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Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI

Parisa Yavari Kia, Behzad Baradaran, Mahnaz Shahnazi, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi, Vahid Khaze, Shakiba Pourasad Shahrak
BACKGROUND: Preterm birth is a common problem in obstetrics. OBJECTIVE: To measure maternal serum interlukin-6 in mothers with preterm uterine contractions and compare it with cervicovaginal interlukin-6 in the same women. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, we measured interlukin-6 in the sera and cervicovaginal fluids of 86 women with preterm uterine contractions. All participants had an intact membrane. Interlukin-6 was measured by using ELISA method...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Murat Karamese, Hakan Aydin, Emin Sengul, Volkan Gelen, Cigdem Sevim, Duran Ustek, Emre Karakus
BACKGROUND: Probiotics are "live", beneficial microbes that provide important health benefits in their hosts. There is significant interest in the modulation and regulation of the immune function by probiotics. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the immunomodulatory effects of a probiotic mixture, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species, by detecting serum cytokine and immunoglobulin levels. METHODS: The rats were randomly divided into 4 groups...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Soheila Alyasin, Marzieh Adab, Asieh Hosseinpour, Reza Amin, Maryam Babaei
BACKGROUND: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease which is characterized by B-cell abnormality and auto-antibody generation. Since bacterial infections are the most important causes of mortality in these patients, pneumococcal vaccination is recommended for children with SLE. OBJECTIVE: To investigate humoral immunity and specific-antibody formation in response to a 23-valent polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccination in SLE children and asthmatic control group...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Zeinab Kadkhoda, Aliakbar Amirzargar, Zahra Esmaili, Mahdi Vojdanian, Solmaz Akbari
BACKGROUND: Periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) share a number of clinical and pathologic features, one of which is the presence of the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α)-induced bone resorption that is involved in the pathogenesis of both. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effect of TNF-α blockade on periodontal conditions in patients with active RA. METHOD: The periodontal statuses of 36 patients (26 females, 10 males) diagnosed with active RA were evaluated both before and after anti-TNF-α therapy...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Forooz Peiravian, Hamid Rajaian, Afshin Samiei, Nasser Gholijani, Behrouz Gharesi-Fard, Pooneh Mokaram, Abbas Rahimi-Jaberi, Eskandar Kamali Sarvestani
BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system and cytokines may play a role in the development of MS lesions. OBJECTIVE: To determine levels of different cytokines in patients with relapsing-remitting MS (RR-MS) compared to healthy controls. METHODS: Profiles of pro-inflammatory, Th1-, Th2-, and Th17-related cytokines were compared by quantitative multiplexed ELISA-based chemiluminescent assay in 44 RR-MS and 44 healthy age- and sex-matched individuals from the same ethnicity...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Nazanin Nazari, Shirin Farjadian
BACKGROUND: HLA-G is a nonclassical HLA class I molecule which, when elevated in tumor cells, is one of the main factors involved in tumor evasion of immune responses including NK and T cells. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of HLA-G downregulation on NK cell cytotoxicity in tumor cell lines. METHODS: The expression level of HLA-G was measured by real-time PCR and flowcytometry after transfection of SKOV3 by shRNA.1, which targets specific sequences in exon 4, or shRNA...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Hamideh Mesali, Abolghasem Ajami, Hadi Hussein-Nattaj, Alireza Rafiei, Zeinab Rajabian, Hossein Asgarian-Omran, Vahid Hosseini, Tarang Taghvaei, Mohsen Tehrani
BACKGROUND: Regulatory T Cells (Tregs) and Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) are two main regulatory cells modulating the immune responses in inflammation and cancer. OBJECTIVE: To investigate and compare Tregs and MDSCs in peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. METHODS: Patients with dyspepsia were selected and divided into three groups of non-ulcer dyspepsia (NUD, n=22), peptic ulcer disease (PUD, n=25), and gastric cancer (GC, n=27) according to their endoscopic and histopathological examinations...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Abdolkarim Sheikhi, Abdollah Jafarzadeh, Parviz Kokhaei, Mohammad Hojjat-Farsangi
Cancer immunotherapy (passive or active) involves treatments which promote the ability of the immune system to fight tumor cells. Several types of immunotherapeutic agents, such as monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, non-specific immunomodulatory agents, and cancer vaccines are currently under intensive investigation in preclinical and clinical trials. Cancer vaccines induce permanent activation of the immune system and may be considered the most promising method for cancer treatment, especially in combination with other agents of passive immunotherapy...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mansour Salehi, Bahram Bagherpour, Vahid Shayghannejad, Farzaneh Mohebi, Rasool Jafari
BACKGROUND: Management of multiple sclerosis (MS) is based on the usage of immunosuppressive and immune-modulating medications. Cytokines play an important role in the pathogenesis of MS. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of rapamycin on the concentrations of Th1/Th2/Th17 serum cytokines in patients with MS. METHODS: Six patients with relapsing remitting MS as a case group and 6 healthy individuals as a control group were enrolled. The patients have been receiving 2 mg rapamycin daily for 6 months...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat, Elżbieta Ograczyk, Marcin Włodarczyk, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Marek Fol
BACKGROUND: The immunomagnetic separation technique is the basis of monocyte isolation and further generation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells. OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficiency of monocyte positive and negative separation, concentration of beads, and their impact on generated dendritic cells. METHODS: Monocytes were obtained using monoclonal antibody-coated magnetic beads followed the Ficoll-Paque gradient separation of mononuclear cell fraction from the peripheral blood of 6 healthy volunteers...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Henu Kumar Verma, Aditya Nath Jha, Prafulla Kumar Khodiar, Pradeep Kumar Patra, Lakkakula Venkata Kameswara Subrahmanya Bhaskar
BACKGROUND: Cytokines are cell signaling molecules which upon release by cells facilitate the recruitment of immune-modulatory cells towards the sites of inflammation. Genetic variations in cytokine genes are shown to regulate their production and affect the risk of infectious as well as autoimmune diseases. Intron-3 of interleukin-4 gene (IL-4) harbors 70-bp variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR) that may alter the expression level of IL-4 gene. OBJECTIVE: To determine the distribution of IL-4 70-bp VNTR polymorphism in seven genetically heterogeneous populations of Chhattisgarh, India and their comparison with the finding of other Indian and world populations...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mohammed Said Al-Balushi, Elias Anthony Said, Sidgi Syed Hasson, Juma Zaid Al-Busaidi, Iman Al-Reesi, Mohammed Idris, Wadha Al-Ghafri, Moza Al-Kalbani, Ali Abdullah Al-Jabri
BACKGROUND: Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), is a common infection in pregnant women accompanied by variations in the levels of the IgM, IgA and IgG antibody isotypes. The variations of anti-H. pylori antibodies during and after pregnancy, and the extent of protection they provide to the mother and the fetus are not completely understood. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the changes of the anti-H. pylori IgM, IgA and IgG levels in healthy Omani pregnant women during pregnancy and 3 months after delivery...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mahdi Sajedi Khanian, Alireza Abdi Ardekani, Shahdad Khosropanah, Mehrnoosh Doroudchi
BACKGROUND: Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) is the leading cause of disability and death in Iran and many other countries. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the prognostic value of CCL5 and CCL18 in patients with acute myocardial ischemia. METHODS: In this cohort study we recruited and followed 50 patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction (AAMI) for developing cardiovascular accidents in a 6-month period. CCL5 and CCL18 levels were measured on admission, at day 5 and at day 180 post-hospitalization...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Yongan Liu, Wei Nie, Yu Jin, Anshan Zhuo, Yuansheng Zang, Qingyu Xiu
BACKGROUND: MicroRNA-155 (miR-155) is upregulated during T cell activation, but the exact mechanisms by which it influences CD4+ T cell activation remain unclear. OBJECTIVE: To examine whether the B and T lymphocyte attenuator (BTLA) is a target of miR-155 during naïve CD4+ T cell activation. METHODS: Firefly luciferase reporter plasmids pEZX-MT01-wild-type-BTLA and pEZX-MT01-mutant-BTLA were constructed. Lymphocytes were nucleofected with miR-155 inhibitor or negative control (NC)...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Magdy Mohamed Zedan, Amal Mohamed Osman, Wafaa Nabil Laimon, Mohamed Magdy Zedan, Nermin Youssef Abo-Elkheir, Ahmed Zaki
Asthma is a heterogeneous disease, in which asthmatic patients present with different clinical phenotypes, variable endotypes, and different response to asthma medicines. Thus, we are faced with an asthma paradox; asthma is diagnosed subjectively by clinical history and treated with biologically active drugs. To solve this paradox, we need objective airway biomarkers to tailor the proper medications to the proper patient. Biomarkers should have one or more of the following characteristics:1) A biomarker that could differentiate poor symptoms perceivers from over perceivers, 2) A biomarker that could predict disease activity and hence disease outcome, 3) A biomarker that could clarify responders from non-responders asthma phenotypes, and finally 4) A biomarker that could characterize different clinical asthma phenotypes...
June 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mahmood Soveid, Peyman Petramfar
High cortisol level in endogenous Cushing's syndrome suppresses the immune system and after treatment there may be an over activity of immune reaction leading to autoimmune diseases mostly thyroid and rheumatologic disorders. This is the second reported case of multiple sclerosis developing after treatment of Cushing's syndrome. A 42-year old man is reported who presented with bone fracture and osteoporosis and diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Six months after surgical treatment of his pituitary adenoma, he developed progressive multiple sclerosis...
March 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mahsa Rahmani, Hamid Reza Khorasani, Monireh Golpour, Ali Shabestani Monfared, Hosein Nattaj, Saeeid Abedian, Amrollah Mostafazadeh
BACKGROUND: The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) matching between organ donor and recipient is an acceptable strategy in clinical transplantation since 1964. However, in bone marrow transplantation, finding matched donors is often problematic. Thus new method for down regulation of HLA can be an alternative strategy to solve this problem. OBJECTIVE: To examine the effect of serum starvation on HLA class I expression in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)...
March 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Mohammad Hasan Bargostavan, Gilda Eslami, Nasrin Esfandiari, Ali Shams Shahemabadi
BACKGROUND: The role of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9) in tumor invasion and progression is prominent. A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the promoter region of MMP9 (-1562 C/T) increases the transcription and expression of this gene. On the other hand, MHC class I chain-related protein A and B (MICA/B) in soluble forms may impair tumor immunogenicity by reducing Natural Killer Group 2D (NKG2D) densities on NK cells and MMP9 enzyme activity has a prominent role in shedding of MICA/B...
March 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Alireza Farnam, Jafar Majidi, Seyyed Gholamreza Nourazar, Morteza Ghojazadeh, Aliakbar Movassaghpour, Saeedeh Majidi Zolbanin
BACKGROUND: There are conflicting findings about relationship between depression and anger with immunological parameters. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between anger patterns and immune system in depressed patients. METHODS: Thirty-five patients with major depressive disorder were selected according to DSM-IV criteria. The Hamilton Depression Scale and Spielberger Anger questionnaires were used to determine severity of depression and "anger expression pattern", respectively...
March 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
Masooma Abdullahi, Reza Ranjbaran, Soheaila Alyasin, Zeinab Keshavarz, Amin Ramezani, Abbas Behzad-Behbahani, Sedigheh Sharifzadeh
BACKGROUND: Asthma is very common in children and its diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations, which can be misdiagnosed as other respiratory diseases with similar signs and symptoms. OBJECTIVE: To analyze the expression of ST2L and CD203c in the diagnosis of pediatric asthma. METHODS: Basophils were purified from whole blood samples of patients and healthy controls using Ficol-Paque gradient and Basophil Isolation Kit. RNA extraction was done by RNX-Plus solution and after synthesis of cDNA, the gene expression was analyzed by means of real time PCR...
March 2016: Iranian Journal of Immunology: IJI
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