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Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii

I A Melikyan, G D Akhmedov, M A Budnyak, K G Gurevich, D B Nikityuk
The purpose was to study features of a drinking regimen and signs of deficiency of magnesium at elderly patients with removable stomatologic orthopedic constructions. Questioning of 1 388 elderly patients who coming for the dentistry office. Patients were divided into three groups: the 1st was characterized by existence only of fixed stomatologic orthopedic constructions (n=419); the 2nd group was characterized by existence of partially removable constructions (n=512); the 3rd group was characterized by existence of full-removable constructions (n=457)...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
K V Derkach, I B Sukhov, V M Bondareva, A O Shpakov
Metformin (MF), a first-line drug in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, has been used in the recent years to treat obesity. Its therapeutic effect is due not only to the influence on the peripheral tissues, but also on the hypothalamus, which controls food behavior and energy metabolism. The aim was to study the effect of MF therapy (200 mg/kg/day, 8 weeks) in rats with obesity caused by a high-carbohydrate/high-fat diet on the metabolic and hormonal parameters and functional state of the hypothalamic signaling systems...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
N K Gorshunova, N V Medvedev, V V Savich
To assess the conjugation of involutive and hypertensive fibrotic transformation of the heart formation with myocardial dysfunction and chronic heart failure (CHF), 30 normotensive individuals and 60 elderly patients with arterial hypertension (AH) (mean age - 66±0,7 years) were examined by echo and dopplercardiography, estimation of the volume fraction of interstitial collagen (VFIC) in the myocardium, serum concentrations of markers of systemic collagenogenesis, using a six-minute walk test. A higher intensity of LV myocardial fibrosis was revealed with a significant increase in the VFIC content in elderly patients with AH compared with normotensive patients, which indicates the predominance of interstitial collagenogenesis over collagenolysis...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V I Odin, A E Dvorovkin, O V Inamova, V V Tyrenko, O P Gumilevskaya
Ontogenetic debut of diseases can determine clinico-pathogenetic differences in disease variants. The aim of the study was to determine the clinical and laboratory features of the variants of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) associated with autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) in patients with various ontogenetic debut of the disease. A total of 53 patients with a combination of RA and AIT (mean age 63,92±1,6 years, 92% of patients - women, duration of rheumatoid arthritis - 10,0±1,11 years, disease activity on the DAS28 scale - 5,67±0,14 points)...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
E V Vyshlov, V Y Avetisyan, E A Kuzeleva, A A Garganeeva, V A Markov
The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction after thrombolytic reperfusion with indirect reperfusion signs. A total of 96 patients aged 75 years and over with acute myocardial infarction and successful thrombolysis (reduction of ST segment elevation 90 min after thrombolysis) were included in this study. Thirty patients (31%) were selected for delayed PCI. Stent implantation was performed in 70% of cases (21 patients)...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
Yu Yu Garin, K L Kozlov, D S Medvedev
Central vein stenosis and obstruction is one of the main risk factors in vascular access failure among hemodialysis patients. The elderly patients are in a particularly group because of some problems of arteriovenous fistula creation and maintenance. To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for the treatment of central vein stenosis and obstruction in the middle aged and elderly hemodialysis patients. Forty eight hemodialysis patients with central vein stenosis and obstruction were treated from 2010 to 2016...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V A Schurov, I V Schurov
The purpose of the study is to find out how reducing the reactivity of the organism in patients of different age groups affects the duration of treatment of fractures of the Shin bones. The Analyzed data 1 382 case histories of patients of different age with fractures of the tibia in the treatment by Ilizarov for the past 42 years. Instrumental in the process of treatment in 98 patients with fractures of Shin bones the studied indicators of muscle strength, oxygen tension in the tissues, the load on the limb, micromotion of bone fragments, the speed of regional blood flow and blood flow in the middle cerebral artery...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V A Byvaltsev, I A Stepanov, A A Kalinin, E G Belykh
The most common cause of low back pain is the intervertebral disk (IVD) degeneration. Standard modes of MRI (T1 and T2-modes) do not allow quantifying the degree of IVD degeneration. Diffusion-weighted MRI (DW MRI) is able to analyze the state of IVD structures by the diffusion of water molecules. The degree of diffusion can be estimated using the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC). In this paper, a quantitative assessment of the degree of IVD degeneration was made by ADC calculating. 281 IVD were studied in 57 elderly and senile patients with the definition of body mass index (BMI)...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
N V Korsakova
The search for new information on the pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is relevant to the whole world, because population aging affects all countries. Also according to the UN prediction by 2030 more than 210 million patients with glaucoma will be officially registered and the same amount of people will not know if they have the disease. Considering the global fundamental problem of aging as a medical and social problem of national importance, it is necessary to make every effort to improve the effectiveness of prevention and pathogenetically-based regenerative therapy of POAG - the world's leading cause of irreversible loss of vision that by saving labor activity of the elderly person will reduce the burden on the state budget...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
O V Vorobeva, L A Lubovceva
The influence of bone marrow autotransplantation on neurotransmitter structures of appendix vermiformis was studied. The study revealed that an increase in the number of neurotransmitter structures (mast and granular luminescent cells), having a high content of catecholamines and serotonin was noted in old rats in 40 min after bone marrow autotransplantation. In the center of vermiformis appendix lymphoid nodes reproduction cellular programmed differentiations having a high content of neuroamines are determined...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
A G Gunin, N N Golubtsova
This work was aimed to study levels of thyroid hormone receptors in human dermal fibroblasts from the development to deep aging. Skin specimens from human fetuses died antenatally from 20 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, humans died from different causes from birth to 85 years of life were used for the study. Total number of fibroblasts, percent of proliferating cells nuclear antigen (PCNA) positive dermal fibroblasts, expression of thyroid hormone receptors-α and -β in dermal fibroblasts were examined. PCNA and thyroid hormone receptors were viewed immunohistochemically...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
K E Kipriyanova, E V Tipisova, I N Gorenko, A E Elfimova, V A Popkova
Using the methods of radioimmunoassay and enzyme immunoassay there were studied the levels of hormones of the pituitary-thyroid and pituitary-gonadal systems in the postmenopausal women of the European North of the Russian Federation in the second period of mature age, elderly and senile ages. The lower concentrations of total and free fractions of triiodothyronine and total thyroxin, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, and estradiol were noted in the blood of investigated women in the senile age...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
N V Sovetkina, A V Finagentov
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
S V Ivanov
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V S Myakotnykh
In this article from the perspective of an experienced Clinician discusses controversial issues of pathological processes associated with the elderly and senile age, and some aspects of the problem of the formation of the geriatric services that require further discussion. The contents of this document may be submitted for all General discussion on the pages of the magazine.
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
T V Orlyk, N V Grygorieva
In order to study the role of the marital status and place of residence, as the social determinants of the development of vertebral pain syndrome and related disorders of life activity, the results of a survey of 148 postmenopausal women aged 50-69 years were analyzed. Respondents were divided into groups depending on their marital status (living in a family with husbands and other relatives, only with husbands or alone) and places of residence (in rural or urban areas). The results of this study suggest that family status and place of residence in women of older age groups do not directly influence on the back pain, however they contribute to impairment of vital functions associated with back pain, in particular, psychological state, general activity, working capacity, and also stipulate a higher frequency of requests for medical care and hospitalizations...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
T M Krasnyanskaya, V G Tylets
200 pensioners aged of 55 to 65 years differing in employment status (working or resting) after retirement age and character of his choice (voluntary or forced) were surveyed. The content and the structure of the resources of the pensioners' personality, of external determinants of the choice of their employment status, the connection of the external determinants of the choice of employment status and the resources of psychological security of the pensioners' personality were analyzed. The psychological resources consist of development and protection resources, proving the priority of resources security of the pensioners' person...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
S N Puzin, M A Shurgaya, R O Odebaeva
The article presents the results of the analysis of the epidemiology of primary disability of the adult population in the Russian Federation for 12 years (2005-2016). During this period, 6.6 million elderly people (56,8% of the total number of people with disabilities) were recognized as invalids. The leading cause of disability in the structure of primary disability among elderly people is 68,5%. HD retains leading positions as the most important factor of disability of the population. Negative tendencies of primary disability due to this socially significant pathology are associated with the demographic situation of population aging...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V I Starodubov, A N Edeleva, T P Sabgayda
The article compares the prevalence of pathological changes in different organs and systems among city and rural residents of the next ages: elderly (60-74 years for men and 55-74 years for women), senile (75-84 years) and advanced (85 years and older) ages. The results of the continuous survey of all persons of the retirement age of one urban (7 809 people) and two rural areas (14 749) of the Nizhny Novgorod region were analyzed. The region is comparatively homogeneous in terms of the national composition of the population...
2018: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
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