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Njon Olivier Anoh, Mbanda L Njoke, Ngoe D Elangwe
Late Cretaceous-Paleocene foraminiferans and palynomorphs were recovered from the upper section of the Djega outcrop in the Rio del Rey Basin. Only a few planktonic foraminiferan species of the genera Heterohelix and Hedbergella were recovered among an assemblage dominated by calcareous and agglutinated benthonics. Marine dinocysts are curiously absent from among the palynomorph assemblage, which consists dominantly of pollen grains from land plants (angiosperms and gymnosperms) and pteridophytic spores, together with a few fungal remains...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Agustina Tri Endharti, Sofy Permana
Helminths may alter the immunoinflammatory reactions of colitis. Proteins derived from H. polygyrus have prospective therapy for colitis. The goal of this study was to interpret the protective mechanisms of L4 somatic antigen (LSA) from Heligmosomoides polygyrus against an inflammatory response to the pathogenesis of DNBS-induced colitis. Colitis was actuated in mice by rectal instillation of DNBS. The mice were randomly divided into five groups containing control, DNBS alone, and three groups, with different doses of LSA (50, 100, and 200 μ g/mL), respectively...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Diego F Firmino, Theodora T A Cavalcante, Geovany A Gomes, Nairley C S Firmino, Lucas D Rosa, Mário G de Carvalho, Francisco E A Catunda
To assess the activities of essential oils derived from the trunk bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum (EOCz) and Cinnamomum cassia (EOCc) as well as cinnamaldehyde on bacterial biofilms of clinical interest. Antimicrobial activity was assessed by the broth microdilution method to determine minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs). Antibiofilm activity was assessed by quantifying the biomass and determining the number of viable cells. The chemical composition of the essential oils was determined. The results showed that the major component of EOCz and EOCc was cinnamaldehyde...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Adriana A Almeida-Apolonio, Wellinton J Cupozak-Pinheiro, Vagner M Berres, Fabiana G S Dantas, Terezinha I E Svidzinski, Kelly M P Oliveira, Marilene R Chang
Cryptococcus gattii is an etiologic agent of cryptococcosis and a serious disease that affects immunocompromised and immunocompetent patients worldwide. The therapeutic arsenal used to treat cryptococcosis is limited to a few antifungal agents, and the ability of C. gattii to form biofilms may hinder treatment and decrease its susceptibility to antifungal agents. The objective of this study was to evaluate the antifungal and antibiofilm activities of an ethanolic extract of Cochlospermum regium (Schrank) Pilger leaves against C...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Nedal Bukhari, Humaid O Al-Shamsi, Faisal Azam
Platinum-based combination chemotherapy has been the standard of care in the first-line treatment of metastatic urothelial carcinoma (mUC). Treatment of metastatic disease following progression on platinum-based regimens has evolved significantly in the last few years. Clinical trials are currently ongoing to determine how best to use and sequence these treatments. In this minireview, we will review current first-line treatment options in both cisplatin fit and cisplatin unfit patients and advances in first- and second-line treatments including chemotherapy and immunotherapy...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
M V Talamini Junior, A C S de Araujo, A P de Camargo, E Saretta, J A Frizzone
The functionality of pressure regulating valves (PRVs) is important for proper uniformity and efficiency of irrigation during center pivot irrigation, especially when the center pivot operates on sloping terrain. In practice, the regulated pressure at the PRV outlet is slightly influenced by its inlet pressure, the flow rate through it, and hysteresis effects. The objectives of this work were (a) to evaluate operational characteristics of PRVs based on requirements stated by ISO 10522 (1993) and (b) to model the regulated pressure as a function of inlet pressure and flow rate through the valve considering hysteresis...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Aleksandr Danilov, Inna Pivovarova, Svetlana Krotova
The methodology for assessing the spatial homogeneity of ecosystems with the possibility of subsequent zoning of territories in terms of the degree of disturbance of the environment is considered in the study. The degree of pollution of the water body was reconstructed on the basis of hydrochemical monitoring data and information on the level of the technogenic load in one year. As a result, the greatest environmental stress zones were isolated and correct zoning using geostatistical analysis techniques was proved...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Fernando Perretta, Norberto Antongiovanni, Sebastián Jaurretche
Fabry disease (FD) is an X-linked lysosomal storage disorder resulting from the deficiency or absence of the alpha galactosidase A enzyme. Organic involvement in men is well known, but in women it is controversial, partly due to the random X-chromosomes inactivation (Lyon hypothesis). The aim of this study was to describe the organic involvement in women at the time of FD diagnosis. A descriptive, cross-sectional and multicenter study was carried out. Thirty-five women with FD from three reference centers in Argentina were evaluated...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Kiswara Agung Santoso, Fatmawati, Herry Suprajitno
We propose a new steganography method to hide an image into another image using matrix multiplication operations on max-plus algebra. This is especially interesting because the matrix used in encoding or information disguises generally has an inverse, whereas matrix multiplication operations in max-plus algebra do not have an inverse. The advantages of this method are the size of the image that can be hidden into the cover image, larger than the previous method. The proposed method has been tested on many secret images, and the results are satisfactory which have a high level of strength and a high level of security and can be used in various operating systems...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Donatus Wewura Adongo, Priscilla Kolibea Mante, Kennedy Kwami Edem Kukuia, Charles Kwaku Benneh, Robert Peter Biney, Eric Boakye-Gyasi, Nicholas Akinwale Titiloye, Eric Woode
Pseudospondias microcarpa is used traditionally for treating various diseases. However, although parts of the plant are extensively used in African traditional medicine, no scientific study has been reported on its toxicity. Therefore, this study evaluated the acute and subacute toxicity studies of the ethanolic extract of P. microcarpa in rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats (120-150 g) were treated orally with the extract (30, 100, 300, 1000, and 3000 mg kg-1 ) or distilled water (10 ml kg-1 ) for 2 weeks and observed daily for general appearance and signs of toxicity...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy, Henrique Jose Pereira de Godoy, Thatiany Gracino de Marqui, Luis Cesar Spessoto, Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy
Background: Lymphedema is a clinical condition resulting from the accumulation of macromolecules in the interstitial space with a consequent buildup of fluids. Aim: The objective of this study was to compare the therapeutic response to treatment that mobilizes fluids between primary and secondary lymphedemas. Method: Thirty-three patients with severe leg lymphedema who underwent intensive treatment for five consecutive days in 2013 and 2014 at the Clínica Godoy were evaluated in a prospective clinical trial...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Zohreh Mohebian, Somayeh Farhang Dehghan, Habiballah Dehghan
Heat exposure and unsuitable lighting are two physical hazardous agents in many workplaces for which there are some evidences regarding their mental effects. The purpose of this study was to assess the combined effect of heat exposure and different lighting levels on the attention rate and reaction time in a climatic chamber. This study was conducted on 33 healthy students (17 M/16 F) with a mean (±SD) age of 22.1 ± 2.3 years. The attention and reaction time test were done by continuous performance test and the RT meter, respectively, in different exposure conditions including the dry temperatures (22°C and 37°C) and lighting levels (200, 500, and 1500 lux)...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Siriphan Kongsawasdi, Jakkrit Klaphajone, Kanokwan Watcharasaksilp, Pakorn Wivatvongvana
Although lateralization of the brain affects some specialized cortical functions, there are still limited data to address its influence on clinically important outcomes. This study aimed to reveal the prognostic variables that relate to functional recovery in stroke patients with a left-sided hemispheric lesion during 6 months of follow-up. Data from 167 left-sided and 183 right-sided hemispheric strokes were reviewed retrospectively. Outcomes in this study included walking capacity and functional recovery, assessed by the modified Rankin Scale (mRS)...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Maryam Moghaddassi, Marzieh Pazoki, Ahmad Salimzadeh, Tayeb Ramim, Zahra Alipour
Background: Besides the extensive regulatory role in growing number of biologic processes, vitamin D has been recently considered essential for lungs function as well as protective against exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. We assessed the correlation between vitamin D serum levels with pulmonary function in healthy individuals. Methods: In a cross-sectional study, healthy volunteer ( n = 92) participants underwent the following laboratory procedures: a blood test, a 24-hour urine collection test, and the serum level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D before undergoing spirometry...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Muhammad Abdul Mabood Khalil, Safia Awan, Rabeea Azmat, Muhammad Ashhad Ullah Khalil, Nazish Naseer, Jackson Tan
Background: Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is common in elderly people (EP). There is paucity of data on predictor of mortality in EP with AKI. Objective: This study was done to know more about factors associated with inpatient mortality in EP with AKI. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed medical records of patients aged 65 years or above hospitalized with a diagnosis of AKI at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, between January 2005 and December 2010...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Youzhen Xiang, Haiyang Zou, Fucang Zhang, You Wu, Shicheng Yan, Xinyan Zhang, Jianke Tian, Shengcai Qiang, Haidong Wang, Hanmi Zhou
This study investigated the effects of different combinations of irrigation and nitrogen levels on the growth of greenhouse sweet peppers, assessing yield, quality, water use efficiency (WUE), and partial factor productivity from applied N (PFPN). By using controlled drip irrigation, the optimal conditions for efficient, large-scale, high-yield, and high quality production of sweet peppers in Northwest China were determined. Using the local conventional irrigation and nitrogen regime as a control (105% ET0 , N: 300 kg·hm-2 ), three alternative irrigation levels were also tested, at 90%, 75%, and 60% ET0 ...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
T V Grebennikova, A V Syroeshkin, E V Shubralova, O V Eliseeva, L V Kostina, N Y Kulikova, O E Latyshev, M A Morozova, A G Yuzhakov, I A Zlatskiy, M A Chichaeva, O S Tsygankov
Cosmic dust samples from the surface of the illuminator of the International Space Station (ISS) were collected by a crew member during his spacewalk. The sampler with tampon in a vacuum container was delivered to the Earth. Washouts from the tampon's material and the tampon itself were analyzed for the presence of bacterial DNA by the method of nested PCR with primers specific to DNA of the genus Mycobacteria , DNA of the strains of capsular bacteria Bacillus , and DNA encoding 16S ribosomal RNA. The results of amplification followed by sequencing and phylogenetic analysis indicated the presence of the bacteria of the genus Mycobacteria and the extreme bacterium of the genus Delftia in the samples of cosmic dust...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Tomás M Coronado, Arnau Mir, Francesc Rosselló
Ford's α -model is one of the most popular random parametric models of bifurcating phylogenetic tree growth, having as specific instances both the uniform and the Yule models. Its general properties have been used to study the behavior of phylogenetic tree shape indices under the probability distribution it defines. But the explicit formulas provided by Ford for the probabilities of unlabeled trees and phylogenetic trees fail in some cases. In this paper we give correct explicit formulas for these probabilities...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Zeynep Bal, Bahar Gurlek Demirci, Suleyman Karakose, Emre Tutal, Mehtap Erkmen Uyar, Nurhan Ozdemir Acar, Siren Sezer
Purpose: We aimed to investigate the factors influencing hemoglobin variability with inflammatory and nutritional parameters and its associations with all-cause mortality among hemodialysis patients. Methods: One hundred and sixty-nine patients during the entire 12 months were enrolled into the study. Fasting plasma glucose, creatinine, calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, parathyroid hormone (PTH), C-reactive protein (CRP), serum iron, serum iron-binding capacity, and transferrin saturation were analyzed...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
Gaëlle S Nguenang, Armelle T Mbaveng, Aimé G Fankam, Hermione T Manekeng, Paul Nayim, Brice E N Wamba, Victor Kuete
In order to contribute to the fight against infectious diseases, the in vitro antibacterial activity and the antibiotic-potentiating effects of Tristemma hirtum and five other Cameroonian edible plants have been evaluated against Gram-negative multidrug-resistant (MDR) phenotypes. The microdilution method was used to evaluate the bacterial susceptibility of the extracts and their combination to common antibiotics. The phytochemical screening of the extracts was carried out according to standard methods. Phytochemical analysis of the extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, triterpenes, steroids, and polyphenols, including flavonoids in most of the tested extracts...
2018: TheScientificWorldJournal
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