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Chemistry & Biodiversity

Feng Zhu, Chengshan Yuan, Fangli Gang, Chaofu Yang, Wenjun Wu, Jiwen Zhang
Oomycetes are one type of the most highly destructive of the diseases that cause damage to some important crop plants, such as potato late blight, cucumber downy mildew and grape downy mildew. As main approach of the ongoing search for new botanical fungicide from plant, the secondary metabolites of D. aspera were investigated. Through efficient bioassay-guided isolation, two new (1, 2), twelve known compounds (3-14) were isolated, and their structures were determined via extensive NMR, HR-ESI-MS, IR. They were isolated from this genus for the first time except for compounds 11, 12...
May 17, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Antoaneta Trendafilova, Milka Todorova, Victoria Genova, Samuel Peter, Evelyn Wolfram, Kalina Danova, Luba Evstatieva
The aim of this study was to evaluate flower and leaf methanol extracts of A. alba Turra for their total phenolic and flavonoid contents, antioxidant capacity and to investigate their phenolic composition. The flower extract was richer in total phenolics and flavonoids and possessed higher antioxidant activity through DPPH and ABTS assays. The UHPLC-PDA-MS analysis of the flower and leaf methanol extracts revealed similar phenolic profile and allowed identification of 31 phenolic compounds (flavonoids, coumarins and phenolic acids) by comparison with the respective reference compounds or tentatively characterized by their chromatographic behavior, UV patterns and MS fragmentations...
May 17, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Wei Liu, Dongmei Wang, Xiaogai Hou, Yueqin Yang, Xian Xue, Qishi Jia, Lixia Zhang, Wei Zhao, Dongxue Yin
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) plays a very important role in the health system of China. The content and activity of active component are main indexes that evaluate the quality of TCM, however they may vary with environmental factors in their growing locations. In this study, effects of environmental factors on the contents of active components and antioxidant activity of Dasiphora fruticosa from the five main production areas of China were investigated. The contents of tannin, total flavonoid and rutin were determined and varied within the range of 7...
May 17, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Charaf Eddine Watheq Malti, Maghnia Boussaïd, Larbi Belyagoubi, Mathieu Paoli, Marc Gibernau, Félix Tomi, Fewzia Atik Bekkara, Chahrazed Bekhechi
The chemical composition of 93 oils amples from the aerial parts of Pituranthos scoparius,harvested in three regions of Algeria, was investigated by GC(FID), GC/MS and 13 C-NMR. Monoterpene hydrocarbons were dominating in association with phenylpropanoids and a chemical variability was found highlighting three clusters. The composition of group I (36 samples) exhibited an atypical composition characterized by a very high contents of 6-methoxy elemicine (13.0-59.6%), followed by sabinene (1.1-43.0%) and limonene (6...
May 17, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Mohammad Mahdavi, Arsalan Ashtari, Mahsima Khoshneviszadeh, Sara Ranjbar, Ameneh Dehghani, Tahmineh Akbarzadeh, Bagher Larijani, Mehdi Khoshneviszadeh, Mina Saeedi
A novel series of benzimidazole-1,2,3-triazole hybrids containing substituted benzyl moieties were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory activity against mushroom tyrosinase. The results indicated that 2-(4-((1-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methoxy)phenyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole (6g) and 2-(4-((1-(4-bromobenzyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methoxy)phenyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole (6h) exhibited effective inhibitory activity with IC50 values of 9.42 and 10.34 μM, respectively, comparable to that of kojic acid as the reference drug (IC50 = 9...
May 15, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Ömer Zaim, Oğuzhan Doğanlar, Mohamed M Zreigh, Zeynep Banu Doğanlar, Hafize Özcan
Naringenin is a naturally occurring flavonoid and due to its broad spectrum of biological activities, including anti cancer properties has attracted scientific attention in recent years. To contribute to these studies, we synthesized some new (±)-naringenin cyclic aminoethyl derivatives, analyzed the cytotoxic and anti-proliferative properties of them via 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay, and mitochondrial apoptosis signalling response and gene expressions belong to caspase-3 depended apoptosis as biomarkers in both healthy and cancer cell lines...
May 15, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Wan-Fang Zhu, Ci-Li Wang, Feng Ye, Hao-Peng Sun, Cong-Yu Ma, Wen-Yuan Liu, Feng Feng, Masahiko Abe, Toshihiro Akihisa, Jie Zhang
There is a growing interest in the exploitation of agricultural byproducts. This study explored the potential beneficial health effects from the main biowaste, tea seed pomace of Camellia oleifera Abel. (Theaceae), produced when tea seed is processed. Eighteen compounds were isolated from the 70% EtOH extract of the seed cake of C. oleifera. Their structures were determined by ESI-MS, 1 H NMR and 13 C NMR together with literature data. All fractions and compounds were evaluated for the antioxidant, and melanogenesis inhibitory activities...
May 15, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Herbert J Dias, Andressa B Patrocínio, Mariana C Pagotti, Murilo J Fukui, Vanderlei Rodrigues, Lizandra G Magalhães, Antônio E M Crotti
We have evaluated the antischistosomal activity of synthetic dihydrobenzofuran neolignans (DBNs) derived from (±)-trans-dehydrodicoumarate dimethyl ester (1) and (±)-trans-dehydrodiferulate dimethyl ester (2) against adult Schistosoma mansoni worms in vitro. Compound 4 ((±)-4-O-acetyl-trans-dehydrodiferulate dimethyl ester) displays the most promising activity; at 200 μM, it kills 100±0% of worms after 24 h, which resembles the result achieved with praziquantel (positive control) at 1.56 μM. Hydrogenation of the double bond between C7' and C8', introduction of an additional methyl group at C3', and a double bond between C7 and C8 decreases the schistosomicidal activity of DBNs...
May 13, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Thierry Acafou Yapi, Zana Adama Ouattara, Jean Brice Boti, Zanahi Félix Tonzibo, Mathieu Paoli, Ange Bighelli, Joseph Casanova, Félix Tomi
The composition of Enantia polycarpa Engler & Diels leaf essential oil has been investigated for the first time using a combination of chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques. The compositions of 52 leaf essential oil samples have been subjected to statistical analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) and principal component analysis (PCA). Four groups were differentiated, whose compositions were dominated by β-elemene and germacrene B (Group III, 22/52 samples); germacrene D (Group I, 16/52 samples); β-cubebene (Group IV, 8/52 samples) and by germacrene B and germacrene D (Group II, 6/52 samples)...
May 13, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Banuppriya Govindharasu, Sribalan Rajendran, Rizwan Fathima Sulthan Alavudeen, Padmini Vediappen
Two different series of novel β-ketoamide curcumin analogues enriched in biological activities have been synthesized. The synthesized compounds were screened for their in vitro anti-diabetic and AGEs inhibitory activities and exhibited potent to good anti-diabetic and AGEs inhibitory activities. Further molecular docking study was also performed with the α-amylase enzyme. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
May 11, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Motohiko Ukiya, Teppei Hayakawa, Kouta Okazaki, Maiko Hikawa, Hiroyuki Akazawa, Wei Li, Kazuo Koike, Makoto Fukatsu
Seventeen lanostane-type triterpenoid derivatives (2-18), including 11 N-glycosides (8-18), were synthesized from the natural triterpenoid, lanosterol (1), and were evaluated for their cytotoxicity against the human cancer cell lines, HL-60, A549, and MKN45, as well as the normal human lung cells, WI-38. Among them, N-β-d-2-acetamido-2-deoxyglucoside (10) showed cytotoxicity against HL-60, A549, MKN45, and WI-38 cells (IC50 0.0078-2.8 μm). However, N-β-d-galactoside (12) showed cytotoxicity against HL-60 and MKN45 cells (IC50 0...
May 7, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Qing-Tong Han, Kai Xiao, Kang-Lin Xiang, Gui-Sheng Li, Sheng-Jun Dai
Two new flavonoid glucuronate esters, named scuregeliosides A and B (1-2), as well as three known ones, chrysin-7-O-β-D-glucuronate methyl ester (3), 5,7,4'-trihydroxyflavone-8-O-β-D- glucuronate methyl ester (4) and apigenin-7-O-β-D-glucuronate ethyl ester (5) were isolated from the ethanolic extract of the whole plant of Scutellaria regeliana. Their chemical structures were elucidated on the basis of comprehensive spectroscopic analyses. Five compounds were screened for anti-inflammatory activity in vitro...
May 3, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Xinting Wang, Jiahui Yu, Wei Li, Chunmei Wang, He Li, Wenbo Ju, Jianguang Chen, Jinghui Sun
Twenty Schisandra samples were collected from different locations. Contents of 7 lignans in the samples were determined and analyzed by HPLC method coupled with hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA) and principal component analysis (PCA), and the antioxidant capacity of Schisandra from the different locations was evaluated by reducing power, ferric thiocyanate (FTC) and 2, 2'-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) assay. The results showed that there was a significant difference in the content of lignans between Schisandra chinensis and Schisandra sphenanthera...
April 28, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Anjanette DeCarlo, Stephen Johnson, Ambika Poudel, Prabodh Satyal, Loren Bangerter, William N Setzer
Frankincense, the oleo-gum resin of Boswellia species, has been an important element of traditional medicine for thousands of years. Frankincense is still used for oral hygiene, to treat wounds, and for its calming effects. Different Boswellia species show different chemical profiles, and B. carteri, in particular, has shown wide variation in essential oil composition. In order to provide insight into the chemical variability in authentic B. carteri oleoresin samples, a hierarchical cluster analysis of 42 chemical compositions of B...
April 25, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Bei-Ling Liao, Li Wei Pan, Yu-Jie Pan, Wei Zhang
Four natural compounds were obtained by concentrating, separating and purifying from the Folium Isatidis. These natural compounds had been characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectrum, NMR and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The results show that these natural compounds are 4(3H)-quinazolinone (I), benzoyleneurea (II), methyl 4-quinazoline-2-carboxylate (III) and ethyl 4-quinazolone-2-carboxylate (IV). The antibacterial experiment show that I and II have better activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and Salmonella than III, IV and other multiple components...
April 25, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Yulu Tang, Miao Huang, Qiping Hu, Huayu Wu, Jiali Yao, Kejian Sun, Xiaolong Li
Blood clots produced by Snake-venom thrombin-like enzymes (SVTLEs) are cleared rapidly, that makes SVTLEs attractive as potential candidates for antithrombotic therapy. We isolated a SVTLE, agkihpin, from the venom of Gloydius halys Pallas. Agkihpin was confirmed to a single-chain TLE with molecular mass of 25.5 kD, pI of 7.43, optimal pH of 8.0 (hydrolyzing TAME), linked carbohydrate absent, and weak fibrinogen clotting activity. It also found that (1) G. Halys might be the latest species in SVTLEs phylogenetic tree; (2) different level of conservation was shown among the SVTLEs from the Viperidae snakes...
April 25, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Pham Thi-Anh, Imran Shair Mohammad, Vu Van-Tuan, Hu Xiao-Long, Chaurasiya Birendra, Aftab Ulah, Guo Cui, Lv Xian-Yu, Ye Wen-Cai, Wang Hao
A new phloroglucinol derivative, named Eucalyptin B (1), along with five related known compounds (2-6), was isolated from the fruits of Eucalyptus globulus. Their structures were elucidated by means of 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy, with the absolute configuration of 1 determined by electronic circular dichroism (ECD) calculations. All isolated compounds (1-6) were evaluated for their cytotoxic activities against lung (A549), breast (4T1), and skin (B16F10) cancer cell lines. On the basis of cytoxicity the antitumor activity of Eucalyptin B (1) was further confirmed by apoptosis assay...
April 24, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Andrei V Bogdanov, Ilyuza F Zaripova, Alexandra D Voloshina, Anastasia S Sapunova, Natalia V Kulik, Julia K Voronina, Vladimir F Mironov
A high-yield synthesis of some novel isatin-3-acylhydrazones on the base of 5-ethylisatin derivatives and Girard's reagent T is described. Antimicrobial activity preliminary SAR study of both 1-benzylated isatins and water-soluble hydrazones was established. The most active against Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus are ammonium salts bearing 3,4-dichloro- or 4-CF3 substituents in benzyl fragment. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
April 23, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Zahra Ghaffari, Mehdi Rahimmalek, Mohammad R Sabzalian
Essential oil (EO) composition, phenolic content, and antioxidant activity were investigated in 17 P. abrotanoides populations collected from different geographical regions in Iran. The highest (3.61%) and lowest (1.25%) essential oil yields were measured in populations from Semnan Province (PSESM2 ) and PISKS from Isfahan Province, respectively. GC-MS analysis identified camphor (4.05-35.94%), 1,8-cineole (7.15-24.34%), borneol (0-21.75%), and α-pinene (2.05-10.33%) as the main constituents of Perovskia essential oil...
April 23, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Ban-Feng Ruan, Meng-Xue Lin, Qin Shao, Tian-Hong Wang, Qing Zhang, Yu-Lu Dong, Chao-Nan Bu, Hua-Jian Xu, Ben-Guo Zhou, Qing-Shan Li
Malignant melanoma is one of the most aggressive cancer. BRAF inhibitors have exhibited therapeutic effects against BRAF-mutant melanoma. In continuation of our earlier studies on 1H-pyrazole skeleton based anti-melanoma agent, two sets of novel compounds that include 1H-pyrazole-4-amines FA1-13 and corresponding urea derivatives FN1-13 have been synthesized and evaluated for their BRAFV 600E inhibitory and anti-proliferation activities. Compound FN10 displayed the most potent biological activity against BRAFV 600E (IC50 = 0...
April 23, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
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