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Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)

L Dubey, S Guruprasad, R Bhattacharya, G Subramanyam
Ventricular tachyarrhythmias are common in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that may lead to syncope and sudden death. Bradyarrhythmia such as atrioventricular conduction disturbance, a relatively rare complication associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, may also cause syncope and sudden death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We report a 28-year old man who was diagnosed as a case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy presented with syncope and complete heart block. Subsequently, a permanent pacemaker was implanted to the patient...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
P Bhagavath, B S Nayak, N Pf Monteiro, G P Kumar
Kidneys are the organs that remove the waste products of the metabolic activities. A smooth blood flow to the kidneys is essential to maintain their function. Abnormalities of the renal vasculature may result not only in impairing the renal function but can lead to conditions like varicocele. During an autopsy of an adult male, we observed renal vascular variations. The left renal vein had a retro-aortic course before its termination into the inferior vena cava. It was joined with the inferior vena cava at the level of inferior mesenteric artery with an acute angle...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
P Ghimire, N V Gurung, S Shrestha, S R Poudel, A Chapagain
Hereditary spherocytosis is an autosomal dominant congenital hemolytic anemia due to defect in RBC membrane protein that commonly presents with intermittent jaundice, anemia, abdominal pain, splenomegaly and sometimes cholelithiasis. Due to the membrane defect, there is increased fragility, hemolytic anemia, marked splenomegaly and hyperbilirubinemia. This is a report of an 11 years old male diagnosed case of hereditary spherocytosis who presented with jaundice, splenomegaly and cholelithiasis. He underwent elective open splenectomy and cholecystectomy after prophylactic immunization for capsulated organisms and was advised lifelong oral penicillin prophylaxis post-splenectomy...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
A Ghimire, B Bhattarai, J N Prasad, S P Shah
Transversus abdominis plane block (TAP) has been shown to produce effective pain relief following lower abdominal surgeries but is yet to be routinized in different type of surgeries including appendectomy. The main risk of visceral injury can be logically avoided when the block is performed with the abdomen open using landmark technique in the absence of ultrasound guidance. Objective To assess the effectiveness of TAP block with bupivacaine for postoperative analgesia using landmark technique (performed with the abdomen open) in adult patients undergoing appendectomy...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
R Makaju, S Shrestha, S Sharma, R Dhakal, S Bhandari, A Shrestha, S Tamrakar
Background Spontaneous abortion refers to a pregnancy that ends spontaneously before the fetus has reached a viable gestational age or expulsion or extraction of an embryo or fetus weighing 500 g or less from its mother. The Maternal Mortality Morbidity Survey of Nepal 2008/09 reported that 7% of maternal deaths in Nepal were due to complications related to abortion. Objective The main objective of this study was to examine the histopathological changes in the chorionic villi and endometrial decidual tissue in products of conception obtained from women with spontaneous abortion...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
D Acharya, R Paudel
Background Despite greater emphasis on maternal and neonatal health through policy and programming in Nepal, maternal and neonatal health is still not impressive. Health care providers' knowledge assessment on maternal and neonatal care has been well documented elsewhere, but it is very little understood in Nepal. Objective The primary objective of this study was to assess the critical knowledge of primary level nurse- midwives on maternal and newborn care in Kapilvastu District of Nepal. Method This was an Institution based cross-sectional study, conducted in Kapilvastu district, Nepal among sixty eight nurse-midwives...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
J Chataut, K Khanal, K Manandhar
Background Hypertension is a major health problem throughout the world and is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular mortality. It is important to detect and manage prehypertension and hypertension to reduce the risk of correlated complications especially cardiovascular diseases. Objective The objective of the study was to find the prevalence and risk factors of hypertension among the adults in rural Nepal. Method A community based cross-sectional study was conducted among 648 respondents. The information was obtained using pre-tested questionnaire which included demographic information of individuals and other risk factors like alcohol and tobacco use, physical activity and diet preference...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
G Purohit, T Shah, J M Harsoda
Background It is predicted that the prevalence of overweight and obesity will rise significantly by 2015 in young population. Problem of overweight and obesity has been recognized as public health problem worldwide due to the fact that it increases the risk of chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), stroke, diabetes, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis etc. Objective To assess the body mass index in medical students and its association with various cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure, dietary habits, and family history of cardiovascular diseases...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
D Shrestha, R Shrestha, D Dhoju, S Kayastha, S C Jha
Background Outcome of lumbar disc herniation are influenced by various clinical, socioeconomic and psychological factors. In the absence of provision of medical insurances, worker's compensation and sick leave, predictors for outcome after lumbar disc herniation surgery will be different in Nepalese population. Objective To evaluate different clinical variables that can affect outcome after lumbar disc herniation surgery. Method Among 88 patients who underwent microdisectomy for lumbar disc herniation, 63 patients (43 male, 20 female) with follow up at least six months were retrospectively evaluated for clinical variables which can affect Oswestry disability index (ODI) score, its interpretation and Mcnab classification of post operative outcome...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
S Kc Basnyat, B Sapkota, S Shrestha
Background Gingival inflammation and periodontal disease are the common complications of fixed dental prosthesis. They can be overcome by good oral hygiene maintenance. Objective The objective of this study was to assess the oral hygiene and gingival condition in patients after placement of fixed dental prosthesis for a period of six months. It was also analyzed how factors like type of fixed dental prosthesis (Single crown, fixed partial denture) and material (Metal, Porcelain fused to metal) are statistically associated with oral hygiene and gingival health...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
S S Chhetri, R Gautam
Background Voice problems caused by pathologies in vocal folds are well known. Some types of laryngeal pathologies have certain acoustic characteristics. Objective evaluation helps characterize the voice and voice problems providing supporting evidences, severity of disorders. It helps assess the response to the treatment and measures the outcomes. Objective The objective of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the voice therapy and quantify the results objectively by voice parameters. Method Study includes 61 patients who presented with different types of laryngeal pathologies...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
K Khanal, R Maharjan, B R Pokharel, S Sanjel
Background Studies on Knowledge towards epilepsy among school teachers are very limited on developing countries especially with reference to Nepal. Level of knowledge of schoolteachers plays an important role on providing a greater educational support for epileptic child and to maintain good communication skills between epileptic and normal child. Objective Objective of this study is to assess the level of knowledge about epilepsy and its associated factors among school teachers. Method A cross sectional study was conducted from 10th June to 4th July, 2014 among 165 teachers teaching in six different schools of Kathmandu Metropolitan City...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
S Karki, R Acharya, H Budhwani, P Shrestha, P Chalise, U Shrestha, K Gautam, L Wilson
Background As the evidence based practice (EBP) movement expands, there is a need for health leaders and educators in each country to assess the extent to which health professional students and practitioners are prepared to locate, evaluate, and apply evidence to guide their practice. Objective The study objective was to explore nurses' and nursing students' perceptions and attitudes towards EBP. Method This was a descriptive cross-sectional survey administered to all 273 nurses and nursing students from Nepal who attended an EBP conference...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
I Shrestha, M Pokharel, A Dhakal, R Cm Amatya, S Madhup, J B Sherchan
Background Nasal packs are utilized nearly by otorhinolaryngologists for controlling epistaxis and post nasal procedures. Complications have been reported due to them; therefore the use of antibiotics is a common practice among otorhinolaryngologists. Objective To detect microbiological flora associated with nasal packing and find evidence to support the benefit of systemic antibiotics with it. Method A prospective, analytical study was conducted on 51 patients presenting to the Department of ENT, KUSMS from June to September 2015 who required nasal packing...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
R Acharya Pandey, H N Chalise
Stress and self-esteem are common issues that everyone has to cope with at some time in their lives and they could also affect other things going on in a persons' life. Academic stress is psychological condition often experienced by college students as, to some extent, being multidimensional variables. Among others are self-esteem and psychological well-being which are considered to have influences in explaining why college students experience stress. Objective The objective of this study was to assess the self-esteem level and academic stress among the nursing students...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
A Bajracharya
Background Failure to plan a pregnancy can adversely affect the health of the family as a whole. High parity is related to increased maternal, perinatal and infant deaths and is associated with nutritional problems of both mother and child. Hence, good knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning among women are important. This study is aimed to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of contraception among the postpartum women attending Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital. Objective To determine the knowledge, attitude and the practice of various contraceptive methods among the postpartum women...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
N B Thapa, S Shah, A Pradhan, K Rijal, A Pradhan, S Basnet
Background Ultrasonography is one of the most common imaging modality to measure dimensions of visceral organs in children. However, the normal limit of size of visceral organs according to age and body habitus has not been specified in the standard textbooks. This might result in under detection of organomegaly in pediatrics population. Objective The objective of this study was to determine the normal range of dimensions for the liver, spleen, and kidney in healthy children. Method This is prospective cross-sectional, hospital-based study done at Tertiary-care teaching hospital...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
A Nigam, P Saxena, A Mishra
Background Hysterosalpingography (HSG) is a useful screening test for the evaluation of female infertility. Laparoscopy has proven role in routine infertility work up but role of hysteroscopy in an infertile patient with normal HSG for additional information is a subject of debate. Hysteroscopy permits direct visualization of the cervical canal and the uterine cavity and thereby helping in the evaluation of shape, and cavitary lesion. Objective To detect uterine abnormalities in infertile women by various approaches i...
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
B Sathian
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
H T Thejaswi, A Kumar, K Krishna
Deaths due to firearms are some of the interesting and contentious cases that a forensic pathologist/autopsy surgeon encounters in his practice. Whenever there is 'ambiguity' regarding the nature or sequence of events any unnatural deaths including those caused by firearms the practice of visiting crime scene should be encouraged especially in a country like India where autopsy surgeons often neglect it. Here we present a case report in which there were inconsistencies in the autopsy findings with the alleged history...
July 2015: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (KUMJ)
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