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Georgian Medical News

O Bieliaieva, Yu Lysanets, K Havrylieva, I Znamenska, I Rozhenko, N Nikolaieva
The present paper examines the phenomenon of paronymy in the sublanguage of medicine. The study of paronyms plays an important role in the development of terminological competence of future specialists in the field of medicine and healthcare. The authors emphasize the need to pay due attention to terminological paronyms when compiling teaching manuals and developing didactic materials in Latin for students of medical universities. The urgency of organizing the work with these lexical units is determined, on the one hand, by the propaedeutic objective - minimization of difficulties that students may encounter in dealing with special terminology in the process of educational and professional communication; on the other hand, the study of paronyms is aimed at expanding the active and passive vocabulary of medical students...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
O Boiagina, Yu Kostilenko
The sagittal profile of the corpus callosum is available for morphometric measurements of conditioned linear distances when elucidating its age-related changes and sexual dimorphism. But in this case, the opportunity to determine the total area of the sagittal profile of the corpus callosum is lost, while being a more full expression of its digital characteristics. We set the goal to establish the differences between planimetric indices of male corpus callosum of the first and second periods of adulthood and the advanced age...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
O Dubovyk, М Mishyna, S Malanchuk, A Kuzmenko, O Kozlov
The purpose of the study - assessment of purulent-inflammatory processes etiologic factors and determination of microbial agents' in forms of plankton and biofilms sensitivity to antibiotics. Clinical microbial strains isolated from patients with purulent-inflammatory processes were the subject of the study. The study material comprised of wound tissue, pus, bandage and suture, catheters and drainage devices. Sensitivity of isolates to antimicrobial preparations with various mechanism of activity on the microbial cells was studied with the help of micro-test system...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
Z Bukia, Sh Lamparadze, N Beridze
Many plant mixtures play a key role in human health. Bioactive mixtures synthesis ability gives an unchangeable role to plants. Polyphenols included in some food products and xenogenic kinds of antioxidants play an important role to neutralize free radicals. From this point of you is very interesting a lot of subtropical cultures. By the help of this cultures methodic selection it's possible to regulate in them consistence of useful mixtures for medicine and for health. The facts given in this work represent the results of research on subtropical cultures (raw and ready materials)...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
V Vachnadze, N Vachnadze, N Gogitidze, N Mushkiashvili, K Mchedlidze
Roots and rhizomes of Vinca herbacea Waldst. et Kit, were collected during early flowering and fruiting. Рhenophases biologically active substances I and II were obtained by liquid-liquid extraction. Dominant alkaloids: tabersonin, reserpine, maidine, norfluorocurarin and copsinin were obtained after the dispertion in citrare-phosfhate buffer and subsequent TLC. Accelerated restitution of granulocytopoiesis was observed in mice during both irradiation and myelotoxic drug-induced acute leucopenia. Increase in total WBC over 200% was observed after treatment by substance I in drug-induced leucopenia model (fivefold oral administration) and over 130% after treatment by substance I in irradiate mice (fivefold intraperitoneal administration)...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Semenenko, I Tymofiychuk, L Boreyko, S Karatieieva, K Slobodian
The objective of research is to study the peculiarities of melatonin effect on chronorhythmic organization of the kidney acid-regulating function influenced by nitrogen monoxide (NO) synthesis blockade under conditions of pineal gland (PG) hypofunction. The experiments were conducted on 72 mature non-linear albino male rats with their body mass 0,15-0,18 kg. The animals were kept under vivarium conditions at a stable temperature and air humidity fed on a standard dietary intake. The control group included animals (n=36) kept under conditions of usual light regimen (12...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Kandelaki, M Kharabadze, I Sikharulidze, M Velijanashvili, M Kakabadze, D Kordzaia
The role of exogenous testosterone (methyltrienolone) in the repair of damaged pancreatic islet and liver cells during alloxan diabetes was studied. Modeling of diabetes was performed through single intraperitoneal injection of Alloxan, with the dose 2 mg per 10 g of body weight. Pancreatic and liver tissues were investigated microscopically using 3-4 µm slices embedded in paraffin and stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Software Adobe Photoshop was used to measure the areas of pancreatic islets as well as areas of necrotic foci in these islets of animals with Alloxan-induced experimental diabetes...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
E Barabadze, V Munjishvili, G Burkadze
Major problems haunt the physicians who need to delineate the best management strategy for their patients with thyroid nodule is the identification of the most aggressive cases, especially among papillary thyroid cancers, which would benefit from more aggressive therapy and follow up. Beyond its strong correlation with PTC, the BRAF mutation is well described to associate with poor prognosis. The aim of our study was to identify BRAF antibody expression in different hystotypes of the thyroid nodules and assessment of it expression according to the tumor aggressiveness...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
B Osipiani, T Machavariani, T Gvamichava, I Gachechiladze, E Nikobadze
It is commonly known that in diabetes mellitus the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortality increases. The purpose of this study was to determine the specific features of the morphological restructuring of the myocardium in the early stage of experimental diabetes and use the combined impact of powerful antioxidants (Vitamin C and Vitamin E) on the rat myocardium in conditions of alloxan-induced diabetes. The experimental animals were divided into three groups: 40 rats were the target, and 20 rats were the control...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
V Nechiporuk, N Zaichko, М Korda, A Melnyk, O Koloshko
Hyper- and hypothyroidism are some of the most common endocrinopathies that cause many metabolic disorders including amino acids metabolism. However, a specific molecular mechanism of thyroid hormones influence on sulphur-containing amino acids metabolism has not been established. The aim of our research was to investigate experimentally the influence of thyroid gland functional state on the main enzymatic systems of sulphur-containing amino acids metabolism in liver and kidneys, the content of homocysteine, cysteine and H2S in blood...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
M Delva, I Delva
Aim - identify neuroimaging characteristics associated with different post-stroke fatigue (PSF) domains within first 6 months after ischemic strokes. There were enrolled in the study 107 patients with acute ischemic strokes. General PSF and certain PSF domains (global, physical, mental, motivational, activity-related) were measured by multidimensional fatigue inventory-20 (MFI-20) scale at hospital stay, in 1, 3 and 6 months after stroke occurrence. Brain MRI studies included cerebral infarct localization, planimetric measurements of infarct volumes, measurement of brain atrophy indexes (bifrontal, bicaudate, cortical atrophy indexes, width of third ventricle) and evaluation of leukoaraiosis severity, according to Fazekas scale...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
О Karlova, A Grinzovskyy, O Kuzminska, I Karvatsky
Homocysteine is independent risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and hypertension. Therefore, the aim of our study was to establish the relationship between the concentration of lead in the blood of patients who were in contact with this heavy metal at work and clinical manifestations. The subjects of the study were 203 men 38 to 47 years old. The main group consisted of 146 people who were in direct contact with lead at work (cable network repair), the control group was 57 people (engineers and technicians)...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
K Giorgadze, R Shengelia, N Durglishvili
Research of mental health related factors has become increasingly important on a global scale. The study is intended to uncover the relationship between a depression and a religion (Orthodox Christianity) - case of Tbilisi population. The research objectives are screening and measurement of a depression using Beck Depression Inventory; describing general statistics with correlation to demographics; revealing factors carrying significant connections with depression, distinguishing their role and place in the forming process of depression general indicator; researching religiosity as one of the hypothetical factors; analyzing the results of relationships between depression and religiousness...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Zeikidze
- to assess the risk of coronary disease in patients with asymptomatic ischemia. The work was based on the results of 185 patients' investigation, aged 35-55, among them 159 men and 26 women. All of them underwent selective coronarography. The patients were distributed according to the coronarography data - the first group consisted of individuals who had any coronary stenosis. The second group consisted of patients with intact coronaries. Statistical analysis was performed using the program packet SPSS v. 22...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Zeikidze
Goal of the study - defining of diagnostic and prognostic values of the moderate dilatation of the left ventricle in theasymptomatic (Silent) ischemia. The report was based on the investigation results of 185 patients, aged 35-55, who did not have typical stenocardia pain. Out of the given contingent, 117 patients who had the mild and moderate dilatation of the left ventricle were united under the name of moderate dilatation group. Another group of 68 patients, who did not have this pathology, was used as a control group...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
M Kopytsya, I Vyshnevska, O Protsenko, H Barahmeh
Acute coronary syndrome remains a significant problem for cardiologists. Despite improved therapy, mortality remains extremely high once CHF becomes symptomatic. Multimarker approach in cardiovascular risk prediction was proved as the most effective tool. One of the promising biomarkers is a stress-induced marker growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15). Purpose of the study was to improve stratification methods of CHF progression risk as a complication of ACS by studying levels of GDF-15. In our study we showed association between high level of GDF-15, determined at the first 24 hours after ACS, and CHF progression after 12 months...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
T Ashcheulova, N Gerasimchuk, Y Rezunenko, G Demydenko, O Kochubiei
Purpose - to improve antihypertensive therapy on the basis of studying the antioxidant properties of an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor (fosinopril sodium) and a diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide), their impact on endothelial dysfunction and pro-inflammatory cytokines activity in hypertensive patients with overweight and obesity. A combination of fosinopril sodium 20 mg/day and hydrochlorothiazid 12.5 mg/day was prescribed to 54 patients with essential hypertension of 1-3 grades, 30 to 65 years old ...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
L Hryshchuk, O Okusok, T Boiko, H Lykhatska, L Radetska
The patients with pulmonary tuberculosis suffer from hepatic dysfunction due to both hepatotoxic affection with anti-TB drugs and other factors (hypoxia, antioxidant deficiency, intoxication). Therefore, the aim of the research was to study the markers of cytolytic and cholestatic syndromes in cases of hepatic dysfunction in the first diagnosed patients with pulmonary tuberculosis before treatment and in two months of treatment with first-line antituberculous drugs. Three groups of persons were examined: the first group of almost healthy donors (control) - 31 persons...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
G Ahmadov
The PTPN22 gene was studied in 160 children with type 1 diabetes mellitus under the age of 18 years and in 271 healthy children. Of the 160 patients, 50.6% (n=81) were boys, 49.4% (n=79) were girls. The average age of diabetic children was 9.1 years. The survey was conducted on the basis of the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 6 in Baku city. For all patients, a special questionnaire was filled out. Only children of Azerbaijani nationality were included in the study. As a comparison group, 271 students of the Medical College No...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
N Tskimanauri, N Khachapuridze, T Chanadiri, S Bakhtadze
The purpose of this work was to identify and evaluate the epidemiological features, like the point prevalence of the perinatal risk factors and related to them pathological conditions revealing at the neonatal period. The descriptive population based prospective pilot study of children population of age 0-2 years was con-ducted in the City Tbilisi (in clinical centers "Medcapital", "family center N3" and "Valeo"), also in medical centers of districts of Mtsketa and Dusheti in period January 2015- January 2017...
October 2017: Georgian Medical News
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