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Polish Journal of Radiology

Puneet Mittal, Ranjana Gupta, Amit Mittal, Arshad Ahmed
BACKGROUND: Portal annular pancreas is a rare pancreatic developmental anomaly which is often overlooked at imaging, and often diagnosed retrospectively when it is detected incidentally at the time of surgery. Although the anomaly itself is asymptomatic, it becomes important in cases where pancreatic resection/anastomosis is planned, because of varying ductal anatomy, risk of ductal injury and increased risk of postoperative pancreatic fistula formation. CASE REPORT: We present imaging findings in a case of portal annular pancreas in a 45-year-old male patient...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Magdalena Durka-Zając, Marcin Derwich, Maria Mituś-Kenig, Magdalena Łoboda, Elżbieta Pawłowska
BACKGROUND: The degree of mineralization of permanent tooth germs in dental age assessment has been an area of interest among many authors for years. However, only recently have researchers attempted to determine the potential interdependencies between dental age and jaw relationships. The aim of this work was to compare dental maturation in patients with skeletal Class II to patients with skeletal Classes I and III. MATERIAL/METHODS: The study involved 150 patients who sought orthodontic treatment...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Srinivas M Naren Satya, Kamala Retnam Mayilvaganan, Ivvala Sai Prathyusha, Munnangi Satya Gautam, Deepthi Raidu, V N Amogh
BACKGROUND: Pentalogy of Cantrell (POC) is an extremely rare and complex congenital anomaly. Ultrasound is a valuable, safe, nonionizing, cost effective, widely available, and easily reproducible imaging tool and is indispensible in the diagnosis of POC. Despite the rarity of POC, it is imperative for a radiologist to be aware of its wide spectrum of presentation on ultrasound in first trimester of gestation. Most reported cases in literature till now have been sporadic. In this paper, we aimed to report for the first time in literature, a recurrent case of POC detected in the first trimester in a mother whose previous pregnancy also was terminated in the second trimester medically due to the ultrasound diagnosis of POC...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Laura Spezia, Carlo Sozzi, Alberto Contro, Giancarlo Mansueto
BACKGROUND: Pseudoaneurysm is a rare but potentially life-threatening vascular complication of acute pancreatitis, with a mortality rate of 20-43% in untreated patients. The treatment usually involves trans-arterial embolization or surgical resection. CASE REPORT: A 44-year-old man with a history of acute pancreatitis developed a pseudoaneurysm of the pancreatic tail, diagnosed as a splenic artery pseudoaneurysm by CT. Selective arteriography performed with the purpose of embolization did not reveal the pseudoaneurysm...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Krzysztof Bojakowski, Michał Zawadzki, Bartosz Mruk, Piotr Andziak, Jerzy Walecki
BACKGROUND: Radial artery is now the most frequent access for coronary angiography and intervention. Despite the common opinion that it is safer than femoral access, it has the potential for serious complications. One of them is upper limb ischemia caused by radial artery thrombosis. CASE REPORT: We are presenting a case of critical hand ischemia after coronary angiography performed through radial access despite existing risk factors, which may be considered as relative contraindications...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Amit Agrawal, Ranjan K Jena, Umamaheswara Reddy
Infantile hemangiomas are the most common benign tumors of infancy and childhood with a reported incidence of 4% to 10% in infants. We report of a 9 year-old male child with a history of progressively increasing swelling over the right eyebrow region. The lesion was present since childhood; however, it increased in in size over the previous 3-4 months. The CT scan showed scalloping over the right supra-orbital ridge with an intact bone. The child underwent total excision of the lesion. A characteristic scalloping seen on imaging (depression in the outer or inner table of the skull) can help differentiate lesions of extracranial and intracranial origins...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Sevin Ayaz, Salih Sinan Gültekin, Ümit Yaşar Ayaz, Alper Dilli
BACKROUND: We aimed to evaluate initial PET/CT features of primary tumour and locoregional metastatic lymph nodes (LNs) in breast cancer and to look for potential relationships between several parameters from PET/CT. MATERIAL/METHODS: Twenty-three women (mean age; 48.66±12.23 years) with a diagnosis of primary invasive ductal carcinoma were included. They underwent PET/CT imaging for the initial tumour staging and had no evidence of distant metastates. Patients were divided into two groups...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Oluwatosin O Oguntoye, Dennis A Ndububa, Musah Yusuf, Rahman A Bolarinwa, Oluwagbemiga O Ayoola
BACKGROUND: Sickle cell anaemia (SCA) is associated with structural manifestations in the hepatobiliary axis. This study aimed to investigate the hepatobiliary ultrasonographic abnormalities in adult patients with sickle cell anaemia in steady state attending the Haematology clinic of a federal tertiary health institution in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. MATERIAL/METHODS: Basic demographic data as well as right upper abdominal quadrant ultrasonography of 50 consecutive sickle cell anaemia patients were compared with those of 50 age- and sex-matched subjects with HbAA as controls...
2017: Polish Journal of Radiology
Surabhi Vyas, Ashu Seith Bhalla, Piyush Ranjan, Sandeep Kumar, Uma Kumar, Arun Kumar Gupta
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a multisystem disorder, which causes significant morbidity. An early diagnosis of RA is essential to prevent the development of irreversible bone and joint changes. The disease has characteristic clinical features, but an early evaluation of the quantum of disease may be difficult with plain radiography alone. Recent developments in the imaging of RA have contributed significantly to an early diagnosis of the disease. In this article, we review the role and current status of various imaging modalities including recent advances in the evaluation and follow-up of early RA...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Zuzanna Tyrakowska, Dominika Jakubowicz-Lachowska, Alina Kułakowska, Beata Galińska-Skok, Wiesław Drozdowski, Eugeniusz Tarasów
BACKGROUND: Bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis (BBE) is a very rare disease of the central nervous system. Aetiology of the disease is auto-immunological. However, it is not entirely understood. Clinically BBE manifests in progressive ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and consciousness disturbances. Clinical symptoms are usually preceded by an unidentified infection of the upper respiratory tract. Usually, the disease has one phase, but individual relapses have also been described. Despite quite severe clinical symptoms, the prognosis is usually good...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Atilla Hikmet Cilengir, Tugce Ozlem Kalayci, Gokhan Duygulu, Turkan Atasever Rezanko, Mehmet Fatih İnci
BACKGROUND: Renal cell carcinoma is an interesting tumor due to its unpredictable behavior. Common metastatic sites of renal cell carcinoma are the lungs, lymph nodes, bones and liver. Concurrent thyroid metastasis of clear cell carcinoma is uncommon but it can appear as a rapidly growing cervical, painless nodular mass. CASE REPORT: We report a case of a 56-year-old male patient with clear cell renal carcinoma confirmed on a histopathological examination. The patient noticed a rapidly growing mass in the thyroid region when receiving medical anticancer therapy...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Narvir Singh Chauhan, Dinesh Sood, Anurag Shukla
BACKGROUND: To diagnose and characterize the perianal fistulous disease using Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a hilly and rural area of North India. MATERIAL/METHODS: This prospective hospital based study was conducted for a period of one year from April 2014 to April 2015 in the departments of Radiodiagnosis and Surgery of our institute. A total of 50 consecutive patients presenting with perianal fistulous disease fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were included in the study and taken up for MRI...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Atul A Pandharbale, Rajeev M Gadgil, Ajay R Bhoosreddy, Varun R Kunte, Bhushan S Ahire, Manila R Shinde, Sidharth S Joshi
BACKGROUND: Maxillary posterior tooth region is an important area with respect to periapical surgery, implant placement, and sinus lifts. Posterior superior alveolar artery (PSAA) is located on the lateral wall of maxillary sinus and may become injured during such surgical procedures. Therefore, knowledge of the subject is essential to a clinician. The goal was to determine the anatomical relationship of posterior superior alveolar artery to the floor of maxillary sinus and alveolar crest...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Sevin Ayaz, Ümit Yaşar Ayaz
BACKGROUND: We aimed to present unusual cranial FDG PET/CT findings of a 56-year-old female with multiple myeloma (MM). CASE REPORT: Plain CT images revealed a lytic lesion in the right parietal bone, filled with an oval-shaped, large, extra-axial, extradural, intracranial mass which measured 75×75×40 mm and had smooth borders. The right parietal lobe was compressed by the mass. The maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax) of the mass lesion was 8.94 on FDG PET/CT images...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Willington Francis, Maryam A Aziz Eid Al Kuwari, Abdel-Naser Ghareep, Jérôme Peyrou, Wojciech Szmigielski
BACKGROUND: Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA) is a rare systemic vasculitis with a prevalence rate of seven per million. Cardiac involvement was reported in 20-50%, yet with improved diagnostic methods, the frequency of cardiac involvement is expected to be even higher. It can result in significant morbidity and mortality, accounting for about 50% of death. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging is used to evaluate the myocardium, valves, coronary arteries, pericardium, also to assess cardiac structure and function...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Sehnaz Evrimler, Irfan Okumuser, Nermin Unal
BACKGROUND: Acute appendicitis is an emergent surgically treated disease generally represented by right lower abdominal pain. The most common location of the appendix is descending intraperitoneal. However, it can also show atypical locations such as inguinal canal, femoral canal, subhepatic, retrocecal, intraperitoneal abdominal midline and left side in situs inversus or intestinal malrotation patients. Atypical location can lead to atypical clinical presentations. Ultrasonography is the first choice modality for imaging...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Zahoor Ahmed, Syed Nabir, Mohamed Nadeem Ahmed, Shatha Al Hilli, Vajjala Ravikumar, Umais Zaid Momin
BACKGROUND: Blunt abdominal trauma is routinely encountered in the Emergency Department. It is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality amongst the population below the age of 35 years worldwide. Renal artery injury secondary to blunt abdominal trauma however, is a rare occurrence. Here, we present two such cases, encountered in the emergency department sustaining polytrauma following motor vehicle accidents. CASE REPORT: We hereby report two interesting cases of renal artery injury sustained in polytrauma patients...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Tharani Putta, Sridhar Gibikote, Vrisha Madhuri, Noel Walter
BACKGROUND: It is imperative that bone tumour margin and extent of tumour involvement are accurately assessed pre-operatively in order for the surgeon to attain a safe surgical margin. In this study, we comprehensively assessed each of the findings that influence surgical planning, on various MRI sequences and compared them with the gold standard - pathology. MATERIAL/METHODS: In this prospective study including 21 patients with extremity bone tumours, margins as seen on various MRI sequences (T1, T2, STIR, DWI, post-gadolinium T1 FS) were measured and biopsies were obtained from each of these sites during the surgical resection...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Ahmet Aslan, Hakan Barutca, Cemal Kocaaslan, Süleyman Orman, Sinan Şahin
BACKGROUND: Patients with Nutcracker syndrome generally present with nonspecific abdominal pain, with the left renal vein (LRV) lodged between the aorta and the superior mesenteric artery. In rare cases this can result in atypical gastrointestinal symptoms, making the diagnosis of Nutcracker syndrome challenging. CASE REPORT: A 28-year-old female patient presented with complaints of severe abdominal pain and palpable pulsatile abdominal mass located in the left epigastric area...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
Johannes Gossner
Computed tomography (CT) is a frequently performed examination in women of all ages. In all thoracic CT examinations of the chest at least parts of the breasts are included. Therefore incidental breast pathology may be observed. It has been suggested that one out of 250 women undergoing chest CT will show a malignant incidental breast lesion. Given the high number of performed chest CT examinations, this contributes to a significant number of malignancies. In this review, after a brief discussion of the value of computed tomography in breast imaging, normal and pathologic findings are discussed to create awareness of this potential "black box" on chest CT...
2016: Polish Journal of Radiology
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