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Georgian Medical News

O Bieliaieva, Yu Lysanets, M Melaschenko
The research paper is of interdisciplinary nature, written at the crossroads of the history of medicine, functional stylistics and terminology science. The choice of the 16th century as a starting point of the study is due to the fact that quality changes in book and manuscript writing that took place during this period led to unprecedented development and dissemination of scientific knowledge, including biomedical. The 16th century embraces the life and work of such prominent figures in the history of medicine, as Andreas Vesalius, Gabriele Fallopian, Bartolomeo Eustachi, and Girolamo Fracastoro...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
T Verulava, R Jorbenadze, T Barkalaia
Since 2013, Georgia enacted Universal Healthcare (UHC) program. Inclusion of uninsured population in the UHC program will have a positive impact on their financial accessibility to the health services. The study aims to analyze the referral rate of the beneficiaries to the health service providers before introduction and after application of the UHC program, particularly, how much it increased the recently uninsured population referral to primary health care units, and also to study the level of satisfaction with the UHC program...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
O Volkova, E Ryabokon, I Magda, Y Shckorbatov
The cells of buccal epithelium were investigated in groups of smoking and non-smoking students. Cell samples were collected by scraping with blunt sterile spatula, stained with orcein and photographed. The smoking of cigarettes and hookah induces significant decrease in nuclear and cell perimeter and cell area in cells of buccal epithelium. Smoking of hookah induces, besides, the heterochromatization in cell nuclei and the decrease of nuclear area. The data obtained indicate stress reaction in cells (heterochromatinization) and apoptosis-related changes in cells (decrease of nuclear and cell perimeter and cell area)...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
T Matitaishvili, T Domianidze, G Burdjanadze, D Nadareishvili, M Khananashvili
Chronic psychogenic stress represents the major initiating agent of psychoneural diseases including depression. We used informational stress model for the purpose of modelling chronic psychogenic stress and depression. The aim of the research was to study behavior of dominant and submissive rats at different stages of informational stress and during depression state. In order to study anxiety and depressive behavior of rats we used "forced swim", "elevated cross maze" and "open-field" tests. The obtained results showed that chronic stressing procedure performed on rats by using the mentioned "informational" stress model led to the development of depression both in dominant and submissive rats...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
I Belyaev, A Belyaev
To determine the epidemiological pattern of antibiotic resistance strains of S. Pneumoniae studied the sensitivity of nasopharyngeal isolates of pneumococci isolated from healthy children attending sports clubs Karaganda region. The frequency of allocation of pneumococci was 35.57%. In accordance with the values of the minimum inhibitory concentration resistant pneumococci was: penicillin - 5.41%, erythromycin - 8.1%, clindamycin - 4.05%, amoxicillin-6.76%, tetracycline 28.38%. Resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics in the studied children is not a significant problem...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
I Savka
Сontemporary forensic practice requires evaluation of the influence of long bones macroarchitecture on the mechanics of their destruction in case of blunt injuries, which finally might enhance validity and evidence of expert's reports. Therefore objective of the study is obtaining new scientific knowledge concerning macroarchitectural characteristics of the major portions of long bones of the lower limbs, detection of their influence on the regularities of destructive processes of bones in case of blunt injuries...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Gokadze, V Barbakadze, K Mulkijanyan, L Bakuridze, A Bakuridze
One of the most actual problems of pharmacy is the development of medication forms for external application with complex effects on (gel, emplastro, aerosol, etc.) skin wounds, burns and inflammatory factors. The centuries-old practice of using phyto-preparations (herbal remedies) proved that they have fewer side effects in comparison with synthetic drugs. Despite the wide application of herbal preparations, in the literature there is a little information about their application in development of wound and burn healing modern dosage forms...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
T Jokhadze, J Monaselidze, G Nemsadze, T Buadze, M Gaiozishvili, T Lezhava
Level of genome stability (structural aberrations, aneuploidy and fragile sites) was studied in cells of the lymphocyte culture of ductal breast cancer patients (DBC). Was studied the correctional influence of separate and combinative action of peptide bioregulator (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly) and heavy metal - nickel. It is shown that DBC patients are characterized by high level of genome instability, which is the result of the chromatin changing state. The used tests makes it possible to conclude that in the case of this form of cancer subordinates to specific epigenetic variation as a hetero- also euchromatic regions of genome...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
O Boiagina
The structure of the corpus callosum is a certain form of order of the nerve fibers, glial cells and blood microvessels and it is actually unexplored. We set the goal to understand the general constructive principle of the myeloarchitectonics of human corpus callosum. We used whole mounts of the corpus callosum (5 men and 5 women aged from 36 to 60 years) after their two-week fixation in 10% formalin solution. The next stage was to dissect plate sections of the corpus callosum brainstem in two mutually perpendicular planes...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
B Chakhvadze, G Chakhvadze
The European Convention on Human rights is a document that protects human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals, and the European Court of Human Rights and its case-law makes a convention a powerful instrument to meet the new challenges of modernity and protect the principles of rule of law and democracy. This is important, particularly for young democracies, including Georgia. The more that Georgia is a party to this convention. Article 3 of the convention deals with torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, while article 8 deals with private life, home and correspondence...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
D Sotnikov, А Potapov, I Mudrenko, Yu Ataman, S Lyach
Spouse deadaptation is polietiologic health problem that leads to medical, psychological and social consequences that causing the need to find the key factors of its development. The research of the influence of migraine, occurring in one in five women, on the formation of deadaptation of the married couple was conducted. The author analyzes the decline of daily activity, quality of life and development of the personal characteristics of women depending on the clinical course of the disease. The interrelation was established between different variants of personality disorders in patients with migraine and types of sexual dysfunction...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
G Mershenova, M Kossybayeva, B Chancharov, B Mirzayeva, K Amangeldiyeva
Purpose of the research was to study clinical features of arterial hypertension in the working population in Karaganda. The number of participants (500 patients): base group (250 patients) and control group (250 patients). The criteria for inclusion (age and gender characteristics, diseases/conditions and etc): age from 18 to 63 years; presence of arterial hypertension 1, 2 and 3 grades; possibility to measure the arterial pressure in dynamic; patients, who agreed to participate in the research work (the existence of informed consent)...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
G Fadieienko, Y Nikiforova
The purpose of research was to study the characteristics of eating behaviour (EB) and indicators visceral adipose tissue (VAT) in patients with NAFLD and obesity stage of 1-2 or excessive body mass on the background of hypertension (H). We examined 100 patients with NAFLD in combination with overweight and obesity of 1-2 degrees (body mass index - BMI ≥25 kg/m2) on the background of H I-II stage. Patients with NAFLD and visceral obesity on the background of stage H of I-II the identified three types of violations of EB with a significant predominance of external breach type EB (p<0,05) regardless of BMI...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
О Nekhanevych, V Zhylyuk, V Logvinenko, Y Kramareva
The aim of the research was to investigate diastolic left ventricle function in athletes performing exercises requiring varying power using echocardiography. We surveyed 68 athletes aged from 12 to 27 years who were involved in swimming and volleyball. Echocardiography was used to assess cardiohaemodynamic changes in athletes using a bicycle ergometer to exercise at varying intensities. Exercising at submaximal and average power produces a proportional increase in indices of diastolic function of the heart: maximum speed of early diastolic mitral inflow streams (E) to 81,9±20,0 сm/s and maximum speed of early diastolic and mitral annulus velocity (е') to 16,6±5,7 сm/s...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
Ts Tsiskarishvili, A Katsitadze, N I Tsiskarishvili, V Chigladze
The purpose of the research was to study the lipid profile, some indices of hemostasis and cytokine status of rosacea patients with severe climacteric syndrome. Serum lipid profile was studied by means of the following parameters: total cholesterol, high density lipoproteins (HDL), low density lipoproteins (LDL), triglycerides (the study of lipid profile was performed by the device "INTEGRAM +400" (Company "ROSH»). Haemostatic system was evaluated in terms of prothrombin, thrombin time. Content of fibrinogen, fibrinolytic activity, and prothrombin index were determined...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
E Levitskaya
Goal - assessment of the renal dysfunction impact on the probability of cardiovascular complications development in the long-term period after myocardial revascularization. 90 patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and myocardial revascularization indications were involved in the study. All the patients underwent coronary angiography (CAG), by determining the method of myocardial revascularization (MR) - coronary artery bypass grafting or coronary artery stenting. Traditional risk factors and renal dysfunction markers (albuminuria in the range of 30-300 mg/L, β2-microglobulinuria) were revealed in all the patients examined...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
N Khachidze, E Giorgadze, M Tsagareli
Adjuvant (hormonal) therapy is the main method of treatment after surgery in hormone (estrogen and/or progesterone) positive breast cancer patients. The goal of above mentioned treatment is to reduce or block the level of estrogen and progesterone. ultiple clinical trials have revealed that hormonal therapy in breast cancer patients affect bone mineral density (BMD). Authors have analyzed data obtained from several clinical trials conducted in several countries (including Georgia). The final conclusion is that selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) have negative effect on BMD in pre-menopausal women and aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole, letrozole, exemestane) are associated with significant bone loss in post-menopausal women...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Selezneva, O Sinyachenko, А Zabara
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) refers to the most common inflammatory joint disease, which can lead to persistent disability and early mortality of patients, and one of the manifestations of RA is a frequent lesion of the spine, which significantly affects the quality of life of these patients. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate spine lesion in patients with different types of current RA and factors that determine it. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Under the supervision of the RA patient 131 was aged 18 to 79 years (mean 45 years) among them was 18% male and 82% female...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
M Mamaladze, N Nizharadze, O Vadachkoria
Trauma related injuries of permanent teeth occur frequently and are the most pressing issue the dentists are facing today. In different age groups the same type of trauma affects the teeth with different frequencies. For instance, accident related dental trauma in children and adults affected permanent teeth in 30% and deciduous teeth in 20%, respectively. It should also be noted that front teeth are more susceptible to traumatic injuries compared to the incisors. Upper front teeth were injured in 72% of cases, while lower central, upper lateral incisors, canines and premolars only in 6-8%...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
S Chincharadze, Z Vadachkoria, I Mchedlishvili
Cleft lip and palate take significant place in congenital malformations. We aimed to study epidemiological peculiarities of these pathologies in Georgia for 2006-2015. We compared magnitude of its distribution with the data from 1981-1990. Prevalence of cleft lip and palate in Georgia in 2006-2015 was 0.95±0.04 per 1000 live births, while in 1981-1990- it was 1.05, i.e. in contrast to 1980's frequency of these pathological conditions decreased to some extent. Distribution of cleft lip and palate varies across the country regions...
January 2017: Georgian Medical News
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