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Georgian Medical News

T Verulava, R Jorbenadze, B Dangadze
The health care market is substantially different from other areas of the economy and therefore the behavior of health care providers operating in the health care market is different, which is mainly related to the form of ownership. If the market is mainly characterized by the pursuit of maximum profit, medical services market has for some public good features. Because of this, non-profit hospitals in western countries are considered as an alternative form of commercial hospitals. The purpose of the research was to study the role of not-for-profit hospitals, and in this regard examine the situation of the medical market in Georgia...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Avetisyan, A Petrosyan, L Avanesyan, S Shogheryan, N Saakyan
In this fragment of the study, the change in the ratio of low (LF) and high frequency (HF) waves to the heart rhythmogram during prolonged immobilization (5 hours) of sexually mature white non-linear rats was studied by spectral analysis of heart rate variability, which causes psychoemotional stress and the accompanying vegetative equilibrium shift, indicating on the dysregulation of the sympatho-parasympathetic balance without and against the background of daily intraperitoneal injection of taurine (50 mg/kg) and its participation in the mechanisms of adaptive processes in the early poststress period (from 1 to 14 days)...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
L Kintsurashvili, V Mshvildadze, T Suladze
The aim of research was to study underground parts of Aconitum orientale Mill and Aconitum nasutum Fisch exReichemb for the composition of biological active diterpenic alkaloids. The research object was underground parts of Aconitum species. Alkaloids sum was received from raw-material which was alkalined beforehand with chloroform extraction. From the results of research we established, that both species of Georgian flora's Aconitum contains alkaloids: lappaconitine, aconitine, karakoline. Underground parts of Aconitum orientale and Aconitum nasutum differ from eath other with composition of alkaloids spectrum...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
S Rigvava, I Kusradze, N Karumidze, T Dvalidze, M Katsitadze, S Barbakadze, D Bolkvadze, M Goderdzishvili
Bacteriophages represent the widest group of viruses, from which only virulent phages are used as antibacterial agent. But the picture in the case of temperate phage is absolutely different; many lysogenic phages express gene products that have subtle effects on the phenotype of the host cell. This process is called lysogenic conversion. In present study we characterized new temperate Enterococcus faecium phage vB_GEC_EFS_2, which was isolated from river Mtkvari. The phage is a member of Siphoviridae family...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
A Taganiyazova, G Sultanova, M Kurmanalina, G Isaeva, A Ramankulova
This study investigates the morphological structure of lungs, liver and kidneys of the experimental animals. To reproduce the inflammation in maxilla-facial region under the periosteum of guinea pigs' mandible a suspension of S.aureus was inoculated. The infected site was exposed by a constant electric current of positive polarity of 5-10 μA strength. Allergotests were used to determine the level of sensitization. Structural changes in the organs were determined by microscopic examination. The results of the study showed that as the contact with the antigen increased, the number of positive allergic tests also increased...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Dekanosidze, K Saganelidze, N Mitagvaria
It is known that in some pathological conditions, due to the formation of a large number of free oxygen radicals, the cardiovascular system is severely affected. However, the effect of free radicals on CGRP-mediated vasodilation remains unclear. The aim of this work was to study the effect of free radicals on CGRP-mediated neurogenic vasodilation on preparations of an isolated rabbit lingual artery. The experiments were performed on the lingual artery preparations of 6 rabbits of the Chinchilla breed of both sexes...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
T Stravskyy, A Hantimurov, O Halytska-Kharkhalis, N Herasymiuk, R Hovda
Hemodynamic disorders in the testicles cause chronic organ hypoxia with damage of its stroma and seminiferous tubules, which plays a leading role in the pathogenesis of the testicular form of male infertility development. The aim of the work was to establish the features of ultrastructural reorganization of the testicles tissue and its vascular bed under circulatory hypoxia conditions and after restoration of blood flow in the organ. The study was conducted on 84 white adult male rats. The control group consisted of 12 intact animals...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
U Wollina, B Gaber, A Koch
Actinic keratosis (AK) is a premalignant epithelial disease that develops on skin chronically exposed to ultraviolet-light. For outdoor workers, AK is an occupational hazard with a potential for malignant transformation into squamous cell carcinoma. Various topical treatments are used to treat AK's. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) promises the highest cure rates. We performed a prospective single center trial evaluating effects of PDT treatment for field cancerization due to occupational exposure to ultraviolet light irradiation in patients unresponsive to the treatment regimen with topical diclofenac gel...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Butsashvili, G Kamkamidze, M Kajaia, K Nelson, W Triner, L A McNutt
Risky behaviours, particularly illegal and heavily stigmatized behaviours, are difficult to measure through self-report in both high risk groups and the general population. Underreporting can result in substantially biased estimates of non-injection drug use (IDU) risk of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. We hypothesized that asking about the existence of social networks injection drug use may be a useful marker of IDU. A cross-sectional survey of physicians and nurses was conducted in seven hospitals in Georgia...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
G Yeryomenko
To improve the effectiveness of diagnosis and prediction of adverse asthma comorbid conditions based on research of clinical manifestations features, functional disorders of the airways and endothelial dysfunction. 79 patients were selected for the study. All the patients were divided into 3 groups: group 1 - patients with asthma (n-22); group II (n-24) - patients with asthma + diabetes mellitus type 2; group III (n-33) - patients with asthma + obesity + arterial hypertension (AH) and control group (n-17) - healthy people...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Sulaieva, Y Chereshneva, N Kartashkina, M Ivanova, D Tsomartova
In addition to accumulation and metabolism of triglycerides, white adipose tissue is recognized as the active endocrine organ, whose dysfunction is associated with the development of a wide range of diseases. The secretome of adipocytes is represented by a wide range of adipokines, which vary in depot and sex-specific manner. In addition, adipokines have diverse biological effects, correlations with different metabolic features and functions. In this review, the data on biological effects, origin and the clinical significance of adipokines are discussed...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
E Vashakidze, T Imnadze, I Mikadze
Hepatitis C is a widespread infectious disorder, accounting for chronic hepatic inflammatory condition - hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma throughout the world. In Georgia, where the incidence of HCV infection in population is highest among eastern European countries, hepatitis C represents one the most actual problems of healthcare system. The aim of the study was to identify the efficacy of antiviral therapy and management of side effects in HCV infected patients. In the patients under observation with type I genotype, the rapid viral response (RVR) was negative in 100%...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Mahambetalieva, G Mershenova, A Seytekova, I Zhumabekova, B Mirzaeva
The aim of the research - to assess physical and psychological state of health of patients with metabolic syndrome. The total number of participants in the study was 300 people. All respondents were divided into three groups. The first group included 100 people practically healthy, the second group 100 people without MS and the third group 100 people with a reliable diagnosis of the metabolic syndrome. To assess the physical and psychological components of the QOL, the «SF-36 Health Status Survery» questionnaire was used...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Zemlianitsyna, L Polozova, I Karachentsev, V Sinaiko, N Kravchun
To study the features of secretion of melatonin in the urine in patients with DM type 2 and NAFLD with manifestations of fibrosis and its relationship with some metabolic and immunological parameters, 23 patients with DM type 2 and NAFLD were examined. The degree of fibrosis in patients was diagnosed on the basis of static elastography and the study of indirect fibrosis markers 16 persons (72%) diagnosed with mild fibrosis (F0-F1 on METAVIR), 5 people (18.2%) - with moderate fibrosis (F2-F3 on METAVIR). Only 2 (8...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
K Sadykova, Zh Shalkharova, G Nuskabayeva, M Zhunissova, K Madenbay
The urgency of the problem of metabolic syndrome (MS) is due to the high prevalence and risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Purpose of the study - to investigate the degree of adherence to the Mediterranean diet of the studied sample using the MedDietScore (MDS) questionnaire and to assess the association of score of MDS with the components of metabolic syndrome. A cross-sectional study was conducted, during which a clinical, laboratory examination and questioning of 839 patients was carried out...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
Т Zaikina, V Babadjan, N Ryndina, O Borzova, Yu Kovalyova
Aim of study‒ estimate the influence of the metformin therapy on the sCD40-ligand and sVE-cadherinlevels among patients with acute myocardial infarction and concomitant type 2 diabetes mellitus. The study included44patients with AMI and type 2 diabetes whichweredividedintotwo groupsdependingonthe glucose lowering drugs they have been taken: I group ‒ 21patients who have been taken metformin; II group ‒ 23patients, who have been taken short-acting insulin. Accordingtotheobtainedresults using of metformin as a glucose lowering drug in comparison with patients who have been taken short-acting insulin causes faster decreasing of the sCD40L level (-29,3% and -24,4% accordingly; р<0,05)...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
G Mirijanyan
Many studies showed, that quality of life (QL ) is affected in case of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Numerous questionnaires with a wide variety of characteristics have been developed for the assessment of GERD. The current study aimed to determine the QL changes of patients with GERD. The sample consisted of 100 patients with GERD. We also formed control group, which consist of 50 practical healthy patients (without GERD). In case group we formed two subgroups- GERD with Esophagitis and GERD without Esophagitis...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
D Rekalov, A Prytkova, R Kulynych, G Protsenko, V Protsenko
Objective of the study layed in assessment of the pathophysiological relation between cell-mediated immunity (tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) inflammatory cytokine) activation and renal dysfunction in the patients with early rheumatoid arthritis. We analyzed the data from 35 early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients of average age of 50,71±2,25 years (ranged 18-76 years, 80% of women) with 9,21±0,43 months mean duration of the disease by the time of the study initiation. Urine and blood tests were performed to verify the main indicators of kidney function and inflammation cytokines significant interaction...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
R Grekhov, G Suleymanova, M Ramkhelawon
Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. In this work, the analysis of efficiency of biofeedback therapy in treatment of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is carried out. This analysis was fulfilled by studying the dynamics of clinical, laboratory and psychological (level of subjective control) indices and their comparison in patients of main and control groups before and after the treatment...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
G Suleymanova, R Grekhov, I Zborovskaya
The features of clinical symptoms, neurotic disorders and the level of subjective control were studied in patients with fibromyalgia. The analysis of relationship between the level of subjective control and neurotic symptoms (asthenia, depression, anxiety, hypochondria) depending the severity of main clinical manifestations of the disease was carried out. It was found that high intensity of fatigue, muscle pain, stiffness, insomnia, and an increase in the number of diagnostic tender points contribute to the formation of inverse correlation between the level of subjective control and neurotic disturbances...
January 2018: Georgian Medical News
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