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Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences

N Siwińska, A Żak, M Słowikowska, K Kubiak, Z Jaworski, A Niedzwiedź
Hair is a more biologically stable material than other tissues and contains a relatively constant level of minerals, drugs or toxins. The content of essential elements in hair depends on dietary and non-dietary factors. The aim of this study was to assess and compare the effect of diet on the elemental composition and morphological properties of the hair of healthy Polish Konik horses. Mane hair was collected from 19 horses living in The National Park in Popielno in Poland. Six of these horses were free-ranged all year with permanent access to pasture, while 13 horses were kept in the stable and fed oats, hay and straw...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
M Jovicić, E Pintus, T Fenclova, O Simonik, E Chmelikova, J L Ros-Santaella, M Sedmikova
Nitric oxide (NO) is a major gasotransmitter involved in several physiological processes of male reproduction. There is, nevertheless, little information concerning the role of NO during semen storage. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of NO on boar semen stored at 17oC for 72 h. For this purporse, sperm samples were treated with 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 5, and 10 mM aminoguanidine (AG) or Nω-Nitro-L-arginine methyl ester hydrochloride (L-NAME), a selective and non-selective NO synthase (NOS) inhibitor, respectively...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
P Cruz, F Reyes, C G Torres
The presence of cancer stem-like cells (CSC) within canine mammary tumors, may explain partly local recurrence and spreading, since their ability to resist conventional antitumor treatments as chemo and radiotherapy. It has been recently described that simvastatin - a drug that inhibits synthesis of cholesterol - attenuates the proliferation of canine mammary CSC derived from CF41.Mg canine mammary carcinoma cells, promoting their chemosensitizing and apoptosis. The canonical Wnt/β-catenin pathway is usually activated at CSC and up-regulates multidrug resistance protein 1 (MDR1), triggering chemoresistance...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Z Yang, Y Hu, P Yuan, Y Yang, K Wang, L Y Xie, S L Huang, J Liu, L Ran, Z H Song
In the swine hepatitis E virus (HEV), open reading frame 2 (ORF2) is rich in antigenic determinants and neutralizing epitopes that could induce immune protection. We chose the Bac-to-Bac® Baculovirus Expression System to express fragments containing the critical neutralizing antigenic sites within the HEV ORF2 protein of pigs to obtain a recombinant baculovirus. The fragment of swine HEV ORF2 region (1198-1881bp) was cloned into vector pFastBacTM. A recombinant baculovirus, rBacmid-ORF2, was obtained after transposition and transfection...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
D Barski, A Spodniewska
This study examined the effect of chlorpyrifos and/or enrofloxacin on the activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the blood and brain, and the activity of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in serum. The experiment was conducted on Wistar strain rats. Chlorpyrifos was administered with a stomach tube at a dose of 0.04 LD50 for 28 days and enrofloxacin at a dose of 5 mg/kg bw for 5 consecutive days. The experiment found that enrofloxacin changed the activity of the enzymes under study only to a small extent...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
L Babickaite, A Grigonis, K Ramanauskiene, A P Matusevicius, G Zamokas, G Daunoras, M Ivaskiene
Despite the progress in curative and preventive medicine, skin lesions after injuries or surgical interventions are still a big problem. The aim of wound care is to get damaged tissues to heal as soon as possible. A gel-forming material helps to maintain proper humidity in the wound and promotes the healing process. For this purpose, a healing gel containing the active substance chlorhexidine based on poloxamer was prepared. The aim of this study was to assess in vivo the therapeutic efficacy of chlorhexidine-poloxamer gel in treatment of wounds caused experimentally and inoculated with bacteria, and the effect of an antiseptic gel applied on a healthy rat skin...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
R Li, X Tian, Y Yu, S Qiao, Z Wang, J Ma
An immunochromatographic test strip was developed for the detection of antibodies against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in porcine serum. In this test, the recombinant nucleocapsid protein of PEDV was expressed in soluble form and purified by using Ni-NTA resin and gel filtration chromatography. The purified recombinant N protein conjugated with colloidal gold was dispensed on a conjugate pad as the detector. Staphylococcal protein A and rabbit anti-N protein IgG were blotted on a nitrocellulose membrane for the test and control lines, respectively...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
K Lisowska-Łysiak, P Dudko, M Kosecka-Strojek, J Walczak, P Wójcik, J Międzobrodzki
Staphylococci are very common human and animal pathogens. A variety of staphylococcal virulence determinates leads to vast range of infections. One of them is mastitis which is a common disease of the mammary glands. The incidence of this disease is widespread all over the world and depends on bacterial virulence and on prevention programs. The influence of mastitis on human health is not globally evaluated, however, in veterinary fields loses in milk production caused by bovine mastitis are a constant economic problem...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
H Valpotić, I Zura Zaja, M Samardzija, B Habrun, M Ostović, D Duricić, N Maćesić, Z Mikulec, P Kocila, P Sobiech, I Valpotić, S Vince
The aim of this study was to assess modulatory effects of dietary supplements mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) and clinoptilolite (CPL) as potential alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) given to 4-week old pigs at weaning (Day 0) on their innate/adaptive immunity by determining: alterations in C-reactive protein (CRP) and haptoglobin (HpG) serum levels, efficiency of blood monocytes (MO) and neutrophilic granulocytes (GR) for in vitro phagocytosis (PHC)/microbicidity (MBC) and proportion of extrathymic double positive CD4 CD8 (CD4+CD8+) T cells throughout 35 days of the study...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
W R Kim, S G Bae, T H Oh
In veterinary medicine, infection caused by Malassezia pachydermatis is spreading and necessity of alternative treatment is emphasized. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is therapeutic method using specific spectrum of light with photosensitizer. In this study, applying PDT not only using red light which is used in human medicine commonly, but also using blue light into skin infection causative microorganism with photosensitizer, confirm the effect of PDT and possibility of being an alternative treatment. Four isolates of M...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
E R Grela, A Czech, G Kusior, A Szczotka-Bochniarz, R Klebaniuk
The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficiency of two feeding systems for fattening pigs (wet and dry), taking into account their sex, on performance, nutrient digestibility, and some histological and microbiological parameters of the gut. The study was conducted on 450 fattening pigs, divided into 6 groups (n = 75) and housed in pens with 15 pigs per pen. The first three groups, divided according to sex, i.e. gilts, barrows and boars subjected to immunocastration (B-I), received complete dry feed, while the next three, divided in the same manner according to sex, were fed a fermented liquid diet...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
M P Szczepanik, P M Wilkołek, Ł R Adamek, M Gołyński, W Sitkowski, I Taszkun
The measurement of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is one of the biophysical skin parameters used to assess skin barrier function. Assessment of transepidermal water loss, may depend on such factors as body region, age, sex or breed and the hair coat has been considered as one of the factors that may cause variation of TEWL values. The aim of our research was an examination of the influence of clipping on the amount of TEWL. The examination was performed with 12 Wielkopolska horses with Courage Khazaka Multi Probe Adapter 5 and a TEWL TM 300 probe...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
M Komosa, J Włodarek, M Dzierzęcka, A Nienartowicz-Zdrojewska, M Tołkacz
The problem of navicular bone lesions is better understood in warmblood horses. The aim of our research was to compare pathologic lesions of navicular bone of different types of horses divided into age groups. An extra goal was to compare radiographs with anatomical status of navicular bone dissected from the hoof capsule. The study group included 161 horses, out of which 100 individuals were warmbloods, and 61 - coldbloods. In total 280 navicular bones were analysed. The flexor surface, distal border fragments, enthesophytes and the process of obliteration of nutrient foramina were analysed...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
D Juodzente, A Macas, B Karveliene, S Petkevicius, V Riskeviciene
The aim of this study was to compare the cardiovascular and respiratory effects and sevoflurane requirement in dogs premedicated with two doses of medetomidine and butorphanol undergoing surgical sterilization. The dogs were randomly assigned to two different groups: group 1 received a lower dose of medetomidine (0.014 mg/kg) and butorphanol (0.14 mg/kg) and group 2 received a higher dose of medetomidine (0.024 mg/kg) and butorphanol (0.24 mg/kg). Anesthesia was induced with intravenous propofol and maintained with sevoflurane 2% in pure oxygen...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
M Zhang, X Zhu, X Xu, X Jin, H Bao, S Dugeer, C Du, G Cao, Y Yang
Ghrelin is a novel growth hormone (GH)-releasing peptide, which has been identified as an endogenous ligand for the GH-sretagogue receptor. The sequence and expression of ghrelin has been determined in many species. In this study, to reveal the molecular characterization and expression patterns of ghrelin in the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), the full-length DNA and cDNA encoding ghrelin were cloned from reindeer stomach using genome walking and rapid amplification of complementary deoxyribonucleic acid ends (RACE)...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
J Marczuk, P Brodzki, A Brodzki, Ł Kurek
Ketosis is a common condition found in the initial stages of lactation in high-yielding dairy cows. The major cause of ketosis is a negative energy balance. During the energy deficiency, proteolysis processes develop parallel to lipolysis. During proteolysis, muscle tissue can be used as a source of amino acid. To date, the participation of amino acids in gluconeogenesis (glucogenic amino acids) and ketogenesis (ketogenic amino acids) has not been determined in detail. This paper presents the study on determination of the parameters of protein and free amino acid metabolism in blood serum of dairy cows with primary ketosis compared to healthy cows...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
J Flaga, Ł Korytkowski, P Górka, Z M Kowalski
The aim of this study was to determine age-related changes in the mRNA expression of four clusters of differentiation (CD: e.g. CD5, CD21, CD22 and CD23) in lymphocytes of calves. Blood samples were collected from 10 Holstein heifers on day 2, 22 and 56 of life and used for lymphocyte isolation. Subsequently, the mRNA was isolated from lymphocytes and the relative expression of CD5, CD21, CD22 and CD23 was investigated using quantitative real-time PCR with GAPDH as a reference gene. CD5, CD21 and CD23 mRNA expression increased linearly (p ≤ 0...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
I Polkowska, M Gołyńska, A Sobczyńska-Rak, A Dudek, T Szponder, B Żylińska, Ł Matuszewski
INTRODUCTION: feline plasmacytic gingivostomatitis is an important and fairly common chronic disease. Its complex aetiology - which involves infectious agents, immunological disorders, and even genetic factors adds to the considerable difficulty of its treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: the study was performed on 33 cats, 26 animals diagnosed with plasmacytic gingivostomatitis (study group) and 7 clinically healthy cats (control group). The study extended over four examination periods during which clinical and X-ray examinations, morphological and biochemical blood tests, as well as haptoglobin essays were performed...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
M Samiec, M Skrzyszowska
The efficiency of somatic cell cloning in mammals remains disappointingly low. Incomplete and aberrant reprogramming of epigenetic memory of somatic cell nuclei in preimplantation nuclear- transferred (NT) embryos is one of the most important factors that limit the cloning effectiveness. The extent of epigenetic genome-wide alterations, involving histone or DNA methylation and histone deacetylation, that are mediated by histone-lysine methyltransferases (HMTs) or DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs) can be modulated/reversed via exogenous inhibitors of these enzymes throughout in vitro culture of nuclear donor cells, nuclear recipient oocytes and/or cloned embryos...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
C Pan, Y Wu, Q Yang, J Ye
Depending on the mammal species, the use of seminal plasma during semen processing for cryopreservation has been found to have both beneficial and detrimental effects. This study was designed to determine the effects of seminal plasma concentration on the motility, sperm movement characteristics, and plasma and acrosome membrane integrity of chilled canine spermatozoa. After pooling the semen from seven dogs, samples for each assay were preserved at 4oC for 96h in extenders containing different seminal plasma concentrations (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% (v/v) seminal plasma)...
March 2018: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences
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