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Grazzia Guglielmino, Bruno Teixeira de Moraes, Luiz Celso Villanova, Marina Padovani, Noemi Grigoletto De Biase
OBJECTIVES: Vocal tremors, which cause social difficulties for patients, may be classified as resting or action tremors. Of the vocal action tremors, essential and dystonic tremors are the most common. Botulinum toxin and oral medications have been used to treat vocal tremors, but no comparative clinical trials have been performed. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of botulinum toxin injection and the oral administration of propranolol in the treatment of essential and dystonic vocal tremors...
July 16, 2018: Clinics
Cárita de Moura Laranjeira, Eline Rozária Ferreira Barbosa, Marcelo Fouad Rabahi
OBJECTIVE: To compare subjective sleep evaluation obtained using four questionnaires with polysomnography results for individuals with and without obstructive sleep apnea. METHODS: Observational and analytical study in which individuals underwent polysomnography were studied retrospectively to investigate sleep disorders. We compared subjective data from a research database used to predict obstructive sleep apnea based on the STOP-BANG questionnaire, evaluation of excessive daytime sleepiness (Epworth Sleepiness Scale), sleep quality questionnaire (Mini Sleep Questionnaire) and Post-Sleep Data Collection Instrument with the self-reported total sleep time and sleep-onset latency for subjects with and without obstructive sleep apnea...
July 16, 2018: Clinics
Rodrigo Bronze de Martino, Edson Abdala, Felipe Castro Villegas, Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'Albuquerque, Alice Tung Wan Song
OBJECTIVES: Patients receiving treatment for tuberculosis are at risk of developing acute liver failure due to the hepatotoxicity of antitubercular drugs. We aimed to describe our experience with liver transplantation from deceased donors in this situation. METHODS: We identified patients undergoing transplantation for acute liver failure due to antitubercular drugs in our prospectively maintained database. RESULTS: Of 81 patients undergoing transplantation for acute liver failure, 8 cases were attributed to antitubercular drugs during the period of 2006-2016...
July 16, 2018: Clinics
Juliana Yukari Kodaira Viscondi, Christine Grutzmann Faustino, Alessandro Gonçalves Campolina, Alexander Itria, Patricia Coelho de Soárez
The aim of this study was to critically evaluate the quality of the models used in economic evaluations of screening strategies for cervical cancer prevention. We systematically searched multiple databases, selecting model-based full economic evaluations (cost-effectiveness analyses, cost-utility analyses, and cost-benefit analyses) of cervical cancer screening strategies. Two independent reviewers screened articles for relevance and performed data extraction. Methodological assessment of the quality of the models utilized formal checklists, and a qualitative narrative synthesis was performed...
July 10, 2018: Clinics
Wagner de Castro Andrade, Marcos Marques Silva, Ana Cristina Aoun Tannuri, Maria Merces Santos, Nelson Elias Mendes Gibelli, Uenis Tannuri
OBJECTIVE: The prognosis of patients with biliary atresia undergoing Kasai portoenterostomy is related to the timing of the diagnosis and the indication for the procedure. The purpose of the present study is to present a practical flowchart based on 257 children who underwent Kasai portoenterostomy. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study of patients who underwent Kasai portoenterostomy between 1981 and 2016. RESULTS: During the first period (1981 to 2009), 230 infants were treated, and the median age at the time of surgery was 84 days; jaundice was resolved in 77 patients (33...
July 10, 2018: Clinics
Marcia M Marques, Adriane F Evangelista, Taciane Macedo, René Aloisio da Costa Vieira, Cristovam Scapulatempo-Neto, Rui M Reis, André L Carvalho, Ismael Dale Cotrim Guerreiro da Silva
OBJECTIVE: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression at the posttranscriptional level. Some miRNAs, including let-7a and miR-195, have been described as tumor suppressors. However, the roles of these microRNAs in breast cancer progression remain controversial. The aim of this study is to evaluate miR-195 and let-7a expression as potential biomarkers of invasive breast cancer. METHODS: In the present study, 200 individuals were separated into three groups: (i) 72 women constituting the control group who were selected according to rigorous and well-established criteria; (ii) 56 patients with benign breast tumors; and (iii) 72 patients with malignant breast cancers of different clinical stages...
July 10, 2018: Clinics
Sevki Hakan Eren, Ilhan Korkmaz, Fatma Mutlu Kukul Guven, Yusuf Kenan Tekin, Levent Ozdemir
OBJECTIVES: Consumption of toxic species of mushrooms may have detrimental effects and increase oxidative stress. Paraoxonase, arylesterase and glutathione-S-transferase are antioxidants that resist oxidative stress. In this study, we analyzed the changes in these enzymes during intoxication due to mushrooms. METHODS: The study enrolled 49 adult patients with a diagnosis of mushroom poisoning according to clinical findings and 49 healthy volunteers as the control group...
July 10, 2018: Clinics
Jose Ricardo Magliocco Ceroni, Diogo Cordeiro de Queiroz Soares, Larissa de Cássia Testai, Rachel Sayuri Honjo Kawahira, Guilherme Lopes Yamamoto, Sofia Mizuho Miura Sugayama, Luiz Antonio Nunes de Oliveira, Debora Romeo Bertola, Chong Ae Kim
OBJECTIVES: To characterize the natural history of 39 achondroplastic patients diagnosed by clinical, radiological and molecular assessments. METHODS: Observational and retrospective study of 39 patients who were attended at a public tertiary level hospital between 1995 and 2016. RESULTS: Diagnosis was made prenatally in 11 patients, at birth in 9 patients and within the first year of life in 13 patients. The most prevalent clinical findings were short stature, high forehead, trident hands, genu varum and macrocephaly...
July 2, 2018: Clinics
José da Conceição Carvalho Júnior, Alessandra Haddad, Lydia Masako Ferreira
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to develop a free smartphone application with reliable and useful information for the lay public on the most frequently performed plastic surgeries worldwide. METHODS: The five most frequently performed surgeries worldwide according to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) were selected. Information from the websites of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) and from the Outpatient and Hospital Medicine Guide of the Plastic Surgery Division at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) was used for content assembly...
July 2, 2018: Clinics
Kelvin Henrique Vilalva, Rebeca Lopes Figueira, Marina Silveira, Catarina Graf, Frances Lanhellas Gonçalves, Lourenço Sbragia, Maria Cecília Gomes, Fabrícia Mumic, José Dirceu Vollet-Filho, Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'Albuquerque, Orlando Castro-E-Silva
OBJECTIVES: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the protective effect of pre-conditioning treatment with laser light on hepatic injury in rats submitted to partial ischemia using mitochondrial function and liver fatty acid binding protein as markers. METHODS: Rats were divided into four groups (n=5): 1) Control, 2) Control + Laser, 3) Partial Ischemia and 4) Partial Ischemia + Laser. Ischemia was induced by clamping the hepatic pedicle of the left and middle lobes of the liver for 60 minutes...
July 2, 2018: Clinics
Rosa Maria Blotta, Sirlei Dos Santos Costa, Eduardo Neubarth Trindade, Luise Meurer, Manoel Roberto Maciel-Trindade
OBJECTIVES: Interest in elucidating the etiology of hernias has encouraged countless studies of musculoaponeurotic structures in individuals with and without hernias. Studies of hernia patients have firmly demonstrated a correlation between hernias and collagen alterations in their fascia. Diastasis recti is an increased width of the abdominal midline that is exclusively composed of interlacing aponeurotic expansions of the anterolateral abdominal muscles. The condition is common among women undergoing abdominoplasty, and many factors, not only mechanical, play a role...
June 7, 2018: Clinics
Luiz Gonzaga Coelho, Carlos Roberto Sant'Ana, Ricardo Brandt de Oliveira, Raíra César E Cezar, Aline Cordeiro Campos de Araujo, Raisa Cristina Teodoro da Silva, Osmar Reni Trindade, Maria Clara Coelho, Eduardo Ferrioli, José Albertino Bendassolli
OBJECTIVE: The 13C-urea breath test is the main non-invasive test for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. The availability of this test throughout the country is limited, mainly due to the difficulty in obtaining the labeled isotope from abroad. Recently, researchers from the Nuclear Energy Center in Agriculture at the University of São Paulo (CENA/USP) succeeded in synthesizing 13C-enriched urea for Helicobacter pylori diagnosis. The aim of the study was to compare the performance of the 13C-urea breath test using 13C-urea acquired abroad with that of a test using 13C-urea synthesized in Brazil...
June 7, 2018: Clinics
Camila Fernandes Pollo, Silmara Meneguin, Helio Amante Miot
The aim of this study was to analyze scientific production concerning the validation and cultural adaptation of quality of life evaluation instruments for patients with melasma and to offer a critical reflection on these methods. A literature review was performed based on a search of the Web of Science, Bireme, PubMed, Elsevier Scopus, and Google Scholar databases. All published articles from indexed periodicals in these electronic databases up to December 2015 were included. Eight articles were identified, of which only one (12...
May 21, 2018: Clinics
Venancio A F Alves, Kennichi Kakudo, Virginia LiVolsi, Ricardo V Lloyd, Yuri E Nikiforov, Vania Nosé, Mauro Papotti, Lester D R Thompson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 21, 2018: Clinics
Marcelo R Dos Santos, Ana L C Sayegh, Rafael Armani, Valéria Costa-Hong, Francis R de Souza, Edgar Toschi-Dias, Luiz A Bortolotto, Mauricio Yonamine, Carlos E Negrão, Maria-Janieire N N Alves
OBJECTIVES: Misuse of anabolic androgenic steroids in athletes is a strategy used to enhance strength and skeletal muscle hypertrophy. However, its abuse leads to an imbalance in muscle sympathetic nerve activity, increased vascular resistance, and increased blood pressure. However, the mechanisms underlying these alterations are still unknown. Therefore, we tested whether anabolic androgenic steroids could impair resting baroreflex sensitivity and cardiac sympathovagal control. In addition, we evaluate pulse wave velocity to ascertain the arterial stiffness of large vessels...
May 21, 2018: Clinics
Gustavo José Luvizutto, Augusta Fabiana Moliga, Gabriela Rizzo Soares Rizzatti, Marcelo Ortolani Fogaroli, Eduardo de Moura Neto, Hélio Rubens de Carvalho Nunes, Luiz Antônio de Lima Resende, Rodrigo Bazan
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between the degree of unilateral spatial neglect during the acute phase of stroke and long-term functional independence. METHODS: This was a prospective study of right ischemic stroke patients in which the independent variable was the degree of spatial neglect and the outcome that was measured was functional independence. The potential confounding factors included sex, age, stroke severity, topography of the lesion, risk factors, glycemia and the treatment received...
May 21, 2018: Clinics
Pedro Giavina-Bianchi, Jorge Kalil
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 17, 2018: Clinics
Laila S Garro, Marcelo V Aun, Iracy Sílvia C Soares, Marisa R Ribeiro, Antônio A Motta, Jorge Kalil, Mariana C Castells, Maria José C Carmona, Pedro Giavina-Bianchi
OBJECTIVE: To assess the incidence of intra-operative immediate hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxis. METHODS: A cross-sectional observational study was conducted at the Department of Anesthesiology, University of São Paulo School of Medicine, Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo, Brazil, from January to December 2010. We developed a specific questionnaire to be completed by anesthesiologists. This tool included questions about hypersensitivity reactions during anesthesia and provided treatments...
May 17, 2018: Clinics
Francisca Alexandra Gavilanes-Oleas, Jose Leonidas Alves, Caio Julio Cesar Fernandes, Luis Felipe Lopes Prada, William Salibe Filho, Mario Terra Filho, Luciana Morinaga, Susana Hoette, Carlos Jardim, Rogerio Souza
OBJECTIVES: Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is one of the most prevalent forms of pulmonary hypertension and is a major complication of acute pulmonary embolism. One mainstay of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension treatment is lifelong anticoagulation. The recent advent of direct oral anticoagulants for acute pulmonary embolism treatment has provided a viable and effective alternative for treating this condition. However, little is known about the efficacy of this new class of drugs for treating chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension...
May 17, 2018: Clinics
Paulo Alvim Borges, Alexandre Fogaça Cristante, Tarcísio Eloy Pessoa de Barros-Filho, Renato Jose Mendonça Natalino, Gustavo Bispo Dos Santos, Raphael Marcus Marcon
OBJECTIVE: To standardize a spinal cord lesion mouse model. METHODS: Thirty BALB/c mice were divided into five groups: four experimental groups and one control group (sham). The experimental groups were subjected to spinal cord lesion by a weight drop from different heights after laminectomy whereas the sham group only underwent laminectomy. Mice were observed for six weeks, and functional behavior scales were applied. The mice were then euthanized, and histological investigations were performed to confirm and score spinal cord lesion...
March 15, 2018: Clinics
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