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Chinese Medicine

Yuan Wei, Linwei Wang, Dujun Wang, Dan Wang, Chongwei Wen, Bangxin Han, Zhen Ouyang
Background: Polysaccharides are carbohydrate chains composed of linked monosaccharide units. Accumulating studies report that polysaccharides isolated from Dendrobium officinale have a variety of functions. However, the composition and anti-tumor activity of D. officinale grown in the Huoshan area are largely unknown. Methods: A polysaccharide (DOPA-1) was isolated from D. officinale by hot water extraction and ethanol precipitation, followed by purification via DEAE-cellulose and Sephadex G-100 chromatography...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Lihong Liu, Bo Du, Haiying Zhang, Xiaofei Guo, Zheng Zhou, Aihui Xiu, Chang Liu, Shiyu Su, Hao Ai
Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) significantly affects women's health and well-being. To explore the pharmacological basis of the Erxian decoction (EXD) action in PCOS therapy, a network interaction analysis was conducted at the molecular level. Methods: The active elements of EXD were identified according to the oral bioavailability and drug-likeness filters from three databases: traditional Chinese medicine system pharmacology analysis platform, TCM@taiwan and TCMID, and their potential targets were also identified...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Wei Shen, Hui Luo, Liangliang Xu, Zhifang Wu, Hongtai Chen, Yamei Liu, Lijuan Yu, Liuchao Hu, Bin Wang, Yiwen Luo
Background: Bushen Huoxue decoction (BHD) has a significant effect on fracture rehabilitation, yet its underlying mechanism is still unknown. The purpose of this study was to explore whether BHD promotes bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMSC) migration through the Wnt5a signalling pathway. Methods: BHD was extracted by petroleum, and its composition was analysed. Cell viability in the presence of various concentrations of BHD for 24, 48 and 72 h was measured using a Cell Counting Kit-8 assay...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Zhangfeng Zhong, Haibing Yu, Shengpeng Wang, Yitao Wang, Liao Cui
Background: Chemotherapy is a primary approach in cancer treatment after routine surgery. However, chemo-resistance tends to occur with chemotherapy in clinic, resulting in poor prognosis and recurrence. Nowadays, Chinese medicine may shed light on design of new therapeutic modes to overcome chemo-resistance. Although Rhizoma Curcumae possesses anti-cancer activities in various types of cancers, the effects and underlying mechanisms of its bioactive components against chemo-resistance are not clear...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Mengmeng Sun, Wen-Te Chang, Eduard Van Wijk, Min He, Roeland Van Wijk, Mei Wang
Background: Based on the principle of tradition Chinese medicine, the processing refers to various techniques that alter the overall properties of herbal materials to meet the requirements of therapeutic applications. However, the standards of quality control and scientific standard operation protocol for processing manufacturing are largely unknown and there is a huge demand for the development of scientific tools for evaluating the quality during and after the processing. The key challenge in evidence-based medicine is to characterize the processing of herbal materials from system-based perspective...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Ying-Jie Fu, Yu-Qi Yan, Hong-Qiong Qin, Sha Wu, Shan-Shan Shi, Xiao Zheng, Peng-Cheng Wang, Xiao-Yin Chen, Xiao-Long Tang, Zhen-You Jiang
Background: Influenza virus is a single-stranded RNA virus that causes influenza in humans and animals. About 600 million people around the world suffer from influenza every year. Upon recognizing viral RNA molecules, TLR7 (Toll-like receptor) initiates corresponding immune responses. Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs), including Yinqiao powder, Xinjiaxiangruyin and Guizhi-and-Mahuang decoction, have been extensively applied in clinical treatment of influenza. Although the therapeutic efficacy of TCMs against influenza virus in vivo was reported previously, its underlying mechanisms are not clearly understood...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Linlin Dong, Ruiyang Cheng, Lina Xiao, Fugang Wei, Guangfei Wei, Jiang Xu, Yong Wang, Xiaotong Guo, Zhongjian Chen, Shilin Chen
Background: Bacterial endophytes are widespread inhabitants inside plant tissues that play crucial roles in plant growth and biotransformation. This study aimed to offer information for the exploitation of endophytes by analyzing the bacterial endophytes in different parts of Panax notoginseng . Methods: We used high-throughput sequencing methods to analyze the diversity and composition of bacterial endophytes from different parts of P. notoginseng . Results: A total of 174,761 classified sequences were obtained from the analysis of 16S ribosomal RNA in different parts of P...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Li Zhou, Sheng Wang, Qingxiu Hao, Liping Kang, Chuanzhi Kang, Jian Yang, Wanzhen Yang, Jingyi Jiang, Lu-Qi Huang, Lanping Guo
Background: Cordyceps sinensis ( C. sinensis ) is a famous and precious Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), while frequent reports of heavy metals, especially arsenic, exceeding standards in C. sinensis in recent years have raised concerns of its safety. Therefore, it is urgent for a research on heavy metals (Cu, Pb, As, Cd, Hg) in C. sinensis , of its bioaccessibility, dietary exposure estimation, arsenic speciation analysis and health risks assessment to human body. Methods: Three 30 g batches of mixed wild growth C...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Aleksandra Tarasiuk, Paula Mosińska, Jakub Fichna
Background: Ayurvedic medicine is based on natural healing methods that use herbal medicine to cleanse the body of toxins and to attain physical and mental regeneration. Triphala (TLP) is one of the most important ayurvedic supplements and is believed to have a beneficial effect on the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Purpose: We aim to summarize available literature focused on the components of TLP ( Terminalia chebula , Terminalia bellerica and Phyllanthus emblica ) and discusse their effectiveness and therapeutic value for improving lower GI symptoms in functional GI disorders, particularly irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Ling Yuan, Lv Zhu, Yumei Zhang, Huan Chen, Hongxin Kang, Juan Li, Xianlin Zhao, Meihua Wan, Yifan Miao, Wenfu Tang
Background: The traditional Chinese formula Da-Cheng-Qi-decoction (DCQD) has been used to treat acute pancreatitis for decades. DCQD could ameliorate the disease severity and the complications of organ injuries, including those of the liver and lungs. However, the pharmacological effects in the kidney, a target organ, are still unclear. This study aimed to investigate the herbal tissue pharmacology of DCQD for acute kidney injury (AKI) in rats with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP). Methods: Rats were randomly divided into the sham-operation group (SG), the model group (MG) and the low-, medium- and high-dose treatment groups (LDG, MDG, and HDG, respectively)...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Wei Sang, Zhangfeng Zhong, Kegang Linghu, Wei Xiong, Anfernee Kai Wing Tse, Wai San Cheang, Hua Yu, Yitao Wang
Background: Siegesbeckia pubescens Makino (SP) is one of the important plant origins for the anti-inflammatory Chinese herbal medicine of Siegesbeckiae Herba. The current investigations indicated that the anti-inflammatory effects of SP were associated with the toll-like receptors (TLRs)-mediated nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) and the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways. Methods: Raw 264.7 macrophages were pretreated with the 50% ethanol extract of SP (SPE, 50-200 µg/mL) and then co-treated with Pam3 CSK4 (200 ng/mL) for another 12 h...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Chengliang Huang, Xu Wu, Shengpeng Wang, Wenjun Wang, Fang Guo, Yuanyuan Chen, Bi Pan, Ming Zhang, Xianming Fan
Background: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a chronic, progressive, fibrosing interstitial lung disease, is associated with extremely poor prognosis, and lacks effective treatment. The frequently used immunosuppressive therapies such as dexamethasone (DEX) are often associated with side effects. Recently, combination of two Chinese herbal medicine preparations, Salvia miltiorrhiza and ligustrazine (SML), serves as an alternative medicine for treatment of IPF in clinical practices in China...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Mu-Yang Huang, Le-Le Zhang, Jian Ding, Jin-Jian Lu
Cancer is still presenting a serious threat to human health worldwide. The understanding of the complex biology of cancer and the development of oncotherapy have led to increasing treatment approaches such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Chinese medicinal herbs have attracted considerable attention due to their potential anticancer effects. Some natural products or formulae from Chinese medicinal herbs with directly or indirectly anticancer effects have been reported. In this article, we summarized the current progression on development of anticancer drugs from Chinese medicinal herbs, toward providing ideas for further development and application of Chinese medicinal herbs in cancer therapy...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Yu Dong, Zhe-Ling Feng, Hu-Biao Chen, Fu-Sheng Wang, Jia-Hong Lu
Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc. is part of the genus Cornus of the family Cornaceae . Ripening and dry fruits ( Corni Fructus ) are recognized as an essential herb medicine in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and have been widely used for over 2000 years. This review provides a comprehensive summary of Corni Fructus (CF), including the botany, phytochemistry, traditional use, and current pharmacological activities. According to the basic theory of TCM, CF usually participates in various Chinese medicinal formulae to exert the essential roles in replenishing liver and kidney, arresting seminal emission and sweat...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Xiang Zhang, Xiangxiao Meng, Jie Wu, Linfang Huang, Shilin Chen
Background: Illicium plants are relevant officinal and ornamental species that are native in Eastern Asia, and they are the main sources of shikimic acid. Shikimic acid is an important component of Tamiflu, which is recognized for its ability to resist avian influenza by the World Health Organization. To determine areas where 15 Illicium species can be grown and to understand the importance of species diversity, we should enhance the prediction of suitable areas. Methods: In this study, the global potential distribution of 15 Illicium species was predicted using a geographic information system for global medicinal plants...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Chuen Heung Yau, Cheuk Long Ip, Yuk Yin Chau
Background: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a common disease and the incidence has been rising constantly. Acupuncture is one of the most widely used complementary and alternative medicine therapies. Despite studies had been done on the effectiveness of acupuncture on ASD children, how factors such as chronological age and the onset pattern influence the effectiveness of the therapy remains unclear. The aim of this retrospective study is to know how symptomatology of ASD alters upon the introduction of scalp acupuncture and how do age and onset type affect the effectiveness of the therapy...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Fan Yi, Li Li, Li-Jia Xu, Hong Meng, Yin-Mao Dong, Hai-Bo Liu, Pei-Gen Xiao
In recent years, studies of traditional medicinal plants have gradually increased worldwide because the natural sources and variety of such plants allow them to complement modern pharmacological approaches. As computer technology has developed, in silico approaches such as virtual screening and network analysis have been widely utilized in efforts to elucidate the pharmacological basis of the functions of traditional medicinal plants. In the process of new drug discovery, the application of virtual screening and network pharmacology can enrich active compounds among the candidates and adequately indicate the mechanism of action of medicinal plants, reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of the whole procedure...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Yat-Tung Lo, Mavis Hong-Yu Yik, Pang-Chui Shaw
Background: Human placenta is used to make the medicinal product Placenta Hominis in Asian countries. With its therapeutic benefits and limited supply, intentional or inadvertent adulteration is found in the market. In order to enforce the implementation of product description laws and protect customer rights, we established a hierarchical protocol involving morphological, chemical, biochemical and molecular diagnosis to authenticate this medicinal product. Methods: Ten samples claimed as Placenta Hominis were collected from herbal shops in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Hui-Qin Li, Siu-Po Ip, Guo-Qing Zheng, Yan-Fang Xian, Zhi-Xiu Lin
Background: To evaluate the effect of Isorhynchophylline (IRN) on the learning and memory impairments induced by aluminum chloride (AlCl3 ) in mice. Methods: Fifty male Balb-c mice (4-month-old) were randomly divided into five groups: control, AlCl3 plus vehicle, AlCl3 plus IRN (20 mg/kg), AlCl3 plus IRN (40 mg/kg) and AlCl3 plus donepezil (5 mg/kg). Learning and memory impairments were induced in mice by subcutaneously injecting with AlCl3 (50 mg/kg) once a day for 8 consecutive weeks...
2018: Chinese Medicine
Pengxin Dong, Hao Hu, Xiaodong Guan, Carolina Oi Lam Ung, Luwen Shi, Sheng Han, Shuwen Yu
Background: Complicated with the impact of aging population and urbanization, coronary heart disease (CHD) incurs more and more disease burdens in China. Salvianolate injection is a Chinese patent drug widely used for treating CHD in China. A series of studies have verified the efficacy of salvianolate injection , but the high drug cost has raised concerns. It is, therefore, important to conduct cost-consequence analysis to demonstrate whether salvianolate injection is associated with outcome improvement and cost containment...
2018: Chinese Medicine
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