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Georgian Medical News

N Sulashvili, M Beglaryan, N Kvijinadze, M Matoshvili
Aim of the research was to study features of pharmacists' job satisfaction in Georgia. The study was quantitative investigation by using survey (Questionnaire). Surveys were for pharmacists, 810 pharmacists were interviewed in Georgia. We used methods of systematic, sociological (surveying, questioning), comparative, segmentation, mathematical-statistical, graphical analysis. The data was processed and analyzed with the SPSS program. On the basis of performed of sociological study of pharmacist specialists have been founded that the government should organize preparation and implementation of the registration-certification regulations for the pharmacists' staff...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
Zh Shaimbetov, U Satybaldiyeva, A Mamyrbaev, M Phutkaradze, S Glonti
The article presents data related to research on the staffing situation of outpatient-and-polyclinic institutions in Western Kazakhstan, conducting medical examinations of the population. The personnel supply and activity of 58 medical institutions of Aktobe, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan regions for 2013-2016 are analyzed. The low availability of outpatient-and-polyclinic institutions by medical personnel of narrow specialties is established. At the same time, there is a tendency to improve the availability of medical personnel for the period under study...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Chikvaidze, T Gogoladze, A Miminoshvili
Our results showed, that EPR method using DMPO spin-trapping is characterized with high sensitivity, which enables to define anti oxidative activity of very small concentration of major antioxidants in Georgian and foreign red and white wines and in red wine. It was concluded, that red as well as white wines have very high anti oxidative activities. Herewith it has to be mentioned, that anti oxidative activity of red wine does not always correlate with the total concentration of phenol in it and mostly depends on the concentration of different major antioxidants...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
Bekbergenova Zh Umbetzhanova A, V Koikov, G Derbissalina, G Tuleshova
A good research environment is an environment that effectively stimulates research, attracts productive scientists and ensures the result in the form of scientific knowledge transferred to practical application. The formation of a good research environment depends on a large number of factors. The aim of the study was to identify factors, which influence on the medical universities research performance and on the basis of this forming the model of proper research environment in the medical education organizations...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
I Gvilava, I Chkhikvishvili, T Sanikidze, M Giorgobiani, V N Kipiani, G Ormotsadze
In presented article, by means of a comparative analysis of the relationship between the dose-dependent alterations in the organism's redox status, measured by the innovative method developed by us and the standard methods used for assessing catalase and superoxide dismutase activity, and an end radiobiological effect, was attempted the preliminary assessment of the possibility to apply the parameter of blood plasma total antioxidant activity (TAA) as marker of dose and effect of radiation exposure. The experiments were carried out on white mice randomly divided into groups of irradiated and sham irradiated animals...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Samsonia, M Kandelaki, N Baratashvili
Cerebrovascular diseases of ischemic origin still remain the leading cause of death and disability of the population. In acute cerebral discirculation conditions, anaerobic glycolysis is activated, ATP formation rate decreases, the ion pumps work is disrupted and superoxide radicals are formed. Eventually, ionic asymmetry leads to the cytotoxic and vasogenic brain edema. Therefore, it is extremely important to induce simultaneous (complex) effect of medications on the key mechanisms of neuronal damage in process of survival of brain cells during acute ischemic stroke...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Iatsyna, N Diachkova, M Kharkhota, F Kostev
We studied the effect of Quercetin on energy profile of erythrocytes of rats with the overactive bladder syndrome. It was shown that animal models with the subject pathology demonstrated alteration of quantitative composition of the adenine nucleotide system in erythrocytes. Abrupt decrease of the total concentration of adenyl nucleotides and ATP compared to the intact group of animals was noted in the study. Administration of Quercetin significantly improved the energy profile of erythrocytes in rats with the overactive bladder syndrome...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Nikolayeva, O Pysmenna
Malnutrition of pregnant women can slow down dental tissue development in offspring, cause growth of tooth decay and other disruptions, associated with changes amount of biogenic elements (BE), which are received into child in the womb body. The aim of this study-determination of the BE in the enamel and blood serum of mother rats, who had unbalanced nutrition with excess or lack of nutrients during the pregnancy. The content of Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, P and Zn was studied in 129 species 1- and 2-month offspring. Reduction of BE in the enamel and blood serum mote often exist and more raised in pups, whose prenatal development took place under a shortage of nutrients...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Kipiani
Aim - mostly, gamma oscillations are studied in interface-type chambers. The purpose of the presented investigation is to describe the characteristics of gamma oscillations induced in submerged chambers by kainite pressure ejection. Horizontal combined entorhynal-hippocampal slices 300-350 µm were prepared from young mice (P18-28). Gamma oscillations were induced by 1 mM kainite pressure ejection at the boundary of stratum radiatum and lacunosum-moleculare of area CA1. Field potential recordings were registered from the vicinity of kainite application...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Chernenko, A Lyubchenko
The purpose of the work is the modeling in the experiment of guided regeneration of bone tissue with the use of osteoplastic materials Bioplast and Cerabone with the subsequent morphological study of their influence on the course of osteoreparation. The experimental-morphological part of the work was performed on 90 mature rats of the Wistar line. The animals were divided into 3 experimental groups. In the first group (30 rats), the osteoplastic material Bioplast-Dent was used; in the second group (30 rats), the osteoplastic material Cerabone was used...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Davydenko, I Starchenko, А Davydenko, V Trufanova, V Kuznetsov
The analysis of publications shows that diverse multiple factors can induce changes in taste sensitivity and the main irritants are the chemicals of different types. However, the study of the effect of the components of dental structural materials on the state of lingual mucosa, in particular, taste sensors, has not been fully elucidated to date. The purpose of the paper was the study of the effect of monomer of the "Ftoraks" base acrylic resin on the state of the rats' lingual mucosa within 2-4 weeks after its impact...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
S Obernikhin, N Yaglova, D Tsomartova, V Torbek, M Ivanova
Chromaffin cells of adrenal medulla have traditionally been considered as modified sympathetic neurons. However, the results of recent studies indicate the need to revise this concept. The article reviews recent findings in origin and ontogeny of adrenal chromaffin cells and transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of developmental processes. The article summarizes data on transcriptional control of chromaffin cells proliferation and maturation and participation of microRNA in regulation of chromaffin and sympathetic neuronal phenotype gene expression...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
Ya Kolesnik, T Zharkova, O Rzhevskaya, T Kvaratskheliya, O Sorokina
The article presents the results of our own studies to determine the criteria for the adverse variants of the course of infectious mononucleosis (IM) in children. The study was conducted in the regional children's infectious clinical hospital in Kharkov. 161 children aged three to fifteen years were under observation with diagnosis of infectious moninucleosis. Out of 161 ill children, 140 (86.9%) had moderate severity of disease, and 21 (13.1%) had severe forms. All children were prescribed standard clinical and laboratory-instrumental examinations...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
Y Hodovanets, A Babintseva, L Agafonova, O Makarova, A Frunza
Newborns are especially prone to oxidative stress (OS). Many free radical-mediated diseases have been described in newborns including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, respiratory distress syndrome, encephalopathy, and kidney injury. Objective of this work was to determine predictive and diagnostic value of urinary malondialdehyde (UMDA) as a marker for acute kidney injury (AKI) in critically sick full-term newborns. 67 critically sick full-term neonates were enrolled in the study including 31 newborns with AKI (group I) and 36 newborns without AKI (group II)...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
S Lekishvili, B Chayen, S Chayen
The aim of the study was to compare and research: the general prevalence of DM in the Sumy region compared with the prevalence of DM in the whole of Ukraine during the years 2011-2016; the prevalence of ocular complications of diabetes and their tendency to progress in Ukraine and Sumy region over this period; various demographical traits of the prevalence of ocular complications of diabetes and the dependence of prevalence of ocular complications of diabetes upon environmental causes and various socio-economic factors...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
K Madenbay, Zh Shalkharova, Zh Shalkharova, G Nuskabayeva, K Sadykova
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) being a risk factor for many vascular pathologic processes is associated with cognitive dysfunction with vascular genesis. Objective - to study the relationship between clinical and metabolic indicators and the presence of cognitive dysfunction in persons with MetS. A transverse study was conducted in the Turkestan region of Southern Kazakhstan during which a general clinical, laboratory examination and evaluation of cognitive function was performed in 639 patients. To assess the relationship between the MetS, its individual components and cognitive function with Mini Mental State Examination test (MMSE) multinominal logistic regression analysis was used...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Talash, T Bevzenko, T Yarmola, L Tkachenko, H Pustovoyt
The article presents a clinical case with intravital diagnosis of Goodpascher's syndrome in a 22 years old patient. In this work we analyze clinical, laboratory-instrumental, pathologoanatomic and pathomorphological aspects of the disease, which was accompanied by glomerulonephritis with rapidly progressive renal insufficiency, anemia, arterial hypertension and symptoms of lung injury. Article emphasizes on the necessity of timely diagnosis of Goodpascher's syndrome and following administration of immunosuppressive therapy...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
Y Bazargaliyev, G Batyrova, D Zhamankulova, R Agzamova
Aim of research - to study the iodine supply of the region according to the degree of urinary iodine excretion in the West region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Of 6493 schoolchildren participating in the study of the frequency of goiter, random sampling was applied to select 884 children to determine UIC. To establish the excretion of inorganic iodine in a single portion of urine in the field, express diagnostics, the "Iodine test" kits (manufactured in Ukraine), was applied. The collection of urine for the determination of UIC was carried out in disposable cups, hermetically sealed with stoppers to prevent the entry of iodine vapors into the test samples...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Slyvka, N Virstyuk, F Abdelrahman
The concept of acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) covers acute deterioration of the liver function in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis (ALC) caused by secondary or extra-hepatic provoking factors (PF) leading to dysfunction of target organs. CLIF-C-ACLF score refers to the number of decompensated organs/systems and is recommended for predicting outcome in patients with ALC. Objective - to compare the diagnostic value of the Child-Pugh score and the CLIF-C-ACLF score for predicting short-term mortality in patients with ALC...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
A Khamidulla, G Kabdrakhmanova, A Utepkaliyeva, D Darin, Zh Urasheva
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic dysimmune neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system, that affects people of working age and inevitably leads to disability. Treatment of the disease is one of the urgent problems of modern clinical neurology, which is explained by the variety of clinical variants of the flow, the lack of an effective method of treatment. This article is devoted to a review of modern approaches to the issues of etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Also, the classification of multiple sclerosis depending on the course of the disease, data on modern approaches to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the criteria for the appointment of differentiated therapy depending on the course of the disease with the use of Disease-Modifying Drugs (DMDs) are given...
May 2018: Georgian Medical News
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