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Georgian Medical News

S Sopromadze
Patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus have an increased risk of cardiovascular (CV) morbidity and mortality. Recently, brain has been described also as a target organ for diabetic microvascular complications. Cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) may cause lacunar infarcts and cognitive dysfunction. In our case a brain MRI scan showed distinct lesions, which are mainly caused and seen by long lasting diabetes and hypertension.
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Dunicheva, T Zagorovskaya, E Patrakeeva
Studies have shown that effective diabetes management (and also self-management) can delay or prevent the micro- and macrovascular complications. But sometimes the way of achieving optimal glycemic control can affect quality of patient's life resulting in different fears and other psychological problems. Our clinical case demonstrates type 1 diabetes (T1D) patient with frequent episodes of hypoglycemia, including severe hypoglycemia, and various psychosocial problems. It confirms the importance of doctor's communication skills and necessity of constant collaboration with psychologist in organization of diabetes care...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
P Thomakos, G Panagopoulos, O Kepaptsoglou, C Zoupas, A Mitrakou
Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) is considered an effective therapeutic approach to the treatment of patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). Literature offers limited information regarding the quality of life (QoL) in patients using CSII. The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of diabetes related factors on the QoL of patients with T1DM on CSII treatment, in a Greek urban population. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 80 patients with T1DM using CSII. [(Mean±SD) age: 35...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
Sh Muharremi
The presented case reports on 54-years old patient with T2 Diabetes mellitus who, due to hypoglycemic episodes on Insulin therapy, was treated with oral anti-hyperglycemic medications. Patient was on hemodialysis due to the stage 5 chronic kidney failure and had various comorbid conditions: arterial hypertension, history of acute myocardial infarction, dilative cardiomyopathy, amaurosis and peripheral neuropathy. Besides his complicated medical history, patient developed an early stage of Fournier's gangrene...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
L Navasardyan, A Аvetisyan, M Simonyan, E Aghajanova
Recent data estimates that sleep deprivation and poor quality of night sleep have an impact on the incidence and prevalence of both obesity and type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular events in all ages. The aim of this work is to evaluate the association between diabetes compensation and sleep quality and quantity, comparing patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as to establish any potential connection with "screen" time, physical activity and well-being. For this reason 49 patients with type 1 (n=28) and type 2 DM (n=21) were investigated...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Krylov
A 31-year-old male with a history of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and hypercholesterolemia came to our clinic for medical weight-loss management. According to his initial anthropometric measurements (weight - 193 kg, height - 181 cm, and body mass index (BMI) - 58 kg/m2) patient had morbid obesity. In order to educate our patient about good nutrition, physical activity and the need of sun exposure we used an online system based on the video lessons, full of humor, pictures, and cartoons. Even one month of watching the short educational movies was sufficient for the patient to form the habits of healthy eating, including restriction of fat and digestible carbohydrates and increase in daily consumption of low-fat dairy products, slow carbohydrates, protein and fiber...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Limani
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) occurs in 2-9% of all pregnancies. Evidence suggests that the use of insulin in treating hyperglycemia in GDM patients reduces the risk of perinatal morbidity. Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. However, once patient is diagnosed with GDM, she will be managed more intensively. GDM is managed using diet and exercise but one in six women with GDM requires insulin. A 35-year-old woman at the 14th gestational week of her tenth pregnancy was seen for routine prenatal care...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
T Magradze, E Shelestova
Authors present a clinical case review of a 46-years-old, otherwise healthy female patient, presented with acute abdominal pain. Examination and full work-up established a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, T2DM and hypertriglyceridemia; based on family history, inherited hypertriglyceridemia was suspected. Elevated TG values associated with diabetes dramatically increase the risk of developing MI. Subsequent to the pancreatitis treatment protocol completion, the patient has fully recovered from acute pancreatitis...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
S Mustafayeva, V Mirzazada
Authors present a clinical case of a 48-year-old male patient diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (with insulin resistance), obesity class II, alcoholic liver disease and dyslipidemia, who was able to achieve a T2DM remission after lifestyle modification by using low-calorie (1500-1800 kcal), rather than extreme diet, and a significant increase in physical activity. This result demonstrates that not only biofuel intake decrease, but also increase of biofuel consumption (in optimal situation all together) may be a really effective way of achieving diabetes remission in obese patients...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
H Petreski
Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) is often misdiagnosed because it lacks both awareness and standardized diagnostic criteria. A 30-year-old patient with high blood glucose, HbA1c level 10.1% and positive GAD antibodies was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but LADA was not ruled out. Patient refused to receive insulin therapy. He chose to follow the dietary restrictions and therapy with sulfonylurea, initiated by another physician. Following 7 months the patient's HbA1c values decreased, but never achieved the goal...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Çelo, B Kalari, F Toti
Lipodystrophies are a group of heterogeneous disorders characterized by varying degrees of body fat loss and predisposition to insulin resistance and its metabolic complications. Lipodystrophy associated metabolic abnormalities include insulin resistance, that often lead to diabetes mellitus and its complications, hypertriglyceridemia that may be severe enough to cause acute pancreatitis, and hepatic steatosis that may lead to cirrhosis. We present the case of an 18-year-old female who was hospitalized as an inaugural Diabetes Mellitus...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Karlafti, Ch Savopoulos, A Hatzitolios, T Didangelos
One of the main causes of amputations in patients with Diabetes Mellitus patients is a chronic diabetic foot ulcer. The authors present a clinical case and discussion of a successful use of Granulocyte-Macrophages Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) treatment for the promotion of healing of a chronic diabetic foot ulcer. A 65 year-old woman was admitted to the Diabetes Center with complaints of a deep non-healing chronic foot ulcer for the last 18 months. At the examination a 5 cm ulcer on the plantar surface of the right foot was revealed...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
D Popovic, S Pejakovic, O Rankov, E Stokic, M Mitrovic
Pregnancy in women with pre-existing diabetes is associated with a doubled, or even up to four-fold increased risk of preeclampsia, preterm delivery, and perinatal mortality compared to the risk observed in a background population. Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a progressive disease that affects about one third of diabetic patients and is among the most frequent causes of the end stage renal disease (ESRD) worldwide. In the random population, it is present in up to 7% of women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM), and it represents the most common chronic kidney disease occurring in graviditas, complicating between 2...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
A Mucha
Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and relative insulin deficiency. There are rare cases when even higher doses of insulin are insufficient to control the values of glycemia. The insulin resistance can be mild, moderate or severe. Authors present a clinical case report of a mild insulin resistance in a 46 year-old female patient with clinical symptoms of insulin resistance (including obesity), treated for seven years with oral antidiabetic drugs...
April 2018: Georgian Medical News
A Tsertsvadze, L Ebralidze, D Berashvili, I Matchutadze, A Bakuridze
The objective of the research was development extraction process of humic substances from sphagnum peat peloids, selection of extragent and characterization of humic substances. The objects of the research: Kolkheti peat peloids (Ispani, Anaklia, Churia, Chirukhi, Peranga) of different formation phases. Research was held using modern instrumental methods of analysis: UV spectrophotometer, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Centrifuge, Dry oven, Ultraturax. In the research extraction process of humic substances from sphagnum peat peloids was developed and composition of humic substances was studied, also E4/E6 humification coefficient was evaluated...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
Zh Bokebayev, I Kukiyev, Z Shulgau, A Gulyayev, K Draganov
The aim of the study was to evaluate the wound healing properties of the recombinant human angiogenin drug in the gel form on the models of planar musculocutaneous wound and a linear wound. The rats were divided into 3 groups: 1st group - control animals, that did not get any treatment of wounds; 2nd group - experimental, where animals' wound surface was treated with recombinant human angiogenin in a gel medicinal form; and the 3rd group - a comparison group, where animals were treated with "Solcoseryl" drug...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
A Gaprindashvili, D Berashvili, G Mikaia, A Bakuridze
The Region of Adjara is one of the most interesting region by existence of mineral resources, which is not only untapped also not studied. At this stage of study, our purpose was: to research physical features and a chemical composition of biologically active substances in the clays spread in Adjara. In particular, we determined the fractional content and particle size of samples, density, humidity, fluidity, Petrographic studies and X-ray diffraction, also existence of amino and fatty acids. X-ray diffraction and petrographic studies were conducted on the base of Mining Geology Faculty of Georgian Technical University...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Shevchuk, O Rzhevska, O Korop, L Pyliuha
The purpose of the research is to analyze specific problems of the realization of the right to protect the health of people who take narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances. To achieve this goal, statistics have been analyzed on the number of people using narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances (including drug-addicted children) placed on medical records and the number of their applications for medical care. It has been found out that people in this category often face a denial of medical care that causes extremely strong physical and mental suffering...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
S Buletsa, O Drozd, O Yunin, L Mohilevskyi
The scientific article is focused on the research of the notion of medical error, medical and legal aspects of this notion have been considered. The necessity of the legislative consolidation of the notion of «medical error» and criteria of its legal estimation have been grounded. In the process of writing a scientific article, we used the empirical method, general scientific and comparative legal methods. A comparison of the concept of medical error in civil and legal aspects was made from the point of view of Ukrainian, European and American scientists...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Sovgyria
The objective of the research is to analyze the legal regulation in the transplantology field at the present stage in Ukraine. To address identified challenges, the author investigates the foreign countries experience and suggests ways of improving certain mechanism for legal regulation in the field of organ transplantation and anatomical materials. The empiric material of the study included a wide range of legal instruments regulating this sphere of legal relationships, information regarding the problems of their application, statistics, expert analysis of Ukrainian and foreign researchers...
March 2018: Georgian Medical News
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