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Ana M Castaño, Antonio L García-Izquierdo
BACKGROUND: Interest in measuring the perception of organizational justice has been growing in recent years due to its proven ability to produce significant organizational outcomes such as well-being and emotional exhaustion. In Spain, the Organizational Justice Scale (OJS) can be highlighted as an instrument which has shown good psychometric properties in previous research in the hotel industry. This study provides further evidence of the characteristics of the OJS using a large multi-sectorial sample...
August 2018: Psicothema
Jennifer Cunha, Jianzhong Xu, Pedro Rosário, José C Núñez
BACKGROUND: Prior research has shown that parents help their children manage homework (i.e. environment, time, motivation and emotion management), especially in elementary school. However, researchers have not developed and validated a scale focused on those dimensions. METHOD: The purpose of the present study is to validate the Parental Homework Management Scale (PHMS) for parents of elementary school children in the domain of mathematics. A sample of 2,118 parent-child dyads was split randomly into two groups to conduct the analysis in two stages: (i) exploratory factor analysis on Group 1 and (ii) confirmatory factor analysis on Group 2...
August 2018: Psicothema
Marcos Dono, Mónica Alzate, Gloria Seoane, José M Sabucedo
BACKGROUND: Extreme political attitudes have been on the rise since the economic and political crisis of 2008. This surge of extremism constitutes a real threat, as attitudes like these are dangerous for the peaceful, democratic functioning of society. A new cognitive style, Monopoly on Truth has been proposed, based mainly on the concept of naïve realism. METHOD: The development and validation of a scale for this new construct is the main objective of this study...
August 2018: Psicothema
Alejandro Bogarín, Rebeca Cerezo, Cristóbal Romero
BACKGROUND: Process mining with educational data has made use of various algorithms for model discovery, principally Alpha Miner, Heuristic Miner, and Evolutionary Tree Miner. In this study we propose the implementation of a new algorithm for educational data called Inductive Miner. METHOD: We used data from the interactions of 101 university students in a course given over one semester on the Moodle 2.0 platform. Data was extracted from the platform's event logs; following preprocessing, the mining was carried out on 21,629 events to discover what models the various algorithms produced and to compare their fitness, precision, simplicity and generalization...
August 2018: Psicothema
José L Besteiro González, José M Torres Campa-Santamarina
BACKGROUND: Over the last decade there has been growing evidence that neuropsychological deficits, principally in the executive functions, may be involved in the pathogenesis of Chiari Type I disease. The aim of this study is to compare changes in cognitive function in patients with Chiari Type I and healthy subjects. METHOD: The neuropsychological profile of these patients was compared with healthy controls. Three neuropsychological tests were administered to both Chiari Type I patients and healthy controls to assess the frontal executive functions of vigilance or selective attention, mental flexibility, planning and concept formation...
August 2018: Psicothema
Vicente Prado Gascó, Lidón Villanueva Badenes, Ana Górriz Plumed
BACKGROUND: Trait emotional intelligence (EI) is a key concept related to different well-being indicators. These relationships, mediated by affective variables, have mainly been found in adults. However, little is known about these associations with moderating effects of feelings in adolescents and certain indicators of well-being. This study examined the moderating role of feelings in the relation between trait emotional intelligence and several indicators of well-being (life satisfaction, self-perceived stress and somatic complaints) in adolescents...
August 2018: Psicothema
Amagoia Caballero, José M Reales, Soledad Ballesteros
BACKGROUND: Previous research has shown repetition priming for objects between vision and touch, environmental sounds and pictures in young and older adults. METHODS: This preliminary study investigated whether repetition priming exists for edible stimuli and if it is preserved in healthy older adults and older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (Experiment 1). Experiment 2 investigated whether cross-modal repetition priming between taste and olfaction is preserved with age and cognitive impairment...
August 2018: Psicothema
Yolanda Quiles Marcos, María J Quiles Sebastián, Marta Escolano Herrera, Ricardo Sanmartín, Janet Treasure
BACKGROUND: The aim of this research was to conduct a pilot study to measure the effectiveness of the Collaborative Care Skills Training Workshops (CCSTW) on the outcomes of Spanish carers and to analyse the impact of this programme on the patient's wellbeing. We used psychoeducation as a comparison intervention in the study. METHOD: The study compared two forms of carer workshops. 64 carers and 37 eating disorder patients participated in this study. Carers were randomised to either the CCSTW or the Psycho-educational programme...
August 2018: Psicothema
Laura Férriz Romeral, Jorge Sobral Fernández, José A Gómez Fraguela
BACKGROUND: Moral reasoning and its association with various types of behavior have been the subject of many studies in Psychology. Specifically, moral reasoning has been widely related to juvenile delinquency in the research about the subject. OBJECTIVES: this review integrates more than 70 years of scientific research into the differences in moral reasoning between adolescent offenders and non-offenders with a view to elucidating the relationship between moral reasoning and juvenile delinquency with provision for the potential moderating effect of demographic and methodological variables...
August 2018: Psicothema
Elena García-Vega, Aida Camero, María Fernández, Ana Villaverde
BACKGROUND: The little research there is about suicidal behaviour in those with gender dysphoria indicates that they are at a much higher risk of death by suicide and suicidal behaviour than the general population. The objective of this research is to analyse the prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts reported by people who attended consultations at the Gender Identity Treatment Unit between 2007 and 2017 presenting complaints related to gender dysphoria. METHOD: An ex-post facto study with a sample of 151 people who were clients at the unit, 97 in the male to female trans group, 54 female to male...
August 2018: Psicothema
Alberto Domínguez Martínez, Fernando Cuetos Vega
BACKGROUND: Many pairs of words in Spanish, in particular many verbal forms, differ only in the syllable stressed, such as aNImo (I encourage) and aniMÓ (he encouraged). Consequently, word stress may acquire a lexical contrastive value that has been confirmed by Dupoux, Pallier, Sebastian, and Mehler (1997) for Spanish speakers though not for French speakers in auditory perception. METHOD: This study contrasts the priming effect produced by pairs of written words that differ only in their stress pattern with the priming effect in repetition priming, stress only priming (with no orthographic relation), and morphological priming, in visual word recognition...
August 2018: Psicothema
Elisardo Becoña
BACKGROUND: In recent years, we have repeatedly been told that addictions are a brain disease, leaving aside their classic biopsychosocial explanation. OBJECTIVE: To describe both models and discusses the weakness and reductionism of the brain disease model following the consumption of heroin by North American soldiers in the Vietnam war in the 1970s. METHOD: A literature review of the Vietnam Veteran Study in relation to drug consumption...
August 2018: Psicothema
Nuria de la Osa, Eva Penelo, José-Blas Navarro, Esther Trepat, Josep M Domènech, Lourdes Ezpeleta
BACKGROUND: Hostile Attributional Bias (HAB) has been related to conduct problems. The common and unique associations between the different dimensions of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) symptoms, specific components of HAB, sex and types of aggression (overt and relational) in a community sample of 491 7-year-old children are investigated. METHOD: Teachers rated the children's ODD symptoms and aggression and the children self-reported about HAB. Multiple linear regressions showed that ODD dimensions were directly associated with both types of aggression...
August 2018: Psicothema
Cristina Soto-Balbuena, María F Rodríguez, Ana I Escudero Gomis, Francisco J Ferrer Barriendos, Huynh-Nhu Le, Grupo Pmb-Huca
Symptoms of anxiety are one of the most prevalent emotional responses in women during their reproductive phase and especially during pregnancy. OBJECTIVE: Estimate the incidence and prevalence of anxiety throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy in addition to studying the possible risk factors associated with anxiety symptoms. METHOD: A sample of 385 pregnant women participated in a longitudinal study in which the GAD-7 questionnaire was used. RESULTS: Anxiety prevalence was 19...
August 2018: Psicothema
Miguel Simón Expósito, Elena Felipe-Castaño
BACKGROUND: The concept of cognitive insight refers to the capacity for self-reflectiveness as a mechanism for evaluating one's symptoms and self-certainty, understood as the ability to correct inappropriate interpretations and conclusions. There are no conclusive results regardingabout the clinical and neuropsychological variables involved and there are hardly any studies of their impact on functional outcomes. METHOD: The objectives were to analyze the neuropsychological and clinical cognitive insight in a sample of 22 stable patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, to assess its impact on life skills and to analyze whether it can be a mediating variable between cognitive deficits and daily functioning...
August 2018: Psicothema
Cristina Mumbardó-Adam, Joan Guàrdia-Olmos, Climent Giné
BACKGROUND: Acting in a self-determined manner, that is, using problem-solving or decision-making strategies, strongly depends on the opportunities the person is given to do so by the context. In fact, context can either facilitate or thwart the opportunities of adolescents and young adults for self-determined action, though there is, to date, a lack of instruments within the Spanish context to assess these opportunities. METHOD: This study aims to address this need by adapting and validating the AIR self-determination scale to the Spanish context with a sample of young Spanish people with and without disabilities...
May 2018: Psicothema
David Pineda, María Martín-Vivar, Bonifacio Sandín, José A Piqueras
BACKGROUND: Anxiety and depressive disorders are among the most common mental disorders during childhood and adolescence. As the 30-item shortened version of the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS-30) exhibits excellent psychometric properties, it is one of the most commonly used scales for the initial detection and assessment of these symptoms in children and adolescents. This is because of the advantage of its brevity when compared to the 47-item version. The aim of this study was to analyse factorial invariance according to sex, age, and format used to administer the test, and to identify the RCADS-30 subscales...
May 2018: Psicothema
Luis López-González, Alberto Amutio, Xavier Oriol, José J Gázquez, Mª C Pérez-Fuentes, Mª M Molero
BACKGROUND: The aim of this investigation was to validate the Relaxation-Mindfulness Scale for Adolescents (EREMIND-A), consisting of 18 items and three factors (Attention-Concentration in the present moment; Relaxation (abilities and attitudes); and Sensory awareness/Contemplation/Interiority). METHOD: The validation was done with a sample of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students from four different centres in Spain (n = 1.120). EFA and CFA of the EREMIND-A were performed and construct and incremental validities calculated...
May 2018: Psicothema
Jaime León, Elena Medina-Garrido, Miriam Ortega
BACKGROUND: How teachers manage class learning and interact with students affects students’ motivation and engagement. However, it could be that the effect of students’ representation of teaching quality on the students’ motivation varies between classes. METHOD: Students from 90 classes participated in the study. We used multilevel random structural equation modeling to analyze whether the relationship of the students’ perception of teaching quality (as an indicator of the students’ mental representation) and students’ motivation varies between classes, and if this variability depends on the class assessment of teaching quality (as an indicator of teaching quality)...
May 2018: Psicothema
Miguel A Santos Rego, María J Ferraces Otero, Agustín Godas Otero, María M Lorenzo Moledo
BACKGROUND: One of the most serious problems in the Spanish education system is the high percentage of school failure in Compulsory Secondary Education. The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of a socio-educational program based on cooperative learning and family involvement on a series of variables related to academic performance, paying particular attention to the differences between retained and non-retained students. METHODOLOGY: A two-group quasi-experimental design incorporating pre-testing and post-testing was used...
May 2018: Psicothema
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