommendations for how to engage men in psychological treatment. Four electronic databases (MEDLINE, PubMed, CINAHL, PsycINFO) were searched for articles published between 2000 and 2017...
August 13, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Paulani Mui, Sarah E Hill, Roland J Thorpe
Asian Americans develop health complications at lower BMIs than other racial/ethnic groups. Given increasing overweight and obesity rates nationwide, growing numbers of Asian American men, and limited research on overweight and obesity in this population, understanding overweight and obesity differences across Asian subgroups of men is crucial to advancing health equity. This study examined overweight and obesity prevalence both among ethnic subgroups of Asian American men and compared to non-Hispanic White (NHW) men...
August 10, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Manpreet Kaur Gill Thandi, Alison Phinney, John L Oliffe, Sabrina Wong, Heather McKay, Joanie Sims-Gould, Simran Sahota
According to Health Canada (2016), only about 11% of older men meet recommended guidelines for physical activity, and participation decreases as men age. This places men at considerable risk of poor health, including an array of chronic diseases. A demographic shift toward a greater population of less healthy older men would substantially challenge an already beleaguered health-care system. One strategy to alter this trajectory might be gender-sensitized community-based physical activity. Therefore, a qualitative study was conducted to enhance understanding of community-dwelling older men's day-to-day experiences with physical activity...
August 2, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Shelby C Lautner, Whitney R Garney, Idethia S Harney
The prevalence of adult smokers within the state of Texas population is 19.2% with 25% of those smokers being African American. Although the smoking rate of African Americans in Texas is very high, they only represent about 18% of the calls to the Texas Tobacco Quitline. To investigate this phenomenon, researchers from Texas A&M University completed a qualitative study to investigate the social norms and awareness of the Quitline among African American males. Focus groups were conducted in a rural community to determine perceptions and attitudes towards smoking among the African American population, as this was an exploratory study...
July 30, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Luis A Valdez, David O Garcia, John Ruiz, Eyal Oren, Scott Carvajal
Hispanic men have poor access to alcohol abuse treatment, low treatment engagement, and low treatment completion rates despite the contrasting burden of alcohol-related consequences they face. The purpose of this study was to examine Hispanic male perspectives regarding alcohol abuse treatment-seeking behaviors and the structural, sociocultural, and individual factors that may influence initiation and continued engagement in treatment in this population. Individual interviews were conducted with a sample of 20 Hispanic men (age: 44...
July 27, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Akshay Sharma, Erin M Kahle, Stephen P Sullivan, Rob Stephenson
Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) in the United States remain heavily impacted by HIV. The purpose of this study was to describe intergenerational differences in functional knowledge of HIV prevention strategies, perceived risk, recent condomless anal sex (CAS), and HIV testing behavior. Eight hundred sexually active GBMSM were recruited via Facebook from August to September 2015, and administered a Web-based survey which included 12 multiple-choice questions to elicit data regarding functional knowledge of different HIV prevention approaches (e...
July 27, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
Kirsten Aikman, John L Oliffe, Mary T Kelly, Fairleth McCuaig
Sexual health has been well established as a salient priority for men following traumatic spinal cord injury; yet, it continues to be under-addressed by health-care providers in both inpatient and community settings. Given that most men with traumatic spinal cord injuries will be followed by community-based primary health-care providers, including family physicians and nurse practitioners, for their long-term health-care needs, these clinicians are well positioned to address ongoing sexual health issues with this population...
July 25, 2018: American Journal of Men's Health
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