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Georgian Medical News

D Zurabashvili, G Parulava, T Darsania
Evaluation of the level of contamination of environment by specific components of tobacco smoke (ambient and indoor level of Formic Acid) consider the volume and physico-chemical space parameters of the "passive smokers" location. By method of gasliquid capillary chromatography the content of Formic acid in the air samples of Tobacco Smoke was revealed. Investigations are carried on chromatograph PPE-Millipo-Waters (USA) provided with fireionized detector. Estimation of the corrected volume of holding is conducted with the help of integration Data Module Model 730...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
V Fedorchenko, V Polyanskaya, S Zachepilo, N Bobrova, G Loban
The aim of this research was a comprehensive study of the polysorbate - 80 emulsified eugenol effect on the culture of Candida albicans ATCC 885-653 by determining of minimal mycostatic, mycocidal concentrations and indexes of fungi reproduction intensity in postmycostatic eugenol concentrations. Minimal mycostatic and mycocidal concentrations was determined by sequentialmakrodilution of eugenol emulsion in Sabouraud liquid medium with next transferringthe tubes' contents on the solid Sabouraud medium. The amount of colony forming units /ml of Candida albicans ATCC 885-653 was determined by the sector method...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
L Deshko
The purpose of this article is to analyze the legal regulation of patenting medicinal products in Ukraine and foreign countries. To solve this problem, the author examines the experience of foreign countries, offers directions for improving the legal regulation of pharmaceutical patenting. The empirical basis for the study is international documents, valid legal acts of various countries that regulate this area of legal relations, draft acts, statistics, give assessment of Ukrainian and foreign experts. The methodological basis of the conducted research is the general methods of scientific cognitivism as well as those used in legal science: methods of analysis and synthesis, formal logic, comparative law, statistical methods etc...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Kikalishvili, R Beriashvili, T Muzashvili, G Burkadze
The aim of the study was to explore and identify the relationship between endometrial proliferative/stem cell index and phenotypic characteristics under proliferative processes of endometrium using statistical correlation analysis. The study represents a retrospective research. The coded and depersonalized material data from Acad. N. Kipshidze Central University Clinic was used in the study. 5 study groups (83 cases) were selected from routine histopathology tissue specimens of uterus. Hematoxilyn-eosin technology and immunohistochemistry with markers ki67, CD146, PTEN was performed...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
I Timofiychuk, T Savchuk, V Shvets, K Slobodian, O Slobodian
In scientific works of recent years, there is much evidence that sex hormones are actively involved in the processes of neurogenesis, synaptogenesis. Electron microscopy data indicate the presence of membrane estrogen receptors in limbic-hypothalamic structures, which confirms the role of sex hormones in learning and memory processes. In the basis of neurochemical mechanisms of the development of cognitive disorders, in addition to the hormonal component, a leading role belongs to noradrenergic and serotonergic neurotransmission...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
T Kvachadze, M Dgebuadze, E Nikobadze, Z Tsagareli
The purpose of this study was to identify early structural and conjugated with them molecular changes in the myocardium, stroma and blood vessels under experimental alcohol intoxication, with histological and immunohistological methods. The experiments were carried out on white male rats with initial body weight 180-200gg. Accordingly, specific tasks were carried out 2 series of experiments: I series - acute alcohol intoxication, II series - chronic alcohol intoxication. The study of the both myocardium ventricles at different regimes of ethanol consumption revealed changes in cardiomyocytes and extracellular matrix - basal membrane, connective tissue and vessels...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Voloshchuk, I Taran, О Toziuk, І Chereshniuk, O Denysiuk
The purpose of this work was to study the effect of concomitant administration of sodium hydrosulfide and diclofenac sodium on the parameters cell cycle of the gastric mucosa cells by DNA flow cytometry. The experiments were performed on 24 white rats of Wistar straints. The parameters of the cell cycle of cells of the gastric mucosa of rats were determined by the method of flow-through DNA-cytometry. of mucosal cells of the stomach of rats was determined by DNA flow cytometry. It was established that NaHS monotherapy in the conditional therapeutic dose of 1...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
Ya Butko, V Ulanova, O Tkacheva, O Mishchenko
The objective of our research was histological evaluation of therapeutic effects in case of burn injury in rats. Experiment was conducted on 84 test rats with burn injury of III-A stage. Therapeutical effect of studied medicines was evaluated using histological methods. Results achived gave evidence that on 18-th day of treatment with ceremids cream and dexpanthenol with ceramids cream the level granulation tissue maturing increased by 1,4 and 1,7 times and intensity of burn injury epithelization rose by 1,5 and 1,9 times in comparison with non-treated animals...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Chebyshev, S Larina, I Berechikidze, T Sakharova, N Molodozhnikova
Helminthiases caused by parasitic nematodes are widespread in different regions of the world. The main adaptation for overcoming adverse conditions is a barrier properties of the cuticle surface structure, which differs from the membrane teguments of trematodes and cestodes. Different types of nematodes have specific structural and biochemical adaptations at different stages of their life cycle. While creating specific areas of habitat and nutrition, some types of parasites change the morphology and functioning of the host tissues...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Mazina, P Mazin, A Kovalenko
Aim was to estimate and compare clinical efficiency of cycloferon use against basic therapy in treatment of HIV and/ or herpes infection. There were comparisons of treatment results with patient (n=1274) groups' heterogeneity taken into account. 9 randomized clinical trials with cycloferon efficacy data were mobilized, in all studies there were protocols of injections, tablets or liniments cycloferon administration. Homogeneous and symmetric groups combination during meta-analysis increased statistic power of comparisons and led to integrative efficiency assessment, proved its' stability in statistic models...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Panas, K Kyryk, E Dzhalilova, R Kaminsky, L Kefeli-Ianovska, L Sokurenko
The oral mucosa is constantly contaminated by a large number of microorganisms that may cause diseases such as periodontitis and caries. The present paper aims to study the effectiveness of the antimicrobial effect of combined use of antibacterial drugs (AD) and low-intensity laser radiation (LLR) on S. aureus S. salivarius isolated from the oral cavity. The study included 20 individuals with dental caries, 20 individuals with periodontitis and 10 without any signs of dental disease. The material for the microbacterial study was collected from surfaces of the teeth, oral cavity with dental caries and periodontal pockets...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
M Tsereteli, L Malania, D Tsereteli, O Tsagareishvili, E Vashakidze
Bloodstream infections (BSIs) are associated with a high mortality rate, additional hospital days and excess hospital costs. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients are at high risk of nosocomial BSIs because of their weakened condition caused by underlying disease, frequent invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Catheterization is the most common cause of hospital-acquired BSIs. The major causes of catheter-related BSI (CRBSI) are microorganisms from the patient's and medical personnel's skin and contamination of the catheter hub...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
O Yurtsenyuk
Having analyzed the sources devoted to the problem of the influence of the educational load on the peculiarities of the mental status of students, it is necessary to highlight the importance and prospects of this scientific direction. The article deals with the peculiarities of the mental condition of the instructed youth of educational institutions of various types, analyzes psycho-hygienic aspects of mental fatigue, and assesses the age-related dynamics of the mental state of students. Special attention is paid to the study of mental and somatic status of students with maximum stressful tension during the examination session...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
D Azanbayeva, G Batpenova, T Tarkina, T Algazina, T Kotlyarova
Acne is a chronic recurrent androgen-mediated disease of the pilosebaceous complex with a multifactorial genetically determined development mechanism. Currently, there is a tendency to persistent course of the disease, resistance to therapy forms of acne, late debut and change the clinical picture of acne. This could be due to various factors, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, microadenoma and pituitary adenoma, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, SAHA syndrome, etc. Objective - to study the degree of incidence of hyperprolactinemia in patients with acne and features of the clinical course of juvenile and late acne with a background of hyperprolactinemia...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
Ts Tsiskarishvili, A Katsitadze, N V Tsiskarishvili, E Mgebrishvili, N I Tsiskarishvili
In patients with rosacea, the monitoring of blood melatonin in the menopausal period, as one of the criteria for assessing the severity of the disease, seems appropriate and pathogenetically justified. The aim of this study was determination of blood melatonin, VEGF, IL-8 concentration in perimenopausal period of women suffering by rosacea. 43 to 65 years old 15 women with various clinical manifestations of rosacea, and severe climacteric syndrome were under observation. The control group consisted of 15 female patients with rosacea but without climacteric syndrome...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
О Nekhanevych, V Zhyliuk, V Logvinenko, N Onul, O Khomiak
The purpose of the study of the study is an identification of the extension and impact of polymorphism of COL1A1 gene on cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal state of athletes. 85 people in the ages from 9 to 32 (the average age was 23.2±4.3 years) with polymorphisms rs 1800012 of COL1A1 gene were examined during this investigation. With the help of anthropometry and somatoscopy skeletal abnormalities were established. To cardiohemodynamic investigation was used echocardiography. Polymorphisms of COL1A1 gene analysis was done by polymerase chain reaction method...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
T Kakhniashvili, L Nikoleishvili, E Sherozia, R Shakarishvili, R Kurashvili
Our aim was to study OSA prevalence in patients with T2DM referred to the ,,Diacor'' and to evaluate the microangiopathy rate among this two groups. Data were obtained from T2DM patients enrolled in a prospective, cohort study. The study was being carried out in the clinic ,,Diacor'' Tbilisi, Georgia. Patients were screened for OSA with the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Patients scoring more than 11 points were invited to do Nocturnal, laboratory-based polysomnography (PSG) for final diagnoses. The following data were collected: medical anamnesis; demographic and anthropometric data; laboratory (complete blood count, biochemistry, immunology, complete urine test, including microalbuminuria) and instrumental investigation (fundoscophy, laboratory polysomnography) data...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
R Tabukashvili, V Kapetivadze, K Tchaava, N Gegeshidze, T Lazashvili, Z Maglapheridze
Purpose - studying of clinical efficiensy of the combined therapy (Amlodipin with Valsartan and fibrates) in hypertensive patients with dyslipidemia. Were studied 58 patients (40-65 years old) with hypertension (the level of arterial pressure was ≥140/90 and ≤180/110mm.Hg.RR). The patients have been divided into 3 groups: Group 1( n=18, middle age 55,8±5,9) were given Amlodipin 10 mg., Fenofibrates 200mg. (Lipantil); Group 2 (n=20, middle age 58,0±4,9) were given Exforge (Amlodipin 5mg./Valsartan 160mg...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
B Kanashvili, K Saganelidze, L Ratiani
In polytrauma induced sepsis/septic shock patients, early verification and diagnosing anemia, is an important factor for the outcome of pathology. The purpose of our study was: to study the dynamic correlation of the red blood markers and inflammatory indicators. We consider that knowing these mechanisms will be helpful in the management/treatment method selection and in making prognosis of the final outcomes of polytrauma induced sepsis /septic shock patients. The purpose of our study was to study the characteristic dynamic correlations of polytrauma induced red blood and inflammation indicators...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
N Terenda, Y Petrashyk, N Slobodian, L Lishtaba
Cardiovascular diseases rank first by prevalence in Ukraine; it is this pathology that largely causes the unfavourable demographics, affecting the duration and quality of life of the population. Our objective was to study the dynamics of prevalence and morbidity for cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine by regions for the years 1996-2014, and to forecast their change by 2025. Epidemiological, demographic, and statistical methods were used in the research. Data of the Centre for Medical Statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the level of primary incidence and prevalence of CVD (ICD-10 code - I00-I99) in the population of Ukraine was used as the material for research...
September 2018: Georgian Medical News
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