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Polish Journal of Radiology

Rengarajan Rajagopal, Neeraj Mehta, Sonal Saran, Pushpinder S Khera
Carotid-cavernous fistulas are abnormal communications between the carotid system and the cavernous sinus. Elevated venous pressure produces congestion in the orbit with resultant transudation of fluid and increased intraocular pressure, thereby leading to secondary glaucoma which may result in visual loss. Immediate treatment is hence, warranted in these cases. The planning of endovascular management is dependent on many parameters, the most important of which are the size and location of the fistula. Since these are high-flow fistulas, assessment requires certain manoeuvers...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Srinivas M Naren Satya, Kamala Retnam Mayilvaganan, V N Amogh, B V Balakrishna, Munnangi Satya Gautam, Ivvala Sai Prathyusha
BACKGROUND: Cysticercosis is a parasitic infection caused by the larval stages of the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium. The subcutaneous form of the disease is a relatively rare clinical entity. Despite its rarity, it is imperative for a radiologist to be aware of this subcutaneous form of the disease and its various radiological patterns while evaluating any subcutaneous swelling. In this paper, we aimed to describe a typical case of 'subcutaneous cysticercosis involving the left anterior chest wall' with high resolution ultrasound findings...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Monika Cichocka, Justyna Kozub, Paulina Karcz, Andrzej Urbanik
BACKGROUND: The aim of this (1)HMRS study was to identify any potential regional differences in the metabolic spectrum in the brains of healthy children. MATERIAL/METHODS: Forty-nine healthy children aged 6-15 years (mean 11.6 years) were examined, including 21 girls and 28 boys. A 1.5T MR system (xi Signa HD 1.5T General Electric) was used in patient examinations. The VOI (Volume of Interest) was defined in 7 locations: the frontal lobe in the right and left hemispheres, the basal ganglia in the right and left hemispheres, hippocampus in the right and left hemispheres and cerebellum...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Przemysław Bombiński, Stanisław Warchoł, Michał Brzewski, Zofia Majkowska, Teresa Dudek-Warchoł, Maria Żerańska, Małgorzata Panek, Magdalena Drop
BACKGROUND: Extravaginal testicular torsion (ETT), also called prenatal or perinatal, occurs prenatally and is present at birth or appears within the first month of life. It has different etiology than intravaginal torsion, which appears later in life. Testicular torsion must be taken into consideration in differential diagnosis of acute scrotum and should be confirmed or ruled out at first diagnostic step. Ultrasonography is a basic imaging modality, however diagnostic pitfalls are still possible...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Shabnam Bhandari Grover, Nishith Kumar, Hemal Grover, Dinesh Kumar Taneja, Amit Katyan
BACKGROUND: Common etiologies of scrotal swelling in neonates include hydrocoele, inguinal hernia and testicular torsion; less common is epididymo-orchitis. Congenital nephrotic syndrome (CNS), a rare entity, is known to present as progressive renal failure and its leading presentation with scrotal involvement has not been reported. MATERIAL/METHODS: We report a rare case of CNS with primary clinical presentation as scrotal cellulitis and epididymo-orchitis. In this neonate, scrotal and abdominal ultrasound examination was performed and the laboratory data were obtained...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Amit Shrivastava, Jagadeesh Singh Rampal, D Nageshwar Reddy, Guduru Venkat Rao
BACKGROUND: Gastro-Intestinal bleeding remains a frequent clinical dilemma and common cause of hospitalization, morbidity and mortality. CASE REPORT: We report a case of pseudo aneurysm of splenic artery developed after an episode of acute on chronic pancreatitis which was treated by direct percutaneous puncture of pseudoaneurysm and embolization by coils. CONCLUSIONS: The aim was to preserve the main splenic artery and avoid the complications of splenic artery embolization like infarcts and abscess...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Shahram Kahkouee, Katayoon Samadi, Ali Alai, Atefeh Abedini, Lida Rezaiian
BACKGROUND: Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs. Before widespread use of computed tomography (CT), the severity of sarcoidosis was assessed based on chest X-ray abnormalities. HRCT can distinguish between active inflammatory changes and irreversible fibrosis. In this study, we analyzed different ACE levels in 148 patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis. MATERIAL/METHODS: We categorized these patients based on their HRCT results into four groups: 1) patients diagnosed with chronic disease; 2) patients diagnosed with non-chronic disease; 3) patients who exhibited typical HRCT changes; and 4) patients who exhibited atypical HRCT changes...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Kamala Retnam Mayilvaganan, M Naren Satya Srinivas, Vikram N Reddy, Ranjeet Kumar Singh
BACKGROUND: A 'watering can penis' secondary to penile tuberculosis is an extremely rare clinical entity. Retrograde Urethrography - Voiding Cystourethrography evaluation of the urethra and the urinary bladder plays a very important role in the diagnostics as well as further management of the urethral abnormalities. To the best of our knowledge, this is only the second case in literature where a 'watering can penis' was noted secondary to penile TB. This is also the first documented case of 'watering can penis' as a consequence of venereal transmission of TB...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Monika Gradzik, Mariusz Niemczyk, Marek Gołębiowski, Leszek Pączek
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is one of the most common genetic disorders caused by a single gene mutation. The disease usually manifests itself at the age of 30-40 years and is characterized by formation of renal cysts along with the enlargement of kidneys and deterioration of their function, eventually leading to renal insufficiency. Imaging studies (sonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) play an important role in the diagnostics of the disease, the monitoring of its progression, and the detection of complications...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Rahul Gujrathi, Kanchan Gupta, Chetan Ravi, Bhujang Pai
BACKGROUND: Sciatica has been classically described as pain in the back and hip with radiation in the leg along the distribution of the sciatic nerve, secondary to compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Spinal abnormality being the most common etiology, is one of the most common indications for MRI of the lumbosacral spine. Here we describe imaging findings secondary to a supralevator perianal abscess causing irritation of the sciatic nerve, which was diagnosed on MRI of the lumbosacral spine...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Selcuk Parlak, Aysun E Okay
BACKGROUND: Urethroscrotal fistula (USF) is an abnormal communication between the urethra and the scrotum. This rare abnormality may be iatrogenic or secondary to perforation of the urethra by a stone. After the passage of urine to the scrotum through the fistula, painless scrotal swelling develops, which disappears completely with manual compression, and voiding can be maintained in this way. Retrograde urethrography (RU) and voiding cystourethrography (VCU) are traditional diagnostic methods, but they have limitations, such as technical difficulties and inability to evaluate the surrounding tissues...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Yi Wang, Jie Zeng, Lixue Yin, Mei Zhang, Dailun Hou
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability, effectiveness, and safety of modified right heart contrast transthoracic echocardiography (cTTE) in comparison with the traditional method. MATERIAL/METHODS: We performed a modified right heart cTTE using saline mixed with a small sample of patient's own blood. Samples were agitated with varying intensity. This study protocol involved microscopic analysis and patient evaluation. 1. Microscopic analysis: After two contrast samples had been agitated 10 or 20 times, they underwent a comparison of bubble size, bubble number, and red blood cell morphology...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Robert Damm, Konrad Mohnike, Angelos Gazis, Bela Rogits, Max Seidensticker, Jens Ricke, Maciej Pech
BACKGROUND: As standard bolus triggering in the pulmonary trunk sometimes fails to achieve sufficient enhancement in the pulmonary arteries, the study investigates an alternative, 'delayed' position of the tracking ROI in the descending aorta. MATERIAL/METHODS: Retrospective analysis of 143 patients suspected of pulmonary embolism investigated with 3 different scanners (16 to 80 rows) in clinical routine. Bolus triggering with 120 hounsfield units (HU) was performed using the pulmonary trunk (n=70) or descending aorta (n=73) after application of 70 to 120 mL of contrast agent, Iomeprol 300...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Sila Ulus, Erdogan Suleyman, Umit Aksoy Ozcan, Ercan Karaarslan
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to describe the technique and to evaluate the results of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in an asymptomatic population. MATERIAL/METHODS: Between March 2009 and December 2011, 118 consecutive subjects undergoing thorough medical check-up were prospectively included in the study. MRI was performed with a 205-cm moving table, parallel imaging and automatic image composing software. RESULTS: In 83 subjects (70%), 103 benign lesions were detected...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Zehra Akkaya, Elif Peker, Basak Gulpinar, Hale Karadag, Ayse Erden
BACKGROUND: Primary renal primitive neuroectodermal tumor/extraskeletal Ewing's sarcoma (PNET/EES) is a very rare renal tumor. CASE REPORT: We report a case of primary renal PNET/EES of the kidney in an adult patient and describe its computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings, including diffusion weighted images along with a review of the current medical literature. CONCLUSIONS: Although very rare, a relatively large renal mass which shows very infiltrative growth pattern on CT and MR imaging and striking diffusion restriction should raise the suspicion of a renal primitive neuroectodermal tumor, in a young adult...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Kshama Nimkar, Dinesh Sood, Pawan Soni, Narvir Chauhan, Mukesh Surya
BACKGROUND: We present unique case of a giant extracranial atretic occipital lipoencephalocele in an adult patient with new bone formation within it which was not associated with any developmental malformation of brain. Resection of the lipoencephalocele was performed for esthetic reasons. CASE REPORT: 18 year old female patient presented to the surgery OPD with complains of a large mass in the occipital region present since birth. It was of size of a betel nut at the time of birth and gradually increased in size over a long period of time...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Wioletta Ślusarczyk-Kacprzyk, Witold Skrzyński, Ewa Fabiszewska
BACKGROUND: Different methods of image quality evaluation are routinely used for analogue and digital mammography systems in Poland. In the present study, image quality for several screen-film (SF), computed radiography (CR), and fully digital (DR) mammography systems was compared directly with the use of the ACR mammography accreditation phantom. MATERIAL/METHODS: Image quality and mean glandular doses were measured and compared for 47 mammography systems in the Mazovia Voivodeship in Poland, including 26 SF systems, 12 CR systems, and 9 DR systems...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Hiroyuki Maki, Masashi Shimohira, Takuya Hashizume, Tatsuya Kawai, Motoo Nakagawa, Yoshiyuki Ozawa, Keita Sakurai, Yuta Shibamoto
BACKGROUND: Spinal artery ischemia is a rare but serious complication of embolization for treatment of hemoptysis. When the spinal artery is visualized at angiography, embolization should not be performed. However, it has been reported that spinal artery feeders are not visible on angiography in patients with developing spinal infarction. CASE REPORT: A 70-year-old man with a history of pulmonary aspergillosis had hemoptysis and underwent contrast-enhanced CT, revealing a pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm (PAP) in the left upper lobe...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Damian Kocur, Wojciech Ślusarczyk, Nikodem Przybyłko, Piotr Bażowski, Adam Właszczuk, Stanisław Kwiek
The anterior cerebral artery is a common location of intracranial aneurysms. The standard coil embolization technique is limited by its inability to occlude wide-neck aneurysms. Stent deployment across the aneurysm neck supports the coil mass inside the aneurysmal sac, and furthermore, has an effect on local hemodynamic and biologic changes. In this article, various management strategies and techniques as well as angiographic outcomes and complications related to stent-assisted endovascular treatment of anterior communicating artery aneurysms are presented...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Frederick J A Meijer, Stefan C Steens, Anouke van Rumund, Anne-Marie van Cappellen van Walsum, Benno Küsters, Rianne A J Esselink, Marcel M Verbeek, Bastiaan R Bloem, Bożena Goraj
BACKGROUND: Previous case-control studies have suggested that the absence of a swallow-tail appearance in the substantia nigra on high-resolution SWI, representing nigrosome-1, has high accuracy to identify Parkinson's disease (PD). The first goal of our study was to evaluate nigrosome-1 ex vivo using optimized high-resolution susceptibility sensitive MRI. Our second goal was to evaluate its diagnostic value in vivo using a clinical 3T SWI sequence to differentiate between PD and atypical parkinsonism (AP) in a cohort of patients with early-stage parkinsonism...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
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