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Journal of Molecular Histology

Katarzyna Bednarczyk, Marta Gawin, Mykola Chekan, Agata Kurczyk, Grzegorz Mrukwa, Monika Pietrowska, Joanna Polanska, Piotr Widlak
Identification of biomarkers for molecular classification of cancer and for differentiation between cancerous and normal epithelium remains a vital issue in the field of head and neck cancer. Here we aimed to compare the ability of proteome and lipidome components to discriminate oral cancer from normal mucosa. Tissue specimens including squamous cell cancer and normal epithelium were analyzed by MALDI mass spectrometry imaging. Two molecular domains of tissue components were imaged in serial sections-peptides (resulting from trypsin-processed proteins) and lipids (primarily zwitterionic phospholipids), then regions of interest corresponding to cancer and normal epithelium were compared...
November 3, 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Ahmed A M Abdel-Hamid, Alaa El-Din L Firgany
Although metformin is widely prescribed in diabetes, its use with associated cardiac dysfunction remains debatable. In the current study, we investigated the effect of metformin on coronary microvasculature in experimental diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) induced by streptozotocin. Administration of metformin after induction of DCM, reversed almost all cardiomyocyte degenerative changes induced by DCM. Metformin diminished the significantly increased (p < 0.05) collagen deposited in the DCM. In addition metformin had improved the density of the significantly decreased arteriolar (αSMA+ ) and capillary (CD31+ ) coronary microvasculature compared to that of the DCM and non-diabetics (ND) with downregulation of the significantly increased expression (p < 0...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Dimka Hinova-Palova, Alexandar Iliev, Lawrence Edelstein, Boycho Landzhov, Georgi Kotov, Adrian Paloff
The claustrum is a subcortical nucleus found in the telencephalon of all placental mammals. It is a symmetrical, thin and irregular sheet of grey matter which lies between the inner surface of the insular cortex and the outer surface of the putamen. The claustrum has extensive connections with the visual, auditory, somatosensory and motor regions of the cortex, as well as with subcortical and allocortical regions. The aim of this study was to provide a detailed description of the morphology of different types of Golgi-impregnated and gold-toned neurons and fibers in the dorsal claustrum of the cat employing the combined Golgi-electron microscope Fairén method...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Rebeca Chávez-Genaro, Gabriel Anesetti
This study analyzes the effects of neonatal androgenization on follicular growth and first ovulation in response to gonadotrophins, using a model of exogenous stimulation or the use of subcutaneous ovary grafts in castrated animals to replace the hypothalamus-pituitary signal. Neonatal rats (days 1-5) were treated with testosterone, dihydrotestosterone or vehicle. At juvenile period, rats were stimulated with PMSG, hCG (alone or combined) or used as ovarian donors to be grafted on castrated adult female rats...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Hao Zhao, Wenlong Pan, Lihua Chen, Yongchun Luo, Ruxiang Xu
Mitochondrial fragmentation drastically regulates mitochondrial homeostasis in brain illness. However, the role of mitochondrial fragmentation in cerebral ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury remains unclear. Nur77, a regulator of mitochondrial homeostasis, is associated with heart and liver IR injury, but its effects on mitochondrial function in cerebral IR injury has not been studied intensively. The aim of our study is to explore whether cerebral IR injury is modulated by Nur77 via modification of mitochondrial homeostasis...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Qiutong Chen, Rufei Gao, Yanqing Geng, Xuemei Chen, Xueqing Liu, Lei Zhang, Xinyi Mu, Yubin Ding, Yingxiong Wang, Junlin He
Folate deficiency is a major risk factor of birth defects. Mechanistic studies on folate deficiency resulting in birth defects have mainly focused on fetal development. There have been few studies on folate deficiency from the point of view of the mother's uterus. In our previous study, we demonstrated that folate deficiency inhibits apoptosis of decidual cells, thereby restraining decidualization of the endometrium and impairing pregnancy. In this study, we further investigated the potential mechanism by which folate deficiency decreases endometrial apoptosis during decidualization...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Ryoto Yajima, Kenichi Takano, Takumi Konno, Takayuki Kohno, Yakuto Kaneko, Takuya Kakuki, Kazuaki Nomura, Akito Kakiuchi, Tetsuo Himi, Takashi Kojima
The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanisms driving fibrosis in the submandibular glands (SMG) of patients with IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD). Immunohistochemistry showed that many fibroblast-like cells expressing IL-6, IL-18, TSLP, IL-33, and MMP1 were present in SMG from the affected patients. SMG fibroblasts were derived from patients with or without IgG4-RD and were cultured in vitro. Expression of IL-6, IL-18, TSLP, IL-33 and MMP1, the secretion of IL-6 and G2/M phase were upregulated in the fibroblasts from the affected patients...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Mingjun Zhang, Haihong Li, Sitian Xie, Liyun Chen
Epidermal basal cells invaginate into the dermis to form sweat ducts, which then grow downwards further to form secretory coils during the ontogenesis of eccrine sweat glands, but the time course of differentiation of different cell types in 3D-reconstructed eccrine sweat glands remain unclear. In this study, secretory cell-specific marker K7, clear secretory cell-specific marker CA II, dark secretory cell-specific marker GCDFP-15, myoepithelial cell-specific marker α-SMA, inner duct cell-specific marker S100P and outer duct cell-specific marker S100A2 were detected by immunofluorescence staining...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Mei Yang, Jun Xiong, Qiang Zou, Dan-Dan Wang, Cong-Xin Huang
Interstitial fibrosis after acute myocardial infarction (MI) leads to cardiac structural remodeling and dysfunction. The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPAR-γ) agonist chrysin has been shown to protect injured myocardium through suppression of oxidative stress and inflammation. This study was designed to investigate the effect and mechanism of chrysin on myocardial fibrosis. A rat MI model was created by ligating the left coronary artery. The rats with MI were treated with chrysin (40 mg/kg/day) or 0...
December 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Seham A Abd El-Aleem, Lodewijk V Dekker
The AnxA2/S100A10 complex has been implicated in various placental functions but although the localisation of these proteins individually has been studied, there is no information about the localisation of their complex in situ at the cellular level. Using the proximity ligation technique, we have investigated the in situ localisation of AnxA2/S100A10 complex in the placenta and have compared this with the location patterns of the individual proteins. High levels of expression of AnxA2/S100A10 complexes were observed in the amniotic membrane and in blood vessel endothelial cells...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Golaleh Noorzehi, Parichehr Pasbakhsh, Maryam Borhani-Haghighi, Iraj Ragerdi Kashani, Soheila Madadi, Fatemeh Tahmasebi, Saied Nekoonam, Maryam Azizi
Glucocorticoids (GC) are known as inflammatory drugs, which are used in neuroinflammatory diseases. Unlike the classic picture, recent studies have revealed that some GC drugs exacerbate inflammatory responses in their acute and prolonged administration. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating inflammatory disorder, in which reactive M1 microglia phenotype play a central role. Since methylprednisolone (MP), as a synthetic GC, are commonly used by MS patients, in this study, we evaluated the effect of long-term administration of MP on microglia polarization in cuprizone (CPZ)-induced MS model...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Mengmeng Liu, Guohong Li, Mengli Wang, Xinran Cheng, Yinxue Huang, Mingrui Xu, Kaikai Li, Jiong Chen, Xiaoyan Zhu, Shanting Zhao
During the development of mammalian cortex, late neurons generated by neuronal progenitors bypass earlier-born neurons and migrate to reach upper layers of cortical plate in an inner-to-outer fashion. Filamentous-actin (F-actin) can regulate neuronal migration, whereas Coactosin-like protein 1 (Cotl1) modulates F-actin. Lys 75 and Arg 73 of Cotl1 play an important role in binding F-actin; when they are mutated to Glu, Cotl1 cannot bind F-actin, called as a non-actin-binding mutant (ABM). The Lys 131 site of Cotl1, the 5-Lipoxygenase (5LO) binding site, is spatially close to Lys 75, leading to impact the binding of Cotl1 to F-actin...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Jing Zong, Hao Zhang, Fang-Fang Li, Kai Liang, Jia-Li Liu, Lu-Hong Xu, Wen-Hao Qian
Nuclear localization leucine-rich-repeat protein 1 (NLRP1) is a member of Nod-like receptors (NLRs) family. Recent studies have reported that NLRP1 is involved in various diseases, especially in cardiovascular diseases. However, the effect of NLRP1 on cardiac fibrosis remains unclear. In this study, NLRP1 overexpression and NLRP1 silencing constructs were transfected into neonatal rat cardiac fibroblasts induced by TGF-β1 for 48 h to investigate the effect of NLRP1 in cardiac fibrosis and its molecular mechanisms...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Zhenhua Gao, Lingxiao Wang, Fu Wang, Chunmei Zhang, Jinsong Wang, Junqi He, Songlin Wang
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) play important roles in tooth development. However, their expression has not been studied in miniature pigs, which have many anatomical similarities in oral and maxillofacial region compared to human. This study investigated BMP2/4/7 expression patterns during deciduous molar development in miniature pigs on embryonic days (E) 40, 50, and 60. The mandibles were fixed, decalcified, and embedded before sectioning. H&E staining, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization using specific radionuclide-labeled cRNA probes, and real-time PCR were used to detect the BMP expression patterns during morphogenesis of the third deciduous molar...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Linlin Fan, Shijian Deng, Xin Sui, Mengmeng Liu, Shuhua Cheng, Yunfei Wang, Yuguang Gao, Chun-Hung Chu, Qi Zhang
Enamel is the hardest tissue with the highest degree of mineralization protecting the dental pulp from injury in vertebrates. The ameloblasts differentiated from ectoderm-derived epithelial cells are a single cell layer and are important for the enamel formation and mineralization. Wnt/β-catenin signaling has been proven to exert an important role in the mineralization of bone, dentin and cementum. Little was known about the regulatory mechanism of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in ameloblasts during amelogenesis, especially in the mineralization of enamel...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Barbara Breznik, Clara Limbaeck Stokin, Janko Kos, Mohammed Khurshed, Vashendriya V V Hira, Roman Bošnjak, Tamara T Lah, Cornelis J F Van Noorden
Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most lethal brain tumor also due to malignant and therapy-resistant GBM stem cells (GSCs) that are localized in protecting hypoxic GSC niches. Some members of the cysteine cathepsin family of proteases have been found to be upregulated in GBM. Cathepsin K gene expression is highly elevated in GBM tissue versus normal brain and it has been suggested to regulate GSC migration out of the niches. Here, we investigated the cellular distribution of cathepsins B, X and K in GBM tissue and whether these cathepsins are co-localized in GSC niches...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Qiulan Li, Yue Guo, Mianfeng Yao, Jun Li, Yingyi Chen, Qiong Liu, Yun Chen, Yuanyuan Zeng, Bin Ji, Yunzhi Feng
Cdkn1c, a member of the Cip/Kip cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor family, is critically involved in regulating cell cycle and cellular differentiation during development in mammals. However, the functional role of Cdkn1c and the underlying mechanisms by which Cdkn1c affects odontogenesis remain largely unknown. In our study, we found that Cdkn1c expression dynamically changes from embryonic day 11.5 (E11.5) to postnatal day 3 (P3), and exhibits tissue-specific expression profiles. Evaluation of CDKN1C protein by immunohistochemistry and western blot, revealed that CDKN1C protein expression peaks at P3 and then is reduced at P5 and P7...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Kun Yu, Yuanhang Ma, Zhicao Zhang, Xin Fan, Teming Li, Liangzi Li, Weidong Xiao, Yujiao Cai, Lihua Sun, Pengyuan Xu, Min Yu, Hua Yang
The Par complex (Par-6/Par-3/aPKC) plays a key role in the maintenance of the intestinal barrier function through the regulation of epithelial junction formation. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) has been shown to be an important regulator for intestinal homeostasis. In this study, we investigated the role of the AhR activation on the regulation of Par complex. AhR activation by 6-formylindolo (3,2-b) carbazole (FICZ) represses the abnormal expression of the Par complex in a mouse model of dextran sulphate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis...
October 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Xinhua Wang, Yuan Yu
Myocardial dysfunction is a major cause of death in sepsis. MicroRNA-146b (miR-146b) has been reported to be related to myocardial disease. However, the role of miR-146b in sepsis as well as myocardial injury is still unclear. Septic cardiac dysfunction in mice was induced by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP) and miR-146b was found increased significantly in the myocardium tissue of CLP mice. It was found that up-regulation of miR-146b by agomiR injection suppressed expression of IL-1β in mice as well as myocardium apoptosis in CLP mice...
August 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
Lachlan Harris, Oressia Zalucki, Michael Piper
In the original publication of the article, two errors were made in describing the equations for Tc .
August 2018: Journal of Molecular Histology
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